Still Reading!

Independent reading is still happening and we are continuing to add 1 minute per day to the clock. I am beyond thrilled to report that P is loving it! I went searching the house for all of the books I could find to fill his box. I located his I Can Spell Words With Four Letters (I Can Spell) book, which he has never really liked much. He busted it out today and played almost the whole time with it, making and reading 4 letter words!

Independent Reading

We all hope our children will become kids who LOVE to read. I don’t know about you but my son was not born loving books. He likes them, he just doesn’t LOVE them, like I do! His little brother (19 mos) LOVES books, and of course it has me all excited! You can imagine my smile as I walked in on P reading and giggling today. He continued giggling long enough for me to capture this unstaged shot (thankfully the camera is always close by). I am having P read by himself using his easy reader box, we began at 10 minutes and are adding 1 minute per day. He is LOVING this. Until now, independent reading had been something that just sort of fit in the day. I have felt the need to plug this into our daily schedule now and already we are both loving it!

What does he read? Here’s some of the books that are in his easy reader box.
Brand New Readers (we have multiple sets of these)
Now I’m Reading!: Look Around! (we have this set and others)
Open Court Readers (we had these donated from a school)
Reading Rod Readers
Phonics books from his Calvert Curriculumn
A few Sunshine Readers (I used to teach public school K and we used these tons)
He also has a few Step Into Reading books that he really likes right now

Giant Pandas ~ Lapbook

It’s finished! This was such a fun lapbook to do since P was SOOOO into it! He learned so much and so did I! We did a little KWL mini book and I was amazed today when he quoted many, many panda facts on his own for the final “L” page! My parents also surprised him with a stuffed panda when we went to visit them for Thanksgiving, he is in love with it so we used this for the cover of his lapbook!Here’s the inside:
Top Left: Panda True/False quiz (with answers stapled underneath)
Bottom Left: “Panda/PacMan” minibook, we compared panda facts to P, (ex: “Pandas favorite treat is apples, P’s favorite treat is watermelon.”)
Middle Top: Panda quiz, with pages we learned from underneath of it.
Middle Bottom: Panda info
Top Right: Tian Tian minibook
Middle Right: KWL minibook
Bottom Right: Panda Maze
And the back, his copy work from Draw Write Now, Book 7: Animals of the World, Forest Animals

In the Works ~ Christmas Symbols Lapbook

We are making a Christmas Symbols lapbook and I have found some great resources I would like to share. I ordered the Christmas Symbols lapbook from Hands of Child and have used this as inspiration. Although they have wonderful ideas, I am pretty particular about graphics and fonts (my husband says I am crazy) so I redid all of their ideas and added a few of my own. I used this website for most of my additional information. And you can find almost everything in the Hands of a Child lapbook there too. I decided to create pdfs of my Publisher documents so I could share online with anyone who wants to use it! I did use 2 of the actual items from the lapbook I paid for so obviously those aren’t in the documents. This is nothing fancy :) but it’s gonna work for us!

I made up a sample since I had to choose from MANY options of symbols to include, and make sure what I chose, fit! Here is a photo, so you can see what it looks like. Most are just little fold in half “minibooks” where you write the symbolism on the inside. The colors one is a flap book, with each color flipping open. The Tree is actually a stapled minibook with several pages to write the symbolism of all the things found on a tree (and also of the tree). On the back I am putting the Jesus is better than Santa poem.

Link to PDF files
I am also doing this lapbook with my 11-12 year old girls’ Sunday school class, they are excited!

In the Works ~ Giant Panda Lapbook

P chose to do a lapbook about giant pandas and is really enjoying learning about them! I am learning a lot too! For a few days now he has been working on his panda copywork and drawing from his Draw Write Now Book book. I LOVE these books, he does too. He doesn’t even complain about the writing anymore, he copies one sentence per day until we complete an assignment.