You Can Read Lesson Plans

You Can Read Lesson Plans

I have been using special lesson plans just for our You Can Read work and finally got the file ready to share!  The first page is the general plan we are using, so you can see how I am spreading ours out.  The empty spaces are for Word Play ideas I fill in each week.Slide1

I also included a blank page for you to write your own plans in if you’d like to plan out your week this way!


Many units are taking Krash 2 weeks, so we don’t always finish my plan and will just repeat the activities the following week if we are using the same words.  The 2nd week is filled with much more word play also.

The lesson plan files are in the ad-free/bonus section of You Can Read, or you can download a copy right here!

You Can Read Sight Word Printables

Kindergarten with Krash ~ You Can Read…unit 3 and Birds!


Homeschool Kindergarten Week 2




His first Calvert lessons have him reviewing basic skills he is solid in, so we aren’t spending much time there right now.  We are spending a majority of our time focusing on our You Can Read printables, which is challenging him at a perfect level.  We are doing many other additional activities also and having a blast!  Here’s a bit of the literacy fun we have had recently…


We worked with unit 3 from You Can Read, for about 2 weeks, which seems to be what our plan for now will be.  I want him to have plenty of time to explore the words fully before adding more.  You Can Read is it my s

Here colored his sight word color by # words…IMG_2375

Word puzzles, which he really does not like so I will give him a break from these for awhile!IMG_2185

Play Dough Words, he really likes these now that I made our own play dough!IMG_2356


Funny fonts…IMG_2364


Finding words he knows in the sentencesIMG_2479

I created the first add-on to the You Can Read program {base printables are free once they are released on the blog, add-ons will only be in the ad-free section}.  He enjoyed these more than I thought he would  The first day they frustrated him, but once he really grasped what the boxes were for, he liked the challenge.  I laminated mine and cut them into strips and plan to put them on a ring for future practice.IMG_3074

Word Play is a BIG component to our Kindergarten learning.  Here are a few of the active things we did recently with his new words…

We use our cubes a LOT!  If you don’t have an Education Cubes membership, I highly recommend it!  Jenn created specific word cards for the You Can Read program and they are a perfect addition!  I add in his new words and keep his old ones so he is constantly reviewing.  We have 4 cubes so after we fill those up, I will begin removing the words he is most solid with.IMG_2444

One day we took a cube outside and water painted the word he rolled!IMG_3004IMG_3007

After he colors his sight words, I cut off the end and laminate the cards.  Now that we have 12 words we are able to make sentences!  We also pull in objects for our sentences.  Here he was reading “It is my cat.”IMG_3076

For a review, I pulled off all of his word wall words and put them in his workbox.  He had to read each one and then put it under the proper letter on his word wall.IMG_3132

He continues to LOVE our easy readers, we are using First Little Readers, and Sight Word Readers.

This week we introduced “My Bear” and “ Animals” {Sight Word Readers}, and  “I Like School” and “What Is For Supper?” {First Little Readers}.  He really enjoyed these little books a LOT.  He gets so excited when we complete a new book and he adds it to his reading basket!  Each day that we add a new book, he also chooses an old book to read again to me.  We are using Guided Reading strategies during this time, which you can read about here.IMG_2285

We also do phonics work and still use Bob Books for this.  Calvert has an intense phonics portion to their Kindergarten, he is just not there yet in the lessons so we are supplementing.  Here he was reading one of his Bob Books…IMG_3135

We wrote the words one sound at a time on his Batman board and practiced before reading the book.  He still struggles a bit, so we are in no rush.IMG_3139

After reading we played a word game.  I drew a 3 part box for him and said a 3 letter word {mat, bus, web, mat} and had him isolate the 3 sounds and write them in the boxes.  He did really well with this.IMG_3145




His math lessons have continued to be fairly “easy” for him.  We continue to just follow the Calvert workbook and he enjoys the simple worksheets for the most part.  He reviewed sorting, and shapes during this time period.  Honestly we fly right through math at this point, which is fine.  We do calendar almost everyday and will begin doing more math focused work once the skills introduced become a bit more difficult.




Hands on, learning toys, games, computer, themes, and more.  This is where I plan to share everything else he has been up to that I happen to capture! These are the “extra” things we do in addition to his direct instruction which you will see above.

We had fun with a few of the Bird Printables, here he was matching his 3-part cards.  A few of you have asked about this and what these are, they are a Montessori method of teaching, often referred to as Nomenclature Cards-I think that word is way to big, so I don’t use it, but that’s what they are!  Here is a post I found that explains the concept well. He really enjoys doing his card work in our small pocket chart.IMG_2297


Working on warm and cool colors as he colored his birdhouses…IMG_2471


Helping the bird get to the bird house…IMG_2414


He LOVED, and I mean LOVED the Flap, Flap, & Fly Game from Mama Jenn!

IMG_2281  IMG_2277

We enjoyed some deck Play Dough time, which the boys loved!IMG_2430

We got some new Leapfrog movies thanks to Netflix!!!  His favorites are Numbers Ahoy and Math to the Moon!IMG_2485


A few items we used…


Visit Preschool Corner {& 5K too} for more fun learning ideas!


Toy Story Preschool Pack ~ Free Printables!

Toy Story has been on my idea list for years, I actually started a simple Tot Book years ago and never finished it.  It is finished now and way bigger than a small Tot Book!  I am excited for all of you Toy Story fans out there to enjoy some learning fun with these Toy Story printables!

Toy Story Printables

Here’s a glimpse of what is included {all free} in this Toy Story Preschool Pack

Toy Story

Focus Skills

  • Letter Tt
  • Find the Difference
  • Graphing
  • Patterning
  • Sorting
  • Positional Words
  • Beginning Reading
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Numbers and Number Words
  • Song
  • Bible Verse
  • Labeling
  • Tracing

You can download the entire

Toy Story Preschool Pack here on my website for FREE!


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Princess Preschool Pack

Princess Printables

I must admit, making the Princess Preschool Pack was fun.  I am not even planning to use it any time soon, but it was just simply fun. When I found this adorable clipart designed by Stockberry Studio {a BIG favorite of mine} I knew I had to make a theme pack!

Princess preschool Pack

The whole modern day princess idea can sometimes get all twisted around in my opinion, but the Biblical aspect of being a princess is something I want my little girl to embrace. I hope many of your little girls love it and learn their value in God’s eyes as you let them explore how awesome it is to be the daughter of a KING!

I went a little nuts with this one and even developed a few new ideas.  There are many skills included that would make portions of this pack good for tots, some good for preschoolers, and some for Kindergartners.  Just choose the parts your child would enjoy!Princesses

I made a few more worksheet type things than normal…mostly because I personally was getting tired of all the cutting and laminating.  I wanted to try out the idea of slipping things in sheet protectors and using dry erase crayons/markers.   I tried to make most of the worksheets with light gray boxes so you could still cut things out into pieces if your child prefers that.


You can download the entire

Princess Preschool Pack here on my website for free


Don’t have a girl?  No Worries!  My pal Jolanthe created a Knights & Castles Preschool Pack too!  Here is a peek at hers, I will be using it with Krash!!!

Knight Pack Collage


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Preschool Packs  Totbookbutton150

Word Wall

Portable Word Wall

{disclaimer ~ affiliate links are used in this post}

What is a Word Wall?

Here is an official definition from Wikipedia.  Here is another article about word walls. Basically it is a place to display words a child has learned or is learning.  We use ours for high frequency words in Kindergarten, only putting up words as they are learned.

We use a tri-fold foam board {ours was $10 from Target} for our Word Wall, it looks like this…IMG_0785

For the letters I found these Elmer’s sticky ABCsimage

They were wonderful because I could move them around until I had the exact placement and then I glued them down with a glue stick.

For the words, I am using the cards from the You Can Read printables, printed on cardstock and laminated.



They are hooked to the board using tiny Velcro dots, which I bought in bulk from here.  I used velcro so we can take the words off at any times to play games and review.IMG_1141


After Krash has a good knowledge of the word, we add it to the word wall, and review often.  Review is especially important as the list of words grows.

I do not put word family words on this board {cat, mat, rat, sat, etc.}, just his basic sight words that I want him to be able to identify without sounding out, just by sight.

In the past I have had our word wall up on our actual wall, similar to how I did it in the classroom.  You can see my post about when I transitioned to portable word walls.  I like the idea of it being up on the main wall, but I like the idea of being able to better interact with the words using the portable word wall.

Do you have a word wall in your homeschool classroom?  If you have a  post showing it, please leave a comment with the link so we can check it out!