Christmas Crafts

My son LOVES to do crafts and Christmastime is always a wonderful excuse! I like crafts, but am not very talented in this area so the craft kits are a big hit at our house. Here are the 3 big ones he made this year so far (which will all be given as gifts to family members).

The Nativity (my favorite!) I found a link for this one at Michaels.
The other 2 we got at JoAnn, I couldn’t find them online, but I’m sure they have something similar in the stores now!

The Train…and the Gingerbread House…

Christmas ~ Little Laplinks

I know I have already posted about my Christmas Symbols lapbook, but I was a bit ahead of the game! For December, Little Laplinks, hosted by Little Blots of Faith, is collecting info for Christmas lapbooks! Instead of info, I have a whole lapbook to share! I wanted to re post so I could connect it to Little Laplinks. So, here is my link to all of my info, which was mainly gathered from this site, and put together into a lapbook, with pdf file hosted here.

In the Works ~ Christmas Symbols Lapbook

We are making a Christmas Symbols lapbook and I have found some great resources I would like to share. I ordered the Christmas Symbols lapbook from Hands of Child and have used this as inspiration. Although they have wonderful ideas, I am pretty particular about graphics and fonts (my husband says I am crazy) so I redid all of their ideas and added a few of my own. I used this website for most of my additional information. And you can find almost everything in the Hands of a Child lapbook there too. I decided to create pdfs of my Publisher documents so I could share online with anyone who wants to use it! I did use 2 of the actual items from the lapbook I paid for so obviously those aren’t in the documents. This is nothing fancy :) but it’s gonna work for us!

I made up a sample since I had to choose from MANY options of symbols to include, and make sure what I chose, fit! Here is a photo, so you can see what it looks like. Most are just little fold in half “minibooks” where you write the symbolism on the inside. The colors one is a flap book, with each color flipping open. The Tree is actually a stapled minibook with several pages to write the symbolism of all the things found on a tree (and also of the tree). On the back I am putting the Jesus is better than Santa poem.

Link to PDF files
I am also doing this lapbook with my 11-12 year old girls’ Sunday school class, they are excited!