In the works ~ Fruits of the Spirit

We are in the beginning stages of our Fruits of the Spirit unit, collecting items daily for our lapbook we will put together at the end. Here is what we are doing so far…

We are using a song on th CD Crazy Praize II, Fruit of the Spirit (I think other versions of this song are available on other cd’s, but I’m not sure). My son has learned the fruits from this song!

Each day we are learning about a fruit, so far we have done love and joy. Danielle’s Place has GREAT lessons, guiding through each fruit.

Each day P is also watching a funny little movie online, from the website, ToyBox Tales. He loves these so far, he is giggling constantly!

For the future lapbook, I am making him a mini-song book, and Bible Verse cards (1 verse focusing on each fruit each day). We are also playing the memory card game from Danielle’s Place every day. (That’s my dad playing with him, he’s visiting for the week!)We will also do many other things from her site! I am especially excited for Kool-Aid painting!

If anyone has any good Fruits of the Spirit sites or ideas, leave me a comment!

_an Word Family

We completed our 2nd word family mini-lapbook today, for the _an family. I got the poem (top right) from this site.
The book, Jan and Dan, is from here.
And, here is the book I got the word family stationary from for the pan sheet.
The book Dan is from his Calvert curriculum set.

Apples ~ Lapbook

The Inside…

Top Left: An Apple a Day…mini strip poem (from this book)
Bottom Left: Apple Recipes (things we made form our apples we picked)
Middle: photo collage of our field trip to the orchard
Top Right: Johnny Appleseed coloring (from DLTK)
Middle Right: Apples Mini Book (from Enchanted Learning)
Bottom Right: Apple sight word mini flip book (also from this book)
The Back: his “Apple Story” (stationary from this book)

__at Word Family

We are working on word families, and creating a mini-lapbook for each one. Here is our first one, for the _at family.
In My Hat
“A Cat” taken from the book, 25 Read & Write Mini-Books That Teach Word Families
__at stationary, taken from the book, Word Family Stationary
The Cat and Pat, his reader from his Calvert Kindergarten curriculum
**the cat word slider on the front is also from Calvert

Sight Words

I picked up a great book while at a teacher store, Sight Word Puzzles and Activities, Gr. K-2 , not even knowing how much I would love it! Our K curriculum is great but my son is far beyond the sight words they are teaching so we had to create something for him to move at his own pace. Of course my mind went immediately to a mini-lapbook!

When we begin, I go through and highlight any of the words he can already read. Then we go over the remaining words and do one activity each day. When we begin each day we repeat the process, day by day marking off all of the words!

This is the cover… And inside:
We also got a really inexpensive book, which had these reading cards, on the top left, along with a lot of other mini books. The bottom left is his “spelling test.” When we finish working with the words, I give him a test to see if he can actually write them correctly, I have been amazed. We focus on reading them during our teaching time, but through that he has learned to write many of them as well.
These are the activities that he does each day, they are in the Sight Words Puzzles book.
I am honestly amazed at how his sight word vocabulary has improved in SUCH a short amount of time and with very little teaching effort on my part. I knew it was a long shot buying this book but it turned out to be a blessing!