DIY Spielgaben Photo Puzzles

DIY Photo Puzzle with Spielgaben

{We were given the Spielgaben set to review and are honored to have them as a blog sponsor.}

We had some leftover Christmas cards and I remembered how much Ladybug loved the puzzles we created awhile back so I decided to make her a more difficult version using the colored shapes in our Spielgaben kit instead of just cubes!

First, I grabbed a handful of all one color and laid out a pattern on the picture I had.

Spielgaben -1377

I then used my Open It! {the little utility knife part of it} to cut each shape.

Spielgaben -1380

Spielgaben -1381


Some clear tape and done!

Spielgaben -1386


She immediately remembered our puzzles when I showed her and loved that this one was a photo!

Spielgaben -1389

All done!

Spielgaben -1392

I think we might be making more of these, it was fun and simple! Have a younger child, use the cubes. Have an older child? Challenge your child to create their own pattern with the blocks! Use old photos that you have duplicates of!

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See version 4.0 here!


New Year’s 2017 Coloring

New Year’s 2017 is coming soon!  Here’s a few 2017 coloring pages for you and your kids!

New Year Coloring Pages (1)

New Year Coloring Pages (2)

New Year Coloring Pages (3)


Click here to download the free coloring pages!!


Want more free coloring printables?  See our Just Color! webpage here which is full of free coloring sets!

Get ready for winter with these fun winter sets!  Find them on our Just Color! webpage!

Just Color Winter

Winter Coloring Printables

Winter Doodle Coloring Pages


If you have any problems downloading or printing these or other PDF files, see troubleshooting tips here.

Happy New Year!

2nd Grade Homeschool Wrap-Up, Oct.-Dec. 2016

2nd Grade Homeschool Wrap Up Oct 2016

This year I am doing individual grade level wrap-up posts instead of all three kids in one. I shared 9th grade here and 5th grade here already. I had big plans of getting them all done and then I didn’t. So I am expanding this post to include highlights from 2nd grade during October, November and December!

Here is the post about the curriculum choices we made for her.





I seriously cannot say enough fabulous things about Teaching Textbooks 3.  This is our first time using level 3, so our first kid to begin with TT. The boys use it but they started later. She now works through her lessons on her own and comes to me if she needs help. She is consistently scoring 95-100 so it seems to be working!

2nd Grade -8172


She has recently been in the middle of the multiplication section, so I created some fun games for her to work on to aid with memorization.

Christmas Multiplication Games -0848


She also uses the Math Drills app, which I have customized for her. This is to work on being quick with memorize math facts.

Spielgaben is still a fun addition to our math. You can see the latest post by clicking  below.Graphing with Spielgaben


She still does Life of Fred with her daddy about twice a week, I just don’t have any photos!


We use First Language Lessons Level 2 & Growing with Grammar 2 simply because I like both of them and neither takes too long. I do not correlate the teaching topics, we just work straight through each book, which provides some review when one book covers something at a different time. This is partly why I like using both books.

2nd Grade -7743


We use our Boogie Board a lot for the First Language Lessons now, funny how a new addition like that can bring joy to lessons! Below she was describing Nerds during a lesson on adjectives.

2nd Grade -8768



All About Spelling Level 2 is a great fit, we do one lesson per week, using the board one day and then writing the words in her notebook the other day. Recently we have started using the Boogie Board for parts of the lessons, she LOVES this.

2nd Grade -8965



I love our Evan-Moor Geography book! She does too! It is the perfect fit for her. You an see our full review as well as a video peek in the book here.

2nd Grade -8524


We also practice US states and capitals using our wall map. She puts up a few states a day. We are on our 3rd or 4th time through, I can’t remember! I love this map, and the great review it provides!



She does Apologia Swimming Creatures with her 5th grade brother and her dad.  She is VERY into this as she loves sea creatures.

2nd Grade -8907

2nd Grade -8176


Daddy is always finding great videos for them to go along with their lessons.

Science -8182


Listen to her tell you about her notes here in this video from Instagram!

A video posted by Carisa (@1plus1plus1) on



She also does The Mystery of History with her brother and Dad. She takes the best notes, I love seeing her learn and work!

History -8217



We are using our Songs for Saplings Questions with Answers Volume 1 printables which you can see here!  She absolutely LOVES these songs and is learning so much.

We are also using Friends and Heroes!  We decided to stick with the Family Devotional that we reviewed here.  Even though this was written for families, I use it for her and she loves it. It’s a great way to go back through the movies with her.  Below you can see one of her recent activities.

2nd Grade -8263



My girl loves to read!  See our post all about what we are doing for reading this year! See her ongoing books read list here – I am trying to keep it updated! Currently we are finishing up Little House on the Prairie {3rd in series} aloud together.



Below you can see her most recent stacks of completed books. See all of her completed books for 2nd grade here!

2nd Grade -8747

2nd Grade -9999 

Another series she has enjoyed from the library recently is the Ask Me Why books.

2nd Grade -7840

See these books on Amazon below…





We are using Home Art Studio 2nd grade this year. I am aiming to do one project per month. See our post about her recent project, The Blue Dog, here.

Home Art Studio Project -9569


All the Rest

She continues Ivy Kids Unit Studies. Our latest was Leaves and now we are into Mrs. McTats and Her House Full of Cats, which she LOVES – we will have a full review on that one coming soon!

2nd Grade -9553

Ivy Kids Kit -0268


She continues to love her swimming lessons and tolerates her weekly gymnastics class. We leave her in it for the purpose of keeping her active and social. She does 30 minutes of swim a week and 1 hour of a homeschool gymnastics class.


Christmas fun has filled our homeschool room the past few weeks of course! 

Christmas Hundreds Chart -0709 Christmas Multiplication Games -0858


2nd Grade Subjects

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Christmas Multiplication Roll and Cover Printable Game

Christmas Multiplication Roll and Cover Game

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My daughter uses Teaching Textbooks 3 for math {which we LOVE} and is right in the middle of the multiplication section! As we entered into our Christmas break, I wanted a fun way for her to keep the skills fresh, so I made some games!

We have been playing already and recently I shared this photo on Instagram here. My son is a sweet brother {most of the time} and offered to play with her. Good thing, this game can be played alone or with a partner.

Christmas Multiplication Games -0848


There are two different versions included, one that is easier, using one die, and one that is more difficult using 2 dice. We have been using the easier version for now since she is just learning.

Multiplication Roll and Cover Christmas (1) Multiplication Roll and Cover Christmas (10)


How to Play:


Easier Version…Roll one die, multiply that number by the number on the page. Mark the answer. Play until all answers are covered.

Harder Version…Roll two die, add the numbers together and then multiply that number by the number on the page. Mark the answer. Play until all answers are covered.

More than 1 Player

Have more than one player? Play Bump! Have each player pick an item to mark with and each time they roll mark their answer with their specific marker. If the answer is already covered by another player you BUMP theirs off and replace it with yours! Play until all answers are covered and count up who has the most!

Christmas Multiplication Games -0854


We use our Spielgaben rings to cover the answers, but you can use any small object!

Christmas Multiplication Games -0858


You can see the different graphics included below! I just chose some fun Christmas backgrounds! I do have plans to make more for her in different themes too!

Multiplication Roll and Cover Christmas (2) Multiplication Roll and Cover Christmas (3)Multiplication Roll and Cover Christmas (4) Multiplication Roll and Cover Christmas (5)Multiplication Roll and Cover Christmas (6) Multiplication Roll and Cover Christmas (7)Multiplication Roll and Cover Christmas (8) Multiplication Roll and Cover Christmas (9)

There’s also a printable multiplication chart included for reference!

Multiplication Chart



Download your free Christmas Multiplication Games here!


More multiplication fun…

Multiplication with Spielgaben Skip-Counting-Charts-from-2-through-15 Math Grab Multiplication Card Game for Kids Times Tables DVD Review Make Multiplication Fun

Tot School Gathering Place Week 206

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This Wednesday is the winter solstice! The first day of winter! It also happens to coincide with National Flashlight Day! The flashlight was invented back in 1899! With winter solstice being the shortest day of sunlight of the year it makes sense to keep a flashlight on hand! So give your Tot a flashlight and see what fun they will have with it! And don’t forget to link up to the Gathering Place all your adventures in Tot Schooling!

This time of year it’s easy for our Tots to get the “gimmies”! They see something and they want it? There are many different ways to handle these situations. Some will work for your family and others won’t – we are all different! Check out the idea that Mama Jacqui from Number Jacqui handles teaching her Tot Bunny about treasure!

12182016 Number Jacqui

Are you looking for some Christmas themed Tot Trays to entertain your Tot this coming week? Head on over to Learn 2 Live Life and see what ideas she has come up with for her Tot!

12182016 Learn 2 Live Life

Tots seem to love everything about Christmas! The lights, ornaments, tree – everything fascinates them! Take a look at the different Christmas activities that Mama Alexis from Modern Momma Musings put together for Tot Sugar Plum to enjoy! Some may be loved by your Tot, too!

12182016 Modern Momma Musings

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