Behind the Scenes ~ Biblical Discipline

image I am in no way a perfect parent or an expert on discipline. I don’t believe there is a human being alive who can claim to have the right answers regarding this topic! I have however, found some excellent resources that have helped me along in my journey of learning how to be the best Godly parent I can be. That is what I hope to share with you here.

First, it is important to know my faith beliefs, you can read what I believe here. My discipline beliefs are based entirely on my faith. I grow as I go too, adapting and changing as I learn more and am led by the Holy Spirit.

Below I will share links to books, and sites that have helped me grow as a parent. Before I link to anything I want you to know that I do not stand by every word in ANY book, on ANY website, or ANY blog.  I have found nuggets of goodness that have helped me grow within these resources, but ultimately I take it all to God and pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me. Just because there are links to books or sites I have found helpful, please don’t take that to mean I am affiliated with every word they say.  There is much I tend to disagree with also.  We all need to seek His will and discern using His guidance. I am not here to tell you how to parent!

If you are really struggling as a parent with Biblical Discipline, I recommend setting some time aside to read through all of Jill’s posts over on Totally Tots in our feature: From Tots to Teens ~ Biblically Based Parenting, or spend your time devouring the information found online at Raising Godly Tomatoes. You can read on their website for free, or you can order their book {they have it here on Amazon, or on their site}. Be sure to have some time carved out before you go visiting, I promise your heart will be rocked and you will want to just soak it all in. Even if you are a parent who feels a bit more “together” with discipline, these 2 sites alone can really get you thinking, praying, and listening {to the Holy Spirit leading you as a parent}.

We all love a good book, and although I don’t believe you should overwhelm yourself with every Christian parenting book available, here are a few that have really helped me. Some I have read more than once and have little tabs and notes all throughout!

Most of all, be sure to go straight to God’s Word and soak in what He is saying to YOU as a parent. We can read wonderful sites and books, but ultimately we need to be going to THE BOOK for our final advice. Here’s an article entitled, What does the Bible say about being a good parent? which includes many other Bible verses focused specifically on parenting.

Prayers for us all as we navigate through this world as a parent! I leave you with Proverbs 22:6…

Train a child in the way he should go,

and when he is old he will not turn from it.


Tot School ~ well, sorta

~Ladybug is currently 14 months old~

We did not have official Tot School all week long, but that doesn’t mean Tot Schooling wasn’t happening!  I just didn’t plan anything, but we still did lots!  I was actually surprised to find all of these photos when I was preparing for this post!

Ladybug learned how to stack this week!  She LOVES to play with her brothers in their room, and I went in to find her sitting with the train blocks and stacking them one on top of another!


Pac Man made her dominoes out of our cardboard blocks to knock over…IMG_9595

She dug all through the pegs, and played with these almost every day!!!IMG_9557

Cheese monkey, she loves Magneatos too!IMG_5922

The boys had these colored bowls {we got them at a consignment sale} and small blocks out.  Ladybug found them, so I set them up for her and she put blocks into them ;-)IMG_9612

Krash attempted to read to her, which lasted all of 15 seconds! IMG_9397


Moms FavoriteThe rest of Ladybug’s week was spent just being LOVED ON.  Seriously we just adore this sweet girl.  These are all of my favorites from the week…lots of Ladybug loving!



IMG_5914IMG_5915     IMG_9552IMG_9424

Preschool Printables ~ How Many?

Identifying numbers is something we are really working on here!  I made these simple preschool math printables for Krash to help with this.

Preschool Math Printables Clothespin Clip Counting Cards

I printed on cardstock, and laminated them so he can use them over an over!  We are using mini clothespins but you could also have your child use a dry erase marked to circle the correct number, or just point! The clothespins, while sometimes frustrating for young children, are great for fine motor skills! Have your child count the objects and then choose the correct number. I purposely did not create these with a specific theme so they could be used over and over again.  If you are looking for preschool printables with a specific theme, we have those too!

Preschool Math Printables Clothespin Clip Counting Cards

You can download these here!

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Raising Rock Stars ~ In It, Not Of It

In It, Not Of It

We weren’t able to have our normal family night this past Sunday because our church hosted it’s annual block party-witnessing to our inner-city neighbors! We shut down several blocks of the main road here in our neighborhood and host the largest block party I have ever seen! Inflatables, free food, carnival games, playground, puppet shows, Gospel presentations, live music, free JESUS t-shirts…the list goes on-it is truly amazing! This is our 5th year of hosting this and every year it gets bigger and better! IMG_1292 copy

It is always an amazing reminder of where we are raising our kids and what we do NOT want for them. It is also a reminder of Christ’s love for ALL-no matter how different {and far from God} they may seem.IMG_9518

As most of you know, we live right where we serve…which is not a desirable place to live by the world’s standards. We are in the heart of the inner city, just a few blocks from the church we serve with. We live in the area most go out of their way to avoid.

We are raising our kids here. Why? Because we feel led by God to be here.

Do we sacrifice to live here? YES, a lot {but we GAIN a lot also}.

Is it worth it? YES!!!!!

We believe in raising our kids God’s way, and to many we are NUTS. If you’ve ever read my little paragraph under my family photo on the sidebar, you already know this! Does this mean I think you should all become missionaries or move to the inner city? NO!!! I believe we are each called to a unique path, and it is our job to listen to the Holy Spirit and follow the best we can. We are doing our best to raise our children to do this too.

We want our kids to live sold-out for Jesus. Do I fear them actually doing that and moving overseas or doing something dangerous in the name of Christ? Yes, but I still want that. They are not mine-they are HIS. I am just raising them for HIM.

So, we live IN the world. We live near violence, drugs, prostitution, immodesty to the MAX, profanity, child abuse/neglect, poverty, addiction and more. We hear sirens constantly and helicopters hovering with a spotlight overhead is completely normal. My kids stood under my feet as I witnessed a drug related murder right after the shots fired ~ right across the street. We can’t walk to the car just feet from our house without hearing profanity and fighting.

But, we are not OF the world. We are obviously different. Our home is different, our family is different. For many people in our neighborhood, we {and the other missionary families we work with who all live here too} are the only Godly {yet still imperfect} family they will ever see.

So, we did not have our normal family Bible time, but that’s OK. We dove right into the world and made it obvious that we are not OF it. Jesus was everywhere and it was beautiful!!!

John 17:14-16

14 I have given them your word. And the world hates them because they do not belong to the world, just as I do not belong to the world. 15 I’m not asking you to take them out of the world, but to keep them safe from the evil one. 16 They do not belong to this world any more than I do.

Visit the Raising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts!

Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 13.5 months old~

Tot TraysLadybug’s 3 Tot Trays this week…

  1. Stacking Peg Board {with just 5 pegs}
  2. Small bucket of bells and a scoop
  3. Clear plastic bottle with colored stirring sticks {from Target}





This is how she puts the sticks “in” the bottle, every time! She balances them on top! I think it is so cute. We are working on how to get them inside. ;-)IMG_9303

Learning Toys

She adores our child-sized guitar. Pac Man taught her how to strum!IMG_9344

We got out K’s old Leapfrog walker for her and she likes it a lot {we have it in flat position for now as she isn’t even pulling up yet”} IMG_9178

Bubble Wrap! She had a blast exploring bubble wrap this week!!! IMG_9331

Life School

She’s a poop-in-the-potty pro! She has successfully pooped on the potty the last 7 times!!! I am honestly shocked as the boys never did this! One day I noticed her pushing and she was struggling so I put her on to see if it would help…it did! I have taken her to the potty when I notice “the look” and she has went every time! This is really saving the cloth diapers!!! Plus she looks so incredibly cute sitting there and we just talk to each other-it’s girl time. IMG_9014



Moms Favorite



I just couldn’t pick only one this week ;-)