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I wrote about my views on using themes with young kids, and there are certainly a LOT of early childhood themes to choose from! 

If you are like me, at times you choose a letter and build on it for a week or so with your tot/preschooler. It helps me stay focused as a teacher and not forget things! Having a letter of the week is not important, or necessary, it is just helpful for my type-A personality. In honor of this, I have created a series of planning help posts, gathering together all themed printable packs I could find that could extend a letter of the week.

Other times, I build on a theme with no focus on our letter of the week. These lists will help you find things in an orderly fashion!

When you begin planning, Pinterest and Google can be a bit overwhelming!  I am creating this series to help you with your planning.  I have gathered all FREE theme based printable packs {mainly early childhood focused, tots-1st grade} that I am aware of and sorted them by letter so you can browse through and get ideas all in one place! I did NOT include holiday based packs, simply because there are so many and they are pretty easy to find when holidays roll around.

I have included free printable theme packs from bloggers around the web including; Homeschool Creations, 2 Teaching Mommies, Spell Outloud, 3 Dinosaurs, Confessions of a Homeschooler, Me & Marie Learning, Ooopsey Daisy, All Our Days, Creative Learning Fun, Royal Baloo, 123 Homeschool 4 Me, Lawteedah, Our Little Monkeys, Creative Preschool Resources, Our Country Road, Homeschool Share, Preschool Mom, Gift of Curiosity, and Over the Big Moon. {if any of you ladies notice an error please let me know!}

If the pack was created by another blogger, I listed their {blog name} in the brackets.  If there aren’t any brackets, I made it!

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Day 10 ~ Early Childhood Theme Printables A-E

Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter Dd

Raising Rock Stars Preschool

Our letter this week ~ Dd, our verse:

Letter Dd

See RRSP Letter Dd with Krash here!

Not familiar with RRSP? Read the intro post here!


You can tell by her outfits what she did on each day, about 2 RRSP activities per day plus the PowerPoint. 

My girl doesn’t really love coloring anymore, and that makes me sad.  She was a coloring fanatic for about 2 years and now recently she isn’t all that interested.  So, we color together, she likes that.Home Preschool Letter Dd -9709


She loves using the dry erase center for her tracing…

Home Preschool Letter Dd -9750 Home Preschool Letter Dd -1008


She adores the mini books and always asks for it right when she notices it hanging up on the board!Home Preschool Letter Dd -1048


We used our measuring tape to measure our verse after she cut and taped it!  This has become a regular thing now and it is a great way to bring in basic measurement and number ID in a natural way!Home Preschool Letter Dd -9751


PacMan caught us in action one day doing the Letter Dd PowerPoint.  I don’t often have photos since she sits on my lap most of the time like this!photo(3)


The entire printable unit {everything else you see pictured above} is available for FREE!

You can download the entire letter Dd unit for FREE here.

Want the RRSP Bundle?

~ More Letter Dd Work ~

See how we organize our weekly home preschool activitiesPreschool-Work-Trays62

Our ABC Find It activities are probably her favorite thing, she was excited to see the new Letter C sheet! We are using the printables 3 different ways, the first day I let her do a sensory bin search to find all of the little cards.Home Preschool Letter Dd -9719

When she is done, she likes to take the small items from her ABC Basket and bury them in the rice bin.  She played with them for about an hour!Home Preschool Letter Dd -9724

On another day, we hid the cards around the room, she used binoculars to find them…Home Preschool Letter Dd -1012 Home Preschool Letter Dd -1015

Finally, using the written clue cards to find the matches!Home Preschool Letter Dd -1042


She loved painting the D with the Dog {she chose to paint over dot paint this week}. Home Preschool Letter Dd -1032


She loved using the letter Dd pattern block printable with her magnetic pattern blocksHome Preschool Letter Dd -9765


Painting the Letter Dd page from the Tot Time Notebook . Home Preschool Letter Dd -1029


Animal ABC lowercase d…Home Preschool Letter Dd -1026

Home Preschool Letter Dd -1018

gluing the dogs on, all by herself!Home Preschool Letter Dd -1040


We used the flashcards from her ABC basket to do a little sorting {dogs and ducks}…Home Preschool Letter Dd -1044


D is for DoraHome Preschool Letter Dd -1017


Back when we did Tot School Printables, she wasn’t really into the matching and 3 part puzzles, but now she loves them, so we use them now!

Home Preschool Letter Dd -1046  Home Preschool Letter Dd -1047


Once a week I take all of the letter puzzles out of her ABC basket and put them in a work drawer to have her sort them all out and put them together.  She really likes this!Home Preschool Letter Dd -9748


In honor of letter D, I added in some DINOSAUR learning as well.  My gal loves dinos, so she was thrilled!  The theme books are always her favorite…Home Preschool Letter Dd -9690

She loved the dinosaur sensory bin and toy set up…Home Preschool Letter Dd -1034

We have an old dinosaur magnet set that I got out and she played with it a LOT!Home Preschool Letter Dd -1003


We used a few dinosaur printables, both from 2 Teaching Mommies, and also Over the Big Moon.

Home Preschool Letter Dd -1009 Home Preschool Letter Dd -9755Home Preschool Letter Dd -9716 Home Preschool Letter Dd -9756

A couple of activities from my Just Color Dinosaurs pack…Home Preschool Letter Dd -9760

Home Preschool Letter Dd -1006

A few old printables that I used with Krash, from my Dinosaur Tot PackHome Preschool Letter Dd -1020

Home Preschool Letter Dd -9766

Home Preschool Letter Dd -1021


We are in the second half of All About Reading Pre Level 1, which goes through the lowercase letters.

Nothing too special this week for us, besides painting the deer, we were supposed to put his antlers on, but we forgot!Home Preschool Letter Dd -1024

Her work all hung up at the end of the week. Home Preschool Letter Dd -1158 Home Preschool Letter Dd -1161

Find all letter D activities on my D is for… Pinterest board, my Dinosaur Theme board, or on my general ABC Ideas board!

image image212 image

More Preschool Fun!

Not everything we do revolves around our letter of the week, I just often forget to take pictures of the rest!

We had a really FUN day when a big box came in the mail for my kids from an old friend {she was MY babysitter when I was a little girl!}.  Darlene, I know you are reading, and the kids say THANK YOU for loving on them!

Ladybug LOVES the POP Counting game, I can’t even count how many times we have played this!Home Preschool Letter Dd -9774

The pattern block activity set was a big hit too!Home Preschool Letter Dd -9780

She got two dry erase wipe-off workbooks, we worked for awhile in the Colors and Shapes bookHome Preschool Letter Dd -9788

Most fun for my girl almost every week, mixing her paint.  She mixes all of the colors immediately and then paints.  This drives me nuts and is one of the few ways we are different!Home Preschool Letter Dd -1023

Learning Tools We Used… 

Visit Preschool Corner to see more home preschool families!

Tot School ~ Letter D

~Ladybug is currently 33.5 months old~


Here is her desk set up for letter D…

IMG_0505  IMG_0499

The items in the pocket chart are all available here on the Animal ABCs webpage.  I added dolphins on her desk, and also a little basket with shells and mini wooden dolphins we had. {files are released for free when they are posted on the Totally Tots blog for the ABC feature, letter D is not free yet, but it will be once it is posted on Totally Tots!}.

We also had several dolphin books off to the side in her pink basket. Our Betty Lukens Ocean Felt Set was displayed for her also.IMG_0506

Here are some Letter D and Dolphin ideas for you…


On our other shelf I put our water beads tub and showed her that she could add the shells and dolphins into it.  She LOVED it.  Hours of play have taken place with this bin!IMG_0509IMG_0514 IMG_0516


She finally wanted to color her flashcards, she asked for them specifically and wanted me to color one and she wanted to color this one…    IMG_0523

She worked in her notebook a lot, but not as much as Letter A and Letter B week!IMG_0530

She really enjoys the coloring each week, here she was coloring her dolphins and had set up her dolphin puppet to watch her!IMG_0533


I created a new activity for her, which I have added to the Animal ABC purchase page for now {if you have already purchased, just log back in and download the Dot Fun set, if you purchase now, it is included with the rest of the set!}.  I might offer these one by one for free in the future but I am short on time for now, so the set is only available in the bundle option.  Here she is working on Letter D Dot Fun, she chose to use stickers.  I offered her the option of using pom pom magnets, dot paint, or stickers and she chose stickers!IMG_0651


She worked with me to make the letter craft, which is basically an open ended project that you can do whatever you want with!  I offered her blue “snow paint” which obviously we called “ocean paint” for this activity!  She painted her letter D, IMG_0654

Then we stuck her dolphins right in the paint, since it has glue in the mixture, this worked perfectly!IMG_0659

After crafting, she played!  We added her mini dolphin toys to the fun and she was in HEAVEN!IMG_0676


Special Note: Please read my post about Following the Child’s Lead if you have a tot and need info about this.  All tots are different and what Ladybug is doing may not be appropriate for your child, even is s/he is the same age!

We are taking our All About Reading Pre Level 1 lessons slowly.  I am not expecting mastery from Ladybug, just using this program as a way to expose her to the Big Five Skills.  She is a bit too young for the program and Krash is a bit too old, so that’s why we are using it together.

This week we did lesson 4, again, working on rhyming words.

She chose to color her letter D page by herself this week, wanting the entire thing dark blue…IMG_0524

Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thuSorting counting bears by color, in our colored bowls {a Discovery Toys toy-feeling hats, I think}…IMG_0527

Playing Fish ABCs with me, finding the letters on the board and matching the fish…IMG_0537

4 piece puzzles in a tiny ocean book we have…IMG_0542

Playing with her ocean felt setIMG_0546


One day I was feeling brave so we made snowmen together.  We used “snow paint.”  I had each child choose a color too, Ladybug chose purple.  I cut out her snowman circles for her and then she went at it!IMG_0565


After the painting was done, we played with the shaving cream alone!  I cannot believe I waited so long to let her do this, she LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!IMG_0593


The next day we designed our snowmen, here is Ladybug’s sad man…IMG_0694


Curls and giggles!


Silly, silly girl…

IMG_0558  IMG_0557



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Tot School ~ Letter Dd

~Ladybug is currently 24 months old~



Tot School Printables D is for Duck

Letter: Dd

Object: Ducks

Vocabulary Development Theme: Birds

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

I gathered birds in advance, but Ladybug wasn’t as impressed as I was.  She enjoyed some of the birds, the flamingo in particular.  But she doesn’t seem to be a birds type of gal. IMG_1290We did match up our cards anyway, but she wasn’t impressed with that either.IMG_1282

She did like putting the birds night-night in the bean bag though.  Hey, whatever floats your boat!IMG_1284

I accidentally printed an extra set of bird cards and let her find them with dot paint, which she did like!IMG_2137

We used our Leapfrog letters again…IMG_1021

She did a lot of dot painting again, but not nearly as much as last week!IMG_1017


She colored a few of her ducks this week, with me coloring most of themIMG_1255


She tried her best at the lacing again, but, got frustrated quickly.  She did last a bit longer and really tried to get it through the hole herself!  She did NOT want help!!!IMG_1277


She finally did some stamping on her own this week!IMG_2130

She loved dot painting the Dd objects!!!IMG_1153

We added in some Dd printables from other sources this week, mostly because she enjoys dot painting so much!

We used some of Spell Outloud’s Dd is for Ducks printables

IMG_1165  IMG_1013

She also did the Dd from Confessions of a HomeschoolerIMG_1266

 This week she did not enjoy several of our items {shapes, numbers, shadow matching, sequencing} which is fine~ so we just glanced at them and then moved on! Next week I plan to try something a bit different to see if I can peak her interest in some of the activities!  I don’t expect her to love everything each week though.

I finally got her bulletin board strips up so I can display her work, which she really liked!  Here is most of her work from this past week…IMG_2161

Letter Dd printables here!

 Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter D


She loves our Bee Hive game, great fine motor skill practice with the leaves!  The boys LOVE this game even more than she does!IMG_0933

We put together our ABC floor puzzle and found some letters together!IMG_1052

A very favorite of hers still, our foam blocksIMG_1243

She enjoyed some Play Doh time while Krash worked on his school…IMG_1042

She got this set of Disney Babies books {consignment} and fell immediately in LOVE with them!IMG_1337





This week she watched many PowerPoints again!  However she did not choose the Counting 1-10 show!  Her favorite was definitely the Colors show, and she also really enjoyed the letter Dd PowerPoint from our Tot School Printables Dd unit.

IMG_1025 IMG_1023

We also used www.Starfall.com many times, focusing in on the letters we have done so far {A-D}.

IMG_1035 IMG_1030

side note ~ since I haven’t decided if I will create all 26 PowerPoint shows for the Tot School Printables units, I have decided to add the ones I do make to the current Members Only section!

Do you ever wonder what I do with her when I need to work with Krash and she isn’t cooperating?  Here’s a peek…IMG_2139




Ladybug turned 2 this past week!!!! We had SOOOO much fun celebrating her life together, her brothers were more excited than she was!!!  Here is a tiny glimpse into her fun {just our family for the “party”}IMG_1374

My mom made her dress, bib, and party hat!

IMG_1395  IMG_1416

She got a baby set {purchased at Costco awhile back} and LOVED it!!!!

IMG_1429  IMG_1473

She also got a wooden cake,IMG_1508

Froggy Boots in her size!!!

IMG_1516  IMG_1521

Also some Farm Puzzle BlocksIMG_1534

We spent the evening outside enjoying the spring weather, she was simply precious!!!IMG_1637 IMG_1859

The next day we took her to our children’s museum, her favorite places being the shopping and the duck pond…

IMG_2108  IMG_2009

Moms Favorite

She found her brother’s old Cars jammies and insisted on wearing them, all the while looking at her shirt like this and showing us the cars!IMG_1299



Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter Dd


Rock stars This is the main section of our preschool posts-focusing on what we do for our Raising Rock Stars Preschool Curriculum. I am not sharing photos of each part every week, just what I happen to catch! We do the entire unit even if I don’t show it here in the photos!

Our letter this week ~ Dd, our verse: Do all things without complaining or disputing.Dd

The first thing Krash does each week is color his Bible verse page.  He is very particular and likes for me to bhang the main page above his desk so he can copy the colors exactly.  I tell him that it doesn’t have to match, but matching makes him happy!IMG_5090


This week we added our cubes to the mix, inserting our vocabulary cards into 1 bock and our Bible vocabulary into another one. We rolled these around naming different things.  We even used the vocabulary block with Ladybug also, teaching her the names of the pictures!IMG_5335 Jenn has created a set of RRSP Education Cubes printables that fit perfectly also!  You can see those here if you use RRSP and have an Education Cubes membership!


We worked really hard on the application portion of this unit, as his words are something he really struggles with.  The craft gave us a lot of time to sit together and discuss this as he colored each one.  My goal with these simple crafts is more about the talking between parent {or caregiver} and child that will occur while the craft is being completed.  This is definitely a PROCESS over PRODUCT activity!IMG_5342


Here’s the photo of his work from the week before I cleared it off {links to the non-RRSP sheets are below}!



The Power Point lessons are located in the Members Only section. You can see a video here showing a PowerPoint lesson. You can learn more about the Members Only section here. The entire printable unit {everything else you see pictured above} is available for FREE on the main RRSP page…

You can download the entire letter Dd unit here.

RRSP Dd lesson plan is also on the same webpage! Dd Lesson Plan  Included is our exact plan {although I stray from my plan often}, with links to everything we used. Page 2 is blank in case you don’t do exactly what we do!



in the box

{A few things that were in his preschool workboxes for the week, not all activities are pictured}

He worked on his Dd is for Duck Play Doh pageIMG_5091


He did his very first dot to dot.  I chose a simple one using ABCs.  He struggled a bit but enjoyed it.IMG_5095


This boy LOVES to color, so he was THRILLED with this Dd dinosaur coloring sheet from ABC Twiggles {membership site}IMG_5134


He loves coloring SO much that I am creating an entire new color by number set!  He really loves color-by-number so that’s what they are!  You can download D is for Dog here!IMG_5296


Dot painting all of the Dd’sIMG_5304


I have had his Alphabet Box ready for awhile now {thanks to inspiration from Counting Coconuts}, but have not brought it out until now.  I decided to begin with the current sound and 1 other sound for now and let him sort the objects.  He loved this and it was the perfect skill level for him right now.  He struggled a bit, but not too much that he felt defeated.

IMG_5319 IMG_5321 

The flash cards are from the preschool program {Little Lincoln} he uses through our cyber school {although I don’t write about it because I am not very fond of it and am really doing my own thing as you can tell}.  The flash cards are great though and we love using those.  When I find time, I will share why I am not entirely fond of the program, I just don’t have time for an in depth post about it now.

I went over the objects with him {they were laying on the tray all mixed up}.  Then had him sort them by beginning sound.  I had to help him with some, as he is not solid in this skill yet.  He really enjoyed the process though!

IMG_5311 IMG_5318


We had loads of fun working on sight words.  We used the 1st 6 words from our RRSP review set again, but this time I put them in a cube. We reviewed the words and then played a throwing game.  I had Krash throw the block at our storage shelf {which can’t be damaged}, as hard as he could!  Then he had to run as fast as he could to get the block and read the word it landed on.  He loved this!!!  If he struggled, I allowed him to run back to Pac Man for a little bit of help {this was to encourage team work and bonding}.  I actually have a video of us playing, I will share that soon {Video is now here}!

IMG_5350  IMG_5359


Although Pac Man was the one to set up the lovely farm scene, Krash LOVED it and played for a really long time!  Learning Links as hay and water, Rainbow Blocks as a fence, and Block Mates for the farm animals!IMG_5240



Moms favWe were away on staff retreat recently and the place has an indoor pool.  I just love how Krash wears his shark goggles, with his ears all folded over ;-).IMG_5422




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