Personal Word Wall Printables

Personal Word Wall Printables

In the past I have used a few different kinds of word walls.  Most recently I used a large portable word wall with Krash when he did You Can Read.  For Ladybug, I wanted simple and small and opted for a personal word wall in a file folder. I created some simple printables, trimmed the edges, glued them in and DONE!

As we go through You Can Read, we will add words to her word wall once she can read them independently. You can see in the photo below the words she knows in the letter A section.  I am writing in pencil in case we make any mistakes.

Personal Word Wall -9616

I added a handwriting chart to the back side of the word wall, for easy reference in case needed.  I had some extra space so it seemed like a logical addition.

Personal Word Wall -9641 Personal Word Wall -9633

Personal Word Wall -9636

~>  Download your free personal word wall printables here!  <~

See our portable word wall here if you want something larger and more hands on!

Portable Word Wall

You Can Read Sight Words ~ Unit 2

You Can Read Sight Words Unit 2

We slowed down with You Can Read while we enjoyed a total school break and some vacation time!  We spread this unit out over a few weeks, only working on days she asked me to.  She learned these 4 words so quickly! Along with adding these new words, we also reviewed the previous 4 words.  She is really doing well, it seems I hit the sweet spot of her being ready to read, I am glad I waited!

Here’s a post sharing You Can Read Sight Words Unit Two with Krash when he did it!  See all of Krash’s Kindergarten posts here.


Unit Organization

You can see how we store ALL of our You Can Read stuff here.  For current units I use thisYou-Can-Read--7714_thumb1 metal file container {Target} and hanging folders.  The pink ones are You Can Read units, the yellow are her Kindergarten Literature Unit Study Printables {which we are not using during the summer but will pick back up again in August}.  I have a daily lesson plan for both in a sheet protector in the front.  The You Can Read printable lesson plan is here.

I have been asked a lot how we do things so I am trying to outline it for you as much as possible, there’s even a couple of video clips!  I am not sure if I will blog all the way through You Can Read like this, but if it is helpful, I might, let me know! Below you will see exactly what we did on each day and how I spread it out.


Day One

Here’s a before shot showing what we did together on the first day with unit two.  We focused a LOT on the sight word caterpillar and instead of hanging him on a wall we are using our pocket chart so we can take the circles down and use them during the lessons.

You Can Read -8299


After I taught her her the words, she built them…

You Can Read -8303


We read the book, Me Too! together and then she read it alone. This one is from the Sight Word Readers.

You Can Read -8308


Word shapes in the dry erase center!

You Can Read -8314


Day Two

Here is the before shot for day 2.

You Can Read -8315


She chose stamping words first!

You Can Read -8326


Next up, word puzzles!

You Can Read -8327

You Can Read -8330


Then a very creative color by number sight word!  And she was gladly using her pom pom pencil grip correction, we are still working on getting the grip better even with the pom pom helper.

You Can Read -8340


Finally, tracing to connect words, I was shocked, she read them all without hesitating!  Learned this set way faster than the first set of words.

You Can Read -8341


Day Three

Our third day of lessons with these words…

You Can Read Unit 2 -8696


She chose her easy reader first…

You Can Read Unit 2 -8700


Dot Painting her funny font words…

You Can Read Unit 2 -8709


We played BINGO, with mini Spielgaben pieces.

You Can Read Unit 2 -8713



Day Four

Day 4 with these words, by this day she knew them solidly with no hesitation, so it was a fun review.

You Can Read Unit 2 -9326

She chose play dough words first…

You Can Read Unit 2 -9330

Happily posing with her finished words {she wanted to move them onto my desk off of the pages}

You Can Read Unit 2 -9332

Working on the word search, using the display words to help find the words.

You Can Read Unit 2 -9336

We had an AWESOME time playing throw and read with our Education Cubes inserts!

You Can Read Unit 2 -9340 You Can Read Unit 2 -9342You Can Read Unit 2 -9347

Here’s a video clip of us playing…


Day Five


I set up a few activities for her and she chose what to do first.

You Can Read Unit 2 -9360


I set up two word play areas, one here with our magnetic letter construction kit, which she was totally UNimpressed by and didn’t even touch, except to redesign my words into a family.

You Can Read Unit 2 -9357  You Can Read Unit 2 -9388


She loved this one, I made the words using our caterpillar word circles and some of our Spielgaben pieces.  She didn’t want to recreate the words, but loved reading them to me.

You Can Read Unit 2 -9355


Finding and circling words in sentences…

You Can Read Unit 2 -9378


Tracing her words…

You Can Read Unit 2 -9381


Color by word…

You Can Read Unit 2 -9383


Finally, she played two mini games on Bitsboard.  If you misses our Unit 1 post, I described Bitsboard and how we are using it with You Can Read {and how to find the word lists I created}.

You Can Read Unit 2 -9384  You Can Read Unit 2 -9385


She learned these words so quickly, I didn’t even do all of the activities with her.  It was time to move on! I will adjust each week based on how quickly she masters the words.  With You Can Read I don’t move on without mastery, or very close to it.  If she doesn’t know them we just keep playing with them until she does, that’s why I provide TONS of activities to choose from to take the units as far as you might need to!

Here’s most of her completed work from the time we spent with these words…You Can Read Unit 2 -9447


Download the FREE printables for You Can Read Unit 2 here

Purchase the You Can Read Bundle here {get access to the bonus items}

See our You Can Read YouTube playlist here

See our post featuring Unit 1 here!


All Together Subjects Homeschool Curriculum Choices

All Together Subjects Homeschool Curriculum Choices

I am really excited to be able to teach many subjects to my kids all together this year!  Since we used Calvert prior to this year {see why we switched here}, it wasn’t easy to do this and I always wanted to.  Ladybug will be in Kindergarten, Krash in 3rd grade and PacMan in 7th grade.  Below are the homeschool curriculum choices I have made for us all to enjoy together.


Group Subjects

    The visual version…

YWAM Heroes of History U.S. History Curriculum[12] Draw your way through the Bible  Continent Boxes_thumb[9] What's in the Bible DVDs and Coloring Book[13] Geography and Cultures[10] Young Composers[13]


I do plan to complete Mystery of History 1 in one year, but the US History will be spread out over 2-3 years or more.  The other subjects have no stressful time line in my mind, I want to dive in and enjoy our learning together. What’s in the Bible DVDs are making a comeback, we use these as our lunch time learning.  Here’s an old post showing how we do it.  This year we have the brand new coloring book which I am thrilled about.  They sent us these to review, one for each of my kids and they will go along perfectly with the DVDs since all 3 of my kids love to color!

Stay tuned, I will be sharing what I have chosen for each of my children in addition to what you see in this post.

A Color of His Own Kindergarten Literature Unit Printables

A Color of His Own Kindergarten Literature Unit Printables

Our next Kindergarten Literature Unit Study Printable Pack is ready!  I continue to develop behind the scenes and am excited to share our next unit with you.

A few have asked if I am going in the order the books are listed here on the blog, and the answer is NO.  I am going in random order and that list is not set in stone.  On the website here, at the bottom, I will share the next 2 books I am working on so you’ll have a bit of notice in case you need it.

A Color of His Own is a favorite book of Ladybug’s.  This is a popular book I am sure many of you are familiar with. Ladybug really likes chameleons and other reptiles, which is why I think she really enjoys this story.  I expanded on many aspects of the story for the printables, hope you enjoy them!

In this printable unit you will find a sample lesson plan.  I provide a lesson plan idea, but even I probably won’t follow this, it is just an idea.  Make this work for you and your child!

A Color of His Own Lesson Plan

For each unit, I am selecting Kindergarten math goals from our list. For this unit I chose counting 1-30 {with some tracing}, working with a number line, positional words, and shape identification.

Chameleon Counting Chameleon Number Line Chameleon Shapes Chameleon Positional Words Book

Lots of literacy activities; Letter C sound, sequencing the story, comprehension questions, writing, and word work.

Letter C  Write a SentenceStory Sequencing Slide12Comprehension Matching Words

For our Science focus, children will sort chameleons, and also sort plants/animals.

Sorting Chameleons Sorting ChameleonsSorting Plants and Animals

The character connection is focused on friendship.

Friendship Friendship

Bible verses are available in a few different formats, choose the one you like best.

Psalm 139:14 Tracing Psalm 139:14 TracingPsalm 139:14 Tracing Psalm 139:14 Tracing

Coloring pages for fun!

Chameleon Coloring Chameleon Coloring

I share more ideas here on our Pinterest board for this unit.  We are using many of the ideas I have pinned!

Chameleon Pinterest Board


See books and toys to go along with this unit.

Toys and Books to go along with A Color of His Own Kindergarten Unit


~~>Download your FREE printables here!<~~

We will be sharing our unit study in action soon!  We will also be sharing more free literature based printables soon too!  See other units here!


Playful Learning with Spielgaben Plans

If you are new to our monthly Playful Learning with Spielgaben posts, you can see our introduction here. We were given the Spielgaben set to review and are honored to have them as a blog sponsor.  I will be sharing once a month a detailed post featuring Spielgaben.  You can also see my Learning with Ladybug posts to see what my daughter is doing with this learning set!

Spielgaben in Homeschool Kindergarten

We are not actually using our Spielgaben set for formal lessons right now, and honestly I haven’t been using my camera much so although the kids are using our set for free play, I don’t have anything to show for it!

Since I don’t have a plethora of photos of the set in action,  this month I wanted to share my plans for incorporating Spielgaben into our Kindergarten. We will begin lessons again soon, and I have put together a loose plan for how our Spielgaben lessons will fit in.

Last year for preschool, we worked with Play Guide 1 and will continue on with it right where we left off. The really cool thing is that the section we are up to, begins the “Advanced” work recommended for ages 5 and up. 

Spielgaben Advanced Package ages 5  and up


Our first lessons will begin with set 7, which features tablet shapes. She already loves these for free play, so I know these lessons will be a hit.  Here’s a peek from the introduction lesson.

Spielgaben Exploring Shapes

I looked through the lessons and plan to do all 8 of them.  They are the perfect step up from the lessons prior to this! I also love that with this transition we are now into the colored sets.  We worked with only the wooden brown sets last year for our formal lessons, I know she will be excited to learn with the colored sets too!

My plan for the Kindergarten year is similar to last year.  We will do 1-3 formal lessons per week, and tons of free play. We will also use the pieces for other things too, like we do now.  You can see many uses here in our Spielgaben, Is it Worth it? post.

We DO use the worksheets from the packs. Below are just 2 I have chosen to use to go along with set 7. One of the awesome ways Spielgaben has responded to parent/teacher concerns and requests is by now offering the full color version of the worksheets with NO background color {to save on ink}.  This is such a great change, everyone loves to save money on ink!  One way you could save even more ink is by slipping the set into sheet protectors and using a dry erase or Vis A Vis marker, so you can reuse the same worksheets with multiple children! 

 spielgaben 7 1 white   Spielgaben 7 white


She knows when it is Spielgaben lesson time, and loves it. I love it because it is so Spielgaben Tessellationdifferent than anything else we do.  It is more abstract, more playful, and more fun.  It teaches things I sometimes don’t even realize! Honestly, it would be easy for the Kindergarten teacher in me to put this type of learning aside and opt for the way I taught school {when I was a classroom teacher}, but I know how valuable this type of playful learning is and how much she loves it. I may not be able to check off a box that says “developed combination skills and an artistic sensibility through tessellation play”  on a normal Kindergarten checklist, but man is it cool that we get to learn and play this way!

I know many of you purchased Spielgaben recently,  I am curious to know what YOUR plans are for using your set. Please share in the comments, and also any questions you have about our plans.  I will be blogging once a month, so you’ll continue to be able to see exactly what we are doing with our Spielgaben learning set!

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