The Homeschool Omnibus is BACK!

Omnibus 2015 Favorites

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I am so excited to share the 2015 Homeschool Omnibus Digital Bundle with with you and pray that this deal blesses MANY of you! I was asked to include my new You Can Read Word Families Bundle in this all new Omnibus Bundle!

The ENTIRE bundle of 77 eBooks + 47 MP3s, valued at over $750 is only $25.00 from August 3-9, 2015!

I want to highlight a few that I think would be most beneficial to YOU, my readers, so you can pray about whether this deal is the right fit for you. These are the ones that stood out to me and I think many of you would love.  This is JUST a small sampling, there are MANY more resources!

Omnibus 2015 Favorites Homeschool

Did you catch the math there?  Just those 8 resources are valued at over $95! There’s over 100 more, all for only $25.00!


Wait, There’s MORE!

As you may know, I like to give an additional freebie for those of you who purchase through my affiliate link. WHY?  Because I am blessed with an affiliate earning from your click, and I want to give you something to say thanks for buying through me {and in turn blessing us with the affiliate earnings from your purchase}. In order to do this, my link must be the LAST link you click prior to purchasing. This will ensure your order is credited to me.

As a special added bonus to my readers who purchase the Omnibus through my link, you will get lifetime access to our Members Only PowerPoint section, a $20 value!

Members Only PowerPoint ~ Unique Learning Shows for Kids Omnibus Gift

The Members Only PP section has been around for years but has recently gotten an extreme makeover and update!  We have added an entire new section featuring poems, and have more shows in the works!

Members Only PowerPoint Shows from 1 1 1=1

Just email me your bundle purchase receipt and say {or copy/paste} something like this…

“I bought the Omnibus bundle through your link, here is my receipt.  Can you please send me access to Members Only PowerPoint?”

I will email you ASAP!

Just my 2 products alone are worth more than the value of the entire bundle!

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What else is in the Omnibus this year?

See everything here in the all new catalog!  This is an awesome way to not only see covers and info but to take a peek inside of the products. 

Omnibus 2015 Catalog

Confused about how this whole bundle idea works?  Here’s a page I created to share some behind the scenes information!

How the UHB Works

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Here’s some important dates and deadlines so you can see them all in one place!

Timeline 2015 Omnibus by iHomeschool Network (600x585)

Take a Look ~ July 2015

Homeschool Blog Sponsors July 2015

We are so thankful for our blog sponsors and want to share them with you each month!  Read below to see what reviews and giveaways we have coming soon!


Have you visited Educents yet?  If not, be sure to visit now!  They have incredible deals for homeschoolers.  We will be hosting a giveaway and review next month, highlighting one of their incredible offers.



We love Home Art Studio! Right now, if you purchase 2 DVDs they will throw in a FREE Holiday Arts and Crafts DVD!

Here’s our most recent art project with Home Art Studio!



Spielgaben is a long time blog sponsor and we are still enjoying our Spielgaben set!  Our monthly posts share what we have been up to with our set!



Have you tried Lessontrek yet? You can sign up for a 3 month trial, or take a peek at our newsletter here for an even better offer. This newsletter was sent out to our newsletter subscribers a few weeks ago.  Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss offers like this!

OPO3-feb23-alt (1)


We are thrilled to welcome Barker Creek as a new blog sponsor and have a fun review and giveaway coming for you next month. Barker Creek publishes the Sticker USA book we are using for our USA geography this year.  They also carry tons of fun school, office and homeschool supplies!


Want to be on this list?  Email us for more info about becoming a sponsor on 1+1+1=1!

A Few Great Deals!

I have a few awesome deals to share with you! 

Special Deals

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Little Passports ~ Save 15% on any subscription plan

{ends June 16, 2015, use code: SUMMER15}


What’s in the Bible ~ save 40% on The New Testament DVD set

{ends 6/19/15, use code: SUMMER}


We Choose Virtues ~ get 15% off using code VIRTUE15

20% off of the Deluxe Homeschool Kit with code HAPPY20


In honor of the upcoming Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle, there is a limited Time FREE download!  If you are wanting to learn some photography skills, start with this free download and stay tuned for news of the bundle. 


Grapevine Bible Studies ~ all eBooks are 20% off for the month of June

{expires June 30, 2015, no code necessary}

Grapevine Studies


There is a special offer coming only to our subscribers very soon!  Be sure you are subscribed to our newsletter {and that you open the emails from us, you won’t want to miss one we have coming within the next 2 weeks}, and our blog post emails {there will be a couple of limited time offers and great discounts coming ONLY to blog post subscribers}. These offers will not always be announced on the blog, so be sure you are checking your emails from us!

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Homeschoolers ~ FREE for the Summer, Yes FREE!

I am so excited to share these special FREE offers with you and with ME!  Yes, I am thrilled about some of these and will be using these discounts right alongside of many of you! When given the opportunity to peek at these deals in advance to prepare to share with you, I quickly noticed a couple that really intrigued me.

First, I had never heard of myON Literacy Program and after looking around I am so excited!  I have a little bookworm and this looks amazing for her!!

eMedia Music Academy is another one we will definitely be spending time looking at during this free summer trial.  Our oldest plays guitar and is interested in music, so this just might be a great fit!

Browse below and see what might be something awesome for your kids to try this summer, for FREE!

Disclosure ~ iHomeschool Network is compensating me to share this free, no strings attached offer with you.

FREE for the Summer HBC1



Check out MORE GroupBuys at the Co-op! It’s FREE to join and membership is private!

Picture Smart Bible ~ DEAL!!

This sale is now OVER.

I haven’t shared much about the Build Your Bundle sale that ends soon, mostly because I didn’t contribute anything to it this year.  Also, I just haven’t had time to really look at it to see what was included.  While at Teach Them Diligently  this past weekend, I was talking with my friend Jolanthe about the bundle sale.  She mentioned what an incredible deal the bundles with Picture Smart Bible were and I was shocked.  We love Picture Smart Bible and I couldn’t believe it was included.

Sale info has been removed since the sale is over. 

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