Bible Verse Printables Letter I

Bible Verse Printables Letter I

Our Raising Lil’ Rock Stars Bible Verse Printables for the Letter I are available to download for free! I is for IMITATE! This set is based on 3 John 1:11a, “Dear Friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good.”  Ladybug really didn’t like the word evil and wondered why it didn’t say “mean” instead.  We had lots of discussion about this verse and what it means for a 5 year old!


Here’s a peek at the work she did at home.

Sitting at her desk in our new school room working on the coloring page. I love the window light streaming in!

RLRS Letter I -2620

RLRS Letter I -2661


Color ~ Trace ~ Write the letter Ii, using Wikki Stix for the middle set of letters.

RLRS Letter I -2903


Cut and Glue the Verse ~ this is a great word work activity for her, identifying individual words and sounds she knows as well as the Bible verse as a whole. She uses the printable that has the light gray matching words on it.

RLRS Letter I -2712


Here’s the work Ladybug did at home…

RLRS Letter I -2964


And, here’s Ladybug singing the verse for you!  The verse tune printables are only available in the bundle but you can hear the tune for Letter I in this video!  In case you don’t catch it, the tune is London Bridge.


The free version is ONLY for home use.  If you will be using these printables in a church setting, private group, co-op, preschool or other group you will need to purchase the group bundle here.

Download your free Letter I printables here!

 Scroll down until you see the graphic for letter I and click on it to download the PDF file.

Download or printing trouble? See tips here!

These printables are from Raising Lil’ Rock Stars, see more info here!



See other letters in action by clicking the graphics below!

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Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter Ii

Home Preschool Letter I

Raising Rock Stars Preschool

Our letter this week ~ Ii, our verse:



See RRSP Letter Ii with Krash here!

Not familiar with RRSP? Read the intro post here!

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Home Preschool Letter Ii -3523

She does about 2 RRSP activities per day plus the PowerPoint on most days.

Cutting her vocabulary cards…Home Preschool Letter Ii -3549


We used our swatters to have fun with the cards…Home Preschool Letter Ii -3555

We were having SO much fun, Krash came to join us.  Love how Ladybug looks scared of his swatter!  They were giggling like crazy!Home Preschool Letter Ii -3556


She likes to color if I color with her,  so I usually join her…Home Preschool Letter Ii -3657

The entire printable unit {everything you see pictured above} is available for FREE!

You can download the entire letter Ii unit for FREE here.

Want the RRSP Bundle?


~ More Letter Ii Work ~

See how we organize our weekly home preschool activities


Our ABC Find It activities continue to be a favorite. We are using the printables 3 different ways, the first day I let her do a sensory bin search to find all of the little cards and match them to the poster. Home Preschool Letter Ii -3573

Her kitty helped her on the day we used the written word cards to match.

Home Preschool Letter Ii -3891 Home Preschool Letter Ii -3894

Home Preschool Letter Ii -3895

I made a model I on one geoboard and then challenged her to copy mine.Home Preschool Letter Ii -3885

She loves using the ABC Apps we have during the week.  I love that my cards help me remember to use them!

Home Preschool Letter Ii -3567 Home Preschool Letter Ii -3604Home Preschool Letter Ii -3887 Home Preschool Letter Ii -3889Home Preschool Letter Ii -3914 Home Preschool Letter Ii -3917

Dot painting the inchwormHome Preschool Letter Ii -3561

Making I with the color cubesHome Preschool Letter Ii -3576

I for Iguana letter mazeHome Preschool Letter Ii -3580

Doing a little tracing with her letter Ii wipe off boardHome Preschool Letter Ii -3588

Got these cute ball magnets at Target and she LOVES them {massive choking hazard for younger tots though}. Here she used them with our Letter I Dot Fun printable…Home Preschool Letter Ii -3603

Reusing the Tot School Printables again, I always pull out the ones she rejected and try again, she loves the stamps now, hated them when we did this curriculum!Home Preschool Letter Ii -3656

Animal ABC lowercase i… Home Preschool Letter Ii -3568

Home Preschool Letter Ii -3598


I added in some fun Ice Cream printables to go along with our Letter Ii week.  All of my printables came from Our Little Monkeys and 2 Teaching Mommies!

Home Preschool Letter Ii -3544

Home Preschool Letter Ii -3548

Home Preschool Letter Ii -3584

Home Preschool Letter Ii -3644

Home Preschool Letter Ii -3648

Stamping Ii’s on the dots {with intensity!}…Home Preschool Letter Ii -3651

She loves anything to do with cutting and painting, so this ice cream craft was perfect!Home Preschool Letter Ii -3901

Home Preschool Letter Ii -3919 Home Preschool Letter Ii -3921

Home Preschool Letter Ii -3923

Her work all hung up at the end of the week…Home Preschool Letter Ii -3932

Home Preschool Letter Ii -3935


Find all letter I activities on my I is for… Pinterest board, or on my general ABC Ideas board! Find more theme printable packs to go along with Letter I here!

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Learning Tools We Used…

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Tot School ~ Letter Ii

~Ladybug is currently 36 months old~


Here is her desk set up for letter I…IMG_5683

The items in the pocket chart are all available here on the Animal ABCs webpage.  I added iguanas on her desk, and her Iguana on Ice book, which she loved! {files are released for free when they are posted on the Totally Tots blog for the ABC feature, letter I is not free yet, but it will be once it is posted on Totally Tots!}.

Here are some Letter I and Iguana ideas for you…


She hasn’t been into her dry erase notebook set-up lately so I switched things up and let her work on the pages this week.  She enjoyed the change! 

She traced her shapes with markers and wanted to color them all in too.  Afterwards, it made a perfect “looking scope".”

IMG_5446 IMG_5459

On another day she asked if we could glitter her shapes, so we did!IMG_5656

We used dot stickers with the number sheet to work on counting 1-20 with 1:1 correspondence.IMG_5651

The coloring is always a favorite of hers!IMG_5462


Here she is working on Letter I Dot Fun, we used dot stickers this time!  This set is included in the Animal ABC Bundle, or you can purchase the set as a stand alone set for $1.25 on Teacher’s Notebook.IMG_5438


She worked with me to make the letter craft, which is basically an open ended project that you can do whatever you want with!  She painted her letter with “snow paint.”   IMG_5503


The iguana heard that the elephant had a trip to the spa, so he wanted a turn too.IMG_5510

We also added in some finger paint to play with mixing colors!IMG_5535

Special Note: Please read my post about Following the Child’s Lead if you have a tot and need info about this.  All tots are different and what Ladybug is doing may not be appropriate for your child, even if s/he is the same age!

We are taking our All About Reading Pre Level 1 lessons slowly.  I am not expecting mastery from Ladybug, just using this program as a way to expose her to the Big Five Skills.

This week we worked on rhyming in a very fun way, with a mystery bag!  Krash joined us too, so it was tons of giggles!  I found several objects and put them in a bag.  She reached in and grabbed something out and we made up a rhyming word to match {she pulled out a spoon, we said moon}.  At the end we matched up some of the items that rhymed {block/rock}

IMG_4951 IMG_4960

She loved the letter page this week!  She dot painted the I green first {her choice}, the she colored the inch worms and we added their scarves.  I brought out some silver glitter to make the snow sparkle too!IMG_5642


Not much toy play this week, not really sure why.  Here she built a spinny sun with our MagneatosIMG_5555

We played Hullaballoo together, she LOVED it!!!IMG_5735

She got this Princess “computer” for her birthday and she LOVES it.  She sits beside me and “works” on her computer!IMG_5713


The girl loves the iPad!  Here she was playing Teach Me ToddlerIMG_5627

Playing Junior BINGOIMG_5737

image image

See all of our iPad app recommendations and other iPad info here!

Life School

On the left she is telling me “no picture Mommy, don’t take a picture of me.”

IMG_5704  IMG_5705

Digging for inchworms!IMG_5729 



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Tot School ~ Happy 3rd Birthday!

~Ladybug is currently 36 months old~


We had Letter I for iguana out and she did a little bit of it, BUT with the very off week we had, she didn’t get to do much, so we will do I again next week.  One thing she loved was cutting up play doh food,IMG_4916

for her iguana…IMG_4921

Ladybug turned three this week, which is part of the reason we had an off week.  Both sets of grandparents drove up for her birthday and we also got our new kitten the day before her birthday!  Quite a fun few days for all of us!

She chose a Captain Barnacles cake {she loves Octonauts}, the grandmas made it together for her!  She was VERY impressed!!!

IMG_5372  IMG_5392

She was blessed with many gifts she loves, including some My Little Pony things, a purple ladybug Pillow Pet, and more.  Her favorite seems to be her new Princess light up Scooter!IMG_5362


She loves Mr Crunch.  I love that it works her little fine motor muscles so well!IMG_4963

She made a vacuum cleaner out of Magneatos, I sure wish it actually worked!IMG_4948

We added some cut up straws to our play doh play, she loved this!IMG_4946

I showed her how you could squeeze the dough out of the straw, more good small muscle work!IMG_4928


She is in LOVE with the new Easy Readers for our iPad, here she was reading Octonauts to Daddy.


See all of our iPad app recommendations and other iPad info here!




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Please put your tot’s age (in months) after it, like this: 1+1+1=1 (41 mos)