Tot School Gathering Place Week 136

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Where is the summer going?!?!?! We are already half way through the month of August! Many of you may have already started the school year…and some are just gearing up! Whatever your state – make sure you share all your wonderful ideas with us here at the Gathering Place! We’d love to see what you’re up to!

Are you ending your summer with a trip to the beach? Check out the ideas from Adventures in Tot Schooling to see if any of the activities might interest your Tot!

Adventures in Tot Schooling 8162015

Are you starting Tot Schooling or Homeschooling this week or in the near future? Check out Mama April’s start into the Tot School journey over at My Sacred Sojourn and maybe give her some words of encouragement!

My Sacred Sojourn 8162015

Is your Tot exploring rhyming in her everyday language? Take a peek at the gem that Mama Michelle from Research Parent found and put together for her Tot to explore the world of rhyme!Research Parent 8162015

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I Spy Color Hunt Book

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Lately in Our Life ~~ Summer Wrap Up

Lately I totally forgot to write this series!  I haven’t shared since June, whoops!  I was doing so well then totally forgot about it!

Lately in our Life August 2015


Loving the Library

My little book worm loves the library and we go at least once every 2 weeks!  She has spent much of her free time this summer with her nose buried in a book.  I can’t lie – I love it!  Neither of my boys loved books as much as she does.  This is a treat for me since I always secretly hoped I would have at least 1 bookworm!

Library Love-6970 Library -8450Library Love-8141 Library -8806


Summer Gymnastics Training

Our son has had a pretty intense training schedule this summer.  He absolutely loves it and it has been fun to see his progress.  He is excited to begin competing again in November at his new level {6}. Here are a couple of video clips {click to see them on Instagram} of him in the gym this summer! It still blows my mind to watch him.

Lately in Our Life Gym 2 Lately in Our Life Gym


Beach, Pool, Yard, Lake & Camping Fun

We were thankful that our small above ground pool survived our move and has been a great way to beat the southern heat this summer!

Lately in Our Life -7406 Lately in Our Life -8516


We have also enjoyed my parents’ pool a lot {on the left below}!  AND…I turned 40!  The pics on the right are from my birthday dinner!

 Lately in Our Life -8382 Lately in Our Life -7530


Some of our new friends live on a lake and we have spent time with them there and LOVED every minute!

Lately in Our Life -7607 Lately in Our Life -7599

Lately in Our Life -8574 Lately in Our Life -8583


We enjoyed a beach trip with my husband’s family and the kids enjoyed camping with their Pop Pop and Daddy!

Lately in Our Life -7979 Lately in Our Life -8783

My oldest son spent much of his summer away, mostly serving with church and enjoying his new church friends.  He went on a beach getaway with his new youth group, mission trip to Chicago, and spent a week helping at a camp for children with special needs. He was gone a lot, we are happy to have him home!

I have enjoyed our summer break, and am also happy that fall is upon us.  I love routine and I truly love homeschooling our kids.  I have missed it!

See more of what’s been going on lately in our life here on Instagram!

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Inspire Me! Story Starter Photo Cards ~ Cat Theme

Cats Story Starters Printable Photo Cards

Inspire Me! Story Starter Photo Cards feature a simple photograph on the front, with word ideas on the back.  You can see more about why they were created and how we use them here in our original post!

We have a brand new CAT set for you today, with 18 different photographs. My daughter helped me choose some of these and was giggling as we picked them.  A reader shared with me that she plans to use these with her ESL students, what a great idea!

Here’s one of the stories my daughter wrote using one of our cat cards!

Story Starters Cat Theme


Below you can see the photographs included in this set, there are matching word idea cards for each photo also!

Cat Photo Printables Cat Photo Printables Cat Photo Printables


See a video walk through here showing you how we use and organize our cards, and the extra printables we use alongside of them.


We have more themes coming and many will be released here on my blog for FREE.  I am also listing sets in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop.  Be sure to subscribe to our blog posts so you don’t miss any of our free printables!

Have a theme idea for a set? Leave me a comment!

Download your free Cats Story Starters here!

Inspire Me Story Starters Cats

The printables shown below were were created to go along with our story starters! 

Choose-your-Own-Writing-Paper  Choose-Your-Own-Alphabet-Chart  Try It Sheet

Summer Fun Story Starters Printables  Bugs Story Starters Printable Photo Cards

Looking for more CAT fun?

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Bible Verse Printables Letter T

Proverbs 3 verse 5 T is for Trust Free Printables

Our Raising Lil’ Rock Stars Bible Verse Printables for the Letter T are available to download for free! T is for TRUST! This set is based on Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.”

Here’s a peek at the work she did at home.

Coloring ~  I love coloring time because it gives such a great opportunity for discussion. 

RLRS Letter T -8435


Cut and Glue the Verse ~ this is a great word work activity for her, identifying words and sounds she knows, as well as the Bible verse as a whole. She uses the printable that has the light gray matching words on it.

RLRS Letter T -8377


The verse tune printables are only available in the bundle but you can hear her singing along in the video. The tune is “London Bridge.”


The free version is ONLY for home use.  If you will be using these printables in a church setting, private group, co-op, preschool or other group you will need to purchase the group bundle here.

Download your free Letter T printables here!Raising Lil' Rock Stars Letter T for Trust

 Scroll down until you see the graphic for letter T and click on it to download the PDF file.

Download or printing trouble? See tips here!

These printables are from Raising Lil’ Rock Stars, see more info here!



See other letters in action by clicking the graphics below!

RLRS-Letter-A-Philippians-2-5-Bible-[1]  RLRS-Letter-B-John-3-16-Bible-Verse-  RLRS-Letter-C-Genesis-1-1-Bible-Vers

RLRS-Letter-D-Isaiah-48-17--Bible-Ve[2]  RLRS-Letter-E-Philippians-2-Bible-Ve[1]  RLRS-Letter-F-Matthew-4-Bible-Verse-

RLRS-Letter-G-Matthew-28-Bible-Verse[1]  RLRS-Letter-H-Psalm-33-Bible-Verse-P  RLRS Letter I  Bible Verse Printables  RLRS Letter J John 1 Bible Verse Printables

Bible-Verse-Printables-Letter-K-is-f  Bible-Verse-Printables-L-is-for-Ligh[1]  Bible-Verse-Printables-M-is-for-Migh[2]  Bible-Verse-Printables-N-is-for-Neig

Bible-Verse-Printables-Letter-O-Psal[1]  P-is-for-Praise-Bible-Verse-Printabl  Q-is-for-Quiet-Bible-Verse-Printable  Bible-Verse-Printables-Letter-R11


Apple Q-Tip Painting Printables

Apple Q tipPainting Printables

With back to school and fall approaching, many of us think APPLES!  I am always trying to think of new ideas for timeless themes, especially those centered around seasons and holidays.  Recently I created a new Apple Q-Tip Painting printable pack for you!

This set features many different options, in both black & white and color.

Apple Qtip Painting (5) Apple Qtip Painting (3) Apple Qtip Painting (4)

Apple Qtip Painting (6) Apple Qtip Painting (7)

Apple Qtip Painting (8) Apple Qtip Painting (9) Apple Qtip Painting (10)


Each of the printables shown above is also available in all capital letters!

APPLE Qtip painting


Apple Qtip Painting (19) Apple Qtip Painting (20)Apple Qtip Painting (21) Apple Qtip Painting (22)

Download your free Apple Q-tip Painting Printables here!

See more apple ideas here on our Pinterest board!

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WHY use Q-Tip Painting Printables?

The big answer is fine motor skills! You’ll notice how we focus on not only the tiny dots, but also using small items in painting or adding to the dots. All of this works on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

The letter identification is a secondary bonus!

See ideas for using these here!


Looking for all of our Q-Tip Painting Printables? Click on the images to see the free printables for each theme shown below! I am always adding more, so be sure to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss new themes!

Slide4 Jack and the Beanstalk Q-tip Printables

Despicable Me Q-tip Printables Lalaloopsy Q-tip Printables Tinkerbell Q-tip Printables

Sofia Q-tip Printables Noah's Ark Q-tip Printables

Mouse Paint Q-tip Printables Thanksgiving Q-tip Printables Slide542

Christmas Fun Q-tip Printables Nativity Q-tip Printables Slide24

Slide272 The Mitten Q-tip Printables Slide2522

Q-Tip-Alphabet-Painting Q-Tip-Painting-Number-Printables

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