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Apple App Freebies Emails

* if you don’t have an i device yet but plan to get one, you can create an iTunes account now and begin stocking up the freebies.

I am introducing a new email only subscription for my readers who are interested in grabbing the temporarily reduced Apple Apps I normally share on my Facebook page. Facebook doesn’t cooperate nicely and many of you never see those posts, or miss the time frame to grab the freebies. In order to solve this issue, I am setting up an email subscription so you can subscribe to receive these notices via email!

An email may have a list, or may be just for one app, I created the format of the newsletter so it is easy for me to insert links quickly and send it out so you have a better chance of grabbing it while it is free. Most freebies are for 24 hours, some for a few weeks, and some are for just a few hours!

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Note ~ I only share Apple apps, not Android! Why? It’s simple…I only own iPads and iPhones. We chose to go the Apple route when we bought them because the educational app market for Apple is way better. Hopefully Android will catch up, but I want you Android users to know, it’s not personal ~ I just don’t have an Android device in my home!

Notes about our iPads…

We own iPad 2s and got them refurbished {cheaper} straight from Apple and have had no trouble at all. We have 16G but I wish they were 64G, we have to delete things a lot to add all of our books and things. I barely spend any $ at all on apps and our account is FILLED with quality educational apps.

{disclaimer: affiliate links below}

We have the Trident Kraken case on our kids’ iPad and my husband has the Otterbox Defender on his. BOTH are fabulous if you have kids. The Otterbox has a removable stand and front cover, the Tridents do not. Both keep the device very safely protected.

Our iPad 2 Case for Kids

Other Helpful Posts…

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Apple App Freebies

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