Our Homeschool Kindergarten Math Goals

Homeschool Kindergarten Math Goals

We will not be using a math curriculum for Kindergarten at home with my daughter, but I do have homeschool Kindergarten math goals for her.  I am a former public school Kindergarten teacher and know what I want her to learn.  When I develop Kindergarten printables or other units for her these are the math goals I have in mind.  In writing these, I am being as parent-friendly as possible without all of the confusing language. Some of these are regular K goals, some are a bit beyond K but are my goals for her. I do not align with Common Core, so these come more from my background as a teacher and what I think works at this stage when homeschooling. These goals are specific to her also, and many would technically be considered more 1st grade skills.  For those, it is more of exposure than mastery. These are not specific to any state or curriculum, but are my own personal goals for her.

  • count 1-100, by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s
  • count backwards 10-1
  • use and understand a number line, hundred chart, ten frame {identify numbers before & after}
  • estimate number of objects {20 or less}
  • sorting by multiple attributes {color, shape, size, etc}
  • patterns
  • basic addition and subtraction {understand +, -, and = symbols}
  • basic story problems
  • plane shapes ~ square, circle, oval, triangle, rectangle, octagon, hexagon {and more}
  • 3D shapes ~sphere, rectangular prism, cylinder, cone {and more}
  • basic understanding of fractions {half, quarter, third}
  • basic understanding of symmetry
  • identify penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar
  • order by size, length, weight, amount
  • ordinal numbers to 1st-10th
  • graphing up to 10 {analyzing graph}
  • write numbers up to 20
  • read number words up to ten
  • positional words
  • basic understanding of telling time to the hour
  • understands time of day {morning, afternoon, evening, etc}
  • basic calendar skills {days, months}
  • basic understanding of temperature

In developing our Kindergarten Literature Based Unit Study Printables I am using this list to choose the math skills exposed in the units.  I also used these goals in developing the math portion of Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten.  Our Daily Calendar Notebook touches on a lot of these skills, as well as many of our current Kindergarten Packs.

Interested to see some Kindergarten math goals from specific states? IXL has a great section online where you can browse the standards of different states. We don’t personally use IXL, but I found this page when searching for state standards.

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A Peek Into Our Homeschool ~ October 2013


Woo-Hoo!  My goal is to keep up regularly with a Weekly Wrap-up post, this is my 2nd this year, I am off to a good start!

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This year we don’t do much as a whole group, it just wasn’t working.  The boys have been participating in some of Ladybug’s Integrity Time lessons, I “make” Krash sit in and I invite Pac when I think he might like it.  Recently we did the letter D for Determination lesson and explored magnets together {they stick with it}, as an object lesson.

Integrity Time -9311

Integrity Time -9305


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I decided to make a few changes to K’s curriculum.  Although we use Calvert through a cyber school, I have a lot of freedom and basically use what I want and change if needed.  I am very blessed with my situation.  One thing I have always disliked about Calvert is their Calvert Script, so with Pac I used a basic cursive and with Krash I have decided to use Logic of English’s Cursive Handwriting program. I wanted a plan and this gives it to me.  I did TONS of reading prior to choosing this one and purchasing it.  I am really happy so far and he loves it.

We are learning 2 letters per day, going through the sequence of using the salt tray,

2nd grade -9390

A dry erase marked on large lines…

2nd grade -9382

Finally the pencil and paper practice.  We each circle the letter we think he wrote the best each time.

2nd grade -9388


I have decided to let go of the phonics and spelling program that comes with Calvert.  It’s not bad, I just like All About Spelling and All About Reading better. I was having him do both, but realized that at this point it’s not necessary.  We are now doing two AAS 2 lessons per week and three AAR 2 lessons per week.

Below he was using the AAR/AAR word cards to work on alphabetizing to the second letter.

2nd Grade -9266

I am keeping the literature portion of Calvert, which brings in sight words, vocabulary words and awesome stories and themes. I really like this aspect of Calvert.

One thing I love about Calvert this year is the option of using Singapore’s Math in Focus. We are in LOVE so far, it is a great fit for Krash and for my teaching style! This is an aspect of Calvert I am definitely keeping and love.  The hands on aspect is a big win for both of us.  I won’t say it’s always easy, he does struggle with some of the intense methods that are teaching the WHY behind the problem.  However, I am glad he is being taught this way, I think it will benefit him in the long run.

Below was an activity he did, to find the missing number in the addition problem.

2nd Grade -8747


Our Continent Box is a fun extension to our homeschool, Krash likes working towards his goals on his Continent Box Challenge.  Below he completed the one of the challenges from our Australia Continent Box to create the continent out of a material of his choice, he chose rainbow blocks!

2nd Grade -9315

2nd Grade -9317

Here he was matching the 3 part animal cards

2nd Grade -9320


Recently Krash had to write a story, to work on writing structure {we use Calvert’s writing portion}. He uses a Try-It notebook for words he has difficulty spelling.  It’s a technique I used when I was a classroom teacher.  He tries a word on the left side and then brings it to me and I write it correctly on the right side. This enables him to use his phonics and spelling skills while also having the correct end result to reinforce correct spelling.

2nd Grade -8511

He had to read his final story aloud, and since it was about Minecraft, PacMan was an eager listener!

2nd Grade -9006

2nd Grade -9011


We are using Calvert’s science and have been learning about seeds and plants. We soaked bean seeds and investigated them the next day.

2nd Grade -9177

He learned to identify the seed coat and the embryo.

2nd Grade -9183

2nd Grade -9190

2nd Grade -9212

Ladybug joins in when she thinks it looks fun!

2nd Grade -9192

Best part of homeschool, the cat gets to come!

2nd Grade -9001




I don’t get many photos of PacMan, since 6th grade isn’t always a photo-worthy as the younger grades! 

Below you can see his study notebook.  Calvert uses assessments every 20 lessons and they can sometimes be a bit overwhelming in my opinion.  In order to stay prepared throughout the entire 20 lessons, he utilizes printed flashcards I prepare in advance.  I use the free flashcard creator software here, and print them out and file them in a study notebook. As we read he looks for key terms and writes the page number and definition on the paper.  In the end, before the tests, we cut them out and work through the flashcards to prepare!

6th Grade -8749


He is currently reading City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction, and learning a lot.


This book as amazing drawings, I learned SO much when I read it this past summer to prepare to teach him!  He is enjoying it, but he much prefers novels with more of a story line.

That’s certainly not everything we did, but a glimpse of what my camera captured over the past couple of weeks! To see more weekly wrap-ups, visit…


Play with Numbers Printable Pack & Giveaway

This post is sponsored by KneeBouncers, who believe in playing with purpose! Visit KneeBouncers.com for a multitude of fun games that will help your child get ready for preschool and be sure to try their new Great Play with Purpose iPad App! 45 funtabulous games that support preschool readiness and learning. Available NOW on iTunes and coming soon for Android. All opinions expressed in this article are my own.

Play with Numbers Printable Pack

We were given the full version of KneeBouncers Play with Purpose iPad app and got to explore the entire content.  The app is FREE and comes with 5 free games, and there are in app purchase options {which you can turn off if desired} to have all of the content.


I honestly wasn’t sure what Ladybug would think of the app.  We have a LOT of apps, and she is super picky nowadays.  She really enjoys her “school” apps, I just wasn’t sure if this one would make the cut for her.  Immediately she recognized the design, as we have the KneeBouncers Volume 1 {we bought it years ago}.  She began scrolling through the games and I ended up having to peel her way.  She really enjoyed this app and the educational quality was great.

Kneeboucners Play with Numbers -8445


I was asked to develop an activity that was inspired by the Play with Numbers section in the app, so of course I thought a printable pack would be awesome!

Play with Numbers

Ladybug’s favorite mini game was the Puppy Race, so I made a roll and graph game featuring the puppies!

Kneeboucners Play with Numbers -9105

To say she loved the roll and graph game would be a total understatement.  She saw it in a box on my desk one night {before I had planned to show her} and went nuts and begged to play!  I couldn’t resist so we had a bedtime game of Puppy Racers together!

We play our Roll and Graph games differently each time, you can see other variations here. This night she asked for stickers to mark her graph. 

Kneeboucners Play with Numbers -9026

Kneeboucners Play with Numbers -9035

The blue puppy won!

Kneeboucners Play with Numbers -9044

But, she wasn’t done yet, she was having so much fun she asked to fill in the entire graph!

Kneeboucners Play with Numbers -9062  Kneeboucners Play with Numbers -9061

Such a simple and easy to prepare activity, with so many valuable extensions for developing early math skills. Many of these same skills are developed while using the Kneebouncers App also!

Kneeboucners Play with Numbers -9068


I couldn’t stop there, so I also worked with KneeBouncers to develop a number maze, and also some number cards to play various games with!

Here you see her putting the cards in order.  We continued by matching the 2nd set of numbers too!Kneeboucners Play with Numbers -9090

Lots of math talk going on as she made the realization that both 3 and 13 had the number 3 in them, and so on!  It was a big light bulb moment for her!Kneeboucners Play with Numbers -9094

There are 2 sets of 1-20 cards, you can use them to work on matching, numerical order, number ID, or play memory!  There are so many variations with just a simple set of printable numbers with adorable designs kids love!

We didn’t get a chance to work on the number maze yet, it’s a bit more challenging as it contains all numbers and you have to follow the correct order to get through the maze.

Number Maze

Download the  KneeBouncers Play with Numbers Printable Pack here!

Play with Numbers Printable Pack

I am excited to be giving away a $15 virtual iTunes Gift Card to allow you to purchase the complete KneeBouncers Play with Purpose iPad app! Use Rafflecopter to enter below, giveaway is open to US residents only and remember the app is only for iPad right now {Android version is coming soon}. Giveaway ends 10/7/13. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Q Tip Painting Numbers

Q Tip Painting Numbers

So many of my printables are literacy related, and I often forget about the numbers! My girl LOVES the Q-tip alphabet set, so I made a couple of number sets for fun too.  I couldn’t decide which version I liked so I made 3!

I made a set with dots to paint, and the numbers, this set goes from 0-30, here’s a sample…



I made a 1-10 set with counting hands…



Finally, a 1-10 set with images and number words.



Since I am on a bit of a number kick, I made a webpage similar to my All ABC webpage, but for numbers!

Number Printables


You’ll find all of my number related printables available already plus a couple of new printable sets!

Q Tip Painting Number Printables Addition Facts File Folder Money Lapbook Calendar Notebook Printables

Number Mats Pom Pom Numbers Tot Time Notebook Numbers Which Number

Show Me! Cut, Count, & Glue Video

Cut, Count, and Glue Video

I have been asked for years to record videos of me teaching my young children.  Many moms have emailed me sharing how uncomfortable early childhood learning is for them and that if they could see it in action, it would help! Honestly I never really did it because I don’t think what I do is anything special.  But then I started thinking about how much it would help ME to see upper grade subjects being taught by some of you!  I know how it feels to be out of my comfort zone too!

So for those of you who are totally out of your comfort zone with this early childhood stuff, I am going to try to do better and put together some videos showing a few minutes at a time with Ladybug. She is currently 4 years old {just turned four in April 2013}, and working through home preschool with me. Please know that I am not posting these because I think I have it all figured out, but to humbly share in hopes that a glimpse might help someone out there.

Our first video together uses the printable entitled Cut, Count, Glue which is found in many of my printable packs.  Some packs have up to the number 5, and some to the number 7.  If your child is younger, just cut out the grid to only show the number you want to work on. The printable shown in the video is from the Gymnastics Printable Pack, and looks like this…

Slide18 Slide17

I took a few video clips during about 5-10 minutes of working together and edited them together with captions for you.  I hope this helps you see how early learning skills are exposed so naturally through the use of fun printables, toys, activities and just simple discussions with your child.

List of skills we touched on…

  • number identification
  • counting
  • ordinal numbers {1st, 2nd, etc.}
  • Positional words
  • What comes next, before, after?
  • same/different, most/least, how many?
  • basic addition language
  • 1:1 correspondence {touching one at a time as you count}

You can also see when she is “done” at the end of the video, I didn’t push her any further.  We had been going for awhile, and I sensed it was time to stop.  This is a delicate balance, knowing when to stop with a young child, as to not wear them out, but also knowing when to push them gently through tasks that are a bit challenging. I do not always get this right, and we have tears in our home when I push too hard.  Our learning time does not always look like I was trained in early childhood development!  There are days I would be ashamed to record a video.

I hope this glimpse helps even a few of you to gain confidence as you teach your young tots at home.

Are there any other topics or specific printables you’d like me to create a Show Me! video for? Leave any ideas in the comments and I will add it to our list!