Mouse Paint Preschool Fun

Mouse Paint Preschool Fun

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We used the book Mouse Paint for our special Letter M theme and Ladybug loved it!  Here’s her special Mouse Paint shelf…

Mouse Paint -7987

She went straight for the counting game in the mini pocket chart, which we played several times after this also!

Mouse Paint -8004


We read the book MANY times, and enjoyed using special props as we told the story.  I put a tiny cat and mouse in a basket on the shelf and she played with these so much!

Mouse Paint -8000

We used our rainbow blocks to be the “paint”

Mouse Paint -8078

We also pulled down the printable colored mice to use…

Mouse Paint -8081


We worked on our Mouse Paint Pocket Chart Printables, but she wasn’t nearly as impressed as I was.

Mouse Paint -8092


We colored the Mouse Paint Colors book together…

Mouse Paint -7984

Mouse Paint -8094


The highlight was making egg carton mice!

Mouse Paint -8012

Our purple mix was a big fat failure, so I cheated and got the purple paint from the cabinet.

Mouse Paint -8021

Mouse Paint -8059

Mouse Paint -8068


She didn’t want to use Qtips on the color word printables I made for her, so we used glue and glitter!

Mouse Paint -8276

Mouse Paint -8284

Mouse Paint -8288


She loved using stickers on the dot fun sheet

Mouse Paint -8469

Mouse Paint -8473

We also used stickers for the graphing activity!

Mouse Paint -8489

Mouse Paint -8493


We used these sheets as a final review of color mixing!  I got the first one here,

Mouse Paint -8477

The printable below is from Homeschool Share

Mouse Paint -8480


Some of her finished Mouse Paint work…

mouse paint -8720


See our free Mouse Paint printables below…

Mouse Paint Q Tip Painting Color Words    Mouse Paint Pocket Chart Printables


See our Letter M preschool here {we added this theme in along with the work done in that post}

Home Preschool Letter M 

More theme printable packs…


See more home preschool fun over at Preschool Corner!

Mouse Paint Printables

Mouse Paint Q Tip Painting Color Words

{disclaimer ~ affiliate links used below}

Mouse Paint is a great way to work on color word and although my daughter is a bit young for this, it’s not too early to expose!  I made these to be Q tip painting sheets, but she is an out of the box thinker and asked for glitter.  Together we put tiny glue dots on the bubbles and then glittered them!

Mouse Paint -8284

Mouse Paint -8276


~>~> Download the Mouse Paint Q-Tip Painting Color Words here! <~<~

Q Tip Alphabet Painting   Q Tip Painting Number Printables

Mouse Paint Pocket Chart Printables

I also made a simple pocket chart activity based on the book, you can download it for free on my Pocket Chart Printables webpage {just click on the graphic on that page}.

Mouse Paint Pocket Chart Printables


We are having our Mouse Paint week right now, I will share more in an upcoming post!

See our free theme printable packs


I Spy Color Hunt Photo Collage

I Spy Color Hunt

One of the best things we did as my tots were learning colors was have a Color Hunt!  I did this with Krash when he was a tot and wrote about it in our Tot School posts on the blog. 

Over a period of time, we worked through all of the colors, spending time together on certain mornings running around the house gathering everything we could find {of reasonable size} in that color.  We would lay it all out together and make it photo-worthy and I snapped a picture.  After all of the photos were taken, I turned these into an I Spy book for the boys and they loved it!

I Spy Color Hunt-2315

After we finished years ago, I never shared the tutorial for how we did this, yet I still get asked.  So finally, here is the how-to post!  I used Photoshop to create mine, but know that most of you don’t have access to it, and if you do you certainly know how to do this on your own!

Recently I found the online gem PicMonkey, so I am using this for my tutorial since it is free and online!  You all can use it!  I walked through the process, taking screenshots along the way, I hope this helps!  Most of these shots speak for themselves telling you what to do in each step…

Upload the photo you want, using “edit a photo”…Pic Monkey Tutorial 1


Pic Monkey Tutorial 6


Pic Monkey Tutorial 7


Pic Monkey Tutorial 5


Pick a font you like and that is easy for kids to read, and add the list of your items to the bottom,  As you place your words, keep in mind that most printing places will crop off a small portion of the edge, so always leave a buffer around the edge so no words get cut off!Pic Monkey Tutorial 8


Add in your “I Spy” and the color word, in the fonts you like, placing them where you like best on the image!Pic Monkey Tutorial 9


Pic Monkey Tutorial 10


Be sure to save at a high quality if you plan to print!Pic Monkey Tutorial 11


There you go! You now made a page for your I Spy Colors Book!  Pink Collage


Keep going until you have all of the colors you want and then you’ll have your very own custom made I Spy Color Book! We printed ours on 4×6 matte paper and had them spiral bound. 

I Spy Color Hunt-2305

You could slip yours into a little 4×6 album to make it easier.  Make a neat cover for your book in PicMonkey too, have fun being creative!

You could do this for numbers, shapes, or letters too!  We just might be doing an alphabet one soon!

Color By Number A to Z

I finally completed the entire Color By Number A-Z set!  I added all of the individual coloring sheets for each letter to the webpage, all can be downloaded for FREE as individual files, here on my wesbite. The color words are written in the colors so they can easily be used for preschoolers.  To use for Kindergartners, who are reading color words, just print in gray scale!

For those of you who like the convenience of a bundle download and like supporting our family, I created a bundle option, which includes an extra-2 sets of letter flashcards-one in color and one in BW.  You can buy the bundled set for $1.25 in my new Teacher’s Notebook shop!


I set up a Teacher’s Notebook Shop for a few bundled sets I am putting together.  Many of you have asked for this, so I am putting those items there. My program bundles {You Can Read, RRSP, Animal ABCs, and Members Only PowerPoint} will remain for sale on my own website.  You can see more about the items I sell on my blog here.

Remember, you can download the Color by Number A-Z files for free here, OR you can purchase the bundle here

Krash enjoyed using many of these coloring sheets while he was working through Raising Rock Stars Preschool.


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Brown Bear, Brown Bear Printables ~ Updated!

Brown Bear Brown bear Printables

I am so excited to share a brand new updated Brown Bear Printable Pack with you!  All clipart has been updated thanks to the adorable set I purchased from KPM Doodles.  I also added in some real animal photographs to the set.

All original files have been updated with the new clipart.

I also added several new printables to the set…

  • 3 Part Cards ~ both book characters and real photographs
  • 1-10 Puzzle
  • Read & Write the Room Cards
  • Color By Word
  • Graphing
  • Tracing

image  image

  image   image   image

image  image

Brown Bear Printables

You can download the updated FREE Brown Bear Printables here!

More Bear Fun here on my Pinterest Board!