Princess Tot Book ~ Free Printables!

Princess Tot Pack

As you probably know, I already created a Princess Preschool Pack.  Well, it is a bit too advanced for Ladybug and she needed something to go alongside of Krash’s Knight Preschool Pack, so I made her a Princess Tot Book!  She LOVED it!  I will be sharing more photos of it in action tomorrow in my Tot School post!



Focus Skills

  • Counting 1-5
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Name ID

You can download the entire

Princess Tot Book here on my website for FREE!


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You Can Read Lesson Plans

You Can Read Lesson Plans

I have been using special lesson plans just for our You Can Read work and finally got the file ready to share!  The first page is the general plan we are using, so you can see how I am spreading ours out.  The empty spaces are for Word Play ideas I fill in each week.Slide1

I also included a blank page for you to write your own plans in if you’d like to plan out your week this way!


Many units are taking Krash 2 weeks, so we don’t always finish my plan and will just repeat the activities the following week if we are using the same words.  The 2nd week is filled with much more word play also.

The lesson plan files are in the ad-free/bonus section of You Can Read, or you can download a copy right here!

You Can Read Sight Word Printables

Guidecraft Twisters and Curves Review

As a Guidecraft Mom blogger, this product was given to me for review purposes. I do not have to return the product to the vendor and I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


Guidecraft has amazing open ended building toys. Recently we were sent a set of Twisters

image image

and Twister Curves, and all 3 of my kids love them!

image image

I do believe this might be one of the top 3 Guidecraft toys we own now! I love seeing all 3 of my kiddos play together…


They have played with these almost every day since we opened them, this is just one play time! Krash made a square…which he turned into a picture frame!

IMG_3471 IMG_3484

We made tons of circles and made stairs…IMG_3487

We made words…IMG_3489

We even made names, which Ladybug LOVED, she was enthralled with her L…IMG_3494

Her favorite thing is pushing the little pegs into the holes. SUCH great fine motor work!!!IMG_2184

PacMan made a basket…IMG_3506

Krash worked on a tall tower for awhile!!

IMG_3512 IMG_3515

PacMan is showing the lizard he made using the guide that is included…IMG_3521

This is one of those toys you open and just stare at and wonder. Then you see your kids dive in and their imaginations run wild and you say to yourself…”I am so glad I got that!!”

Head over to purchase the Twisters and Twister Curves  through Amazon!

Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter Ss

Raising Rock Stars Preschool Letter S

Krash has officially begun Kindergarten so we are just doing portions of our remaining RRSP units. You can read more about his Kindergarten plans here! You can see our new Kindergarten with Krash posts also!

Rock stars This is the main section of our preschool posts-focusing on what we do for our Raising Rock Stars Preschool Curriculum. I am not sharing photos of each part every week, just what I happen to catch!

Our letter this week ~ Ss, our verse: Seek the Lord while He may be found.Ss

Measuring his verse…IMG_3771

Coloring the verse.  We worked together on this and he really liked that!  He loves to color but loves it even more when I color with him!!!IMG_4122

The best part of this unit was by FAR the glasses!  The glasses I had didn’t have ear thingy-s so we added those and punched little peek holes.IMG_4143

Even PacMan got in on the action!IMG_4147

You can download the entire letter Ss unit here.

I am no longer doing specific lesson plans since Krash is now in Kindergarten {read more here}. RRSP-Blank-Lesson-Plan_thumb8_thumb_You can download blank copies of the lesson plan on the Ss page here!

More letter Ss fun…

Ss is for Snake color by numberimage

Ss Crafts from Totally Tots {click on the images}

image  image

Ss is for Snowman from COAH…image

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Word Play ~ Learning to Read is FUN!

Word Play -  Learning to read is fun!

Learning to read doesn’t always involve a book or a piece of paper!  There are many, many fun ways to incorporate word work into your little one’s school time.  This post will be an ongoing collection of many word play ideas, many of which I used while using my You Can Read program!

In no particular order, here are many hands on ideas for word play fun!  Some are new ideas, some are ideas I used when I taught public school Kindergarten.  Some are my ideas, some are ideas that have been passed down by teachers through the years!  

Make words with small objects!  Favorites are jewels {we have gotten ours at Dollar Tree and various craft stores}, and Learning Links.  The possibilities are endless with this!

IMG_8795  IMG_0814


Take the idea a step further and challenge your child to find toys to make words out of!  Here we used Twisters/Twister Curves… IMG_3489


Stamp words!  He was actually stamping Batman this day, but we also use them to stamp our sight words! {we just ordered these cool stamps, they aren’t here yet though!}IMG_8896


Which Word is Right?  Mom ~ write 3 spellings of the sight word, only 1 correct.  Have your child erase the wrong words, leave the correct spelling!  Throw in a little healthy fruit snack as a treat for getting the answer correct!IMG_9562


Dry Erase Writing…Simply have your child write the word you call out on a dry erase board.  Allow him/her to look at the word wall if needed to keep things positive!IMG_0591


Word Wall Search…Use a toy {Krash uses his favorite dolphin to jump} find the word you {or a helpful sibling} call out on the word wall!IMG_0785


Make the word with large foam letters from a floor puzzle {we got ours for $10 at Ross a few years back}.  Krash is also using his dolphin to flip the ball down the word as he calls out the letters to spell and say the word!IMG_1123


Use small letter tiles {or abc magnets} to make words and a fun pointer to have your child point to the words you call out.  Before starting this, you could also work with your child on putting the ABCs in order!IMG_1313


Roll & Read…Use an cube and an Education Cubes insert, having your child roll and read!IMG_2150

See how active this idea can really get!!!


Water paint the words outside on a warm day!  Add in a cube for even more active play.  Krash rolled the cube, ran to get it, ran back and painted the word!IMG_3011


Use the Leap Frog Word Whammer to spell phonetic 3 letter words.  I thought it was hilarious that the whammer asked K to spell pub!IMG_3236


Lay out the words your child knows {ours are cut and laminated from our color by # cards}.  IMG_3373


Have your child roll the cube {or you can just yell out a word}, and toss a fun object/ball onto the correct word!IMG_3383


Make words out of play dough {I recommend this recipe}… IMG_3196


Do you have an idea for word play fun?

  • Feel free to link up any idea that involves learning words in a fun, hands-on way!  This is not going to be a weekly linky, just a large gathering of ideas in one place.  You can come back and link up new ideas when you write posts about them!  I will link to this Word Play post in each of my Kindergarten with Krash posts. Please Note ~ Links that do not share a family friendly reading idea will be removed in order to help others searching specifically for word play ideas!