Draw, Write, Now Giveaway & Printables

We love Draw, Write, Now and have for years!  I bought my set when we first began homeschooling and am now using that same set with Krash!  When Barker Creek  Publishing contacted me about  partnering together it was a natural fit!


Barker Creek is a small, woman-owned business located near Seattle, Washington. Our company was founded almost 20 years ago with the release of Draw-Write-Now Book One. Through the years, the Draw Write Now series has earned numerous education awards including Teachers Choice and has been a recipient of Practical Homeschooling Magazine’s Reader’s Choice award-winner in both the handwriting and art categories almost every year for the past two decades. Barker Creek has expanded through the years and we now offer over 400 products that help children master essential skills and help teachers and parents organize and decorate their learning environments.

Be sure to read to the bottom of the post, they are giving away a complete set of Draw, Write, Now books!  I also have free go-along printables to share too!

For those of you unfamiliar with Draw, Write, Now, I will give you a little tour.  There are 8 books in the series, which can be purchased separately as well as all together in a box set. The individual books and topics are:

  • Book 1 ~  On the Farm, Kids & Critters, Storybook Characters
  • Book 2  ~ Columbus, Autumn Harvest, Weather
  • Book 3 ~ North America, Native Americans, Pilgrims
  • Book 4 ~ Polar Regions, Arctic, Antarctic
  • Book 5 ~ The United States, From Sea to Sea, Moving Forward
  • Book 6 ~ Animal Habitats: Land, Ponds/Rivers, Ocean
  • Book 7 ~ Animals of the World, Part 1: Forest Animals
  • Book 8 ~ Animals, part 2: Grasslands & Desert Animals


    The target age range for these books is 1st or 2nd grade, BUT Pac used them as a Kindergartner, and STILL uses them as a 5th grader!  The handwriting work is obviously for those learning to write, but the drawing lessons are timeless, even I use them!

    The books focus on enhancing students’ drawing and handwriting skills, while providing fun facts about different topics.

    For a little walk down memory lane, here are a few drawings Pac did when he was about 5/6 years old!

    Draw Write Now

    Draw Write Now


    And now, Krash is using the same books!  He has just begun, so I am starting him with book 1 and we are going to go through them in order.  With Pac, we used them for topics and built the books into our schoolwork that way.

    Here Krash is working on his hen, adding color.  I created some printables to help him during this stage as all of the copywork will overwhelm him right now.  I made tracers for him to start with, and then we will gradually move to more independent copying as he progresses.

    Draw, Write, Now


    His finished product…Draw, Write, Now Book One Hen -1157

    Great news!  I got permission from Draw, Write, Now to share these files with you.  The text is copied exact from their books, which is why I needed permission. This file includes all printables for Book One.  I am not guaranteeing all 8 books, it depends on many factors in my life!  Here are the two options included for each drawing.

    Draw Write Now Book 1 Hen Draw Write Now Book 1 Hen 2 

    Download the printables here!

    Draw, Write, Now Book 1 Printables

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  • All About Learning Press #giveaway

    If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know we have been using products from All About Learning Press. Specifically, PacMan used All About Spelling when he was struggling a few years ago, and Krash will start with it this year. Krash is currently using All About Reading Level 1, and Ladybug is using All About Reading Level Pre-1.

    I am thrilled to host a giveaway for you, for a $50 gift certificate to All About Learning Press! I know many of you have been eyeing products from All About Learning Press, and I love that one of you will win this to help with your purchases for the upcoming school year!

    Not sure what you would want to purchase? Here are some links to some of my favorite resources on the All About Learning Press website {which is so helpful and informative}.

    You can enter to win using Rafflecopter below. If you don’t see the widget, be sure you are reading on the blog itself, and not in RSS/email.

    This giveaway is open to anyone, and ends on August 14, 2012.

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    $500 Cash Giveaway!

    500 cash giveaway

    This week I have partnered with a team of bloggers for a fun giveaway – CASH, a LOT of cash {in my opinion}!

    $500 in PayPal Cash! Don’t have a PayPal account? You can choose an Amazon or Target gift card instead!  If you are like me, you could definitely use $500, especially as back to {home} school approaches!

    Entries are simple. Yes, you have an opportunity to do lots of stuff to earn extra entries, which I don’t usually do, but since this is such a big giveaway and is sponsored by so many bloggers, there are more entry opportunities.

    • Mandatory entry – leave a comment on the blog post {below the Rafflecopter} and tell us how you would spend your winnings.   The winner will be randomly chose by Rafflecopter when all is said and done, and one of you will be very excited! Do not forget to indicate on the Rafflecopter that you left a comment.
    • Want extra entries? Like the sponsor’s Facebook pages and follow them on Twitter.
    • If you don’t have Facebook or Twitter, there are other options just for you.

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    Readeez Giveaway


    First things first…

    what is Readeez?

    I wondered the same thing when they contacted me!  So, let me share some basic points first so you know what I am sharing about!

    • Readeez are fun, entertaining videos that teach reading, math and more with superb original songs and a clever technique called SyllableSync.
    • Available as downloads (ideal for iPad/Computer/iPhone) or on DVD.  We personally use our iPad.
    • You can watch/download free samples, learn more, and purchase Readeez at their site.
    • They also make Bible Readeez, with a new DVD coming soon! 

    What Did We Think?

    Now that you have the general idea I can share my thoughts as a mom, homeschooler and teacher!  At first, I wasn’t so sure, did I really need more songs and videos for my iPad?  I downloaded the samples sent to me for review and soon I was hooked.  I had Ladybug join me and she too was giggling and asking me to play them again!


    After it was apparent how much we loved the samples, I emailed Michael from Readeez to let him know!  He sent me the rest of the videos to review and we are in love!

    Ladybug’s absolute favorite is Isabel’s Alphabet, which you can watch here…


    Her other favorite is probably The Duck Song, which is silly and funny…and very engaging for her!  She watches this one a lot!


    Personally I LOVE the Nursery Rhyme Collection, which also includes a PDF file of printables for all of the songs included!

    Nursery Rhyme Readeez


    Want to Watch More Readeez?

    Homeschooler Discount…

    Get 20% off with the code: HOMESCHOOL, on all purchases!

        Enter to Win!

      I am grateful that Michael is also giving away the Readeez Mega Bundle: 3 DVDs and a CD, plus 5 downloadable products (including videos, MP3s and Ebooks) valued at $59.99 to one of my readers!


      Use Rafflecopter to enter to in below, if you don’t see the widget, be sure you are reading on the blog and not via RSS/email!

      Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on July 2, 2012.

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      Learning Resources Letter Construction Activity Set Giveaway!

      Learning Resources

      We have a fun giveaway for you today, for the awesome Letter Construction Activity Set  from Learning Resources!

      Letter Construction Activity Set

      You have probably already seen this on my blog as it became a fast favorite as soon as the box was opened!  I had Ladybug in mind when I chose this product to review, but the boys have played with it non stop too!

      Letter Construction Kit

      The set comes with large cards which tell you the pieces you need to construct each letter and how to construct both the upper and lower case.  Ladybug and I had fun going through and making tons of letters together!

      Letter Construction Kit

      After we made them, we spread them out and I yelled out a letter for her to run to!

      Jump to the Letter

      Even though it’s called the “Letter Construction Set” it is definitely not limited to just letters!  We made shapes and jumped to those too!

      Jump to the Shape

      This set is a fabulous way to reinforce a letter of the week, if you do that like we do!  You may have seen us using these in our Letter N Tot School post!

      Letter N Letter Nn


      As for the boys, they weren’t really interested in making letters, but more in creating anything they could think of!  Here Krash was working on an umbrella…

      Letter Construction Activity Set  Letter Construction Activity Set

      We made people, and he is working on a “cup for Rita’s Water Ice".  He ended up making an entire Rita’s store, with multiple cups of water ice!

      Letter Construction Activity Set

      Even PacMan at age 10, has had TONS of fun with these.  They now have a home in our schoolroom toy storage area, with a brand new bin of their own!  This is where we keep the most played with learning toys. 

      Letter Construction Activity Set

      My thoughts…I LOVE these!  They came in a box all “stuck” together and were a bit difficult to pry apart, but with help of a flat head screwdriver to pry a few of the difficult ones, it was fine.  The only frustration has come when a few of the designs we have created haven’t stuck together and the part where they connect seems a bit loose.  They snap together with these little circles and most of them worked perfectly, but every now and then we had some that were loose and had to be careful lifting up our creations! Overall this is a fabulous product for many reasons and for many ages of children!  You can purchase these on Amazon here, and also directly on the Learning Resources website.


      Wanna win a set of your own?

      Letter Construction Activity Set

      Enter using Rafflecopter below, if you don’t see the widget, be sure you are reading on the actual blog and not in RSS or email.

      Giveaway is open for US only and ends June 25, 2012

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