12 Days of Christmas ~ Christmas Book Printables

We have a few favorite Christmas books, I shared 10 of them here. Reading is one of our favorite things, especially at Christmas time when these wonderful books come out of hiding for their special month on display!  I chose a few of our favorite books and made some story prop printables to use in retelling and while reading.  My kids, all 3 of them, love when we use story props.

Here are the 3 books I chose, you can click on them to see more about each on Amazon  Under each book are the story props included in each set, you’ll need to download the pdf files here on the website.  I used real photos when possible, especially of animals!


Bear Stays Up Bookimage


One Baby Jesus Bookimage


My Merry Christmas Bookimage

You can use any printables from other printable packs as story props too, just print out the 3 part card pages and trim around the images.  Most of Homeschool Creation’s packs have a specific book to go along!

Download the Story Props for these 3 Christmas books here!


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12 Days of Christmas ~ The Birth of Jesus Study

We have used Grapevine Studies for years. We completed Old Testament Overview and are now working through New Testament Overview.


We were recently given the chance to review the Birth of Jesus study and will be working through it as a family soon!  It is a shorter study, that is just perfect to do at this special time of the year!  Here’s more info about the 2 different levels {we were given both to review}, we will most likely be using the beginner level this year since only Pac could handle the multi-level.

imageMulti Level {ages 7 and up} Birth of Jesus..

Children and teens will travel back to the first century for a fresh look at the events surrounding the birth of Jesus! The timeline of the Nativity will come alive through the Bible study of the characters and events surrounding the birth of Jesus. On this journey students will map the travels of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus.

imageBeginner {ages 5-7} Birth of Jesus…

Preschool and kindergarten Bible students will saddle up their donkeys and take an unforgettable journey back in time to discover the amazing events that surrounded the Nativity.


Use the discount code  Advent11 and your will receive 20% off on any item not already on sale from now until December 31! 

We are also excited to be able to share a giveaway with you, one of you will  WIN a set of teacher and student Birth of Jesus print books or ebooks.  Your choice!!  Head on over here to enter to win!

imageI am participating in a 12 Days of Christmas blogging series along with 7 other bloggers, see more 12 Days of Christmas posts using the links below…

12 Days of Christmas ~ Truth in the Tinsel

So, we are loving Truth in the Tinsel, as are thousands of others from what I can see on the Facebook page! image

I wanted to give a peek at what we have done so far in case it inspires anyone to go ahead and get started ~ it is NOT too late!!  It really has been SO easy, the only time consuming part for me was developing the plan and gathering and preparing the materials.  Now that that is done, I just pull out the bag, notebook, Bible, and we get to work!IMG_7546

I printed the Truth in the Tinsel eBook and put it in a binder, which you can see above laying under our Bible.  This has worked well, allowing me to glance at the lesson before beginning and gathering whatever supplies I didn’t put into the individual bags {scissors, glue, etc.}.  Here’s a reminder of our bags {more details here in my first post}…


We began earlier than December 1st, for a few reasons. 1-I was ready, 2-we will be traveling this year for Christmas, and 3-I know we won’t be able to do a craft every day.  I really want to finish all 24, so I figured a 3 day head start was in order.

Of my 3 kids, Pac and Ladybug LOVE this-they are my crafty kids and look forward to seeing what is in the bag.  Krash is our current grump of the house so he isn’t all that into it, but he hangs around {mostly because I make him}.

Working on Day 1, we brought in a candle as I read the lesson part in darkness, they all loved that.

IMG_7536  IMG_7538

Day 2, the crown.  We are only making 1 craft per day so we divide the work up between the 3 kids.  So far this is working just fine.  I knew I could not handle 3 crafts per day x 24.  I just know my limits.


Later that evening, Ladybug asked me to make another crown.  She was begging me to do another bag, so we made anther crown instead of opening a new bag without the boys {they were at church with Daddy}.IMG_7585

We have garland hung around the railings that divide our dining room and our schoolroom.  We are displaying our chain and ornaments there.  Here’s a peek at a few…


IMG_7672   IMG_7675

Do you have a post about your first day{s} with Truth in the Tinsel?  Leave a comment with a link to your post below so I and others can peek!

imageI am participating in a 12 Days of Christmas blogging series along with 7 other bloggers, see more 12 Days of Christmas posts using the links below…

The Busy Hands Play Dough Box

Busy Hands Play Dough Box

I haven’t always made my own play dough, but this past year I have.  Thanks to a wonderful play dough recipe {I got permission from the original author to share the recipe with my readers, find a printable too!}  that even a non-cook like me can handle and remember, I have made several batches and my children are oh-so-thankful.


Of course, I had to pull out some Christmas-y play dough.  But why stop with just play dough?  My organizational freak of a brain got going and came up with a little solution to our play dough playing dilemma.

Dilemma # 1 ~ dragging out the play dough tools and remembering to clean it all up and put it all back.

Dilemma #2 ~ remembering to add in my themed dough cutters when we switch themes/holidays.

Dilemma #3 ~ “Mommy, I can’t get the baggie open, {top off of the play doh}.”


Solution…The Busy Hands Box!



I had this awesome box, and put it to work.  I made a space for our tools and also spaces for our current play dough {a home made batch usually lasts us about a month}.  The box lid shuts tight and seals so the play dough stays fresh, but each individual color doesn’t have to be in a separate {and difficult for a 2 year old to open} container/baggie.


You can surprise your kids for Christmas, give one as a gift, or just make your own life a bit better by organizing your own play dough supplies in a fun new way.  If you haven’t busted out some Christmas-y play dough, here’s some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.



  • Green ~ add green glitter & peppermint extract
  • Red ~ add red glitter and cinnamon or peppermint extract
  • White ~ add silver glitter and vanilla extract or French vanilla coffee cream powder gives it a nice sugar-cookie scent.
  • White ~ add red and green glitter…peppermint extract too!
  • Yellow ~ add almond extract and gold glitter

The scent is always a very big deal for my kids and this set was a big hit.  Notice Ladybug’s joy in her smelling…

IMG_7509  IMG_7503

As a special surprise, I added a new set of tools to the box for my kids, I got them this neat Melissa and Doug set and I am happy with it.


Additionally, in our box…



In case you like my box label, I made it in pdf form so you can use it too.  There are also 2 play dough alphabet pages, I laminated mine to keep with the box.  IMG_7492

Download the Busy Hands Box printables here!

Find our Play Dough Recipe here!

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12 Days of Christmas Printables

12 Days of Christmas Printables

In honor of my participation in the 12 Days of Christmas with these other wonderful bloggers {listed below}, I figured it was a good time to make a few 12 Days of Christmas printables!


Each set is different and has many possibilities, I will share a few of my ideas below! You will also see these in action in the coming weeks on my blog.


Cut this set in half to make simple number tracing worksheets.  You could also cut off the tops only and make a nice set of flashcards and laminate them.  Slip the sheets in sheet protectors and add them to a Calendar Notebook or Tot Time Notebook.  So many possibilities!

12 Days of Christmas Numbers


There are 2 sheets in this set, one with traceable numbers and one with blank rectangles.  Your child can work on numbers, coloring, or both.  Keep the sheet whole or even cut it apart.  Slip a sheet into the Crayola Dry Erase Center and use Expo thin or click markers so the sheets can be used again and again!12 Days of Christmas Coloring


I plan to laminate the set below and use them in a pocket chart for matching sentences and matching ordinals.  You can also use these for magnets {put magnet stickers on the back of laminated cut outs} on a cookie sheet while reading the book or singing the song to sequence.

12 Days of Christmas Matching12 Days of Christmas Ordinal Numbers


You can download all of the 12 Days of Christmas Printables here on my Christmas Fun webpage, be sure to scroll to the bottom, that’s where they are.  Each set will download when you click on the image.