Morning Message

We have been doing our daily morning message for awhile now (see this post for when we began) and today I decided to shake it up a bit and have P write along with me. I used to do it this way when I taught school, although the whole class participated and we used a big flip chart. With one student it is much easier! P really enjoyed this and loved it even more when there were more blue letters (ones HE knew) than purple ones (ones he did not know).

In the Works ~ Thansgiving Lapbook

We are going to need about 3 folders to fit all of our Thanksgiving stuff in by the time we are done! Today P worked on his “Draw, Write, Now” lesson, beginning the copywork for the Mayflower. He drew the picture yesterday. This is the first time I have actually had him complete the copywork and he did really well. I LOVE these books!

In the Works ~ Thanksgiving Lapbook

We are really enjoying our Thanksgiving unit! P made this Thankful Turkey today and LOVED it! I love it when he loves things we do!

Volcanoes ~ Lapbook

We finished our volcano lapbook! My son absolutely LOVED learning about volcanoes! We both learned a lot! Here’s our finished lapbook…

The Front…
Middle flap… (when folded down)
Geysers and Lava Flows (game board printed from our purchased unit)
Middle flap… (when opened up)
Top: Types of eruptions (purchased unit)
Bottom: Types of volcanoes (purchased unit)
Left Flap…
Top left: photos of special volcano things we did…our chapter book, volcano eruption and mini volcano model
Right Flap…
Top right: Sequencing (purchased unit)
Bottom right: 3 Stages of a Volcano
Top: Volcano Labeling (Enchanted Learning)
Bottom left: Volcano Facts (P told me everything he learned during our unit)
Bottom Right: Volcano Crossword (purchased unit)
P dictated a volcano story to me, I printed it for him to illustrate.

Thanksgiving ~ Little Laplinks

I owe it to Valerie over at Little Blots of Faith for inspiring me to get my fanny in gear with creating this blog. I have been wanting to do it for quite awhile now but just didn’t. Her meme “Little Laplinks” got me going! I want to thank all who have commented and emailed me, I am SO glad to be helping even ONE person out by sharing ideas. I miss that so much about teaching (I taught public school K for 5 years), brainstorming with other teachers. Thanks to this blog, I finally feel connected again!

Our theme for the November Little Laplinks is Pilgrims/Thanksgiving and we are right on track, I couldn’t wait to get started teaching my son more about Thanksgiving. Here are my resources for this, and be sure to check back for completed photos of our lapbook. I also do “In the Works” posts as we are working too. It is easy to search on my blog under the “labels” section, to find those posts too (called “Lapbooks in Progress”).
We will be using resources from Mrs. Nelson’s Class website. She has so many great ideas listed, it will be hard to choose!

The Squidoo Thanksgiving Lapbook Lens is GREAT!!! I plan to use tons from here! Definitely the First Thanksgiving Book
We used this version of Pilgrim, Pilgrim.

Enchanted Learning has tons of great printables, we will definitely be using these (and probably more that they have):

Thanksgiving mini-book
Thanksgiving quiz

I am still gathering and will be adding to this post, and plan to get ideas from other Laplinks participants! Be sure to check out how Valerie is archiving Laplinks posts, what a wonderful resource!!!
The Photos…
P drew Squanto and Pilgrims, using his Draw, Write, Now book
Inside…(flap open)
Top Flap Middle: Thankful Turkey Craft
Top Flap Bottom: Colors of Salvation Corn
Middle Top: Squanto’s Snack (I got this from an old issue of The Mailbox)
Middle Left: Thanks for the Food (also from an old issue of The Mailbox)
Left Flap…
Middle: a sticker turkey I got from Target last year for 25 cents!
Right Flap…
Top: Thanksgiving Bible Verse Memory Game
The top flap closed: Pilgrim puzzle
The Back…
Copywork and drawing from Draw, Write, Now.