Kindergarten w/Krash ~ YCR/Unit 8, RRSK/Bb, Phineas & Ferb


You Can Read: Unit 8 {little, do, we, all}
RRSK: Letter Bb
Theme of the Week: Phineas & Ferb & Rainforest
We had to extend the YCR and RRSK units beyond a week, so he had 2 themes during that time.  A Mini Phineas & Ferb few days and the Rainforest. 

You can download all of the printables for this unit FREE here on the main RRSK page, just scroll down until you see them!  We do 2 activities from the set per day, making 10 total activities. 
Homeschool at its finest, does tracing a Bible verse get any better than this?IMG_3743

I did the cutting for him, he searched for the words as we recalled the verse together as he glued each word down.  TONS of word work going on here, he really likes this activity!IMG_3791

He still wants to teach the songs to other kids, so he made another video for you!    You can download the printable with the verse tune here on the RRSP Letter Bb webpage.

RRSK Letter Bb Bible Verse ~ Matthew 5:9

He really liked glittering the word…IMG_4036

We are pulling the easy reader book out to work on it again.  The easy reader is a part of the Letter Bb RRS Preschool set. Here he was reading his easy reader to me, but struggling a bit so we headed down to the bean bag to cuddle up and read together. 
PacMan saw me getting ready to read with Krash and asked me if he could take a video of us reading together.  I said yes and then thought some of you might want to peek at it.

Signing his name to the story he dictated to me.  He asked me to re-read his story to him many times, even days after we wrote it! IMG_4267
Working on patterns with letter B words…IMG_4120
Learning letter B in sign language…IMG_4123

If you want early access to printables beyond what I have blogged about, you can see info about purchasing here!

We used unit 8 from You Can Read.  Here’s a glimpse into some of the You Can Read work he did.  He did it all but I only have a few photos!
Color by word…IMG_4116
Stamping his words {this is a You Can Read Add-On}…IMG_4109
Tracing his words using our dry erase activity centerIMG_4032
Adding to his word caterpillar.  He re-reads the words up there to me, then we add any new words he knows…IMG_4342

I created a new add-on that will available in the You Can Read paid section SOON!  Roll & Graph Sight Words!  Krash loves this game when we play it with our theme packs, so I thought he might enjoy it specifically for his words.  I was right, he LOVED it!  He rolled the cube, read the word and then found it and marked it on his graph.  One of his favorite parts were the “wild cards.”  Since there are only 4 words and 6 spaces, I made 2 spaces wild, so he could choose which word to mark.  Only key-he still has to read the word to me!
IMG_4333  IMG_4335
Word-Play-rectangle4122We shot words with Nerf guns again, just didn’t take any new pictures!  Check out more wonderful Word Play ideas here!


Phineas and Ferb is such a regular things around here.  I used to think it was a one of those “bad shows” until I learned that my friend Shannon’s older kids watched it.  We are very similar in parenting so I figured we could give it a try.  I am SO glad we did, it is hilarious and we all love it, from Ladybug up to Daddy!
I made Krash some Phineas and Ferb Kindergarten Printables and he loved them.  Here he was practicing counting backwards 10-1…IMG_3799
Working with fraction bubbles, using dot paintersIMG_3759
Following my directions…
Practicing names and values as he sorts coins…IMG_3805

IMG_4129  IMG_4273
His very favorite activity, Read and Write the Room!  He actually begged me to put more words up!!!
IMG_4048  IMG_4042

Clipping numbers 1-10 on the Rainforest Clip & LearnIMG_4051 

Matching our mini animals to the nomenclature cardsIMG_4072
Matching his words in the pocket chartIMG_4100
Loving the puppets in the rainforest sensory binIMG_3998

We combined our animal cards with our rainforest sensory bin and had a blast night when our friends were over playing.  One child would hold the photo cards and the rest were divided into teams.  In this shot, she is holding up the animal for the teams to search for.IMG_4188
They all run to the bin and crowd around {after rules were given about pushing, touching, etc.} and dig through with only one hand to try to find the animal…IMG_4191

Krash was VERY good at this game!!! It was hard for the other kids, since the names of some of the rainforest animals are not common {tapir, bonobo, mandrill, etc.}
IMG_4189  IMG_4193

We got out a new Guidecraft toy for review, Locking Ladders.  Both boys absolutely LOVE these!  Pac said for me to tell my readers it is probably his very favorite Guidecraft toy that we have reviewed {and we have a lot!}.  Here Krash made himself a weight to life on the left, and a camper for people to ride on on the right…
 IMG_3949  IMG_3968
Another consignment sale treat, Melissa and Doug Cookies.  Played with a LOT this week by all kids!IMG_4079

Krash spends time playing “school” games on the iPad almost daily.  I have a folder set up for him of all of the games he can choose from during “school iPad time.”  He still loves the Bob Books app, which is such great phonics practice!  IMG_3782

Wedgits are always a popular choice for all 3 kids.  Krash has gotten much more elaborate with his building.IMG_4202
My boy has big dreams of being able to do the splits like the Karate Kid.  he is in gymnastics now and LOVING it.  He is very strong and coordinated, it will be neat to see where God takes his abilities.   IMG_3868
He’s a hula-hoop master too.  Both boys are amazing, I don’t get it-I can’t keep it up for a second!IMG_4276 IMG_4275 
Magneatos continue to come out a lot…IMG_4197
Krash has been loving our nightly Table Talkers games, I am amazed with how much learning is going on in that little brain of his!  Enter to win Table Talkers here! IMG_3827

A few items we used…
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Kindergarten with Krash ~ YCR/unit 7, RRSK/Aa, and Pirates


We are back to school!  I have changed things up a bit for K’s Kindergarten, therefore I will change how I organize the Kindergarten with Krash blog posts.

Each week he will have 3-4 areas: You Can Read, RRSK, Calvert, and a Theme of the Week {if we have one}.  This past week we kicked off our new routine!

We are still using his workboxes, he just uses all 9 now that he is a big boy!

You Can Read: Unit 7 {play, find, to, run}

RRSK: Letter Aa

Theme of the Week: PIRATES

RRRSK header copy

OK, I must say I am IN LOVE with the fact that RRS has come back into our lives again, I was missing it!  The difference in Krash now is phenomenal!  It has been so fun to revisit this verse and talk about it with him, read the book, and watch him grow.  He just gets it so much more now.  It became very obvious to me this week that expanding RRS to Kindergarten was totally a God thing, as HE has totally shown up this week as we have worked with this RRSK unit.

You can download all of the printables for this unit FREE here on the main RRSK page, just scroll down until you see them!

We did 2 activities from the set per day, making 10 total activities.

He loved tracing his verse as we practiced it together…IMG_2854

I did the cutting for him, he searched for the words as we recalled the verse together.  We did this on day 2, and he knew the verse tune by this point and was singing it to me in the photo on the right.  He was at the part that says “verse 1” and was holding up his 1 finger!  So cute!

IMG_2939  IMG_2949

He has decided {for now at least} that he would like to teach the song to other kids, so he made a video for you!  I sure hope he is willing to do this every week!!  You can download the printable with the verse tune here on the RRSP Letter Aa webpage.

RRSK ~ Letter Aa, Proverbs 15:1


He really liked glittering the word…


then, he chose markers he liked to trace the bottom portion…IMG_3103

LOVE the tongue. Above you can also see the mini book sitting next to him.  We are pulling the book out to work on it again.  The easy reader is a part of the Letter Aa RRS Preschool set.IMG_3106


Following my oral directions…IMG_3119

Finding words that start with A and actually enjoying the tracing of the letters!IMG_2936

Practicing counting and writing numbers through 20…IMG_3200


At the end of the unit he told me his story, which I love. Slide15 He was a bit confused, but that’s to be expected.  I explained that I wanted him to look at the picture {of the mom with the kids on the couch} and think of a story to tell me about it.

Here it is:

Once there was a snowy week then soon happened a tornado came after the snow.  Soon the storm stopped.  Then they were driving in a car and they were speeding like super fast and they got in trouble.  Then they were driving in the car again and soon there was another tornado and they drove into it.  Then they turned and went in their bedrooms and sat on the couch with their mom.  She said, “it will be alright kids.”  They went to bed and went to sleep until the storm stopped.  The tornado was crazy, it kept going and going!  It barley stopped for 15 hours and then the snow came back.  Then they were finally happy.  They shouted to God, “ Thank you for stopping this storm.”

He loved watching me write and kept saying, “man that is a big word, wow!”  Dictating stories teaches kids so many things, I hope you enjoy this with your young children too!

RRSK Letter Aa Printables Here!


We used unit 7 from You Can Read.  Here’s a glimpse into some of the You Can Read work he did…

Tracing is so much more fun with a Dollar Tree pen…IMG_2924

Now that he is a big boy, he colored all 4 Color by # Sight Words in one sitting, and I laminated them to use for Word Play!IMG_2842

He also used them as templates as he put together his words.IMG_2848

He completed a word reading assessment and read 21 correctly, missing 11-which showed me the words he needed to work on.  One of the new activities Annie from The Moffat Girls has created: Sight Word Graphing, featured one of his trouble words: said, as well as the sight word for RRSK Letter Aa: away, so I had him work on it!IMG_3212

Funny Fonts with dot paintIMG_3194

Tracing his words using our dry erase activity centerIMG_3090

Finding words in sentences {one of his favorites}…IMG_3692

At the end of the week, we will be adding to his word caterpillar.  He re-reads the words up there to me…IMG_3698

…then heads to the floor with me to see if he can read any others that he has learned so far.  He cannot add them to the caterpillar until he can read them quickly on his own!  IMG_3705




This needs no explanation, right?IMG_2901

Probably the most fun word play ever. Get your nerf guns out and start shooting.

IMG_2902  IMG_2900

Check out more wonderful Word Play ideas here!

 *~*~ PIRATES!~*~*

My boy loves pirates.  I don’t really dig them, but oh well…it made for a fun theme!  See links to the resources we used here in the Pirate Theme Post.

Here he is clipping his pirate soundsIMG_2927

Using The Moffat Girls Pirate Counting by 10 printables in our wall pocket chart


He also did the counting by 10’s puzzle from the same pirate set…IMG_3085

The Kindergarten Printables were a HUGE success!  Probably his favorite part-which surprised me!  He loved learning more than/less than with the pirate images and alligator.  We joked that the alligator would only eat MORE.  We used our mini pocket chart and played the “game” many times and in various ways.  Sometimes leaving the alligator out, sometimes putting him in first and putting the amounts in the proper place.  Best part-he had no CLUE he was learning , he just had fun!IMG_3110

The number line activity was his very favorite and he asked to play with me in his free time! First, I taught him that it was a number line and we talked about why.  We practiced counting and then began hiding numbers under the pirate.  It turned into a fun close-your-eyes game and he greatly improved his “counting-on” skills while playing!IMG_3206

He also loved sorting coins with the pirates!IMG_3219


Playing the pirate graphing game from 2 Teaching MommiesIMG_2856

Reading MANY pirate books!IMG_2839

K with Krash Misc

Building with Guidecraft City Blocks is always a favorite…  IMG_2894

Magneatos continue to come out a lot, this was a special waterfall shower contraption…IMG_2876

Helping Ladybug with her work-he LOVES this!IMG_3010

He too loved the tong game, you can read about it here!

IMG_3069  IMG_3074

He adores our kitchen, you can see my full review about it here! IMG_3037

Krash lived up to his nickname getting his very first stitches this past week!  He got two on his forehead after tumbling from the high monkey bars while on the playground at church.  he was such a trooper!!!IMG_3124

A few items we used…

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Raising Rocks Stars KINDERGARTEN ~ Introduction and Details

Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten

I had no plans of expanding Raising Rock Stars Preschool {RRSP}, but really didn’t want Krash to be done with the program.  I prayed about expanding it for his Kindergarten needs, and came up with a few sample activities many months ago.  It sat on my computer and I didn’t feel led to dive into development until recently and now I am so excited to announce that Raising Rock Stars KINDERGARTEN is a reality!

RRRSK header copy

This post will share details about each activity included in the sets and how I recommend using them.  This post is also linked up on the main sheet of each printable unit so you can easily refer back to it!

The idea behind RRSK is not to be a complete Kindergarten program, it is to be able to pull in the Bible verses again with the option of adding in a few Kindergarten level activities.  We use a full Kindergarten program-Calvert and also use You Can Read, as well as many themes {using Preschool Packs and Kindergarten Printables}.

For Krash I wanted to bring back the Bible verses, and for other families I thought this would offer a nice way to group older and younger children together. You can easily use a combo of RRSP and RRSK with multiple children of different ages.  Your Kindergartener can even repeat activities s/he enjoyed from the RRSP units too. Some of you who are using RRSP currently may find that your preschooler would enjoy some of these additional activities also!

There is no set of rules on how to use these units-just do what works for your family and your child!Below I will share the printables and what I was thinking when they were created, but know that you could use many of them in a variety of ways!

We are going to do the units in ABC order {since learning to write the letters is not a factor as it is in RRSP, which is why they are presented out of order} just for simplicity, but you could do these in any order and even match the letter to what your preschooler is doing if you are trying to unit kiddos.

Each unit will have the same intro sheet with links to the main page and other helpful posts {this post being one of them}, including troubleshooting tips for PDF files..


The 2nd sheet will be specific to the letter, providing a direct link to RRSP printables that I recommend pulling in as supplements.



We are personally pulling in the following RRSP printables each week {this may change}…

Aa Bible verse  Aa application  Aa song  Aa easy reader


I am also in the process of creating a set of printables with the Bible verses set to familiar tunes.

RRSP Verse TunesThese are in the bundle as one file or available as a single download on the letter page for RRSP.  For example the printable for verse tune Aa is located here on the Letter Aa RRSP webpage.


The specific RRSK printables…

RRSK 150 x150


Trace the Verse…Have your child work on saying the verse while tracing it, use the dry erase activity center, or slip it in a sheet protector if you want to.  If you want a keepsake then have your child trace directly on the page!

Trace the Bible Verse


Cut and Glue the Verse…there are a few options of how you could use this based on your child.  Personally I will be precutting the words of the solid set on the right and having Krash glue the words on to the traceable set to start with.  We will work towards using the blanks page to glue onto as he develops more.  Cutting sometimes frustrates him now so I don’t plan to make him cut.  He also would not enjoy tracing the words again so I won’t make him do that, but I know some kids would so I included both!  DO what works for your child!

Slide4 Slide5 Slide6

What Beings With __?…this is a simple page provided as a way for you and your child to think of 4 words that start with that letter.  You can write the words, draw the words, cut them out of magazines…whatever your child would enjoy! It is also a good visual introduction to webs and graphic organizers which will be presented in later years of schooling.


Sight Word Practice…each RRSP unit has a sight word taken from the Bible verse itself.  This page is a simple way to emphasize the word.  You could use the top word for coloring, painting, or even glittering if you are brave!  The bottom word is for tracing as is the word in trace font within the verse.  You can leave this page whole or cut it apart to work with separately.


*remember each sight word from RRSP has a color by # printable here!

Vocabulary Development…I chose 2 words from the verse to work with.  One will always be the sight word and one will be a vocabulary word.  The idea is to help you child understand what a sentence is and also develop vocabulary.  Modeling neat handwriting and proper spacing is also a part of this activity as your child watches you write what s/he has said.Slide9

Sign Language… Each page will have a portion at the top that you could cut off and laminate to make a set of flashcards.  The bottom is a simple circle the correct sign activity for reinforcement.Slide10

Listening and Following Directions…One of the things young children can struggle with {Krash does a lot} is listening and following specific instructions.  This activity is to work on that.  Read the numbers with directions 1 at a time and try not to give your child any hints.  If s/he is confused, at this age it is most likely due to not listening to the directions! {of course unless there is a special need present}  This activity encourages listening skills and also reviews shapes and colors!Slide11

Math Fun…The math portion of RRSK will change each week.  I took 26 Kindergarten math skills and each week will emphasize a new one!  For your child it may be a review, or it may be an introduction.  If it is an unknown skill, your child can watch as you model the answers!Slide12

Phonics Fun…each week there will be an activity like this, using the images from the RRSP Vocabulary cards.


Story Dictating…Telling stories is such a fun part of Kindergarten and something I often forget to emphasize.  This is why I included this activity.  Have your child dictate a story to you about the image.  You model good writing as you write his/her words down.

Slide15 Slide16

RRSK units A-P are available for FREE here so you can get a good feel if this is something your family could use.  If it is, you can see purchase options for the bundle here!

Kindergarten Printables ~ Pirate Math

I had to open up a new area on my webpage for additional printable sets I am creating…Kindergarten Printables!  I wanted a place where I could host specific printables I am making for Krash and the skills he is working on this year.  Many of these skills are actually included in various Preschool Packs and will be in the future even more. 

Each pack will be different, and address different skills introduced at the Kindergarten level. I am making an intro page like this one to let you know which skills are included in the set…


You will see these in action soon on my blog, but for now here is a sneak peek at the first set of skills I focused on.  I made his first set based around his first theme of this new school year ~ PIRATES!

Using a number line…

Slide2  Slide3

Listening & following direction {while reviewing shapes and colors}…

Slide4  Slide5

Greater than and less than, using the alligator mouth as a visual aid.Slide6

Naming coins…Slide7


I hope many of you can use these new Free Kindergarten Printables and I hope to have more soon!  They are available to download for free!

Kindergarten with Krash ~ Camping Theme


We have spent the remainder of our summer learning through our fun camping theme, which Krash has loved!  He is way ahead with his official school, so I have backed off and set a lesson and start date…just doing fun stuff until we get to Sept 12.

We used the following resources all week long…

Camping Preschool Pack  image   

He made words using Jolanthe’s awesome Read! Build! Write! printables.  We have magnetic letters from this kit and he used those to build on our cookie sheet. I keep our tiles on our magnetic hanging chalk board.IMG_1085


The dry erase activity center was used the entire week!  Here he is finding the different object…IMG_1041

Circling the beginning sound…IMG_1094

Matching rhyming words…IMG_1098

They loved the graphing game from 2 Teaching Mommies!  They played a few different times!IMG_1100

He wasn’t a huge fan of getting his hands dirty with our campfire craft, but he did it!IMG_1030

He preferred the pretend play with the finished products!

IMG_1287   IMG_1298

Although we haven’t started school officially he has completed his online assessments.  We get free access to the Let’s Go Learn site which includes the DORA and DOMA tests.  Through our cyber school he takes these a few times a year and we get detailed reports back.  IMG_1047

He has played a lot with our new magnetic ring toyIMG_1273


Living up to his nickname Krash.  Poor guy, PacMan thought it would be fun to sling him off of the back of the Plasma Car!IMG_1158


He too enjoyed our camping trip, along with Ladybug.  He has different interests though.  He preferred anything involving movement or hands-on with an animal! Biking and scootering were his definite favorite activities! Thank you Strider Bike-he learned to ride a real bike at age 4 in less than 10 minutes!

IMG_1328  IMG_1363

He loved looking at and touching the fish too…

IMG_1782 IMG_1920

He obviously did NOT enjoy actually fishing.  Way too much quiet for him.IMG_2030

The frog was the highlight of his trip.  He played with this guy for quite awhile {poor froggy}.IMG_2250

IMG_2260 IMG_2254

Woops. {the frog was not harmed.  Scared-probably, but harmed-no.}IMG_2265


A few items we used…


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