Connecting Online…

The whole reason I began this blog was to make connections with other homeschooling parents. To give and share, to grow and learn…all to become a better mom and homeschool teacher! It has been such a blessing, both to give and receive through this online journey. Tonight as I was checking my bloglines, I found out that Heather from Being Mrs. Momma gave me this…

It means a lot because it lets me know that connections have been made. So, as a way to say thanks to some of you who have inspired me, here’s who I am giving the award to! Don’t feel obligated to play along, I know some of you don’t *do* these types of things, but in case you check in and find your name, it’s my way of saying thanks! These are mostly homeschooling blogs, but also a few that aren’t!

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One Little, Two Little
and a blog I just started reading, Smooth Stones Academy
Here are the rules for passing it on…By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, you have to award it to 10 more people who’s blogs you find Excellent Award worthy. You can give it to as many people as you want but please award at least 10. Thank you out there for having such great blogs and being such great friends! You deserve this! Feel free to award people who have already been awarded…

Weather ~ Lapbook

We finished our lapbook on weather awhile ago, I am just getting around to the final photo/link post! I never did get a photo of the back, but it is a simple weekly weather recording chart where he filled in the weather each day for a week.

Here is the inside of the lapbook…
Top Left: How Big is the Sun? {under Astronomy, sample}
Bottom Left: a thermometer from his Calvert K science kit
Top Middle: How to Stay Safe in a Thunderstorm, I made a simple form. We used the book, Flash, Crash, Rumble, and Roll as our inspiration for this part.
Middle: Weather Labeling {members section}
Bottom Middle: Clouds {members section}
Top Right: The Sun, a mini book I made
Middle Right: weather words he learned accordian fold
Bottom Right: Snowflakes mini book {members section} This is the first lapbook we have done that has sort of fizzled…you know? We both lost interest as we went along. I think because it was in the midst during the holidays and then drug out past vacation and such. It just took us too long, we’re both glad it’s done! He did learn a lot though, I just should have been a more interesting teacher with this one!

It’s Here, It’s Here!

For those of you who don’t know, we use Calvert as our grade level curriculum. We use them because we get all of the materials for free since we are with a public cyber charter school. I really like Calvert so far, we used PreK and K with them too and our 1st grade box arrived today! P has been SOOOOO motivated to get this box and begin 1st grade. I love that about homeschool…moving at your child’s pace. If he were in “going school” (as he calls it) he would be in K through the end of this school year. Being at home allows him to move at HIS pace. We unloaded the box this morning and both of us got all excited with what was inside.Then I began browsing through the lesson manual and realized quickly that we’re going to have to buckle down, it’s much different than K! We’re ready for it though, and very excited. Now my goal is to go through the entire Science, and Social Studies books and figure out where our lapbooks are going to fit!!! My planning hours are going to get much longer I can see!

Money ~ Lapbook

We finished our money lapbook today! Tonight for homework, P will be reviewing it all with Daddy, it will be great practice to reinforce the skills we learned! Here are photos of the completed lapbook…Here he is doing the coin spelling…
Here’s what we did for the inside of the “Give, Save, Spend” triangle fold…I had him tell me about each topic and I recorded what he said. On the back I had him dictate a story to me and illustrate it. I only told him that his story had to include money somehow. He’s quite the creative story writer, always bringing me a good giggle :). This one was no exception! Here is the link to the pdf’s I created.
Here is the link to the “Play Store” cards.

Edited to add… P’s story,
“The Boy That Had No Bibles”
Once there was a little boy and he didn’t have any Bibles so he asked his mom if he could go to the store and buy a Bible. His family said yes so he took some money out of his bank and he just bought a bible. He put it up on the checking counter and they said you may have to come back here because you don’t have enough to buy this. So he went home and he got some more money, and he went off with 25 dollars and he could hardly stand it. He just walked and walked to the store. When he got there the man said, “Oh I’m sorry I just sold the last bible but I did save something for you.” He pulled something out of a little bin , he said, “Here you go it’s your own bible!” The little boy said, “Hey you teased me, how can that be?” But he said, “Well, that isn’t a problem.” The boy said, “Well, I see a page, what story is this?” And he said, “I could tell you that story. It is the story about Adam and Eve.” He told him the story and he walked away to home. His family read his Bible to him all day.

**Can you tell he is a missionary kid? :)

In the Works ~ Money Lapbook

We spent tons of time today on our money lapbook and are almost finished. I made 2 more things for it, based on what I really wanted P to learn at this time. The first is a triangle fold book, talking about giving, saving and spending…with a Bible verse on the inside. The second is an activity learning to spell the names of coins. I printed it on cardstock and cut apart the letters for him to use tomorrow to practice spelling each coin name.I will probably post photos of the completed lapbook tomorrow, he only has a couple of things left to do. I know this particular lapbook will be great for review and I’m sure we’ll drag it back out a lot! Here is the link to all of the pdf files of the things I made for it!