You Can Read Sight Words ~ Unit 4

We are in full swing now with You Can Read since we officially started back to homeschool on August 11!  Along with adding these new words, we also reviewed the previous 12 words from unit one, unit two, and unit 3.

You Can Read Sight Words Unit 4

Here’s a post sharing You Can Read Unit Four with Krash when he did it!  See all of Krash’s Kindergarten posts here.


Unit Organization

You can see how we store ALL of our You Can Read stuff here.  For current units I use thisYou-Can-Read--7714_thumb11[1] metal file container {Target} and hanging folders.  The pink ones are You Can Read units, the yellow are her Kindergarten Literature Unit Study Printables. I have a daily lesson plan for both in a sheet protector in the front.  The You Can Read printable lesson plan is here.

I have been asked a lot how we do things so I am trying to outline it for you as much as possible!  I am not sure if I will blog all the way through You Can Read like this, but if it is helpful, I might, let me know! Below you will see exactly what we did on each day and how I spread it out.


Day One

Making her words using the little ledge on her shelf.

You Can Read Unit 4 -9879


Connecting the words to make shapes.

You Can Read Unit 4 -9884


Color by number sight word, mom.

You Can Read Unit 4 -9888



Day Two

Here is the before shot for day 2.

You Can Read Unit 4 -9959


She chose to play Bitsboard first, we played a few games to practice her words. See more about Bitsboard in our first YCR post.

You Can Read Unit 4 -9995

Here’s a video clip of Bitsboard in action.


She was not happy with me.  I didn’t laminate her puzzles, just used cardstock and that was not to her liking.  She grumbled through the entire thing.

You Can Read Unit 4 -9996



Day Three

Our third day of lessons with these words…

You Can Read Unit 4 -0015


We played BINGO, with Spielgaben pieces.

You Can Read Unit 4 -0016


Color by number sight word

You Can Read Unit 4 -0018


Dot Painting her funny font words…

You Can Read Unit 4 -0020


Finishing up with stamping words!

You Can Read Unit 4 -0021



Day Four

Day 4 with these words.

You Can Read Unit 4 -0153

She would play Toss and Read with our Education Cubes inserts every day, she LOVES this!

You Can Read Unit 4 -0160

Here’s a video clip of us playing!

You Can Read Unit 4 -0162

Using dot paint to do her word search…

You Can Read Unit 4 -0165

Play Dough Words…

You Can Read Unit 4 -0168

More play with Bitsboard…

You Can Read Unit 4 -0173

Day Five

We began with finding words in sentences.  I had her use two different colors of markers.

You Can Read Unit 4 -0204

She used pink to circle words from this week, and purple to circle any other words she remembered from previous weeks!  Then we read them together, she reads circled words, I read un-circled words.

You Can Read Unit 4 -0205


Color by word…

You Can Read Unit 4 -0206


She loves playing memory with her color by number sight words combined with the words Krash made when he was in Kindergarten.  Once we are done for the week, we laminate hers and add them with his and play!

You Can Read Unit 4 -0212

You Can Read Unit 4 -0213

Here’s a video clip of us playing…


She didn’t learn all 4 words as quickly, and I noticed a bit of memory loss with review words, but was totally fine with that!  I knew a review week was coming next, and we needed it! Our next post will share all we did for a solid review week!

Here’s most of her completed work from the time we spent with these words…

You Can Read Unit 4 -0226



Download the FREE printables for You Can Read Unit 4 here

Purchase the You Can Read Bundle here {get access to the bonus items}

See our You Can Read YouTube playlist here

See our post featuring Unit 1, unit 2, and unit 3!

You-Can-Read-Sight-Words--Unit-1_thu  You-Can-Read-Sight-Words-Unit-2_thum  You Can Read Sight Words Unit 3[3]

Be sure to see our Word Play ~ Learning to Read is FUN! post for more fun reading ideas.


Bible Verse Printables ~ Letter E

RLRS Letter E Philippians 2 Bible Verse Printables

Our Raising Lil’ Rock Stars Bible Verse Printables for the Letter E are available to download for free!  E is for EVERYTHING! This set is based on Philippians 2:14, “Do everything without grumbling or arguing.  I need this verse probably more than my kids most days.

We used the group version in my children’s church class of 4 & 5 year olds and really enjoyed it.

I am using the home bundle with Ladybug as a review, working on the verses again later on.  For example, in my class we are on the letter K right now, but at home we just worked on our review of letter E. She is in my children’s church class so she is getting the group teaching and then getting it again at home with me.

Here’s a peek at the work she did at home.

She loves the coloring page.

RLRS Letter E -9876


Color ~ Trace ~ Write the letter Ee

Since she dislikes this page for now, we used Wikki stix for the middle set of letters, and she happily wrote the last set of letters and colored the first!

RLRS Letter E -0012


Cut and Glue the Verse ~ this is a great word work activity for her, identifying individual words and sounds she knows as well as the Bible verse as a whole. She uses the printable that has the light gray matching words on it.

RLRS Letter E -0169


We have a banner at church, which you can see a glimpse of here on Instagram. Here is  our home banner!

RLRS Letter E -0223


Here’s the work Ladybug did at home…

RLRS Letter E -0237


And, here’s Ladybug singing the verse for you!  The verse tune printables are only available in the bundle but you can hear the tune for Letter E in this video!  In case you don’t catch it, the tune is Row, Row, Row Your Boat.


The free version is ONLY for home use.  If you will be using these printables in a church setting, private group, co-op, preschool or other group you will need to purchase the group bundle here.

Download your free Letter E printables here!

Scroll down until you see the graphic for letter E and click on it to download the PDF file.

Free Bible Verse Printables Philippians 2 verse 14

Download or printing trouble? See tips here!

These printables are from Raising Lil’ Rock Stars, see more info here!



See other letters in action by clicking the graphics below!

RLRS-Letter-A-Philippians-2-5-Bible-  RLRS-Letter-B-John-3-16-Bible-Verse-[1]  RLRS-Letter-C-Genesis-1-1-Bible-Vers  RLRS-Letter-D-Isaiah-48-17--Bible-Ve[1]

Tot School Gathering Place ~ Week 86

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Tot School Gathering Place Week 86

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Bible Fun for Kids


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Playful Learning with Spielgaben ~ August 2014

Playful Learning with Spielgaben is our monthly post sharing Spielgaben in action!  If you missed the introduction to this series, you can see it here and also see links to our past posts.. We were given the Spielgaben set to review and are honored to have them as a blog sponsor.  I will be sharing once a month a detailed post featuring Spielgaben.  You can also see my Learning with Ladybug posts to see what my daughter has done with this learning set!

Playful Learning with Spielgaben August 2014
We officially started school August 11, with a 4 day week, and then a 2 day week.  So yes, we started but we don’t really get into a consistent 5 day routine until after Labor Day. Below you will see I have divided the post into 4 categories ~ Lessons We Enjoyed, Free Play, Mommy Inspired Play, and Nature & Inspiration Guide Play It is a long post, I hope these categories help you find what you are interested in reading.

Lessons We Enjoyed

This month we continued our work with Set 7. I took small screen shots of the manual for you so you can see how the lessons are laid out.  They are very easy to follow and help me so much. I keep the user guide on my iPad and we use it for the lessons.  She likes that she can enlarge each step if needed to see exactly how something was built. it’s a nice bonus to a PDF digitally instead of printed!

We worked on Lesson 7-2 Finding a Parent Shape. Spielgaben 7-2

This was a pretty easy lesson for her, but as usual she enjoyed it. we built parent shapes by using the single shapes.  Gradually we expanded each shape also.

Spielgaben -9997

Spielgaben -0002 Spielgaben -9998


We also completed Lesson 7-3 A Building Game. Spielgaben 7-3

Again, this one was pretty easy, as she matched solid shapes to flat shapes. We do lots of talking during these lessons, so even if it’s easier, the vocabulary is learned and reinforced.

Spielgaben -0056  Spielgaben -0057

Spielgaben -0061

She struggled a bit more with Lesson 7-5, Spinning Top Game.

Spielgaben 7-5

First we built different stars together, this is the part that was a challenge for her.

Spielgaben -0174

Spielgaben -0177

After we built various stars using different shapes, we added a few small circles to one of them to make a top.  The guide said to use double sided tape but we didn’t have any so we used school glue.

Spielgaben -0179

This was a BIG hit, she loved it.  It was pretty fragile but it did spin well!

Spielgaben -0197 Spielgaben -0202

Free Play

I don’t always catch her free play creations, but I did capture this one.  It’s Stitch from Lili & Stitch.

Spielgaben -0005

Mommy Inspired Play

I like setting up different challenges for her.This was a basic color sorting game, with a fine motor emphasis.  At first she told me she didn’t like my game. I nonchalantly said, “OK, I am going to play, you can join me if you want!”

Spielgaben -0240

Look who was with me before even a few seconds passed.  She loved it!  Girl can be so stubborn when something isn’t her initial idea!

Spielgaben -0245

Spielgaben -0249

Nature & Inspiration Guide Play

I have our Nature Guide on the iPad also, I just set it up for her if she asks.  Here she was building a butterfly.  This one was difficult for her and she needed a bit of help to get the design going. Spielgaben -0180 We talked a lot about symmetry as she worked on this one! Spielgaben -0195

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My Cats Nick and Nora Kindergarten Literature Unit in Action

We completed another Kindergarten Literature Unit, My Cats Nick and Nora, during the past two weeks.  We started homeschool On Aug 11, but had 2 short weeks due to scheduled events.  We did 4 days of lessons, spread out over those 2 weeks.

My Cats Nick and Nora Kindergarten Literature Unit In Action

I love setting up a central area for our theme focus and my daughter loves it too.  I gather our toys and books together and display them the night before we begin our unit. It helps to draw her in and get her excited about our learning time together. I borrow books from the library and also toys from friends to enrich our learning. I gather toys from around the house too {well, actually I send my older boys on a hunt to find things for me}.

This particular unit was simple, CATS! I started with just two cats to represent Nick and Nora from the story.  I also put a portion of our 3-part cat breeds cards in our mini pocket chart.  The extra pieces are in the little kitty bucket {Target dollar spot}.  Our collection of cat books on the bottom, and that was it!

The full set-up…

Cat Theme Set Up Kindergarten

I divided up our activities into 4 hanging folders, they are behind our You Can Read unit in this basket. I follow a very loose lesson plan and shift things around as needed or desired. I do not stress out at all about what does or does not get done each day.  We just have fun together and learn as we go!

I tried something new by taking small video clips for you throughout our unit.  Let me know if these are helpful to you.

Day One

She immediately wanted to add cats to the set up and gathered every kitty she owns.  They participated in matching up the 3 part cat breed cards in our small pocket chart!.  L loved learning the names of the the cats and finding the best match in her bunch of stuffed kitties.

My Cats -9847 My Cats -9846My Cats -9848 My Cats -9853


Then we read the book together and identified which cats of hers best represented the cats in the book; Nick, Nora, and Fluffy.

My Cats -9856


Balloon color word matching

My Cats -9859


We had a nice talk for the character connection, discussing what made Fluffy a mean kitty and how he could have been nicer.

My Cats -9860

Lots of role playing with the kitties.

My Cats -9862


Then to the table to color the color-by-number rainbow cat

My Cats -9867


We finished by doing the “N is for Nick, Nora, and…” activity!

My Cats -9871


Day Two

I had the rest of the cats from the 3 part cat breed cards ready for her and she loved that they were different from day one!

My Cats -9963

Here’s a video clip of her working on the 3 part cat cards.


We made a pipe cleaner cat craft using directions we found here!

My Cats -9964

My Cats -9974


She worked on her favorite pet graph, here she was asking her biggest brother to choose his favorite.

My Cats -9976


She loved the sorting cats activity.  First she sorted by babies and adults.  Then she sorted by color.

My Cats -9990

Here’s a video clip of us working on sorting cats together.


We read the book every day, and used stuffed animals to help us.

My Cats -9992


Here she was putting the parts of the story in order.

My Cats -9994

Day Three

I pulled out the sight word cats that she knew and we went through the book together finding them.  This was a GREAT review and lots of fun!

My Cats -0034

Here’s a bit of video action


She really liked the balloon color graphing activity.  She used stickers to record on her graph.

My Cats -0041

After completing the graph, she wrote in the numbers on the recording sheet.

My Cats -0044

Here’s a video clip of her working on the graph…


We sorted rhyming words together, and she taped them on when we were done.

My Cats -0052


We talked about being a Godly friend as she traced the word friend on our Bible verse page.

My Cats -0054


Day Four

She loved the coin sorting activity, it was a lot of hands on fun.

My Cats -0154

Here’s a video clip of her in action.


We also did the comprehension questions for the book.  Here’s a tiny video clip of her answering one of the questions with me.


I didn’t get photos for some reason, but she also completed her writing activity {you can see it hanging on the far left in the final photo below}.

All of our work from this unit!  She had so much fun and we made great memories together!

My Cats -0232


See our printables for this unit here,

our Pinterest board here,

and our book and toy suggestions here!

My Cats Nick and Nora Kindergarten Literature Unit Study Printables  Toys and Books to go along with My Cats Nick and Nora Kindergarten UnitMy Catsa Nick and Nora Pinterest Board

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Kindergarten Literature Unit Printables