In the Works ~ Fruits of the Spirit (Love, Joy, Peace)

We are REALLY enjoying our Fruits of the Spirit lessons, I am so thankful for what I found on the internet! Here is a photo of the items we are using each day…On the top row, cards from our memory game, the middle are Bible verse cards and the bottom are song book pages. All will eventually be in his lapbook! (I got them all off of Danielle’s Place)

In the Works ~ Fall Lapbook

I got my schoolroom all cleaned up today and got planned way ahead for the main subjects and dove into our themed lapbook planning tonight. I have a stack of printables for a fall lapook we will begin on Monday. Here’s some of the great things I found online…

The links below are all from Enchanted Learning
Fall Words: left and right we’re going to cut it up into a mini-book
Fall Spelling Word Questions I scaled it down to make it smaller for the lapbook
Count the Leaves works on bigger numbers and beginning addition
My Leaf Color Book we are learning to spell color words, this book is perfect!

Here’s the other things I found from various places on the Internet…
Why Leaves Change Color in the Fall This is an online story teaching about this, we will do it together next week.
Fall Is a mini book
My Matching Leaf Cards a free sample from Hands of a Child
Autumn Maze
Autumn Crossword

We’re excited to get started, I’ll post pics when we’re done!

In the works ~ Fruits of the Spirit

We are in the beginning stages of our Fruits of the Spirit unit, collecting items daily for our lapbook we will put together at the end. Here is what we are doing so far…

We are using a song on th CD Crazy Praize II, Fruit of the Spirit (I think other versions of this song are available on other cd’s, but I’m not sure). My son has learned the fruits from this song!

Each day we are learning about a fruit, so far we have done love and joy. Danielle’s Place has GREAT lessons, guiding through each fruit.

Each day P is also watching a funny little movie online, from the website, ToyBox Tales. He loves these so far, he is giggling constantly!

For the future lapbook, I am making him a mini-song book, and Bible Verse cards (1 verse focusing on each fruit each day). We are also playing the memory card game from Danielle’s Place every day. (That’s my dad playing with him, he’s visiting for the week!)We will also do many other things from her site! I am especially excited for Kool-Aid painting!

If anyone has any good Fruits of the Spirit sites or ideas, leave me a comment!

Pumpkins ~ Lapbook

Our first Little Laplinks post! I visit Little Blots of Faith often and this has inspired me to get busy sharing some of our stuff. I used to teach Kindergarten and I LOVED swapping ideas with other teachers. I have been getting great ideas online for over a year now since we began homeschooling, now it’s my turn to give back! I have back dated all of our past Lapbooks made so far and plan to keep on adding, so check back! I hope this site can be helpful for someone looking for ideas for Lapbooks! My son is in Kindergarten, a little over half way through his K curriculum, although the activities I use can easily be altered for PreK-1st grade.

Here is our Pumpkin Lapbook…

Left Flap…
Top Left: Pumpkin Patterns
Middle Left: Shine For Jesus
Bottom Left: 5 Pumpkins mini book {no longer available online}
In the Middle…
Upper Left: Pumpkins Mini book (Enchanted Learning)
Upper Right: Pumpkin Life Cycle (Enchanted Learning)
Middle: Pumpkin Song (template from Hands of a Child Templates)
Bottom Left: Pumpkin Dot to Dot, ABC order
Bottom Right: From Pumpkin to Jack o’Lantern mini book (Enchanted Learning)
Right Flap…
Top Right: Making Words using “Pumpkin Patch” {no longer available online}
Bottom Right: Pumpkin Sight Words
Pumpkin Story (stationary from this book) Here’s a few other resources we didn’t use ourselves, because I found them after our lapbook was complete, maybe next year!

Hands on the Pumpkin
Happy Jack O’lanterns

Pumpkin Puzzles (counting)

_an Word Family

We completed our 2nd word family mini-lapbook today, for the _an family. I got the poem (top right) from this site.
The book, Jan and Dan, is from here.
And, here is the book I got the word family stationary from for the pan sheet.
The book Dan is from his Calvert curriculum set.