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BYB Kindergarten

Homeschooling a Kindergartner? It’s one of my very favorite years of homeschooling! As a former public school Kindergarten teacher, it is most certainly a passion of mine and I am thrilled to share some fabulous resources with you so you can confidently homeschool your own Kindergartner.

This year’s Build Your Bundle is filled with amazing resources which you could use for Kindergarten!

BYB 2018 Kindergarten Favorites

I don’t believe in a strict plan for homeschooling Kindergarten, but take more of a “meet your child where s/he is at” approach. Some Kindergartner’s are at more of a Pre-K learning/developmental level and some are more of a 1st grade+ level. As I share these top picks, be sure to keep your own specific child in mind.


BYB Overwhelming?

Short on time, but want MANY resources for early childhood? Skip the Build Your Own and grab all 3 Early Learning Bundles. You buy 2 and get the third one for FREE!

early-learning1 early-learning2 early-learning3

Early Learning #1 – $29


Early Learning #2 – $29


Early Learning #3 – FREE!

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Have some time to browse?

Have some time and want to Build your Own? Scroll through this post, make a list of what stands out to you, be sure to notice the downloadable visual version and spreadsheet I made to help you. You’ll find that after I go through the individual products.

Raising Lil’ Rock Stars Through the Bible A to Z

My very own Raising Little Rock Stars Through the Bible A to Z is a fabulous option for your Kindergartner! New to RLRS? Read this post! This is a curriculum I wrote and it is the one most dear to my heart. So much time went into the writing and creating of this one! If you are looking for a way to bring the Bible into your Kindergarten {or PreK or 1st grade}, while also working through the alphabet, this is a simple way to do it!


THE RLRS Bundle is included in the Early Learning # 2 Bundle, or can be added to a Build Your Own!




This is a fabulous product and is in the Early Learning #1 Bundle. I love daily review work like this and this product looks great!

CHSH Independent Morning Work for Kinders ELB 1



One area to focus on with your Kindergartner is math. You can see my K Math Goals post here.

Grab these in a pre-made Early Learning Bundle, or add to a Build Your Own!

No Prep K Math Unit 1 – Early Learning #1

No Prep K Math Unit 2 – Early Learning #2

DIY Calendar & Weather Center – Early Learning #1





We fill our Kindergarten year with literacy galore. Reading books, practicing phonics, learning sight words, exploring writing, and everything else in between! I love having a variety of resources to use so I can switch it up if desired. See my Kindergarten Literacy Goals post here.

The BYB is a great way to stock up on resources so you’ll have them if needed!

Sight Words

We used my You Can Read Sight Word program as our base program for memorizing the Dolch Sight Words. These Sight Word products from the BYB would go along perfectly!

Grab these in a pre-made Early Learning Bundle, or add to a Build Your Own!

Sight Word Fluency Mini-Books – Early Learning #1

40 Early Sight Word Readers –Early Learning #2

No-Prep Sight Words-Early Learning #1


Handwriting and Letter ID

Many choose to focus on handwriting skills in Kindergarten and Maze Writer is a innovative and fun way to do this. Maze Writer is included in the Early Learning #1 Bundle

MazeWriter-3D-1-300x394     15168785_10155490546659606_3697626305849319121_o

Phonics and Handwriting

Phonics with Penmanship is another great product! You can find Year 1 in the Early Learning #1 and Year 2 in the Early Learning #2.


Phonics with Penmanship

Word Families

We used our You Can Read Word Families as a fun way to learn word families. This would be a great product to go along with that if you use it! This is a $75 value and is found in Elementary #3.




Looking for something all-inclusive? I found two! There’s a full Charlotte Mason-Inspired Kindergarten Curriculum in the Charlotte Mason Bundle and Kindergarten Complete {$140 value}  is in the Early Learning #3 Bundle.




I love this Learning About Science Collection. Volume 1 would be great to begin using with your Kindergartner. I actually bought this and am using some of it with me 3rd grader, it is a great {and simple} way to expose early science topics.

Take your younger elementary students on an exploration of life science, earth science, and physical science with the Learning About Science Collection, Level 1. These seven books study how plants grow, common fruits and vegetables, animal habitats, senses and body systems, life cycles, the earth’s layers, earthquakes, volcanoes, states of matter, and more.

Sneak a bigger peek into this one in my Facebook video here.

You can find this in Elementary #1

BR Science Level 1




My absolute favorite is the Grapevine Bible Sampler – we love Grapevine Bible Studies! Grab this in the Early Learning #1. Looking for some charts to help your kids focus on character qualities? Find the Kids Character Charts in the Parenting Bundle.

Others to look into:

What is God Doing – Character Bundle

Kid’s Character Charts – Parenting Bundle

Prepared to Stand {Student} – Character Bundle

Prepared to Stand {Leader} – Character Bundle




Going beyond the basics of literacy and math brings us to a few more fun products to consider for your Kindergartner. We absolutely LOVE Maestro Classics and Peter & the Wolf just happens to be our very favorite. You can grab the MP3 Download and a lapbook to go along in the Fine Arts Bundle!

No-Prep Crafts can be found in Early Learning # 1.



How to Get it ALL for the BEST Price…

Do you want most of that? Want to see the best way to get it for the lowest cost? I did the work for you and created a spreadsheet to show you! Keep in mind, you can easily replace items on this spreadsheet with others you may want more. There are also 2 blanks in the final FREE bundle for you to add more items! This is just a sample of how you could use the Buy 2 Get 1 Free to Build your Own Bundles!

CLICK HERE to see a PDF of the Kindergarten choices and how I arranged the Build Your Own Bundles to get them all.


CLICK HERE to download it in Excel version so you can edit the file for yourself and make a plan customized for YOU!

Kindergarten in BYB 2018

Happy Bundle Shopping!


BYB 2018 Kindergarten Resources


Helping You Build YOUR Bundle

BYB 2018 Intro Post

{disclaimer ~ I am a contributor and affiliate with BYB}

The day has arrived! Build your Bundle Homeschool Edition 2018 is open! Many of you look forward to this sale now and some of you are wondering what in the world I am so excited about! Trust me, it is worth taking some time to look at, you could save TONS of money on homeschool curriculum.

This is going to be a long post – in my effort to help you! You’ll find a general explanation, PDF printables to download, an Excel spreadsheet I made to help you, my favorites, what I bought and another PDF showing what I bought in a visual format.

If you are new to BYB, here’s the basics…


Helpful Printables

Here are some PDF printables that may help you as you shop and make decisions. This shopping list is fabulous and there is a printable Buyer’s Guide for products 19.99 and under to help you see it all in one place!

byo-buyers-guide shopping-list

What did 1+1+1=1 Contribute?

I am a contributor and affiliate for Build Your Bundle, our Raising Lil’ Rock Stars Through the Bible A to Z is one of the products included this year.

Raising Lil Rock Stars Through the Bible A to Z

Grab it in the Early Learning #2 Bundle or add it to a Build Your Own! See more info about Raising Lil’ Rock Stars here. It is great for kids in PreK, Kindergarten, or 1st grade! You could even use many of the components with older kids too!


My Favorites!

I went through the entire BYB contents and chose my very favorite products. Here is a visual list, be sure to take a peek at these! See ALL products here to find even more! These are just some of my favorites!



peter-wolf-maestro-1-300x217 blogging-basics-1-300x217

My Purchases

I own many of those featured above, and bought the rest this year! Here’s a screenshot of my spreadsheet showing my purchases and how I decided on the best savings for me.

BYB 2018 Purchases[3]

After doing the math, I figured out that doing a Buy 2, Get 1 Free of the Build Your Own Bundles was the best option. I had a few products that I wanted which were over the $19.99 mark so I chose to do one BYO Premium of 5 for $39, one BYO Basic of 10 for $39, and got my final BYO Basic of 10 for FREE!

CLICK HERE to download a blank Excel file that you are welcome to use!

BYB Excel Spreadsheet blank

CLICK HERE to see a PDF with a visual version of what I purchased.


Live Video

Want a peek inside of some of what I bought? See my live video here on Facebook! I talk about my binding machine, how I print it all, show the inside of printed curriculum I bought and more!

FB Live


What About the Pre-Made Bundles?

Here is a list of which product from my favorites list above is in a pre-made bundle, so you can see if that might be a better option for you. Remember, if you buy 2 of these bundles, you get 1 free! For some of you getting the pre-made bundles will be the best option. Especially those of you with little kiddos! I would most certainly grab all three Early Learning Bundles! Buy 2 get the third for FREE!

Early Learning #1 – Price $29.00

  • Phonics with Penmanship Year 1 {$29.99}
  • Morning Work for Kindergartners {$7.99}
  • Maze Writer {$7}
  • Pre-K Bible Sampler – Traceable {$12.50}
  • and much more!

Early Learning #2– Price $29.00

  • 40 Sight Word Early Readers {$15}
  • Raising Lil’ Rock Stars Through the Bible A to Z {$12}
  • Phonics with Penmanship Year 2 {$29.99}
  • and much more!

Elementary Bundle #1—Price $39.00

  • Math Interactive Notebook {$14.99}
  • Rocks & Dirt {$14.95}
  • Learning About Science Collection, Level 1 {$14.43}
  • Animals in Time: American history Family Package {$19}
  • and much more!

Elementary Bundle #2—Price $39.00

  • The Ultimate Math Cheat Sheets {$15.99}
  • Do Right: Learning to Make Wise Choices JUNIOR {$15}
  • BIG Grammar Reference Bundle {$12.99}
  • Solar System Bundle {$30}
  • Let’s Go Geography {$27.99}
  • and much more!

Elementary #3—Price $39.00

  • The Nifty Fifty {$19.99}
  • Learning About Science Collection, Vol. 2 {$15.92}
  • Language Arts Interactive Notebook {$14.95}
  • and much more!

Upper Grades Bundle # 1—Price $39.00

  • College Prep Writing: Write to Achieve! {$167.97}
  • High School Vocabulary Vol. 1 {$7.99}
  • World Religions & Cults Vol. 1 {$15.99}
  • and much more!

Upper Grades Bundle #2—Price $39.00

  • Do Right: Learning to Make Wise Choices YOUTH {$15}
  • and much more!

Character Bundle—Price $29.00

  • To Every Nation {$25}
  • Prepared to Stand: The Armor of God Leader’s Guide {$12.99}
  • Prepared to Stand: The Armor of God Student Book {$4.99}
  • What God is Doing {$15}
  • and much more!

Fine Arts Bundle—Price $19.00

  • Maestro Classics Peter & the Wolf MP3 & Activity Book {$9.98}
  • Maestro Classics Peter & the Wolf Lapbook {$13.00}
  • and much more!

Thematic Units Bundle—Price $10.00

  • US Geography & History Study Pack Bundle {$19.99}
  • and much more!

Homemaking Bundle—Price $15.00

  • Healthy Snacks To Go {$9.95}
  • DIY Breakfast Station {$9}
  • Blogging Basics Bootcamp {$97}
  • and much more!

Charlotte Mason Bundle—Price $49.00

  • Character Copywork {$5.99}
  • and much more!

Unit Studies Bundle—Price $19.00}

  • United States Unit {$5}
  • Branches of Government {$10}
  • and much more!

See all of the pre-made bundles here!




Chickens 4 the Hinsons ~ Week 6

Chickens 4 the Hinsons Week 6

The girls have moved into the coop!

Catching up on our chick adventures? You can see week 1 here and week 2 here, week 3 here and week 4/5 here

The day the coop got finished enough for the girls to move out was a HAPPY day for all! It isn’t entirely done, we still have to build their nesting boxes and have a few more additions. But it is safe, warm and there’s plenty of room for them all!

Chickens Week 6 (17 of 14)

Chickens Week 6 (18 of 14) Chickens Week 6 (19 of 14)

I must admit, I was a bit nervous the first few nights not having them in the safety of my garage. But it’s been over a week and all is well! We have done all we can afford to protect them!     

When we designed the run, we wanted it to be people-friendly so we could easily go in with them. We are not planning to free range at this point due to dangers in our area and also our own dog {the Dachshund} is the biggest threat to them. So we wanted a nice run area where we could hang out with them!

Chickens Week 6 (22 of 14)

Chickens Week 6 (21 of 14) Chickens Week 6 (24 of 14)Chickens Week 6 (25 of 14) Chickens Week 6 (26 of 14)

My favorite part is begin able to see my girls enjoying their run. When we let them out in the morning, it’s a mad rush to the ground! They flap all around and go nuts, it’s hilarious!

Chickens Week 6 (20 of 14)



Coop Progress…   

The coop and run is currently still in progress but the safety features are complete. You can see the netting covering the entire run, which is to protect them from flying predators during the day. They are locked into the coop at night, which is hardwired and fully secure.

Chickens Week 6 (27 of 14)

We still have some work to do on the door and around the bottom edges of the fencing to protect them even more.

Chickens Week 6 (28 of 14)

Here’s a peek at the inside, which isn’t entirely done yet. Nesting boxes are coming!

Chickens Week 6 (29 of 14) Chickens Week 6 (30 of 14)


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See the chickens here #chickens4thehinsons

Chickens-4-the-Hinsons-Week-122  Chickens-4-the-Hinsons-Week-212Chickens-4-the-Hinsons-Week-334  Chickens 4 the Hinsons Week 4 and 5

What Begins With…A to Z

What Begins with A to Z

Years ago I created Kindergarten Literature Units for 9 of my daughter’s favorite books. I focused her Kindergarten experience around these, incorporating my Kindergarten literacy and math goals for her into these units. We used a few other fun things for her Kindergarten curriculum, but these units were by far our favorite!

One of the elements in many of the units was a page called “Phonics Connection” which you can see in action here:


I had always intended to make a full set for the entire alphabet but never got around to it! A few readers have asked and I am happy to say that I finally have it done!

Each page looks like this when you print it out:

Alphabet Printables What Begins with (2)

There are a few different options, depending on your child. Sometimes we cut the letters out, sometimes we didn’t! Sometimes she cut out the images and sometimes I did it with her. As we worked through sorting the different images, she also learned vocabulary words. My daughter loved tape, so I often let her tape her images onto the letter. You can also practice with glue –“just a dot, not a lot,” or a glue stick.


There’s also an answer guide for parents, in case any of the images are confusing!


Find this set in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop!

What Begins With A to Z

CTA Buttons shop now

Looking for more fun beginning sound printables?

Check out our Beginning Sound Mazes:

Beginning Sound Mazes Printables

Deals for Families 5/3/18


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