Exploring 3 Dimensional Shapes with Spielgaben

Playful Learning with Spielgaben is our monthly post sharing Spielgaben in action!  If you missed the introduction to this series, you can see it here. We were given the Spielgaben set to review and are honored to have them as a blog sponsor.

Exploring 3D Shapes with Spielgaben


Lessons We Enjoyed

We are using Spielgaben as a portion of her 1st grade math curriculum.  For now, I am choosing lessons based on her needs.  She has mastered many 1st grade level skills so I knew she didn’t need a full 1st grade curriculum.  Spielgaben is a great fit for her right now!

Each week I choose lessons or worksheets for her and write them into our lesson plans.  Yes, this takes a bit more time than following a pre-written math curriculum, but I want her working on what she needs. I wouldn’t have been as confident in doing this years ago, but now I am after homeschooling 2 other kids at this grade level!

Below you can see her lesson which is from Worksheet Set 2, Level 3, Activity 1 {in case you own Spielgaben and are looking for these specific worksheets, I will label them like this so you can easily find them}.

This worksheet introduced Sphere, Cylinder and Cube, which she loved!

Spielgaben -8726


On another day she worked on Worksheet Set 2, Level 3,  Activity 3. Another way to explore these new shapes.

Spielgaben -8946


Much fun was had the day we used Worksheet Set 2, Level 3, Activity 4!

We explored 3D shapes by exploring the side, edge and apex with paint!

Spielgaben -9247 Spielgaben -9250

Note- we should have used a brown paint, or put tape over our blocks before stamping with them.  They did absorb the purple paint she chose.  We don’t mind but I figure many of you might!  So, if you do this, be sure to add some tape to the parts of the block that will go in the paint and then peel off when finished.  Also use a color closer to the block itself just in case!

Spielgaben -9254

She loved this so much, she asked to get more shapes out and make mystery pictures.

Spielgaben -9258

When the paint was dry we went back to the worksheet that inspired this lesson and drew in our findings.

Spielgaben -9271


Another recent lesson was from Worksheet Set 2, Level 3, Activity 2.

We used one of the soft yarn spheres and one of the wooden spheres to discuss similarities and differences. 

Spielgaben -9280

This was pretty easy for her so I decided to take the opportunity to introduce her to Venn Diagrams and drew a quick one for her.

Spielgaben -9285

Spielgaben -9288

I am so pleased with her interest and learning so far.  I was a bit hesitant to take this route {the more random week to week style} for her math, but so far, so good!  I am enjoying her enthusiasm, she loves her Spielgaben lessons!


See version 4.0 here!

I can’t say enough about the new storage system, it is AWESOME!


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Owl Unit Study and Lapbook

Owl Unit Study and Lapbook

After our bat lapbook she told me she didn’t like lapbooks.  As you will see in this post, she changed her mind.  She requested to make a lapbook and loved the process! I was all ready to make something new, or just study and not make a lapbook but thankfully she warmed up to the idea!


We got our printables from:

Here is a peek at her completed lapbook, for those of you new – she is in 1st grade.  She put together the front and back all on her own, taping her creations onto the folder.

Owl Lapbook -8823  Owl Lapbook -8826

We worked on lining up the inside together to be sure it all fit.

Owl Lapbook -8828

Owl Lapbook -8834


She has a few stuffed owls, so of course they came to visit.  We hit the library for owl books, these 3 were our favorites.

Owls -8422


I printed the owl coloring pages at half size and put them together like this…

Owl Coloring -8484  Owl Coloring -8490

She loved these!

Owls -8499

Some of the owls got turned into bigger creations!

Owls -8504


We worked on the lapbook components one at a time, reading one of our books to find the information.

Owls -8526

Owls -8564

Owls -8581


Painting owls was a favorite!

Owls -8574  Owls -8577

Owl Lapbook -8839


Showing her completed lapbook to her Daddy.  She was so excited and it was a great review!

Owls -8748


See our owl books and toys here

Owl Books for Kids

See her Bat Unit Study and Lapbook here!

Bat Unit Study

Her First Week of 1st Grade Homeschool

1st graders are old.  I used to teach Kindergarten and I would always glance across the hall and think the 1st grades seemed so old to me.  I cannot believe we are here with our baby.  Our first week of 1st grade with our daughter is complete. She is such a big girl now, and I am loving this stage of her life while also missing the younger stages too. 

First Week of 1st Grade Homeschool

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As a reminder, here is our post sharing our 1st Grade Curriculum Choices.  You can see direct links and more info on what I chose for her and why there.

1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices


I got asked for a photo of her lesson plan from the first week, so I took one at the end of the week. If you click on it, you can see it larger. We ended up having friends over at the last minute on Friday, so we moved that day to the following week.  Love the flexibility of homeschooling! I use Lessontrek to plan our week.  I then add info to the printed plan as we go through the week.  The plan then gets filed in her lesson plan notebook.

1st Grade -8814


Below is a photo of her daily plan.  I will be sharing more about this in a separate post soon.  This gives her a visual “to-do” list for the day so she can see what is left to be finished. It worked really well for her.

Daily Grid -8735



She was MOST excited to begin Life of Fred math with her Daddy.  She overheard the books last year when he did them with Krash.  She couldn’t wait for it to be her turn.

1st Grade -8857


We are also using Spielgaben for math. I am not following any plan, just choosing lessons and worksheets from the abundant Spielgaben manuals.  I decided to begin working with 3D shapes, which she loved! 

Spielgaben -8726


We are doing 3 days of All About Reading and 2 days of All About Spelling.  We might not complete a full lesson in one day, and that’s fine.  We are moving at her pace.  Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.  She enjoys both of these programs.

1st Grade -8707


We did lots of review with sounds, the free app was a great tool as we did this!

1st Grade -8709


Write Shop Primary A has been fun, since it is mostly Guided Writing at this stage!  She liked illustrating our stories!

1st Grade -8736


She has a big girl grammar workbook which she’s not too thrilled about, but can totally handle.  This is Growing with Grammar Level 1.

1st Grade -8742


We are using Logic of English Cursive this year since it worked so well for Krash.  She loved the salt tray coming back and remembered it from her preschool days! She isn’t a huge fan of handwriting, so we are taking it slowly and trying to make it fun.

1st Grade -8744


She put together her Owl Lapbook and reviewed what she learned by sharing it with her Daddy.  I will share a full post about this soon!

1st Grade -8879

Owls -8748


She loved We Choose Virtues! I chose to start with the word KIND, because sadly this is something she struggles with.  We are using the coloring pages, the songs {on my iPad} and the parenting cards.

1st Grade -8787


She loves her science book!  We completed the K level over the summer and started the 1st grade level!  The first unit was all about sound which she really enjoyed.  She loved her experiment with hard and soft sounds!

1st Grade -8791  1st Grade -8797


That was all I had pictures of, we did everything marked off on the lesson plan shown at the beginning of the post. Her first week was before our official first week of school so I could get her acclimated to her new routine. Our first official week as an entire group was the following week, you can see real-time action in our homeschool here on our Instagram! We have a new hashtag #1stGradeWithLadybug, so you can see all of her posts easily!

I am very pleased with my choices for her, and with her attitude about learning!  It is such a joy to teach her, even better so far than I expected.  The boys weren’t {aren’t} always enthusiastic learners and she usually is. I am really looking forward to a fun 1st grade year with her, soaking in every moment! 

Exploring Bats ~ Bats Lapbook and Unit Study

Bat Unit Study

This summer we are trying out a few unit study options for Ladybug and Lapbooks were something I wanted to try with her.  I let her choose her first topic, and although it is not what I would have chosen, she enjoyed it because it is what SHE chose ~ BATS!

We got our printables from:

Here is a peek at her completed lapbook…

Bats -8288  Bats -8293

Bats -8290


She loved learning to draw the bat.  She made a few small ones, and then made the big one that she ended up choosing for the back of her lapbook.

Bats Lapbook -8131

Bats Lapbook -8149


Coloring is still a favorite, this also ended up on the back of her lapbook.

Bats Lapbook -8135


Learning about echolocation

Bats Lapbook -8180


Diurnal and nocturnal animals…

Bats Lapbook -8145


Carnivore, herbivore and omnivore animal sorting…

Bats -8284


Below she was painting the bat printable craft, she still loves these!

Bats -8261


These are the books we used for our study, all but Stellaluna came from the library.  The National Geographic Kids Bats one is the one we used the most.

Bats -8361


After completing this study she told me she didn’t like the Lapbook as much as I thought she did.  I was a bit disappointed as I thought I might have found her sweet spot!  We are going to try a notebook method with some of the Lapbook printables for her next chosen theme – OWLS!  Stay tuned to see how we do that one and if she likes it!

1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

My daughter is 6 and going into 1st grade this year. Below are the 1st grade homeschool curriculum choices we have made for Ladybug!

Curious to see what she did in the past?

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1st Grade Subjects

We will not be doing all of these every day. Follow along with us and I will share throughout the year so you can see how it all fits in!

    The Weekly Plan

    Here’s how I think it will all fit together in a week.  This is my first draft of a weekly outline.  We are very flexible and will adjust as needed.  You will notice her heavier days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – this is because these are K’s long gymnastics days and he is gone.  I do his heavier schooling on Monday and Wednesday, which is why those are lighter days for her. 

    1st Grade Weekly


More Thoughts

Reading ~ All About Reading Level 2 ~ This is the obvious next step for us as she completes level 1.  We are very pleased with All About Reading and my daughter loves it.

Spelling ~ All About Spelling Level 1 ~  We used this with our boys and are hoping it works just as well for her!

Grammar ~ We will be using First Language Lessons Level 1 and Growing with Grammar Level 1.  I really like the differing approaches, and both are very simple and don’t take a lot of time each day. I also created a set of PowerPoints to go along with the poems she will be memorizing this year through First Language Lessons.

Handwriting ~ Logic of English Cursive ~ I am going to try again with her, we will see if it will work.  My oldest learned cursive in 1st grade, my middle learned in 2nd grade.  I may have to postpone this but it’s on my list.

Writing ~ Write Shop Primary A will be our main curriculum.  I bought this years ago and it sat on my shelf.  We will now put it to use!  We will also be doing more free writing using my Story Starters cards.

Daily Literacy Practice ~ We just love this series and will be continuing on.  This is an independent activity for her to get more practice.

Science ~ I chose a simple workbook format to keep things easy.  I looked at a few and landed on Evan-Moor Skill Sharpeners.  I really like the images, lessons, experiments and layout of the book.  She is using the K book right now for the summer and already loves it. I think this is a good fit for us.

Bible ~ Picture Smart Bible K-3 Old Testament ~ She will do this with Krash {4th grade}.

Character ~ We Choose Virtues ~ I decided to go back to this {we used it years ago} because I think Ladybug will really like the illustrations and simple stories to reinforce character qualities. 

USA Geography ~ We will focus on the United States this year with my two youngest {1st and 4th grade}.  You can see our USA Geography plan here

Group Subjects  ~ Ladybug will join the boys for world history, world geography, and US history.  She really enjoys these lessons and fits right in with us!

Math ~ We will be doing loads of math with our Spielgaben set, math apps we love, Kahn Academy online, and using our Life of Fred A-D set.  I have no concrete plan and will adjust as we move along.  I am planning to use Teaching Textbooks 3 {which is closer to a 2nd grade level} when she is ready for a formal curriculum.  That may be near the end of her 1st grade year, or the following year.  They have great placement tests so I will just start her when I feel she is ready!  Follow along with us and you will see when that is!


The Visual Version

AAS 1 All About Reading Level 2First Language Lessons GWG 1 Write Shop Primary ARhythmOfHandwritingCursive_400_zpsc9971869 Daily Literacy Evan Moor Science 1stSpielgaben-v4 elementary-kit 300x250.2[2] (1)United States Geography Homeschool Plan for Elementary PSB Elementary We-choose-virtues-large-logo

You can see our 4th grade choices here and our 8th grade choices here.

4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices  8th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices


Stick around and see our homeschool year unfold! 

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