Pumpkins ~ Lapbook

Our first Little Laplinks post! I visit Little Blots of Faith often and this has inspired me to get busy sharing some of our stuff. I used to teach Kindergarten and I LOVED swapping ideas with other teachers. I have been getting great ideas online for over a year now since we began homeschooling, now it’s my turn to give back! I have back dated all of our past Lapbooks made so far and plan to keep on adding, so check back! I hope this site can be helpful for someone looking for ideas for Lapbooks! My son is in Kindergarten, a little over half way through his K curriculum, although the activities I use can easily be altered for PreK-1st grade.

Here is our Pumpkin Lapbook…

Left Flap…
Top Left: Pumpkin Patterns
Middle Left: Shine For Jesus
Bottom Left: 5 Pumpkins mini book {no longer available online}
In the Middle…
Upper Left: Pumpkins Mini book (Enchanted Learning)
Upper Right: Pumpkin Life Cycle (Enchanted Learning)
Middle: Pumpkin Song (template from Hands of a Child Templates)
Bottom Left: Pumpkin Dot to Dot, ABC order
Bottom Right: From Pumpkin to Jack o’Lantern mini book (Enchanted Learning)
Right Flap…
Top Right: Making Words using “Pumpkin Patch” {no longer available online}
Bottom Right: Pumpkin Sight Words
Pumpkin Story (stationary from this book) Here’s a few other resources we didn’t use ourselves, because I found them after our lapbook was complete, maybe next year!

Hands on the Pumpkin
Happy Jack O’lanterns

Pumpkin Puzzles (counting)

_an Word Family

We completed our 2nd word family mini-lapbook today, for the _an family. I got the poem (top right) from this site.
The book, Jan and Dan, is from here.
And, here is the book I got the word family stationary from for the pan sheet.
The book Dan is from his Calvert curriculum set.

Apples ~ Lapbook

The Inside…

Top Left: An Apple a Day…mini strip poem (from this book)
Bottom Left: Apple Recipes (things we made form our apples we picked)
Middle: photo collage of our field trip to the orchard
Top Right: Johnny Appleseed coloring (from DLTK)
Middle Right: Apples Mini Book (from Enchanted Learning)
Bottom Right: Apple sight word mini flip book (also from this book)
The Back: his “Apple Story” (stationary from this book)

__at Word Family

We are working on word families, and creating a mini-lapbook for each one. Here is our first one, for the _at family.
In My Hat
“A Cat” taken from the book, 25 Read & Write Mini-Books That Teach Word Families
__at stationary, taken from the book, Word Family Stationary
The Cat and Pat, his reader from his Calvert Kindergarten curriculum
**the cat word slider on the front is also from Calvert

Red Eared Slider Turtles ~ Lapbook

The inside…
Top Left: Turtle Facts
Bottom Left: a flip up turtle to show the top and under of the shell
Middle: “What do we feed our turtles?”
Top Right: Life cycle of a turtle
Bottom Right: Semi-Aquatic Habitat illustration

The back…his story about his turtles.
Internet Resource we used: RedEaredSlider.com