Tot School ~ Letter Jj and Ocean Theme

Ladybug is currently 25.5 months old~



See Part 1 of Letter J here!

Tot School Printables J is for Jellyfish

Letter: Jj

Object: Jellyfish

Vocabulary Development Theme: Ocean Animals

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

We continued on with our letter Jj week, partly because I wanted to extend our ocean activities and also because of laziness on my part-not wanting to plan and prepare the next unit! Ladybug did not mind at all!IMG_6200

She colored her vocabulary sheet at least 5 different times with her dry erase markers like this!!!IMG_6235

She LOVES her new Crayola Dry Erase Activity Board, and I love that I can slip the sheets in so easily now!IMG_6388

She LOVED the accordion book from the Ocean Animals Tot Book, so I made her another one!IMG_6204

She “played” with them a lot and really enjoyed coloring them with me!IMG_6215


I made her some Ocean Animals Cutting Strips, and she really struggled with these. I plan to add these in each week to give her more cutting practice!IMG_6224

I made ocean word cards for her to color also, she really liked that Baba colored with her {my dad}.IMG_6243

Letter Jj printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!


This section cracks me up. I promise it was not planned at ALL, but every single toy I have a photo of is from Guidecraft! Yes, I review for them and we love their toys, but I promise I didn’t even realize that’s what she played with all week until I pulled the photos together! I wasn’t intentional with planning this week and many of the toys were just laying around in our {very} messy schoolroom.

So, Guidecraft, this one’s for you…thank for all for the amazing toys that my daughter obviously LOVES!

The balancing shape sorter is a favorite these days, both with Ladybug and Krash.IMG_6306

Another favorite with all 3 kids right now is our City Blocks set. These blocks are simply gorgeous and the kids are all drawn to them. I was building with Ladybug and then she began counting the pieces on her own! She can count to 11 now consistently!IMG_6415

The Sky Scraper Building set is not a favorite with the boys, but Ladybug LOVES it! Funny how they don’t all love the same thing and I thought the boys would really like this one. That’s my Dad ~ Baba, playing with her!


You can see her saying “green” as she puts the shape on!!IMG_6438

She loves the Sound Box, even if it is way to hard for her to find the matches. The sounds are very similar, I need to take the concept and make our own that will be easier for her!IMG_6328

She played a lot with our Fraction Board and is already so much better with it!IMG_6423

She had fun sticking dot stickers on her paper. I purposely placed them all around her to encourage different fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.IMG_6399She wandered over to Baba and had him join her a bit too!IMG_6404

Techy-Tot_thumb2_thumbThe iPad continues to get a daily workout!! Ladybug LOVES it! Here she is a Montessori based game that both she and Krash really enjoy ~ Montessori Crosswords.IMG_6217

She has many more favorites, I am working on a post to share educational apps we love!


Easel time with big brother…


Learning to share with her younger friend Drew!IMG_6364




Ocean Theme Printables & More


Ocean Theme Printables Collection

Below you will find our growing collection of ocean theme printables and more!  Enjoy!

Ocean Life Calendar Connections Cards

OCean Life Calendar Connections

Jj is for Jellyfish ~ Tot School PrintablesIMG_5734

Ocean Cutting PracticeIn the Ocean Cutting Strip{printable links are under Letter Jj}

Ocean Montessori Match UpIMG_5869

Ocean Accordion BookIn the Ocean Accordian Book{printable links are under Letter Jj}

Ocean Word Cards

In the Ocean Word Cards In the Ocean Word Cards2

{printable links are under Letter Jj}

Ocean Counting 1-20 Boards

In the Ocean Counting 1 to 20bIn the Ocean Counting 1 to 20

{printable links are under Letter Jj}

Ocean Animals Tot Bookimage

Nemo Tot Bookimage

Ocean Sensory Binimage

Whales & Dolphins Lapbookimage

Ocean Letter Crafts {click on images to see directions and details}

image image image imageimage

Fine Motor Skills {Tot Trays} with Ocean Theme

IMG_5727 image IMG_6092

Color by # O is for Octopusimage

Under the {girly} Sea Preschool PackUnder the Sea Preschool Girly Pack

Ocean Preschool Pack {from Jolanthe}


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Tot School ~ Letter Jj

~Ladybug is currently 25 months old~

 See Part 2 of Letter J here!


Tot School Printables J is for Jellyfish

Letter: Jj

Object: Jellyfish

Vocabulary Development Theme: Ocean Animals

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

Ladybug’s coloring skills have improved dramatically! I am honestly amazed with her fine motor skills.  She chose to color a LOT this week!!!  She wanted to color her shapes this week, so that’s what we did!  I colored some, she colored some-that’s how she likes it!IMG_5908

This purple jellyfish, however, she colored completely on her own.IMG_6151

I cannot believe she did this, neither of my boys colored like this at her age.  She spent a good 30 minutes coloring this!IMG_6164

More coloring…IMG_5732IMG_5734

She did want me to color her jellyfish color cards, then I put them in our mini pocket chart for her to point out the color I called out.IMG_5742

We did shadow matching in the pocket chart too…IMG_5846

Counting too…IMG_5856

I have created a new section on my website entitled Montessori Printables, I am posting printables there that are created in a Montessori fashion.  I am slowly transferring the Tot School Printables vocabulary cards into Match-Up/Memory Boards like this…

IMG_5869Yes-the whale is in the wrong place ;-), she fixed it!

This week I printed the page with the words and left it whole to use to match onto, she however, just wanted to color the animals!IMG_5899

You can see the Free Montessori Printables I have available, each set has an instruction sheet also to help you with how to use them.

Letter Jj printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!

Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter J

Since we were having some ocean fun I brought out a few printables from my Nemo Tot Book and my Ocean Tot Book.


She especially enjoyed coloring the ocean animals.  We did this over a 2 day period. IMG_5858

The second day she caught on and was telling me which color she needed next!IMG_6172

Tot Books & Packs




I tried to think with an ocean theme for her Tot Trays this week.  I gave her “sea anemones” to spoon {a melon baller spoon} into the correct colored cups.IMG_5723

She LOVED this and did it several times this week!IMG_5727


I got out our tiny fish erasers {Oriental Trading} and a paint tray for her to tweeze them into {this particular pair came from a science kit we have, but similar tweezers are here}.  She did this a few times, but definitely preferred the spikey balls!IMG_6092




We had a few days of play dough fun.  Pressing her letters in…IMG_5920

We even cut play dough snakes this week!IMG_5927

Here she was using the little play dough stamps from our Grasshopper Preschool Prep KitIMG_5932



Techy-Tot_thumb2The iPad continues to get a daily workout!! Ladybug LOVES it!  Here she was playing Toca Doctor-a BIG favorite with all 3 of my kids!IMG_5875

She has many more favorites, I am working on a post to share educational apps we love!



She read a LOT this week, struggling a bit with a cat who likes to lay on her books when she reads!IMG_5842





Cruising the Ocean Blue ~ Sensory Bin

In honor of our vacation with the grandparents {which is where we are NOW-this post is scheduled!}, I made the kids a Cruising Sensory BinIMG_9244

I hid tons of blue items underneath blue aquarium rocks, and then put the cruise/ocean related toys on the top…

IMG_9232 IMG_9259

They LOVED this bin!!!The boys found all of the blue toys and decided to keep these in a separate bin, so they could sail around in the rocks…IMG_9305



Ladybug had a great time with the rocks, and loved transferring them into a metal bowl…IMG_9386Feeding the fish was a big hit too…IMG_9396

This bin was great fun and a great way to share our excitement for our upcoming vacation, I will share all about our trip when we return! IMG_9555

A bit of info on where I got some of the stuff:

  • BLUE aquarium rocks-from the pet store
  • Cruise Ship Toy Set {got on a former cruise}
  • Fish toys {from various places}
  • Sea Shells {collected from past beach trips}
  • BLUE stuff:  unifix cubes, marbles, beads, color squares, bottle tops, straws, cups, buttons, spoons, clothespins
  • Oriental Trading has tons of awesome sensory bin items, just search by theme! We got the mini star erasers from them for sure, and a few other things!


Use this button to jump to all of my Sensory Bin posts anytime. Sensory-Bins62

Whales & Dolphins ~ Lapbook

We had big plans this summer to do a few ocean themed lapbooks…but we only ended up with one. We’re OK with that though because that means we were too busy having fun!!! Pac-Man actually finished this a few weeks ago, I just forgot to blog about it!Inside…
Top Left: Whales (a learning sticker book I got at a hoemschool conference)
Bottom: Toothed/Baleen Whale sorting
Top Right: How Deep do they dive?**

Top Left: How Long are They?
Top Middle (lime green): Dolphin labeling **
Top Right: Vocabulary
Bottom Left: Whale Vocabulary
Bottom: Comparing Whales & Fish

Top: Dolphin Anatomy
Bottom: Different types of dolphins (I laminated and labeled them and we used them throughout the unit) Right Flap Folded In: P wrote a mini book about a dolphin…
The Back… a pocket for our whale info**, decorated with whale/dolphin stickers (Pac labeled them too).
**all info not linked specifically with a ** came from the Sea World Whales Guide, found here. They have various resources which are WONDERFUL for teaching anything about the sea!!