In the Works ~ Giant Panda Lapbook

P chose to do a lapbook about giant pandas and is really enjoying learning about them! I am learning a lot too! For a few days now he has been working on his panda copywork and drawing from his Draw Write Now Book book. I LOVE these books, he does too. He doesn’t even complain about the writing anymore, he copies one sentence per day until we complete an assignment.

Happy Birthday ~ Lapbook

P made his Nanee a lapbook for her birthday! We took it home to her over Thanksgiving (they live about 10 hours from us) and she loved it!

Top Left: We all wrote a page for our “Dear Nanee,” minibook
Bottom Left: P wrote words to describe Nanee under each flap
Top Middle: He drew her a flower picture
Bottom Middle: My Grandmother
Right: P wrote Nanee a song

Thanksgiving Lapbook

It’s done! Follow this link to see the rest of the photos!

Morning Message

We have been doing our daily morning message for awhile now (see this post for when we began) and today I decided to shake it up a bit and have P write along with me. I used to do it this way when I taught school, although the whole class participated and we used a big flip chart. With one student it is much easier! P really enjoyed this and loved it even more when there were more blue letters (ones HE knew) than purple ones (ones he did not know).

In the Works ~ Thansgiving Lapbook

We are going to need about 3 folders to fit all of our Thanksgiving stuff in by the time we are done! Today P worked on his “Draw, Write, Now” lesson, beginning the copywork for the Mayflower. He drew the picture yesterday. This is the first time I have actually had him complete the copywork and he did really well. I LOVE these books!