Minecraft Kindergarten Printables

Minecraft Kindergarten Printables

I have had this Minecraft printable pack on my computer for over a year and just got around to finishing it!  All three of my kids love Minecraft and I bet some of your kids do too!

This is a Kindergarten level printable pack, although many younger and older kids will be able to enjoy it also! These theme based packs focus on literacy and math skills.

Kindergarten Math Skills in this pack include number lines, greater/less than, coins, graphing, sorting, counting 1-30.

Minecraft Printables (4) Minecraft Printables (5)Minecraft Printables (6) Minecraft Printables (17)Minecraft Printables (15) Minecraft Printables (8)

Kindergarten Literacy Skills in this pack include… matching sentences to pictures, labeling pictures, easy reader featuring color words, rhyming words, writing, and beginning sounds.

Minecraft Printables (9) Minecraft Printables (16)Minecraft Printables (11) Minecraft Printables (12)Minecraft Printables (13) Minecraft Printables (14)Minecraft Printables (18) Minecraft Printables (1)


Minecraft Books and Toys


Download your FREE minecraft printables here on our Kindergarten Printables webpage. 

Scroll down and look for this graphic to find the download link!

Minecraft Kindergarten Printables Square

Bible Verse Printables Letter M

Our Raising Lil’ Rock Stars Bible Verse Printables for the Letter M are available to download for free! M  is for MIGHTY! This set is based on Ephesians 6:10, “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” 

Bible Verse Printables M is for Mighty Ephesians 610

Here’s a peek at the work she did at home.

The coloring page,  we worked together on this one.  Lots of discussion about the meaning of the verse occurs during our coloring time.

RLRS Letter M -5366


Color ~ Trace ~ Write the letter Mm…

RLRS Letter M -5029


Cut and Glue the Verse ~ this is a great word work activity for her, identifying individual words and sounds she knows as well as the Bible verse as a whole. She uses the printable that has the light gray matching words on it.

RLRS Letter M -4982


Here’s the work Ladybug did at home…RLRS Letter M -5365



And, here’s Ladybug singing the verse for you!  The verse tune printables are only available in the bundle but you can hear the tune for Letter M in this video!  In case you don’t catch it, the tune is London Bridge.


The free version is ONLY for home use.  If you will be using these printables in a church setting, private group, co-op, preschool or other group you will need to purchase the group bundle here.

Download your free Letter M printables here!Raising Lil' Rock Stars Letter M for Mighty


 Scroll down until you see the graphic for letter M and click on it to download the PDF file.

Download or printing trouble? See tips here!

These printables are from Raising Lil’ Rock Stars, see more info here!



See other letters in action by clicking the graphics below!

RLRS-Letter-A-Philippians-2-5-Bible-[1]  RLRS-Letter-B-John-3-16-Bible-Verse-  RLRS-Letter-C-Genesis-1-1-Bible-Vers

RLRS-Letter-D-Isaiah-48-17--Bible-Ve[2]  RLRS-Letter-E-Philippians-2-Bible-Ve[1]  RLRS-Letter-F-Matthew-4-Bible-Verse-

RLRS-Letter-G-Matthew-28-Bible-Verse[1]  RLRS-Letter-H-Psalm-33-Bible-Verse-P  RLRS Letter I  Bible Verse Printables  RLRS Letter J John 1 Bible Verse Printables

Bible-Verse-Printables-Letter-K-is-f  Bible Verse Printables L is for Light John 812

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Despicable Me Printable Pack

Despicable Me Printables

When I saw this adorable clipart, I couldn’t resist.  Despicable Me is one of our all time favorite movies and since I hadn’t seen any printable packs, I made one!  I hope many of your Despicable Me fans enjoy this free printable pack, made for Tots – Kindergartners!

Despicable Me Printable Pack


Download the Despicable Me Printables Here!

Clipart is from  ClipArtopia

Looking for more theme based printables, see this post!


Mouse Paint Preschool Fun

Mouse Paint Preschool Fun

{disclaimer ~ affiliate links are used in this post}

We used the book Mouse Paint for our special Letter M theme and Ladybug loved it!  Here’s her special Mouse Paint shelf…

Mouse Paint -7987

She went straight for the counting game in the mini pocket chart, which we played several times after this also!

Mouse Paint -8004


We read the book MANY times, and enjoyed using special props as we told the story.  I put a tiny cat and mouse in a basket on the shelf and she played with these so much!

Mouse Paint -8000

We used our rainbow blocks to be the “paint”

Mouse Paint -8078

We also pulled down the printable colored mice to use…

Mouse Paint -8081


We worked on our Mouse Paint Pocket Chart Printables, but she wasn’t nearly as impressed as I was.

Mouse Paint -8092


We colored the Mouse Paint Colors book together…

Mouse Paint -7984

Mouse Paint -8094


The highlight was making egg carton mice!

Mouse Paint -8012

Our purple mix was a big fat failure, so I cheated and got the purple paint from the cabinet.

Mouse Paint -8021

Mouse Paint -8059

Mouse Paint -8068


She didn’t want to use Qtips on the color word printables I made for her, so we used glue and glitter!

Mouse Paint -8276

Mouse Paint -8284

Mouse Paint -8288


She loved using stickers on the dot fun sheet

Mouse Paint -8469

Mouse Paint -8473

We also used stickers for the graphing activity!

Mouse Paint -8489

Mouse Paint -8493


We used these sheets as a final review of color mixing!  I got the first one here,

Mouse Paint -8477

The printable below is from Homeschool Share

Mouse Paint -8480


Some of her finished Mouse Paint work…

mouse paint -8720


See our free Mouse Paint printables below…

Mouse Paint Q Tip Painting Color Words    Mouse Paint Pocket Chart Printables


See our Letter M preschool here {we added this theme in along with the work done in that post}

Home Preschool Letter M 

More theme printable packs…


See more home preschool fun over at Preschool Corner!

Home Preschool ~ Letter M

Each week I share 2-3 posts sharing our home preschool learning.  This post is only sharing our letter focused work. If we have a theme of the week, it will be a separate post too.  All of our general play based learning will be in a final weekly wrap up post called, “Learning with Ladybug.”  I am separating out the posts to make them easier for people to find down the road when searching for specific letter/theme activities.  See our entire home preschool plan here!

Home Preschool Letter M

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We love our ABC Baskets!  I love how much she enjoys digging through them.  We play a lot together during the week exploring the contents.

Home Preschool Letter M -7995

Home Preschool Letter M -8022


Usually on one day during the week, I will pull out all of the puzzles and display them as an invitation for her to complete them, she almost always accepts the invitation!

Pushing the pegs into the letter MHome Preschool Letter M -8293

Home Preschool Letter M -8299


I gathered some of our books about mice, moose, and monkeys!

Home Preschool Letter M -7973


I drew an M on our easel and drew one mouse, thinking that’s what we would add to our letter.  The kids had a different idea and decided M was for Minecraft! Home Preschool Letter M -8734



She loves the paint cut and glue crafts from Learn, Create, Love.  This week we made the mouse!

Home Preschool Letter M -8031

Home Preschool Letter M -8466


I create a binder with all of the printables I chose and allowed her to flip through and choose something to do.

We used glitter and glue to create our letter Mm from the Q-Tip alphabet printables.  She didn’t want to use a Q tip!

Home Preschool Letter M -8281


The next few printables are from the Letter M pack which is available here. This printable pack was given to us from a kind blog reader who also creates printables!

I decided to try the word puzzles and although she didn’t LOVE them, she definitely liked them.  After we put them all together, with the help of a Littlest Pet Shop bug, we worked on sounds.

Home Preschool Letter M -8568

I would sound the word out slowly and she would move the bug to the word I was saying.

Home Preschool Letter M -8571

We used stickers to fin the words that begin with Letter M, she loves this activity!

Home Preschool Letter M -8578

Stickers again, to find the upper and lower case letter Mm.

Home Preschool Letter M -8585

Home Preschool Letter M -8591


ABC Find It! is a favorite still, so we had fun with that of course!

Home Preschool Letter M -8027

Home Preschool Letter M -8029


Working on her lowercase Animal ABCs letter m is for mole craft…Home Preschool Letter M -8273



Our All About Reading Pre lesson for lowercase m was a moon, which we made with tinfoil!Home Preschool Letter M -8560

Then, she painted the night sky black!

Home Preschool Letter M -8596

Working on “What begins with M?”

Home Preschool Letter M -8565


Krash used our letter construction kit to make this {it’s a mouse} for her!

Home Preschool Letter M -8306


Our finished Letter M work

Home Preschool Letter M -8718


See more Letter L ideas on our M is for Pinterest board, and even more ABC ideas on my ABC Ideas board!

image  ABC-Ideas-on-Pinterest43


See more theme based printables to go with the Letter M here!


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