Scripture Lullabies

Scripture Lullabies

We have LOVED Scripture Lullabies for awhile now.  I stumbled across the music years ago while online, I don’t even remember where I saw it first, but I downloaded it and have loved it since!  Volume II came out this past year and I am thrilled to have more of this beautiful, peaceful, relaxing and Biblical music!

Here’s a video of my absolute favorite song on Volume 1 {if you can’t see the video, click here}…

"Be Still and Know" from Scripture Lullabies from Scripture Lullabies on Vimeo.

Don’t let the name lullabies fool you, I listen to this music myself even more than my kids do!  It is honestly the most relaxing music I have on my iPod, and it is all scriptural! Ladybug loves to dance ballet to this soft music and we all listen to it during quiet times and when we need a bit more peace and GOD!

Here’s one of our Instagram moments, when Ladybug was dancing her heart out to this music…

Dancing to Scripture Lullabies


Directly from Scripture Lullabies ~

This powerfully peaceful music is helping children sleep soundly, free from nightmares, while also providing some much needed peace for mom and dad. It’s the perfect baby gift but as you listen, you’ll understand why so many adults are buying their own copy or several to give as gifts to friends and family members. 

One out of every 10 "Hidden In My Heart" CDs is donated to Pregnancy Resource centers around the country so by purchasing this CD, our customers are blessing more than just their own family!

Scripture Lullabies is a blog sponsor and provided me with a copy of Volume 2 to enjoy and also with a bundle containing Volume 1 and 2 for one of you! They have also given my readers a discount code, which you can use on their website.

Enter code: 1PLUS1 to save 15%!

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You can download a FREE song to try out too, just look for this on the top of their website


Giveaway is for both Volume 1 and 2, either actual CD or digital download.  CDs are only available for US residents, digital downloads are available worldwide. Giveaway ends 5/13/13. Use Rafflecopter to enter below, if you don’t see the widget, be sure you are viewing on the actual blog and not RSS or email!

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How About I Give Away an Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

Sure, I will! How about 2 bundles?


I know that many of you are in a situation that can’t even think about spending $29.97 on a bundle of eBooks right now.  I used to be in that position, and remember it well.  As valuable the resources would have been to me, and knowing what an incredible {and time sensitive} deal it was would have made me drool over the deal, but in the end I would have passed.

I have been perusing the resources this week and will be for a long while.  Just yesterday I signed up for the bonus deal from Fit2B and learned something new about myself, I have a diastasis!  What in the world is that? See more here! If you buy {or win} the bundle you too can have a free 2 month membership to the site and have access to workouts to help you heal! I already did the first workout to begin healing and was amazed with how different it is from what I had been doing.  Hoping this might be my answer!Earthpaste

I also took advantage of the bonus offer from Redmond Trading and am so excited!  I ordered the freebie package with the toothpaste {Earthpaste} and to get free shipping, I added in 2 extra tubes, which made my total out of pocket $16! I figured I would rather pay my money for extra stuff rather than shipping!

{disclaimer: some links below are affiliate links}

As for the amazing eBooks in the bundle, I already shared a few of my favorite educational resources, but I have a many others I love too.   I know Jessica from the Allume conferences I have attended and was excited to read her story, she is a great writer with a humorous style, which I love. 100 Pound Loser was a great read and I was inspired by her success!  I am excited to dig into Pursuit of Proverbs 31, for obvious reasons, it is next on my list.  Finally, I cloth diapered Ladybug and WISH I would have had Erin’s eBook, Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert, back then!  If you are thinking of cloth, or already using cloth, this eBook is a goldmine itself!

100 Pound Loser  HDi6W_LCFfpSH-Ixth2F5toFlZOKrKv0yzlpNlpgj3s  G7VJo6SPMoLfxQMs553JS83X4Oka5Du1NXUtmpm7WlA

That’s just a few of my other favorites, there are many more!

I would like to bless 2 of you with the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for FREE! 

Just enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below {if you are viewing via RSS or email, click over to the blog to see the widget} and I will let Rafflecopter choose the winners early Saturday {5/4/13} morning, so if you don’t win and still want to purchase, you will have time left on Saturday before the deal ends.

I will post winners here on the blog and will email them on Saturday morning. Winners will give me their email address and then I will purchase the bundles for you and send you the information!

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iTrax ~ Learning Resources Giveaway

{Disclosure: this product was given to me free of charge to review, I was not paid for this post, affiliate links are in this post}


My favorite part about the game iTrax from Learning Resources would be the phrase on the front of the box…”make-you-think game"!”

iTrax Game

This is a FUN game, and I love it because the rules are simple and the pieces can be used in different creative ways outside of the game. I love alternate uses!  You can see Krash thinking in this shot below…

Learning Resources iTrax

The object is to look at the card {3 levels of play, this is the easiest “Ace”} and find the track that connects 2 squares.  You can see this one shows the completed track. 

Learning Resources iTrax

The game is for 2-4 players and the first player to make the track correctly wins!  But then the others check to be sure the track was made precisely!

Learning Resources iTrax


Remember those alternative uses I mentioned above?  Here’s proof!  They have spent just as much time creating with the pieces as we have actually playing the game itself!

Learning Resources iTrax Game

Learning Resources iTrax Game

“Look Mommy!  I made an A!”

Learning Resources iTrax Game Learning Resources iTrax Game


I definitely recommend this game, it doesn’t take up a lot of game shelf space {a big plus for me}, has multi-use pieces, is simple once you read the rules, can be played quickly, and provokes deep thought!

You can purchase these on Amazon here, and also directly on the Learning Resources website.

Learning Resources has a fun contest going on, read more here:!

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Want to win iTrax for your family?

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What’s in the Bible? Volume 10!


We had the honor of reviewing the latest What’s in the Bible DVD, volume 10, Jesus is the Good News!  We currently use the DVDs in our homeschool, you can read more about that here.  We aren’t done with the Old Testament, but with Easter coming soon, I thought it was a great time to jump ahead and grab a little New Testament viewing time.

The kids have watched volume 10 a few times now and we have all learned a LOT.  Currently all 3 of my kiddos love these DVDs.  Look, even the dog watches with us!

What's in the Bible-1149

I was very impressed with the historical facts presented in this volume {as always}, I am amazed with what I learn and how the Bible comes together for me when I watch along with them.

We also took advantage of the free printable puzzle and used it as an object lesson about our family.  I cut up the puzzle and we all colored pieces without knowing what everyone else was coloring.  In the end we put it together and got a good laugh at our creation.  We talked about how all the members of our family are different, but we fit together beautifully in God’s plan!What's in the Bible-1252

Grab other Volume 10 coloring pages here…


They have a couple of discount codes available…

117  124

And I get to giveaway a copy of

Volume 1 and Volume 10

to one of my readers! 


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Learning Resources Family Counters


The new All About Me Family Counters from Learning Resources are adorable!

Learning Resources Family Counters

I was so excited to get these to review, and my excitement spread to my kids too, especially Ladybug and PacMan!

Learning Resources Family Counters

This set of 72 colorful counters features a variety of family members, including a kitty!  My kids wished there was a dog to complete our family too, but pretended one of the cats was a dog when they made us!

The bigger counters will hold the babies, look how cute…Learning Resources Family Counters

We have played with these numerous times, both to practice skills {patterning below-Pac was teaching Ladybug} and just for fun.  Ladybug played for about an hour straight with the counters one day, she loves them!

Learning Resources Family Counters

These are a perfect companion to reinforce and expose early math skills like colors, counting, patterning, and sorting.  I love that they are different colors and sizes, as the counting bears we have always used are all the same size.  Being able to add the size attribute is awesome!  If you are an early childhood teacher or have little ones at home, this would be a wonderful educational toy to add to your collection!

You can purchase these on Amazon here, and also directly on the Learning Resources website.

Learning Resources has a fun contest going on, read more here:!

{See all of our Learning Resources reviews here}


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Learning Resources Family Counters

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