3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices Year-End Review

3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices Year-End Review

The homeschool curriculum choices blog posts are great, but what I really want to know is what families thought AFTER they used the curriculum they chose!  I will be sharing a series of posts with you; evaluating our choices in each grade level and our group subjects.

Next, 3rd grade!  Here’s a reminder of the original 3rd Grade Curriculum Choices post.

3rd grade is the year when school gets a little more intense, and it was also the year K’s gymnastics training schedule got more intense.  Thankfully we were able to find a new groove after we moved and he did most of his individual schoolwork on 2 days each week!  He did some subjects every day {math was an everyday subject} but the intense individual schooling happened on Tuesday and Thursday when he was home most of the day from the gym.

Below I will give a small review of each subject, if you have more specific questions about anything, just leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer!

Spelling ~ All About Spelling

This curriculum works well for him.  We finished level 2 {left over from the previous year} and 3 this year. One big change we made this year was doing his lessons with the board on the table like this, instead of upright.  For some reason, this really helped him and he was much easier to work with after this change.  We will be continuing on with All About Spelling Level 4 next year.

3rd Grade -5116 3rd Grade -5610 3rd Grade -4675

Grammar ~ Growing with Grammar 2 and First Language Lessons 1

Both were great fits for him, I am really pleased with the choices I made.  We will be continuing on with both programs for 4th grade.  I chose to use FLL level 1 with him because he has some auditory processing delays and I wanted a solid oral program.  I was really slack with grammar in the early grades with him, so I needed to back up a bit.

He completed Growing with Grammar level 2 which was a good level for him. This is more of a workbook format, which he greatly prefers.  I loved both.

3rd Grade -4681

Vocabulary ~ Vocabulary Connections C

The animals made it bearable.  This wasn’t his favorite subject, but he didn’t dislike it as much as his brother did. He worked with Daddy on this one after we moved, and it was a good fit for him.  He needs some extra work with comprehension and thinking skills, which this provides along with vocabulary development.  I haven’t decided if I will order the next level for him yet, I am researching other options right now {looking at Wordly Wise 3000 Online, & Spectrum Vocabulary 4 so far}.

3rd Grade -6010 3rd Grade -1096

Writing ~ Write Shop D

Again, I was a slacker with writing.  We did 4 lessons, and he enjoyed all but the actual writing part – ha ha!  I like the curriculum and we plan to complete it this coming school year.

3rd Grade -0753 3rd Grade -0828

Science ~ Apologia Exploring Creation with Botany

My best friend taught him with her son for the first half of the year before we moved.  He loved it! I have no interest in teaching science at all and although I love Apologia, the elementary series looks overwhelming to me.  Thankfully my friend loved teaching it to our boys!

Once we moved, I wanted him to continue with basic science reading, so we got out Pac’s old 3rd grade science book and Daddy read to him a few times per week.  This worked well.

Math ~ Teaching Textbooks 4 & Life of Fred

Both of these were great fits for Krash.  Teaching Textbooks was a great fit BUT we realized mid-year that he really benefited from Daddy teaching him the lesson from the manual prior to going to the computer.  So, that’s what we do.  He needs the interaction prior to the computer teaching.

3rd Grade -0867

Life of Fred was a nice solid oral review, which he needs.  He completed books A-D with us reading to him. We will continue if we decide to purchase more, it’s a cost issue.


At the beginning of the year I had him read aloud to me daily to practice fluency.  We used PacMan’s old Calvert readers from 3rd grade.  He also read chapter books on his own, and I let him choose them.

3rd Grade -1168 3rd grade -6376

We enjoyed reading Smiling Hill Farm together.

3rd Grade -5535

Want to see more of 3rd grade in action? Browse through our wrap-up posts, they are listed in order here and there’s a section for each of my kids in each post.


Stay tuned, I will be sharing our year-end review for Kindergarten and our All Together subjects.  I will also be sharing our curriculum choices for 8th grade, 4th grade, 1st grade and All Together subjects.

We already shared our 7th Grade Year-End Review here.

7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices Year-End Review

Playful Learning with Spielgaben June 2015

Playful Learning with Spielgaben is our monthly post sharing Spielgaben in action!  If you missed the introduction to this series, you can see it here and also see links to our past posts. We were given the Spielgaben set to review and are honored to have them as a blog sponsor.  I will be sharing once a month a detailed post featuring Spielgaben.  You can also see my Learning with Ladybug posts to see what my daughter has done with this learning set!

Math with Spielgaben

Lessons We Enjoyed

This month we reviewed number combinations.  Below you can see screenshots from the pdf file we used from the Math Guide, Play 8.

  Spielgaben Math Guide Play 8


This was such a great lesson for Ladybug.  She knows basic addition and has memorized many facts.  Breaking numbers apart in a hands on way is so important for deeper understanding.  The Spielgaben math guide give me so many ideas to use with her.

First, she sorted the sticks I had pre-selected for her from our set.  We compared them and put them in order.

Spielgaben -8195

Then, she made a set of blocks with 1-6 on them {tape and a Sharpie}. We used those blocks to make number combinations up to 6.

Spielgaben -8199


We then added more blocks, up to 10 and continued the process.

Spielgaben -8205


It was just challenging enough for her, the sweet spot of developmentally appropriate.  She wasn’t frustrated, but it wasn’t too easy either.

Spielgaben -8207


I took a small video for you to show us in action.

Free Play

Free play happens quite a bit, I just don’t always get photos!  Here’s a few I captured of her creating more block puzzles!  She got out her old puzzles and asked to make more!  These are so fun and simple to make, she loves them.

Spielgaben -8226

Spielgaben -8216

Spielgaben -8223

See the brand new version 4.0 here!

I can’t say enough about the new storage system, it is AWESOME!


Version 4 retails at US $449.50. The price is higher than version 3.0 because there are a lot more materials. My readers can own this new version at 11% off! As a 1+1+1=1 reader, you can get the discounted price of US $399.50 including shipping to Continental USA.

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Please check directly with Spielgaben for current discount available, prices change with version updates and conversion rates.

Tot School Gathering Place ~ Week 129

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Living Montessori Now 2

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7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Year-End Review

7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices Year-End Review

The homeschool curriculum choices blog posts are great, but what I really want to know is what families thought AFTER they used the curriculum they chose!  I will be sharing a series of posts with you; evaluating our choices in each grade level and our group subjects.

First up, 7th grade!  Here’s a reminder of the original 7th Grade Curriculum Choices post.

Overall it was a very successful year for my son, despite many interruptions to our homeschool schedule.  Everything went crazy a few months into the school last year when my husband fell off of a ladder and broke both legs 6 weeks before we were moving.  Needless to say, that affected our homeschooling greatly.  Even with the crazy, he did really well and made it through all of these subjects.

Below I will give a small review of each subject, if you have more specific questions about anything, just leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer!

Science ~ Apologia General Science

He did this subject mostly on his own, with guidance and leadership from his Dad.  Daddy manages science and math in our house now for the boys.  They both felt this was a solid science program and have chose to complete the 2nd portion {Physical Science} for 8th grade.

The experiments were his favorite part…

7th Grade -7439 7th Grade -0022 7th Grade -1496 7th Grade -3633

Math ~ Teaching Textbooks Pre Algebra

This was a big success for our son.  I can’t say he loves it, because it is a lot of work, but he likes it better than other math curriculums he has used.  We will be continuing on with Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 for 8th grade.

7th Grade -6000

Math ~ Life of Fred Fractions

He loved this book, but this is the only one he completed {meaning I didn’t buy anymore beyond this}.  Originally I planned to use the whole Pre Algebra series, but after the first we decided not to buy the rest. If someone gave us these books we might continue to use them, I just decided not to pay for more at this time.


We were SO slack with reading this year! He read The Bronze Bow, Hittite Warrior, I Am David and The Hiding Place. I let him choose books and read at his own pace. These were the books I had borrowed from a friend for him to choose from. Sadly I had to return them when we moved, so he didn’t get through all of them as I had planned.

Homeschool Room -9828

I wanted to see what his pace would be without a strict curriculum guiding us.  His pace was a little slower than I would like.  I decided we both need more of a guided reading program so I bought Sonlight’s American Historical Literature 130 for 8th grade {bought the manuals, will be getting books at the library}. He already read the first two books {Peace Child, and Stink Alley}.

Grammar ~ Growing with Grammar 7

This is a good fit for both of us.  He doesn’t love grammar, but said he prefers this program if he HAS to do grammar.  We will be continuing on with this program with level 8.

Writing ~ Write Shop 1

Slacker.  That’s me.  We got through 3 lessons done, yup 3. I got very overwhelmed with real life {my husband’s accident and our move} and writing was pushing me over the edge.  So, we quit.  I do love this curriculum and we will be picking up right where we left off and hopefully NOT giving up this year. 

Vocabulary & Comprehension ~ Vocabulary Connections G

I like this workbook, he does not.  He completed it and was very thankful to be done.  I am not requiring him to do a vocabulary workbook for 8th grade, he will be focusing on vocabulary through his reading with Sonlight.

Spelling ~ Spelling Workout G

He did not like this spelling book and honestly neither did I. Many of the words were words I have never heard of and didn’t know how to pronounce {maybe that shows my intelligence level?}, but even when my husband took this subject over in the spring, he said it was an obscure word list.  We will not be using this again and will instead use the spelling list in Sonlight.

Bible/Worldview ~ Who is God? 

We basically just read this book together.  We both enjoy it, but have no plans to purchase the rest at this point.  If they were given to us we would definitely use them, it’s a budget thing right now.

Stay tuned, I will be sharing our year-end review for 3rd grade, Kindergarten and our All Together subjects.  I will also be sharing our curriculum choices for 8th grade, 4th grade, 1st grade and All Together subjects.

Flower Calendar Connections

Flower Identification Calendar Connections

My daughter has been very interested in flowers lately so I created a Flower Identification Calendar Connections set! This set is very basic and just focuses in naming the flowers, thus no back page with information.  She was interested in learning names and seeing pretty flowers which is why I made it simple.

She has enjoyed seeing which flower is next each day, simple summer learning for us!

Flower CC -8123

I hide that little bucket of cards and give her the new one each day as a surprise and she puts in in our calendar.

Flower CC -8114

The cards fit my particular pocket chart calendar.  I print my numbers on cardstock and laminate them before cutting them apart.


We also still create smaller sets to go along with the small pocket charts found in the Target $1 section. Be sure to visit this post for a tutorial of how to sew your $1 pocket chart into a calendar!

There is also a sheet included to be used in a Calendar Notebook if you are using those too!Calendar Connections  SMALL Flowers


See some great flower books to go along here! I especially love Lola Plants a Garden which was new to us this year!

Flower Books

You can download these for FREE here!

Scroll down and look for this graphic to find this set!

Flower Calendar Cards

Looking for more bird fun, here’s our Flower Pinterest board!

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You can use most of our Calendar Connections cards for any month!

Calendar Connections Set 1

Here are some fun SUMMER themes to choose from…

Ocean Theme Calendar Conncections  Bug Theme Calendar Connections  Botany Theme Calendar Connections

Free 4th of July Calendar Connections Cards ~ learn a new fact about the U.S.A every day  Pond Theme Calendar Connections  All About Birds Calendar Connections Printables  North American Backyard Birds Calendar Connections for K-2nd Grade