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We are so thankful for our blog sponsors and want to share them with you each month!  Read below to see what reviews & giveaways we have coming soon, and about any special discounts our sponsors are offering right now.

Educents is the trusted resource for every child’s education. Whether you’re looking for curricula and science experiments, or tips and ideas, we hope we can help you discover new ways to make learning fun!


We recently reviewed Evan-Moor Daily Summer Activities books here!

Evan-Moor Summer


Have you tried Lessontrek yet? See our video walkthrough here and see more about why we love it.


See how my oldest son is now using it to write his own lesson plans!


Spielgaben is a long time blog sponsor and we are still enjoying our Spielgaben set!  Our monthly posts share what we have been up to with our set, we’ve been loving our set this year for 1st grade math!

Here’s our recent post sharing the fun we have had this past month with Spielgaben.


We are thrilled to have Math Grab as a sponsor this month!  See our full review of the fun Math Grab game here!


Ivy Kids is simply awesome!  They sent us kits for review and we LOVE them!  Use code IVY20 to get 20% off of your first kit!


See our recent review of Gotta Go! Gotta Go! here!

Ivy Kids Kit Gotta Go Gotta Go

We love Friends and Heroes and are enjoying their new Homeschool Bible Study Curriculum!


See more about the new Family Devotion Pack here!



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Exploring Shapes with Spielgaben

Playful Learning with Spielgaben is our monthly post sharing Spielgaben in action!  If you missed the introduction to this series, you can see it here. We were given the Spielgaben set to review and are honored to have them as a blog sponsor.

Exploring Shapes with Spielgaben


Exploring Shapes

We have been using our Spielgaben set to explore shapes this month. As we continue on with a very loose 1st grade math plan, I choose concepts I want to expose her to before beginning a more formal math program in 2nd grade.

Math Manual, Part 3, Chapter 1 ~ Play 28: Let’s Make Shapes

Spielgaben Math Play 28 ShapesSpielgaben Math Play 28


We have obviously worked with shapes before, so this was an extension of what she already knew.  For this lesson she learned the word vertex and we made vocabulary cards to go along to reinforce our new words.

Spielgaben -4213

Spielgaben -4215

Spielgaben -4219

Her other new word was quadrilateral, and we had fun making quadrilaterals together both with the balls and also the sticks.

Spielgaben -4222


Math Manual, Part 3 Chapter 1 ~ Play 29: I Want to Be a TriangleSpielgaben Math Play 29


This was a neat lesson built into a fun game.  We used 3 dice each with 1-6 on them.  We organized the sticks in groups as shown below.

Spielgaben -4334

We took turns rolling the dice and using the corresponding stick to build {or not build} a triangle, learning different things along the way – like the fact that you can’t build a triangle every time!

As we moved along she learned about an isosceles triangle!

Spielgaben -4345

We also learned about an equilateral triangle!

Spielgaben -4347

See more math fun we have had with Spielgaben!

Exploring-3D-Shapes-with-Spielgaben3[1] Exploring-Symmetry-with-Spielgaben22 Math-Play-with-Spielgaben---ideas-fo[1] Math-with-Spielgaben122 

Soma-Cube-with-Spielgaben22 Playful-Learning-with-Spielgaben-Sep Hands-on-Math-with-Spielgaben3_thumb Hands on 1st Grade Math with Spielgaben 

Multiplication-with-Spielgaben24622 Create-a-Clock-with-Spielgaben1012 Exploring-fractions-with-Spielgaben8[1] Exploring-Measurement-with-Spielgabe[1]


See version 4.0 here!


Spielgaben offers a special discount to my readers, just send an email to [email protected] mentioning 1+1+1=1 and you will be provided with a discount coupon!

Last Day for Build Your Bundle!


This sale is now over.  Stay tuned for next year!



Today, May 23, 2016 is the LAST DAY for this year’s Build Your Bundle sale. Some of you will be relieved when the bloggers stop blogging bout this, I understand. But trust me, someone is seeing this for the very first time today and will be so thankful I shared one last time! This sale is a huge blessing to many homeschooling families who purchase through this sale and also us homeschoolers who have products in the bundle. The affiliate earnings are a huge support to our family! So, thank you for being patient with me and the other bloggers sharing this sale one last time today! I pray MANY of you have been blessed with your purchases through this sale!

We have shared some of our favorites this past week.

Bible-9303  World Geography Country Printables 8 Additional Countries  BYB 2016 Favorites

Deciding what to buy isn’t always the easiest during this sale. I truly hope my posts have helped you some! My friend Jolanthe has also written a few posts sharing her favorites. See what she bought here, and see her thoughts about Write Shop D here. Maybe her posts might help you too as you make your final decisions today!

Tot School Gathering Place Week 176

Welcome to Tot School™ Gathering Place! Gather together here, gather ideas from other blogs, share your own ideas on your own blog. Browse around at the other posts linked up, leave a few comments if you have time, and be sure to check back to see if your blog was featured!

Each week we will feature photo{s} and ideas from blogs who link up. Remember, provide a link back to Tot School Gathering Place within your post that you link up, so you can be considered for the feature!

Tot School Gathering Place

Our school year is starting to get wrapped up and we are beginning to enjoy a slightly slower pace of life for the next few weeks! What do your days look like this time of year? Do they slow down or gain momentum? Whatever your days look like, don’t forget to link up to the Gathering Place and share what activities you and your Tot are enjoying for the week!

It’s never too early to start teaching our Tots about grammar! Head on over to SmartE PartE and see the cute idea that Mama Kristin and Tot E enjoyed this past week!

05222016 SmartE PartE

Across the United States, the weather has been crazy wild at times! I hope everyone is safe! Maybe your Tot has seen some of this weather. If so, take a peek at the different picture books that Mama Courtney gathered together to help her Tot learn about different types of weather!

05222016 Mommy & Her Men

Do you need some activity ideas to help keep your Tot busy and learning? Check out the activities that Mama Kathleen from Word Boosting put together for her two Tots! One or more may appeal to your Tot!

05222016 Word Boosting

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My Favorite Individual Products in Build Your Bundle 2016

This sale is now over, stay tuned for next year!



BYB 2016 Favorites


Want to see a list of my VERY favorite items in the Build Your Bundle? As you make your final decisions, I thought you might want to see my list of favorites. I owned some of these already before this sale and some are new to me that I NOW own thanks to this sale!

My favorite products are listed by name below and next to each name I link to the bundle the item is in.

My Favorite BYB Products

    So, that’s my list!  There are many more I like but this is a list of the items I LOVE and OWN! Be sure to check these out and see if they might be favorites for you too. Finish your shopping before Monday, May 23 at 11:59pm EST!

We are so thankful to be a contributor and affiliate with BYB this year!