Bible Verse Printables ~ Letter A

RLRS Letter A Philippians 2 5 Bible Verse Printables

Our Raising Lil’ Rock Stars Bible Verse Printables for the Letter A are available to download for free!  This set is based on Philippians 2:5, “Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.”  A is for ATTITUDE!  This sure is a lesson I need right along with the children I teach!  Having a Christ-like attitude is a daily struggle for me personally.

We used the group version in my children’s church class of 4 & 5 year olds and really enjoyed it. 

I am using the home bundle with Ladybug as a review, working on the verses again later on.  For example, in my class we are on the letter E right now, but at home we just worked on our review of letter A. She is in my children’s church class so she is getting the group teaching and then getting it again at home with me. Good thing she really likes it!

Here’s a peek at our home work {most of these printables are in the bundle version}.

Here she was coloring the coloring page, she LOVES to color.  She wanted to copy the poster graphic so you can see it sitting beside her.

RLRS Letter A -8297


Color ~ Trace ~ Write the letter Aa…

RLRS Letter A -8346

RLRS Letter A -8348


Cut and Glue the Verse ~ this is a great word work activity for her, identifying individual words and sounds she knows as well as the Bible verse as a whole.

RLRS Letter A -8528

RLRS Letter A -8529

RLRS Letter A -8530

Here’s an Instagram video I shared of her when she was working on this activity, singing as she worked!



She also enjoyed her verse bracelet at home.  She got one when we did it in Children’s Church awhile back too.  She and the other kids LOVE the bracelets! Yes, sometimes she wears it up on her big muscle.

RLRS Letter A -8535 RLRS Letter A -8537


Here’s a shot of how we did the letter page at church, I have all of the kids sign it on the day they are there! I just love all of their little signatures.

RLRS Letter A -8542


We have a banner at church, which you can see a glimpse of here on Instagram.  Here is the start of our home banner!

RLRS Letter A -8553

Here’s the work Ladybug did at home…

RLRS Letter A -8541


And, here’s Ladybug singing the verse for you!  The verse tune printables are only available in the bundle but you can hear the tune for Letter A in this video!  In case you don’t catch it, the tune is Are You Sleeping?


The free version is ONLY for home use.  If you will be using these printables in a church setting, private group, co-op, preschool or other group you will need to purchase the group bundle here.

Download your free Letter A printables here!

Scroll down until you see the graphic for letter A and click on it to download the PDF file.

Download or printing trouble? See tips here!

These printables are from Raising Lil’ Rock Stars, see more info here!

Raising Lil' Rock Stars

Remember ~ I am offering a $2 discount on the Home Bundle for our June launch, it will expire on June 30, 2014. The discount code to use is ~ junelaunch

Raising Lil Rock Stars Through the Bible A-Z ~ Introduction

Raising Lil' Rock Stars Through the Bible A to Z

I am beyond excited to share my latest “baby” with you.  Raising Lil’ Rock Stars Through the Bible A-Z has been in development for about 2 years now as I waited for God to guide the timing. It has been tons of work behind the scenes, and much prayer and planning has gone into this. Since I wrote the stories, I have even had my husband on board for Biblical editing help too!  My dear friend Shannon also assisted me.

I would like to introduce you to a brand new Bible based early childhood program, Raising Lil’ Rock Stars A-ZYup, similar name, because I believe strongly in the Rock Star vision and I cling to it when developing Biblical resources for kids.

Years ago I created RRSP and RRSK and have always wanted to develop a new program with new graphics, new verses, new stories {written by me}, a group version {to be used in Sunday School, Children’s Church, Co-Op} and also the ability to be used at home.

I will be releasing the FREE home based units over time, as I share them on my blog, but wanted to get the entire bundle finished so those of you who want it don’t have to wait! The first free unit comes out tomorrow!

I have images and descriptions on the info pages, you can scroll through and see what is included.  You can see everything included in the Home Bundle here.  See the Group Bundle here.  Here’s a peek…

RLRS Printables

In each letter unit you will find

  • a focus word {word appears within the verse}
  • a focus Bible verse
  • a focus graphic
  • a story to illustrate the word/Bible verse
  • a coloring page
  • a mini tracing page
  • a verse bracelet
  • a letter focus page
  • a display flag {or circle}
  • lesson plan ideas, and teacher helps

Extras ONLY in the Bundles {same in Home or Group Bundle}

  • Flashcards and Verses at a Glance Chart
  • Cut and Glue the Verse
  • Tracing
  • Flags Only {banner flags two per page for easier printing/laminating}
  • a NEW extra already in development but not ready yet!

The Home Bundle is $12 and is for use by one family in a home setting.

The Group Bundle is $35 and can be used in any group setting, multiple times by multiple children.

The two bundles will both have extras {same in each} that won’t be free anywhere!

You can see everything included in the Home Bundle here.  See the Group Bundle here.

    Once you purchase, you have access to any new extras added to the set.  You save your private link and password and can come back at anytime!

I have a FAQ page all set up for you, which has answers to questions such as…

  • What in the world does “Raising Rock Stars” mean?
  • Why NIV version?
  • What is the target age for this?
  • Why a new A-Z version?
  • What’s the difference between this new version {RLRS} and the RRSP and RRSK version?

You can read more about this new program on the Raising Lil’ Rock Stars homepage and here are more quick links for you…


FREE lessons

Home Bundle Details

Group Bundle Details

Come back tomorrow for FREE Letter A printables and some photos of the unit in action!

You Can Read Sight Words Unit 1

You Can Read Sight Words ~ Unit 1

Ladybug started You Can Read Sight Words! She hasn’t been interested in learning to read, but recently that interest spiked and thankfully I had all of my You Can Read stuff organized and we pulled it out and got busy! She is currently 5 years, 1 month old.

Here’s a post sharing You Can Read Unit One with Krash when he did it!


Unit Organization

You can see how we store ALL of our You Can Read stuff here.  For current units I use this metal file container {Target}  and hanging folders.  The pink ones are You Can Read units, the yellow are her Kindergarten Literature Unit Study Printables.  I have a daily lesson plan for both in a sheet protector in the front.  The You Can Read printable lesson plan is here.

You Can Read -7714

We won’t necessarily always get a unit done in 5 days, sometimes it will be more.  I do have the activities divided out into 5 days but then shift things around as needed.  It gives me a starting point to grab from each day.

You Can Read -7717

She was thrilled to begin and had just recently shown an interest in learning how to read.  Before then she displayed all of the reading readiness skills except the desire to learn!  Now she has the desire and we are rolling!

I have been asked a lot how we do things so I am trying to outline it for you as much as possible, there’s even a couple of video clips!  I am not sure if I will blog all the way through You Can Read like this, but if it is helpful, I might, let me know! Below you will see exactly what we did on each day and how I spread it out. During this same time period we did our Hi! Pizza Man unit also, working with that in the morning and this in the afternoon.

This is a LONG post, and it’s meant to be, hopefully to help those of you who want massive details!


Day One

Here’s a before shot showing what we did together on her very first day using You Can Read.  We focused a LOT on the sight word caterpillar and instead of hanging him on a wall we are using our pocket chart so we can take the circles down and use them during the lesson.

You Can Read Unit 1 -7756

I introduced the words to her and had her repeat after me, using the caterpillar.  Then we went to trace the shapes, in the dry erase center.  She enjoyed this a lot!

You Can Read Unit 1 -7765

Next, we made the words using the cut out letters.  I pulled the word she was working on down from the caterpillar so she could copy it.

You Can Read Unit 1 -7767

We read her very first easy reader together and then she read it to me {was sitting in my lap for that so no picture}.  Then I got the word circles and asked her if she could find the words in the book!  She is reading Farm Friends from the Scholastic First Little Readers set.

You Can Read Unit 1 -7772

Her first color by number sight word!  And she was gladly using her pom pom pencil grip correction!

You Can Read Unit 1 -7780

She ASKED if she could write a sentence using her new words.  Why YES sweetheart, you sure can!!!  She was so excited to know how to spell the new words and so proud of the word she already knew {CAT}. Here’s her first invented spelling story.

You Can Read Unit 1 -7783

Here’s the translated version of her story.  She said, “Look at the cat hanging from the letters!”

Invented Spelling Kindergarten

Day Two

Here is the before shot for day 2.  We are doing You Can Read activities in the afternoon and do our Kindergarten Literature Unit activities in the morning.

You Can Read -7844


She went straight for the puzzles!

You Can Read -7846


We read the easy reader book next {in my lap of course}.  The book I chose is School, from a very old Scholastic set we have.

After reading together she wanted to trace.

You Can Read -7847


She loved the stamping!

You Can Read -7850


So proud of her for being willing to use her pom pom pencil grip corrector, it continues to help so much!

You Can Read -7854


I am SO excited about the new addition to the You Can Read program! I have added all of the You Can Read units plus review units to Bitsboard so our children can play games with the words on the iPad. In Bitsboard she can choose which games she wants to play with her words.  She chose Photo Touch {the word cards are considered “photos”}, Word Builder, and True or False which are all three shown in the photos below.

You Can Read -7855  You Can Read -7857

You Can Read -7859

I will be writing up a tutorial soon, but if you already know how to use Bitsboard, you’ll be able to find the You Can Read boards on your own and use them too! I’m almost positive this app is only available in the Apple market and not Android, unless my searching was not showing me something, I am sorry for those of you who use Android. If you install Bitsboard to your iPad/iPhone, use the search feature and search “You Can Read,” and our boards will show up for you to download.

Day Three

You Can Read -8005

This was down below, I used the magnetic letter construction kit to make her words for her.  Within minutes she had turned them into cats.

Hi Pizza Man -7865


We played BINGO first, with mini Spielgaben pieces.

You Can Read -8007


I premade the letters for her words from the Letter Construction Kit and she put the words together.

You Can Read -8012

Here’s a video showing her putting them together


Here’s a video of her reading them when she was done!


Dot Painting her funny font words…

You Can Read -8014


Here’s a video of her dot painting her words


We read our easy reader and then found words in the book.

You Can Read -8021


Here’s a video of her finding her words…


Finally, she colored her color by number sight word.  Funny thing, she doesn’t really like this and Krash LOVED it!

You Can Read -8024

Day Four

{this is the 2nd week, we did 3 days the first week}

We worked with this unit for 2 weeks.  I only set up two activities for her this day, since I knew the sensory bin word search takes awhile!

You Can Read -8100


She loved this as much as Krash did.

You Can Read -8104


Here’s a video of her doing the word search


You Can Read -8108


Here’s a video of her graphing the words after she found them all.


A quick word search and we were done!

You Can Read -8112

Day Five

{week two}

I set up a few activities for her and she chose what to do first.

You Can Read -8114

Play Dough words was her choice!

You Can Read -8123

You Can Read -8131

We then went on to play throw and read.  We used our Education Cubes inserts for our words and took turns tossing the cube and reading the word it landed on.

You Can Read -8137 You Can Read -8139

Finding and circling words in sentences…

You Can Read -8141


We read our new easy reader and found our word…

You Can Read -8145

Finally, she played two mini games on Bitsboard for practice…

You Can Read -8148 You Can Read -8150

Day Six

{this was week 3, since we traveled over the end of week 2}

For our final day, I wanted to be sure she knew these words before moving on.

You Can Read -8224


I set up a matching game {using her color by number cards and her brother’s since I still had those too!  She asked to play twice and really liked this.

You Can Read -8233


Roll and graph the sight words was also a popular choice.  It took a bit longer than usual since she drew a picture in every single square and had a story to tell me {see more on Instagram here}.  Oh, homeschooling a girl is so different!

You Can Read -8236

Here’s a video clip of this activity


She colored Color by Word picture but I didn’t get an action shot. You can see it below in the completed work display {items used in the dry erase center aren’t up here, only consumables}! I am happy to say she knows all of her words and has been finding them in books we are reading and in other places! My Kindergarten teacher heart is overflowing!

You Can Read -8264

Download the FREE printables for You Can Read Unit 1 here

Purchase the You Can Read Bundle here {get access to the bonus items}

See our You Can Read YouTube playlist here

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