Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers

Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers

This year I planned crafts for my girl since she loves crafts! She is very picky, however, so I chose carefully.  I used my Christmas Pinterest board and let her choose what looked fun to her.  I know better than to just pick what I think she will like.  I had tons of reindeer crafts pinned since she LOVES reindeer, but to my surprise, she had zero interest in any reindeer crafts!

Many of these ideas came from other blogs and the original idea is linked in the title of the craft, so be sure to visit the blog I got the idea from to see more inspiration for the craft!

~ Paper Christmas Tree ~

I had old scrapbook paper and cut up a huge pile for my kids to create trees with!  I helped Ladybug one by one as we measured together and trimmed the edges.

Christmas Homeschool -1570

She chose to used stickers for her ornaments.

Christmas Homeschool -1586

I am so glad we did this, it turned out so cute and she had a blast making it!

Christmas Homeschool -1593


~ Bead Wreath ~

My girl loves beads so I thought this would be a great day.  I was wrong.  It took her awhile to get into this craft, but once she did, she loved it.

Christmas Homeschool -1658

Christmas Homeschool -1661


~ Name in Lights ~

This is an old idea from back in my Kindergarten teaching days!  Would you believe she even used leftover lights from my Christmas box that I used when I taught K over 10 years ago. They are just colored light pieces, and black rectangle pieces stapled with a loop at the top for stringing.  All shapes were cut free hand out of construction paper.

Christmas Homeschool -1696

She chose to use only pink, purple and red ~ her favorite colors. She wrote the letters of her name and then I helped her string them on in the correct order.

Christmas Homeschool -1701

She insisted it was a necklace and had me tie it up so she could put it on!

Christmas Homeschool -1707


~ Bead Candy Canes ~

We have made versions of these before, this year we added Perler Beads to the options, she loved that!

Christmas Homeschool -1742


She chose the colors, which is why we have a glittery purple pipe cleaner. 

Christmas Homeschool -1752

We trimmed the final candy canes down to the size she wanted, and hung them on our tree!

Christmas Homeschool -1796  Christmas Homeschool -1807


See more of the crafts I let her choose from pinned to my Christmas Theme Board!

Christmas Theme Pinterest Board

Mouse Paint Preschool Fun

Mouse Paint Preschool Fun

{disclaimer ~ affiliate links are used in this post}

We used the book Mouse Paint for our special Letter M theme and Ladybug loved it!  Here’s her special Mouse Paint shelf…

Mouse Paint -7987

She went straight for the counting game in the mini pocket chart, which we played several times after this also!

Mouse Paint -8004


We read the book MANY times, and enjoyed using special props as we told the story.  I put a tiny cat and mouse in a basket on the shelf and she played with these so much!

Mouse Paint -8000

We used our rainbow blocks to be the “paint”

Mouse Paint -8078

We also pulled down the printable colored mice to use…

Mouse Paint -8081


We worked on our Mouse Paint Pocket Chart Printables, but she wasn’t nearly as impressed as I was.

Mouse Paint -8092


We colored the Mouse Paint Colors book together…

Mouse Paint -7984

Mouse Paint -8094


The highlight was making egg carton mice!

Mouse Paint -8012

Our purple mix was a big fat failure, so I cheated and got the purple paint from the cabinet.

Mouse Paint -8021

Mouse Paint -8059

Mouse Paint -8068


She didn’t want to use Qtips on the color word printables I made for her, so we used glue and glitter!

Mouse Paint -8276

Mouse Paint -8284

Mouse Paint -8288


She loved using stickers on the dot fun sheet

Mouse Paint -8469

Mouse Paint -8473

We also used stickers for the graphing activity!

Mouse Paint -8489

Mouse Paint -8493


We used these sheets as a final review of color mixing!  I got the first one here,

Mouse Paint -8477

The printable below is from Homeschool Share

Mouse Paint -8480


Some of her finished Mouse Paint work…

mouse paint -8720


See our free Mouse Paint printables below…

Mouse Paint Q Tip Painting Color Words    Mouse Paint Pocket Chart Printables


See our Letter M preschool here {we added this theme in along with the work done in that post}

Home Preschool Letter M 

More theme printable packs…


See more home preschool fun over at Preschool Corner!

Ideas for Using ~ ABC Letter Crafts

Ideas for Using ABC Letter Crafts

There are many creative art opportunities for you to explore with the Animal ABC letter crafts.  The templates are blank and simple in nature for this reason, so you can use your own ideas based on what YOUR child enjoys.  Here are some ideas for you to get your creative juices flowing!

Even if you don’t use Animal ABCs, you can still use the letter templates provided and make fun letter crafts with them!

Marble Painting

Put the whole letter page in a shallow cardboard box and drop a large or small marble in and squirt some paint in.  Let your child choose colors as s/he names them.  This activity not only produces a beautiful piece of artwork in the end, but also gives your child the chance to work through many skills.  Balancing the marble and getting it to go where desired is a big challenge for most young kids!

Marble Painting

{blog post featuring marble painted letter}

Cloud Painting

{or snow painting}

Mix white glue and white shaving cream together in about equal parts to make a fluffy cloud like paint.  Add a few drops of tempera paint for color.

Cloud Painting Cloud Painting

(blog post featuring cloud painted letter E, & cloud painted letter D}

Tempera Paint

Simple, yes, but oh so fun for a tot.  Be sure to allow color mixing at this stage, it’s so much fun for tots to explore freely with paint.  My girl is usually a one color girl, by her own choice!


Your choice of brushes, or painting materials, can change up this whole activity.  Here’s a few things to try…

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Paint Brushes (set of 4)    Young Artist Texture Painting Set    Alex Toys Beginner Brushes (3)    image

{blog post featuring  painted letter C}

Water Color Paint

Also simple, but challenging for tots as they think through the way to get the paint on their brushes!  None of my tots have enjoyed water colors, but I always expose them at an early age!

Water Color Paint

{blog post featuring water color painted letter A}


My tots love markers {washable of course}.  Simply coloring the letter with markers can be a fun choice, and is one Ladybug chooses often!


{blog post featuring letter F}

Dot Paint

Dot paint is fun and most kids love it!  Allow your child to dot paint the full sheet and then you can cut the letter out after it dries!

Tot School Letter Q  Dot Paint

{blog post featuring dot painted letter Q}


If you have letter stickers you can use those.  If you have stickers of the featured animal…cool!  Or just a fun variety of stickers to reinforce the letter shape while working on fine motor skills.Stickers

{blog post featuring stickers on letter L}

Finger Paint

You can see her stickers on the letter, which we did prior to the finger paint.   I let her fingerpaint on the whole page first and then cut out the letter after it dries.Finger Paint

{blog post featuring finger painted letter L}

Sponge Painting

A bit of tempera paint and a small sponge just adds another element of creativity to painting.  Again, I leave the page whole and let her paint away, then cut after it dries.

Sponge Paint

{blog post featuring sponge painted letter N}

Letter Stamps

We have the Melissa & Doug ABC Stamp set and this large ink pad.

ABC Stamps

{blog post featuring stamped letter M}


You can have your tot paint the letter first, or just use glitter.  I outlined the letter in white glue and then gave her shakable glitter to make the letter stand out.  I hate glitter, but she loves it so I bust it out every so often!Glitter

{blog post featuring glittered letter K}

Tissue Paper Collage

Use colored tissue paper {or construction paper if you don’;t have tissue} and help your tot tear it into small pieces.  Provide a small cup with watered down glue {a few drops of water in with white glue} and a Qtip.  Show your tot how to add glue to the paper and then stick tissue paper on top.  They can also lay the tissue paper and apply the glue right over the top! Tot School Letter X Collage

After the tissue collection is dry, cut out the letter and apply the animals!Homeschool-3951

{blog post featuring tissue paper collage letter}

I made a simple pdf file of these ideas that you can print out and keep with your supplies, for those days when you are feeling less-than-creative! You can download the printable file here!

ABC Art Ideas ABC Art Ideas

See more “Ideas for Using” posts ~

Ideas for Using Dot Fun Printables Ideas for Using Roll and Graph

Magnetic Gems

We have magnetic pom poms and we use them all of the time!  IMG_5697

I am not sure why it never occurred to me to make other objects magnetic for the same reason!  As soon as the idea hit me, I grabbed our glue gun, some gems, and some magnetic circles.



Within minutes I had magnetic gems!IMG_6726


I made her 5 of each color we had, I hope to find other colors when I head back to Walmart, Michaels, or Dollar Tree—or another similar store that carries the little gems!IMG_6730


Yet another simple way to work on fine motor skills, and a new open ended toy for learning fun.  She has lined them up on our cookie sheet countless times already!IMG_6750

Aside from open ended playing, I hope to use these with our dot fun sheets, and other dot sheets found around the web.  We have also made letters and words with them. You’ll be seeing our new gem magnets in our Tot School posts for sure!

What else have you turned into mini magnets besides pom poms and gems?  I made Ladybug a marble magnet and she didn’t like it and told me not to make any more!

Hands On Rainbows…Toys, Crafts, Books

I had so much fun choosing toys, crafts, books, and manipulatives for Ladybug’s Rainbow theme, I thought I would share some of our  hands-on ideas all in one place! 

Hands On Rainbows

Crafts & Art

Marble Painted Rainbows ~ We used the blank rainbow printable in my Tot Pack, I trimmed it to fit the only box we had suitable for marble painting.  I got out rainbow colors and marbles.  We squirt a bit of paint right into the box and then drop the marble in.  I added different colors as we went along!

IMG_3095 IMG_3115

Make a Rainbow Chain ~ So simple, yet so fun for tots-both during the process and after!  Ladybug and I sat together and taped her chain {we only made one rainbow, but you could keep it going!}.  After we finished she loved playing with it!

IMG_3179 IMG_3184

Fluffy Cloud Rainbows ~ The ever popular rainbow craft, cotton balls, white construction paper and rainbow strips!IMG_3132

Open Ended Art Rainbow ~ there is a blank printable in my Rainbow Tot Pack you can use, or just draw your own! I gave her rainbow colors and a porcupine ring painter and let her paint her rainbow however she chose!IMG_2781

Rainbow Colored Play Dough Fun ~ Use the printable from the Rainbow Tot Pack shown below, or just have fun with rainbow colors!

IMG_3170 IMG_3173


Parachute ~ Our exact parachute is this one from Oriental Trading, I saw this one on Amazon too.  We have a 6 ft version, which is nice for home use.  IMG_2819


Rainbow Balancer ~ This is an awesome toy and she plays with it all the time!IMG_2150


Rainbow Blocks ~ We play with this set all the time, but they were just perfect for rainbow week!image

There are SO many more possibilities with toys, the list could go on and on!  Those were just a few of my favorites!

Other Ideas

Make Your Own Rainbow ~ A piece of styrofoam and some pipe cleaners and you have your own home made rainbow! I set it up for her and she spent loads of time looking at it and touching it. We also took it apart and reassembled it together!  Older kids could put the entire thing together as a craft!IMG_2766

Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~ Print the song lyrics and laminate, make props out of the printables by laminating them, cutting them out, and taping to colored popsicle sticks.  Use the props while singing!


You can use the foam/pipe cleaner rainbow shown above too!IMG_3205

Make a Game ~ Use a store bought color die, or make your own, grab a collection of matching pom poms.  Have your child roll the die and then move the correct color pom pom into another container {we used a paint tray}.


Water Beads ~ I ordered this set, which is very inexpensive for 5 colors!  The kids absolutely love watching them grow and then playing in them.

IMG_2976  IMG_2982


Be sure to visit my Rainbow Pinterest Board for even more ideas!


See our Rainbow Tot School Post also for more ideas!