Christmas Alphabet Printables

Christmas Alphabet Printables

I am so excited about these new Christmas Alphabet Printables! We will be using them during December, mostly for Ladybug.

I made the printable set full size {one letter per page} in case you wanted a big set, but you can easily scale down to whatever size you’d like. See a tutorial here if you aren’t sure how to do that!

I printed a mini version for us, using cardstock.  I set ours to print vertically 3×3.

Christmas A to Z-1339


I laminated them and then cut them out.  I decided I would make a display for the wall using red ribbons and twine.

Christmas A to Z-1349


I cut small pieces of red ribbon, made loops and simply taped them on the back.

Christmas A to Z-1358


We will be hanging them up one at a time, but I put them all up so I could measure my string.

Christmas A to Z-1362


I left the right side looped loosely so we could easily add a card each day.

Christmas A to Z-1371

You could make a memory game, wall posters, ornaments, and so much more with these! I hope many of you enjoy them! 


Download the Christmas ABC Printables Here!

Christmas A to Z-1375

I also made a digital eBook, which you can download here {scroll down until you se the graphic and then click on the title to download the PDF file}!  I didn’t figure you’d like it very much if I made the printables with a red background, but I did for the eBook since it won’t suck ink!  Enjoy!

Christmas A to Z


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Just Color! ~ Christmas Nativity

The idea behind Just Color! is simple ~ theme packs all focused around coloring. There are mostly coloring pages, and a few coloring activities. The coloring pages are all in one download to make it easier to download and print all at once, in case you have coloring monsters like I do!

I just added a new Christmas Nativity Coloring set!

Just Color Nativity

Remember, if you want to make a mini coloring book, you can always scale down PDF files! If you have any problems downloading or printing these or other PDF files, see troubleshooting tips here.

We also have 2 other Christmas Coloring sets…

Just Color 12 Days of Christmas s  Just Color Christmas

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A Stress-free Advent Experience

Organize Advent Activities in Advance

{disclaimer: affiliate links are used in this post}

Advent is a special time for many families and the choices of how to celebrate and make this time meaningful are bursting up all over the internet as December 1st approaches. I shared our free Jesse Tree collection a couple of weeks ago, which is a great option for those of you looking for meaningful but simple.

We have used Truth in the Tinsel for the past two years and loved it. If you are looking for something new and haven’t done Truth in the Tinsel yet with your little ones, I highly recommend it! I even have a discount code for you {off of the eBook only, which is $7.99 regularly priced}. Use code: ONEPLUS to get 20% off!

Truth in the Tinsel


Knowing my drop-out tendencies from years past, I knew I needed to prepare in advance and have a simple system.  This is the set up we used for the past two years, which has worked beautifully!  I even saved the bags and laminated numbers so it’s even easier now to set up!


I got 24 brown paper bags, and put the supplies for each day {the small specific ones from Truth in the Tinsel} in each bag. Last year we used both Truth in the Tinsel and our Jesse Tree, so both were in each bag!  I used the printable numbers from this site, and laminated them so I could use them again next year.  I hung the bags up with thumb tacks on my bulletin board strips that we normally display the kids’ school work on.   It was a great way to remind me each day, and also to keep the kids excited!

Looking for simple but not into the Jesse Tree plan I shared?  You might like using just the printable ornaments for Truth in the Tinsel, they can be colored instead of putting together a craft each day!  Last year we did this and pulled out our crafts from the previous year each day.



I saw an awesome idea shared recently, from Educating Laytons here.  Stef used Lego pieces to create Lego pieces to go along with Truth in the Tinsel!  If you have Lego fans, go check out her awesome ideas!

I have Truth in the Tinsel board where I pin helpful posts I find, as well as posts from our blog featuring us in action!


Here’s Amanda’s Truth in the Tinsel Pinterest board to see even more ideas!  There’s also a Facebook page!

As December 1 gets closer and closer, I remember my motto for all of our Christmas fun activities ~ Mommy’s ATTITUDE matters way more than the ACTIVITIES.  This one simple phrase has really helped me stay focused on what really matters. In years past I would get totally stressed out and barely enjoy the moments I had worked so hard to prepare for my children. These past couple of years have been more peaceful and fun and for that I am thankful!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas 2013

I get asked a lot about gift ideas, and a few years ago I began writing extensive gift idea posts. Many people have expressed their appreciation for these posts and I am truly glad they are helpful!  We personally own everything I recommend, and I will never recommend something we don’t love.

Instead of updating my lists, I am sharing the links from last year.  I went through them and noticed there weren’t any major additions, so it didn’t seem like a good use of time to redo them this year. Any changes have been done to the posts themselves, rather than writing brand new posts this year!

Here are the links to our Christmas Gift Idea Posts, along with Pin It buttons for each one in case you want to just pin it for later!  The pin it buttons will pin the individual post, not this post.  If you want to pin this post, use the pin it button above!


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Also see my On the List series, featuring my top ten recommendations for kids!  See all of the posts here, or here pinned to my Gift Ideas Pinterest board!

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Christmas Nativity Q-Tip Painting

Christmas Nativity Q-Tip Painting

I am sure you can tell I am on a bit of a Q-Tip painting kick {Thanksgiving, Noah’s Ark, Tinkerbell, Despicable Me, Lalaloopsy, Sofia the FirstMouse Paint, ABC, 123}.  Although my Ladybug is totally done with the actual Q-Tips she still enjoys these and we find creative ways to use the tiny dots! 

This Christmas set has a Nativity theme and includes a set focusing on the beginning sound, and also a set with the entire word in tiny dots.  I also included a black and white set in this pack!

~>~>~> Download Christmas Q-Tip painting here! <~<~<~

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