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Flowers & Plants Lapbook

This is a lapbook we made years ago, I apologize if any of the links to other sources are no longer active.  Much of it was created from printables found online at the time!

Label the Flower Printable

Garden Preschool Pack {from Homeschool Creations}

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Tot School Printables: L is for Leaf

IMG_7533{Vocabulary Development Theme: NATURE}

Letter Crafts from Totally Tots

V is for Vegetables, d is for daisy

V is for Vegetables d for daisy craft

Mini Flower Quiches {from Totally Tots}

mini flower quiches

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Home Art Studio ~ Lesson 3


We are reviewing a fabulous home art curriculum, Home Art Studio! We are using the third grade level, so Pac and Krash can participate together.  I am blogging through our art projects to help keep me {the non-art lover} accountable!

This week’s project was a Vegetable Watercolor Painting, when I saw the word paint I panicked a bit. The oil pastels were also involved, as well as a pencil-I could handle those.

Since we had recently begun a garden, this was a perfect project.  We began by researching vegetables that grow underground and looking up photos of them online.  We drew simple sketches of what we saw so we wouldn’t forget what they looked like!  Krash chose to just work on a carrot, Pac chose 3 vegetables.

We watched the DVD before beginning, and then referred to the printed lesson plan while working.  From start to finish this was a pretty stressful project for me.  I don’t handle art well and this one was tricky for me for some reason ~ maybe having multiple materials going at once {paint, pastels, pencil}. The project itself was fabulous, it is just me with this whole paint = stress problem..  The boys drew their vegetables, then went over them with oil pastels, then added the watercolor.


Here are some action shots of their work in progress…IMG_7354



Their completed projects, I love them!   IMG_7565

Project number 4 has no paint! I am very relieved and excited!  Stay tuned!

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