Dot Fun Letter Mazes

Dot Fun Letter Mazes A-Z Free

I am so excited about these new dot fun letter mazes, I only wish I had created them when my daughter was still learning the alphabet!

Simply follow the letter throughout the maze!  There are many different hands-on ways to do this to change it up each time!  See our Dot Fun Ideas here!

Ideas for Using Dot Fun Printables


You can download these free Dot Fun Letter Mazes here on our All ABCs webpage, just look for this graphic and click!

ABC Dot Fun Mazes

Love Dot Fun printables?  See many more here in our Dot Fun ABC collection!

10 Free Dot Fun Alphabet Printable Sets

10 Awesome Alphabet Dot Fun Printable Sets ~ All FREE!

10 Free Dot Fun Alphabet Printable Sets

Do you have little ones who are learning the alphabet?  Dot Fun printables {Do-A-Dot, BINGO Daubers, etc.} are a great way to have fun with letters and many kids love them!  We have all sorts of ideas for using Dot Fun printables here!

Ideas for Using Dot Fun Printables


Below you’ll find awesome alphabet dot fun printables from 1+1+1=1 and other bloggers! if you grab a free printable from another blogger I have linked to, be sure to leave a comment to say thanks {or Pin the post from their blog – that’s a great way to thank a blogger}!

My daughter used this set during her preschool year.  The dots are on the letters, with a cute animal beside of the letter. The PDF contains a color or BW outline version.

Home Preschool Letter B -8256[9] Home Preschool Letter Ii -3603[9]

Download on our All ABCs webpage, look for this graphic…



Here’s another set we really like, from Homeschool Creations! This is a great set with the dots on the image instead of the letter.  These are sized 2 per page.

Home Preschool Letter Ee -1175[4]

Download this free set of Do-A-Dot Alphabet Printables here!



We have a free {for subscribers} set of Animal Dot fun printables here, featuring real photographs.



Here are two sets that feature a letter hunt, we used this one during Ladybug’s preschool year

Home-Preschool-Letter-Ff-1591  Home-Preschool-Letter-Ee-12184_thumb

Thanks to 3 Dinosaurs and Over the Big Moon for these great sets!

abcletterfind-blog1 LetterIdentButton-442x575


Looking for just letters?  This is an awesome set from Confessions of a Homeschooler!


Here’s a different set featuring just an upper case letter.



Here’s a cute set from The Measured Mom, there’s an upper case and a lower case set!

Free-dot-sticker-pages-A-Z-the-measured-mom-590x914 dot-pages-in-lowercase-590x738


Want an upper and lower case letter with a picture too?  Here’s a great set from DLTK, which comes in color or BW.

Alphabet BINGO Dauber Printables from DLTK


Stay Tuned, #10 is coming next week! 

Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss our new Alphabet Dot Fun Letter Mazes! Here’s a peek, the link to the file will be added here once it is shared on my blog.

ABC Dot Fun Tot Letter Mazes

Looking for more ABC ideas, check out our ABC Pinterest board here!

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Skylanders Giants 1st Grade Printables

My son loves Skylanders, last year I made him a set of Skylanders Kindergarten printables and we had a special Skylanders theme week!

Skylanders K Printables



This year we added in the Skylanders Giants thanks to Christmas time, and he was struggling with a few specific 1st grade skills so I made some simple printables for him to use. Specific skills addressed: tally marks, digraphs {sh, ch, th, tch, wh}, _ight words, syllables, addition}.  I chose the skills addressed based on his current needs, I hope some of you who have Skylanders fans might be able to use them also!

There is a Roll and Record set, which also include a simple 1-5 recording sheet since Ladybug got jealous.

Skylanders Roll and Record

He LOVED these and within one day his tally mark skills were amazing!  His struggles with tally marks inspired me to create these!

Skylanders Printables-6548

Skylanders Printables-6552


The Dot Fun set is less appealing to Krash, he enjoys the game aspect of the set above!

Skylanders Dot Fun


Here’s a couple of videos of us working on the Roll and Record. I have been asked to make more in-action video clips, so I am going to try to do that more often!



We use the Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center with the Roll and Record, and use Dot Paint with the Dot Fun set!

Dry Erase Center   dot paint 


~> Download the Skylanders Giants Printables here! <~

The Mitten Printables

The Mitten Printables

Last year I created some printables based on the book, The Mitten.  You can download the files created last year by clicking the links below, which will take you to the webpage where the pdf file is hosted.

The Mitten Clip & Learn {beginning sounds}

The Mitten Read & Write the Room Cards

The Mitten Story Props


This year we are using the book for a week of preschool work for Ladybug and I am using Jolanthe’s The Mitten Printable Packs, my own printables {above} and a few new ones I made for her!

One of the activities Ladybug loves the most is Roll & Graph, so I made her a set to go along with the book. I included a graph for 5 or 10, and the printable die. She also really enjoys Dot Fun pages, so I made a mini set for her! Both are included in this new set…

~> Download The Mitten Printables here <~

The Mitten Printables


More Mitten Fun…

The Mitten Q-Tip Painting Printables  The Mitten Letter Mazes Preschool Work Trays

Ideas for Using ~ Dot Fun Printables

I get questions frequently about certain printables I offer, from moms wanting to know what they are intended to be used for.  In honor of these questions, I am doing a series of blog posts, based on the printables I get the most questions about! If there is a printable included in a Preschool Pack, Tot Pack, or others,  that you have wondered about, let me know in the comments and I will add it to my list of future posts!

First up, dot fun printables!

Ideas for Using Dot Fun Printables

I am certainly not the only one to offer these, they have been around for years.  I offer dot fun printables in a few locations on my site.

Animal ABC {this is mostly what you see in the post since we are currently using these.  These are a part of the Animal ABC Bundle, or can be purchase by themselves at Teacher’s Notebook here.Animal ABC Dot Fun


Facebook Fan Freebie ~ this is an additional set of dot fun animals {not a complete a-z set, just extra animals for the letters that had them}Animal ABC Dot Fun Extra Animals


Tot/Preschool Packs that have dot fun: Dora, Little Einsteins, Baby Animals, Octonauts, {there may be more, those are the ones I could remember!}

You can also find TONS of dot fun activities on Making Learning Fun {look under letter M they call them magnet pages}, Homeschool Creations, and more. Here’s a great post from Simply Montessori with a great collection of dot printables she has found online! People call them different things, but they are all the pages with the blank dots on them!

Here are a few of my ideas of how to use these printable in a variety of ways! If you have more ideas, leave them in the comments!

The most obvious is usually dot paint!  This is fun, and a one use item.  Once it’s painted on, it’s usually done.Dot Paint Fun

Another one use item is small stickers.  Stickers work on many fine motor skills and are really good for tots to explore.  When my tots are young, I line the stickers up as shown on the left, to allow as much independence as possible.

Stickers for Tots Stickers on Dots


Markers are another way to use dot fun pages.  My daughter likes to color in the circles, which is great fine motor work also.  If  you’ve ever seen the Kumon Let’s Color workbook, you’ll notice the similarities.

Toddler Coloring

If you are brave, get out the glitter for your tot and let him/her shake it on the glue you put on the letters!Glitter Fun


Glitter Fun


Finger Paint is another fun use.  It takes great concentration, as you can see!  She really loved this!Finger Paint

Want to use your dot fun multiple times?  Slip it into a sheet protector or a dry erase center, then get out your play dough! Roll balls with your tot, then find a small object for your tot to smoosh into the balls for extra fine motor work!Play Dough Dot Fun


Play Dough Dot Fun

Grab a cookie sheet and use small home made magnets to put on the dots.  You can buy magnets, or you can make your own.  We have pom pom magnets and gem magnets.  I made both with a glue gun, mini magnets, and that’s it!

Magnet Dot Fun

Homeschool Tot School Letter R -8531

Helpful Dot Fun Items…

Remember ~ when using small objects with young children, they need constant supervision.  Many of the items suggested are choking hazards and should never be in the hands of a young child who isn’t properly supervised.

See more “Ideas for Using” posts ~