Tot School Gathering Place ~ Week 107

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Tot School Gathering Place Week 107


Wow! The last Sunday of the first month of 2015! It’s hard to believe that February starts next Sunday! Time flies when we are having fun with our Tots, doesn’t it? I love reading all your link ups to Tot School – you Mama’s are doing an amazing job with your Tots! Keep up the great work and continue sharing those wonderful ideas with all the Mama’s!

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Lately in Our Life ~ Trampoline, Travel, and a Girls Weekend


Lately in Our Life January 2015 3

Gymnastics Traveling

Last weekend, my guys traveled up north for a gymnastics meet and I stayed back to get lots done ~ unpacking, blog work, homeschool planning, and a few baths if I’m being totally honest. Krash did well in his competition coming home with 3 medals for placing in events.  His top were pommel horse, rings, and parallel bars. He absolutely loves competing, which makes the travel all worth it ~ it is such a joy to see him in his element!

Lately in Our Life -1824


Girls Weekend

While I was at home, Ladybug spent the entire weekend with just my mom and had a blast!  They enjoyed loads of girl time together, including a trip to an indoor waterpark and an outdoor park on a beautiful day!  One of the highlights of living near our family again is being able to do things like this. Spur of the moment weekend fun with grandparents!

Lately in Our Life -3623 Lately in Our Life -3626


Trampoline Talent

Speaking of beautiful weather, we took advantage of a couple of gorgeous days and enjoyed the trampoline after many chilly and rainy days. Pac and I had way too much fun one day while Krash was at the gym and Ladybug was taking a much needed random nap. We took pictures of each other and just laughed and laughed together. I shared the collage with me doing the toe touch first on Instagram, and then felt a bit guilty since I chose the photo that made me look like I slightly knew what I was doing {which I most certainly do not}. Then, I shared the other collage, revealing what most of the photos looked like {a ridiculous monkey}!  It was a fun time of laughter together. I think my husband just might use that collage of me as his new screensaver.

Lately in Our Life -3595 Lately in Our Life -3598


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et Word Family Printable ~ Funny Font Word Hunt

et word family printable funny font word hunt

We continue to enjoy our word family work here in our homeschool Kindergarten and have a new _et word family printable for you!  It’s one of Ladybug’s favorite activities, the Funny Font Word Hunt!

et word family funny fonts

This printable is a simple and fun activity to help children see print in many different forms.  As we all know, our world is filled with various fonts and learning that letters are the same no matter what font they are in is important for young kids!  This activity helps them learn this in a fun and simple way.

We use dot paint mostly for this activity, but she also likes to use colored stickers. Don’t have either?  Just use crayons or markers to circle the words in the correct color.

YCR et Word Family -3364

Ladybug also likes for us to take turns sometimes.  We will start at the top left and I will do a word, then she will do a word.  It makes for fun discussion, often about the fonts and letters.  She really gets into this one!

YCR et Word Family -3366


Grab your free copy of _et Funny Font Word Hunt here!

While there you’ll get a peek at the full _et word family printable set.  Many FREE individual files will be coming soon, the full set is available in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop if you want it now! 


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Perler Bead Alphabet

It’s no secret we love Perler Beads around here.  All three of my kids love creating and then playing with their creations.  We have numerous hand made Perler Bead toys! We have recently added a Perler Bead Alphabet set to our collection!

Perler Bead ABCs

Recently my kids got out our alphabet tray and began making the letters in their names. I suddenly realized how fun a set of letters would be for word work and asked them to make me a full set, with extras for vowels and common letters!

This is the tray we used, you can buy it on Amazon, we got ours at Michaels I think.

Perler Bead ABC Tray


I let them design the letters however they wanted, and we have used them almost everyday since they were created!

Perler Bead ABCs

We have already used our new ABCs during our home Kindergarten learning a lot! Making words is much more fun when you helped make the letters yourself!

Here’s a peek at our letters in action ~

Instead of circling, we’ve been using them on our Logic of English worksheets. Below she was identifying the middle sound.

Kindergarten -3577


We’ve also been using them with our word family work!

YCR et Word Family -3274

Kindergarten -3375


There’s also a printable template on the Perler Bead website if you have square templates and want to make bigger ABCs.  You can also easily freehand the letters!


Make Your OWN Perler Bead Alphabet

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You Can Read Sight Words ~ Unit 9

You Can Read Sight Words continues to be a fun part of our homeschool Kindergarten.  Along with adding these new words, we also reviewed the previous words from unit 1, unit 2, unit 3, unit 4, unit 5, unit 6, unit 7 and unit 8. You can see how we store ALL of our You Can Read stuff here.

Here’s a post sharing You Can Read Unit 9 with Krash when he did it!  See all of Krash’s Kindergarten posts here.

You Can Read Sight Words Unit 9

This is our first full unit in our new house and back to a somewhat normal routine.  She learned these words very quickly, so we spent one week and did a few activities each day. We are now using these alongside of our new You Can Read Word Family printables.  She is learning 4 new sight words and one word family per week now.  We will slow down if she needs to, but this seems to be just right for her at this time.

Here’s the photo recap of what I captured…

Word building ~ she taped them onto colored paper this week. 

YCR Unit 9 -3317


Roll and graph ~ a favorite!

YCR Unit 9 -3393


Color by number sight word, with kitties drawn on the letters.

YCR Unit 9 -3398


Reading one of her easy readers.

YCR Unit 9 -3452


Color by number sight word.

YCR Unit 9 -3454


Word puzzles ~ and mom getting busted taking a picture!

YCR Unit 9 -3501 YCR Unit 9 -3502


Funny fonts with dot paint.

YCR Unit 9 -3507


Sentence search ~ she used purple to circle this week’s words and blue to circle any other words she could read.  Then we read the sentences together!

YCR Unit 9 -3510

Here’s a video of us reading together when she was done…



Building words with Spielgaben pieces.

YCR Unit 9 -3515


Here’s her completed work from the week ~

YCR Unit 9 -3522


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