You Can Read Lesson Plans

You Can Read Lesson Plans

I have been using special lesson plans just for our You Can Read work and finally got the file ready to share!  The first page is the general plan we are using, so you can see how I am spreading ours out.  The empty spaces are for Word Play ideas I fill in each week.Slide1

I also included a blank page for you to write your own plans in if you’d like to plan out your week this way!


Many units are taking Krash 2 weeks, so we don’t always finish my plan and will just repeat the activities the following week if we are using the same words.  The 2nd week is filled with much more word play also.

The lesson plan files are in the ad-free/bonus section of You Can Read, or you can download a copy right here!

You Can Read Sight Word Printables

Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Lesson Planning Sheets

You may have noticed in my RRSP Letter Yy post, that I have added lesson plans for each unit as a pdf download. I began creating these for myself on the computer and thought they might be helpful to some of you. I linked up activities directly in the plan so when you open the PDF file, you can directly click on anything linked up to see where I got the activity or the specific toy. I hope these help and I will be making them for the remaining units, I may even try to go back and create them based on my notes from previous units-we’ll see! Yy Lesson Plan

You can find the lesson plan downloads on each specific letter’s page. Here’s what it looks like on letter Yy webpage {see below}, you click on the Bible verse to download the entire printable unit, click on the lesson plan to download the filled in plan and also a blank version so you could write in your own plans.image

I hope this is helpful to some of you! Even if you don’t use my form or even RRSP, I hope it can at least helps you with ideas for particular letters units. It should also give you fresh ideas for other preschool learning tools. I am constantly searching myself {gaining ideas from many of you} and I know my own sheets will help me when I go back in a few years to plan for Ladybug!

If you are looking for non-RRSP planning forms, you can find those Preschool Workbox Planning Forms here!