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Placement tests for all AAR levels are here!

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WITB July[5]


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In the shopping mood?  Many of our favorites are below!

WS-Primary-500SQ42 Bright-Ideas-press32 Homeschool-Buyers-CoOp42 Apologia42Educents52 IEW52 Teaching-Textbooks32 Grapevine32Whats-in-the-Bible252 Carson-Dellosa12 Scholastic-Store42 Melissa-and-Doug32Logic-of-English42 LR32 Pick-and-Draw32 PSB32Gen260x2908 KidStir_125x1257 ABC-Mouse244 World_Kit-High-Res-Logo4650x100_AAR_AAS_Banner9Vidangel3

Drawing Tutorial Printables M through R

Let's Draw Printables - M, N, O, P, Q, R

We have a new set of Let’s Draw A-Z Printables for you! Letters M, N, O, P, Q and R are free to download here and other free sets will be coming. If you don’t want to wait, you can grab the full set here in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop.

Each page features a heading which can be colored, the drawing tutorial, and a space for drawing. The space is at the bottom of the page so you can easily trim it off to just keep your child’s drawing. Let’s Draw a monkey, nightingale, owl, penguin, quail, and rabbit!

Monkey Drawing Tutorial Nightingale Drawing TutorialOwl Drawing Tutorial Penguin Drawing TutorialQuail Drawing Tutorial Rabbit Drawing Tutorial

Download M, N, O, P, Q, R for free here!

Grab the entire set here in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop 

Let's Draw A to Z

Teachers-Notebook-Animal-Alphabet- Teacher's Notebook ASL Alphabet Letter Mazes

Looking for more ABC ideas, check out our ABC Pinterest board here!

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10 Free Dot Fun Alphabet Printable Sets  Choose-Your-Own-Alphabet-Chart-Print  Perler-Bead-ABCs

Q-Tip-Painting-Alphabet-Printables  Hands-on-the-Alphabet


Home-Preschool-A-to-Z   Tot-School-Printables

Tot School Printables A to Z Bundle!!

Tot School Printables A - Z Bundle


I am so excited to share our new Tot School Printables A-Z Bundle! I created this program for tots years ago when my daughter was younger and it was my favorite year with her! We had so much fun with these units, during such a fun time of her life!  I love toddlers!

First, what is Tot School Printables A to Z? This is a program I developed to help parents and caregivers expose their tots to early learning skills at home while having FUN together. It is not a set of worksheets, but is in “printable” format to make it easier for the parent to build on. Each printable has ideas for hands on fun that your tot may enjoy. There are many options for each unit because all tots are different and won’t enjoy the same activities!

Let me repeat – this is NOT a set of worksheets for toddlers. Toddlers don’t need “school work” and just enjoy playing. I believe in open-ended, hands-on learning, especially in the younger years. Many parents want to expose early learning skills through play and they just don’t know what to do or how to organize their thoughts. That is why I created TSP, for you and for me. It’s all meant to be fun for the tot and for you!


Why a Bundle?

As you may know, the original files for Tot School Printables are available for free. Many people prefer a bundled format and would rather buy it that way which is why I created this.  Below you will see the special features of the bundle so you can decide if this is right for you!



Special Features in the Bundle…

Each of the 26 units has been edited and updated. The basics are the same, but a few things needed some editing and that was done. Specifically, all vocabulary cards were updated to include an option with or without words. The number cards were also updated to include 1-20 in all units.

Intro pages were added to each file to help you prepare for each unit. There is a new intro sheet which features a direct link to our blog post for inspiration, as well as links to our Pinterest boards for that unit.  You will also see ideas for books and toys to add to your learning.



A new planning sheet is included with each unit, to help you gather your thoughts.  I do not believe in writing lesson plans for tots, they are all different and need you to follow their lead when it comes to “school stuff.”  This is why you will not see a daily plan written by me for you.  You have to do what feels right with your tot, this page can help you organize your thoughts and plan!



There are 2 additional pages with direct links to helpful posts, just to make it easier for you to reference helpful posts and items!

Slide6 Slide7


There’s also a basic supply list included, which you can also see online here.

Tot School Printables Basic Supply List



I created a few new extras for the bundle, that are only available in the bundle! The new extras include Play Dough Mats and Q-Tip Painting.  Other extras in the bundle are Flashcards and Shape Dot Fun.

Tot School Printables Extras

Buy Your Bundle Now!


TSP Bundle Horizontal

Tot School Gathering Place Week 183

Welcome to Tot School™ Gathering Place! Gather together here, gather ideas from other blogs, share your own ideas on your own blog. Browse around at the other posts linked up, leave a few comments if you have time, and be sure to check back to see if your blog was featured!

Each week we will feature photo{s} and ideas from blogs who link up. Remember, provide a link back to Tot School Gathering Place within your post that you link up, so you can be considered for the feature!



Tomorrow is National Blueberry Muffin Day! What a great opportunity to share some special Tot time! Making muffins with your Tot can be fun, and maybe a bit messy, but the memories made will last forever! Maybe you aren’t the baking type (like me!) but store bought can be just as enjoyable! It’s the time spent together that matters! Don’t forget to share with us all your fun summertime activities! We’d love to hear from you here at the Gathering Place!

Maybe blueberry muffins aren’t your thing. Check out Living Montessori Now to see the healthy and fun snack that GrandMama Deb GrandTot Zoey made together! It’s just the thing to cool off on these hot summer days!

07102016 Living Montessori Now

What does an old overhead light projector, a Tot, and some colorful shapes have in common? A ton of fun! Head on over to Jack of All Trades to see what Mama Leslie and Sweet Pea were up to this past week!

07102016 Jack of All Trades

Are you looking for a short and sweet activity to get those science brains working? Take a look at Teacher Mom Plus 3 to see the activity that Mama Ayan and her Tot worked on to get the science juices flowing!

07102016 Teacher Mom Plus 3

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Are you NEW or have never been featured? Read this! Basics: write a specific post about what you did with your tot, link up the permalink from your post, link back to Tot School within that post, put your tot’s age in months in ( ) like this: (43 months).

Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables

Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables

Recently we shared a new Ocean Animals Preschool Pack, Ocean Animals Color by Number, Ocean Animals Q-Tip Painting and today we have a brand new Ocean Animals Dot Fun set for you!

This mini printable pack features dot fun letter mazes, dot fun large letters and a dot fun beginning sound activity. The following ocean animals are featured in this pack: crab, dolphin, fish,  jellyfish, octopus, oyster, squid, starfish, stingray, shark, seahorse, turtle and whale.

Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (1) Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (18)Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (2) Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (3)Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (4) Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (5)Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (6) Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (7)Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (8) Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (9)Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (10) Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (11)Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (12) Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (13)Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (14) Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (15)Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (16) Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables (17)


Download the Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables here!


Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables FB


More Ocean Fun!


Ocean-Animals-Preschool-Printables12 Color-by-Number-Ocean-Animals11Ocean-Theme-Printables-Collection312 Ocean-printable-pack-for-preschool-a[1]



Looking for more theme based printables, see this post!


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