Our Homeschool Kindergarten Literacy Goals

Homeschool Kindergarten Literacy Goals

In planning for my daughter’s upcoming Kindergarten year, and her transitional period right now, I brainstormed my homeschool Kindergarten literacy goals for her.  I am a former public school Kindergarten teacher and much of this comes from that experience.  When I develop Kindergarten printables or other units for her these are the literacy goals I have in mind.  In writing these, I am being as parent-friendly as possible without all of the confusing language. Some of these are regular K goals, some are a bit beyond K but are my goals for her. I do not align with Common Core, so these come more from my background as a teacher and what I think works at this stage when homeschooling. These goals are specific to her also, and many would technically be considered more 1st grade skills.  For those, it is more of exposure than mastery. These are not specific to any state or curriculum, but are my own personal goals for her.

  • Understand concepts of print ~ identify front, back, title, illustrations & author of a book, understands top to bottom, left to right when reading, can show me a letter, a word, and a sentence in a book
  • Identify all uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Understand beginning, middle, & ending sounds in words
  • Blend CVC sounds to read basic phonetic words {follow All About Reading 1}
  • Identify rhyming words
  • Basic understanding of syllables
  • Sight Words {all You Can Read words}
  • Comprehension
  • Sequence events from a story
  • Follow 2-3 step directions, orally
  • Identify characters, setting, and main idea of a story
  • Write first and last name, all letters, and some words
  • Use writing (letters, pictures, and words) creatively
  • Write from left to right and from top to bottom
  • Use phonetic {invented} spelling when writing words that aren’t known
  • Identify basic punctuation {period, exclamation, question mark, comma, quotes}
  • Build vocabulary
  • Improve speech sounds that are a struggle {we will use Articulation Station I think}

These are my goals for her but I am in now way going to push her to achieve them.  If she doesn’t, that’s fine, we’ll carry on! I love having the freedom to go at her pace and adjust if she slows down or speeds up!  Oh the joy of homeschooling for that reason {and many more}.

To meet these goals we will be using my You Can Read program, Literature Based Unit Studies, All About Reading 1, and just general “school” life. Much of this will come naturally as teaching K is second nature to me. Other grades beyond this certainly aren’t, but right now I am in my sweet spot!

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All About Reading Level 2 Review

All About Reading Level 2 Review

{Disclaimer ~ The product being reviewed, All About Reading Level 2, was given to me free of charge for my honest opinion. Affiliate links are used thanks for your support}

If you have been around my blog for long you probably know that we use All About Learning Press curriculum for reading and spelling.  We purchased All About Spelling Level 1 years ago when my oldest son was struggling with spelling.  We then formed a relationship with All About Learning Press and have been reviewing and using All About Reading also.  We are currently using All About Reading Pre with Ladybug, we completed All About Reading Level 1 with Krash, and are now midway through All About Reading Level 2 with Krash, who is in 2nd grade.  We have been given these programs to review and I am very thankful for that.

We were using All About Reading to supplement his box curriculum since I feel All About Reading is stronger. Recently I made the decision to totally stop using the phonics and spelling portions of our box curriculum and  to use All About Reading and Spelling Level 2 exclusively for Krash.

Here’s a post I wrote last year sharing how these curriculums really helped Krash get over a hump in 1st grade…Homeschool Reading

Why I love All About Reading Level 2

All About Reading Level 2 Review

  • easy prep done at the beginning of the year {or whenever you begin}
  • open and go, once initial prep work is done
  • lots of help so PARENTS understand the phonics rules also
  • wonderful extension of Level 1
  • unique and creative ways to reinforce concepts in a hands on way
  • my son likes it {the best reason}

All About Reading Level 2 -9645

It took me awhile to learn this trick, but finally I developed a system to keep myself prepared and organized for each lesson.  For each lesson there are up to 3 different elements to have on hand in addition to the magnetic board with the letter tiles.  I found that I was getting a bit overwhelmed gathering materials {even though it is simple and straightforward I hate shuffling through papers every day}.  At the beginning of level 2 BEFORE we even began, I set up this new folder system.  I got folders for each lesson and loaded any word cards, tiles, fluency sheets, and any activity pages.  The blue bin is from the dollar section at Target.

All About Reading Level 2 -9652


Below you can see the inside of the folder for lesson 13,  I already have the materials prepped and ready to go when we get to that lesson.

All About Reading Level 2 -9660


Not sure which level is right for your child?  Look for this on their site here to download a free placement test.



Curious to see samples?  Scroll down on that same page and look for this…



Other things to consider ~

  • The bulk of the components are non-consumable {the Activity Book cannot be used again}. This means that you will be able to use the program with your younger children or resell the program when you are finished with it.
  • I really love the Go Ahead and Use It One-Year Guarantee’. You and your child have a full year to try out the program! If you find that the curriculum does not meet your needs, simply return the materials at any time within one year of purchase for a full refund of your purchase price {excluding shipping}.

A few of my online friends have also reviewed this program, you can see more from their blog linked below.  I know choosing a curriculum is sometimes difficult and it is definitely costly, I hope their reviews might be helpful to you also!

Be sure you peek at the All About Reading website to decide which level you are interested in, I will be hosting a giveaway for ANY All About Reading level very soon!

While you wait on my giveaway, here’s a $100 Giveaway from All About Learning Press!


Mouse Paint Printables

Mouse Paint Q Tip Painting Color Words

{disclaimer ~ affiliate links used below}

Mouse Paint is a great way to work on color word and although my daughter is a bit young for this, it’s not too early to expose!  I made these to be Q tip painting sheets, but she is an out of the box thinker and asked for glitter.  Together we put tiny glue dots on the bubbles and then glittered them!

Mouse Paint -8284

Mouse Paint -8276


~>~> Download the Mouse Paint Q-Tip Painting Color Words here! <~<~

Q Tip Alphabet Painting   Q Tip Painting Number Printables

Mouse Paint Pocket Chart Printables

I also made a simple pocket chart activity based on the book, you can download it for free on my Pocket Chart Printables webpage {just click on the graphic on that page}.

Mouse Paint Pocket Chart Printables


We are having our Mouse Paint week right now, I will share more in an upcoming post!

See our free theme printable packs


ABC Find It! Bundle

ABC Find It Bundle

I finished the ABC Find It! printable set!  The individual files are still available for FREE as they have been, and I am slowly adding the rest of the files individually. 

ABC Find It Letter A

You can scroll down and the ABC Find It! webpage and see the new files listed near the bottom! A-L {which have been there} have graphics to click on to download, and the rest will be text links. I am working on the individual files now and plan to have them all uploaded within a month!

Want them all now and in one file?  I added it to my Teacher’s Notebook Shop in case you do!  Every little bit supports our family, thank you!

New Alphabet Printables

Alphabet Printables 

I added a new set of Alphabet Printables to our All ABCs page!

I found this adorable clipart while searching for something else and knew I had to put it in a printable!  I wish the letters Ii and Oo had a short vowel sound item, but other than that the sounds are all OK by me. I couldn’t let that stop me! You could print these full size and use for wall posters or play dough mats.  Or, scale them down to make any size flashcard you desire!  Small flashcards are a great addition to ABC Baskets!

Scroll down and look for this graphic on the All ABCs page to download this set!

ABC Wall Posters


Remember there are tons more Alphabet Printables on the All ABC webpage, free for download!

ABC Dot Fun ABC Flashcards ABC People

Letter-Mazes ABC-Easy-Reader2[1] Animal-ABC-Flashcards

Tot-Time-Notebook-ABCs Clothespin-Clip-ABCs[1] Color-By-Number-ABCs[1]

Just-Color-ABCs Tot-School-Printables-ABC-Flashcards ABC-Find-it6 Color Cube ABCs

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