littleBits Smart Home Kit Review

littleBits Smart Home Kit Review

You may remember our first post featuring the littleBits Deluxe Kit, which we love!  In fact, my oldest son in particular fell in love with littleBits and begged for the Smart Home Kit.  I contacted littleBits to see if they would be interested in another review and they said yes!  We were sent this kit to review in exchange for this blog post and our thoughts about it.

littleBits Smart Home Kit



What exactly is littleBits?

littleBits is a simple way to learn and invent with electronics.  There is a vast module library and the modules snap together with magnets so it’s impossible to make a mistake. The library has over 60 modules and growing. littleBits kits come with individual Bits and detailed, step-by-step instructions for building your very first inventions.

The littleBits system is modular so every Bit works with every other Bit in the library!  There is tons of info on their website!


When the Smart Home Kit arrived, my 13 year old son was thrilled.  The other kids like it too, but this one was mainly for PacMan.

littleBits -8989


Even I didn’t really understand why he wanted it so badly, but he explained it to me {well, he tried}.  He had spent loads of time on the littleBits website researching the kits.  He actually begged for the One of Everything Collection, I laughed. The Smart Home Kit was the main kit he wanted and he has had so much fun with it.  It also combines with the Deluxe Kit we already had, so he is now able to create even more!

littleBits -8990


His favorite features of the Smart Home Kit are the following…

    Don’t ask me what each of those snazzy things do, I have no clue.  I am so not an electronics gal but am so glad he loves this and knows what each one is and why he loves it!
    One of his projects I snapped some photos of, a timer! he just loves creating and messing with stuff like this.  My husband really likes this too and is so thankful we now own these sets.

littleBits -8999

littleBits -9002


You can purchase the Smart Home Kit here and see all of the other littleBits kits here!  I know there are probably MANY kids out there who would just love something like this as a gift!

Fall Leaves Many Ways ~ Fun Fall Leaf Art

Fun Fall Art ~ Fall leaves Many Ways

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We recently enjoyed an intense crafty session creating fall leaves using many different methods! I would have only attempted one of these per day when my children were younger, maybe even 1 per season!  Now that she is 6 and loves this {and is MUCH easier}, we tend to do more! Fall leaf art time was definitely FUN for us!

I gave her several options to create many different fall colored leaves and let her choose! We used her big blue MessMatz {we got on Zulily} and our colored plastic trays {from Oriental Trading}. I printed a variety of leaves from our Fall Leaves Coloring Pages, all on cardstock.

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9562

Grab your free fall leaf printables here!

Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring Pages


Her first choice was glitter glue.  I got these at Target in the Dollar Spot last year, and pulled out the fall colors for her. My idea was for her to outline the leaves with the glitter glue, her idea was to use it more like paint and smear it around.

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9559

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9561

Fall Leaf Art -9829


Her next choice was my very favorite ~ shaving cream paint!

First, squirt some shaving cream on a tray, then drizzle paint on top as shown below.  Use a stick to swirl paint around gently.

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9568

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9573

Lightly press your paper on top of the mixture and pat it. 

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9579

Let the paper sit for about a minute and then use a squeegee to pull the shaving cream off to show the beautiful paint underneath!

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9582

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9584

Fall Leaf Art -9843

We also did this with some of the bigger leaves, also in the fall leaves coloring set.Fall Leaf Art -9815

See our video peek inside of this project and how we did it, as well as the others in this post!

Fall Leaf Art

We had loads of fun creating many different kinds of fall leaves, and then made calendar cards out of the small ones!! I would have never attempted this big of a crafty mess all at once when my kids were younger, but now it is totally doable! **BLOG POST with more photos & details ~**See more VIDEOS on our YOUTUBE Channel ~**SUBSCRIBE to our blog posts ~

Posted by 1+1+1=1 on Sunday, September 13, 2015

Next up was marble painting!  First, I challenged her to try to do it on this tray, which she could totally do but didn’t want to focus so much!

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9589

In the past we have used a cardboard box, but this time we used a clear plastic box and washed it afterward.  Be sure to tape the paper down before you do this.Then add drops of paint and put a marble in.  It’s a fun game trying to get the marble into the paint and onto the paper!

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9596

She got the leaf so paint-y, I couldn’t even see the lines so I just cut out a leaf shape!

Fall Leaf Art -9819


She loved sponge painting! We have small cut up sponges that we use for water play and painting. 

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9612

Fall Leaf Art -9839


She hasn’t done tissue paper art like this in a very long time!  The last time I remember doing it was here! Make a mixture of water and white glue {basically water down the glue a bit}.  Use a paint brush to brush the glue onto the paper and then lay colored pieces of tissue paper on top.  Paint over again to seal any loose edges.

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9626

Fall Leaf Art -9832


Finally, Q-Tip Art!  She really enjoyed this a lot!

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9631

Fall Leaf Art -9836


Here’s a video peek at how we made the shaving cream and tissue painted leaves!



We let all of her pieces dry overnight, some were really damp so they took awhile!

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9643


We laminated them since we decided to make calendar cards with them!

Fall Leaf Art Projects -9665


I used a dry erase marker to write on the leaves, so if she decides to use them for something else next year, we can!

Fall Leaf Art -9846


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Tot School Gathering Place Week 140

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9132015 Teacher Turned Mama

What could be better than combining Minions with science? Head on over to Make This The Day to see how Mama Andrea combined the two!

9132015 Make This The Day

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Fall Leaf Qtip FB

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Teach Your Child to Read Free Flash Cards and Giveaway!

I am excited to have Janine from True Aim here to share how she teaches her children to read with a Free printable and giveaway!

Teaching your child to read is easier than you think and it can be a lot of fun! With just 10-15 minutes a day, you can help give your preschool or kindergarten aged child a head start, or help them improve their reading skills.

First hundred words free flash cards printable

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When I decided to start teaching my child to read early (around 3 yrs old), there were so many different programs! It was a little overwhelming. I tried Teach Your Baby to Read, The Reading Remedy, Starfall and many others. They were things I liked about them, and things that I felt were missing. There had to be a better way. After researching, My husband and I came up with our own program. The Blue Manor Phonics Reading Set helps your children learn to read by teaching the sounds of the letters first, and in all caps. This is to prevent children from memorizing the shape of the word and has them focusing on what the letter sound is.

Teach your child to read phonics curriculum

The Phonics Book in Level 1 starts with a few basic sounds and has your children blending the sounds to make words right away! This helps motivate them because it makes it more meaningful to them than just learning a bunch of random sounds. Plus, practicing combining the sounds is the KEY to reading. Here’s a quick video to show you what Level 1 looks like.


After completing Level 1, your child will have learned to read their first 100 words! Then they will be ready to read the early readers perfect for their level. These readers are unique in that they have the pictures featured on the next page so your child practices blending the letter sounds instead of being distracted by the pictures. You can use the curriculum just like it shows in the video; review and learn a few sounds each day for 5-15 minutes or however long your children like. Most of the time we do that because it is just SO easy and then sometimes we use activities to reinforce letter sounds or combinations that they are struggling with. Here are some examples of the activities we like to do.

Learn to Read Activities

1. Letter Sounds Bean Bag Toss

2. Alphabet Cube Puzzle Printables

3. Race to a Letter

4. The Reading Road

Use this FREE printable of the First Hundred Words flash cards that go with the curriculum to play exciting Flash Card Games and make it fun for your child!

Teach your child to read flash cards  

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Teach Your Child to Read Giveaway!

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You can also save 50% on the Blue Manor Preschool Set until 9/30 with code: 1plus1E50

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Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring Printables

Free Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring Pages

We have a brand new set of Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring printables for you!

The idea behind “Just Color!” is simple ~ theme packs all focused around coloring. There are mostly coloring pages, and a few coloring activities. The coloring pages are all in one download to make it easier to download and print all at once, in case you have coloring monsters like I do!

If you want to make a mini coloring book, you can scale down PDF files, like we did as you can see below! 

Fall Leaf Coloring -9542


I prepped the little owl coloring book for my daughter by scaling down to 2 per page.  I then trimmed around the edges, leaving extra space at the top.  I punched holes and attached with metal rings rather than staples.  She likes to take the pages off as she works on them, and this keeps them nice!

Fall Leaf Coloring -9555


Here’s a peek at the different coloring pages in this free printable set!

Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (2) Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (13)Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (3) Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (4) Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (5)Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (6) Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (7) Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (8)Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (9) Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (10)Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (11) Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (12)Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (14) Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (15)Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (16) Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (17)Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (18) Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (19)Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (20) Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (1) Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring  (21)


Download the Fall Leaves & Trees coloring printables and more here!

Look for this graphic and click to download!

Fall Leaves and Trees Coloring Pages


If you have any problems downloading or printing these or other PDF files, see troubleshooting tips here.



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Fall Leaf Coloring Pages