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You Can Read Sight Word Printables

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Our Homeschool Kindergarten Math Goals

Homeschool Kindergarten Math Goals

We will not be using a math curriculum for Kindergarten at home with my daughter, but I do have homeschool Kindergarten math goals for her.  I am a former public school Kindergarten teacher and know what I want her to learn.  When I develop Kindergarten printables or other units for her these are the math goals I have in mind.  In writing these, I am being as parent-friendly as possible without all of the confusing language. Some of these are regular K goals, some are a bit beyond K but are my goals for her. I do not align with Common Core, so these come more from my background as a teacher and what I think works at this stage when homeschooling. These goals are specific to her also, and many would technically be considered more 1st grade skills.  For those, it is more of exposure than mastery. These are not specific to any state or curriculum, but are my own personal goals for her.

  • count 1-100, by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s
  • count backwards 10-1
  • use and understand a number line, hundred chart, ten frame {identify numbers before & after}
  • estimate number of objects {20 or less}
  • sorting by multiple attributes {color, shape, size, etc}
  • patterns
  • basic addition and subtraction {understand +, -, and = symbols}
  • basic story problems
  • plane shapes ~ square, circle, oval, triangle, rectangle, octagon, hexagon {and more}
  • 3D shapes ~sphere, rectangular prism, cylinder, cone {and more}
  • basic understanding of fractions {half, quarter, third}
  • basic understanding of symmetry
  • identify penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar
  • order by size, length, weight, amount
  • ordinal numbers to 1st-10th
  • graphing up to 10 {analyzing graph}
  • write numbers up to 20
  • read number words up to ten
  • positional words
  • basic understanding of telling time to the hour
  • understands time of day {morning, afternoon, evening, etc}
  • basic calendar skills {days, months}
  • basic understanding of temperature

In developing our Kindergarten Literature Based Unit Study Printables I am using this list to choose the math skills exposed in the units.  I also used these goals in developing the math portion of Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten.  Our Daily Calendar Notebook touches on a lot of these skills, as well as many of our current Kindergarten Packs.

Interested to see some Kindergarten math goals from specific states? IXL has a great section online where you can browse the standards of different states. We don’t personally use IXL, but I found this page when searching for state standards.

See our Homeschool Kindergarten Literacy Goals here…


Integrity Time Bible Review and Giveaway

Integrity Time Bible Review

{disclaimer ~ we were given Integrity Time Bible free of charge to review and have decided personally to use it as an ongoing part of our homeschool}

We have been using and LOVING Integrity Time Bible.  We reviewed Integrity Time here, and we enjoyed it also.  However, as a Christian family, the Bible version is an absolute perfect fit for us!  We have used lessons A, B and C so far.  I have personally read through a majority of the lessons already and begun preparing for the remainder.  As I said above, I love this so much we have decided to use it all the way through!  You will continue to see it on my blog in my Learning with Ladybug feature {since she is my target student for this}.

I keep all of the lesson PDFs on my iPad in iBooks.  This is a screenshot of my “Integrity Time” folder…

Integrity Time Bible

For each unit, I have printed out the verse, any object lesson printables, as well as the visual aid {usually a character}.  Below you can see letters A, B, and C.

Integrity Time -5203

Integrity Time -5506 Integrity Time Bible -6290


Ladybug absolutely loves the Bible characters.  Letter A was Jesus {having a Christ like Attitude}, Letter B was David {David’s behavior was the focus}, and Letter C didn’t have a character but a blocks graphic {to represent Christian Cooperation}. The character printables are BW so I lightly colored them in myself before laminating them.  I also hooked ours to a popsicle stick.

Integrity Time -5207 Integrity Time -5551


Each letter has a key verse that emphasizes the word.  Below you can see Ladybug proudly displaying her Letter A verse after coloring it.

Integrity Time -5223


Along with the word, verse,and character/image, there is also an object lesson to help reinforce the idea and verse. For Letter A we had verses about Jesus’ loving attitude that we used.

Integrity Time -5208 Integrity Time -5218

Integrity Time -5235


For Letter B we had a target, and we used this to talk about how even when we love God {as David did} we still often miss the target with our behavior.

Integrity Time -5555


Letter C stemmed off of the Tower of Babel and talked about cooperation along with building a tower together.

Integrity Time Bible -6309


We are adding this in as a part of Ladybug’s Character Education.  She struggles a bit in this area and I need something focused.  I have chosen to do one lesson per week, and have Krash join us.  He needs this too and enjoys the lessons.

Before each lesson, I read through the lesson on my iPad and make sure I understand the Bible lesson. You can see a full sample of the Letter A on the Integrity Time Bible site here.

Integrity Time Bible Seample Lesson

After I have prepared any printables and lesson items, I call the kids over and they sit as I read the lesson to them.  I do not read it word for word, as it is written to a class.  I adapt the lesson to be for home {easily done}.

There are way more printables included than we use, here are a few, you can click to enlarge them.

Integrity Time Prayer Cards Integrity Time Bible Tracer

Integrity Time Bible Printables 

Keep in mind this program is written for a group setting, and would be wonderful for a Homeschool Co-Op, Sunday School, or Children’s Church class! There are parent sheets, handouts and more!  It is also very easy to adapt for home use.

If you are looking for a character education program, I highly recommend taking a look at Integrity Time Bible.

Word has it there is a 20% off sale going on right now! No coupon necessary!

Enter to win the Integrity Time Bible Curriculum below, along with the Integrity Tunes Music!  This is a $120+ value and I am thrilled that one of my readers is going to win this!

Giveaway is open worldwide {it is a digital product} and is open through April 16, 2014. Enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget below…

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Learning with Ladybug ~ Age 4y, 11m

Home Preschool April 2014 

Welcome to our weekly preschool at home blog feature, Learning with Ladybug!  As you probably know, I scrapped our preschool plan and built a new one based around our current needs.

We have a few main preschool categories, you can read the entire plan here, I will break my weekly posts down by category so you can see what she did each week within a certain area. If we have a letter focus, I will do a separate post to make searching easier.  I will do the same for any themes we do.

See our entire Home Preschool Plan here!

{disclaimer: affiliate links are used in this post}

Spielgaben ~ Play Based Learning

We worked with box 5b in Spielgaben. We made a girl which she was unimpressed with.  She asked to sit up on my table and work on it using the iPad {where the manual is}.  

Home Preschool -5710

Home Preschool -5718

I thought the girl was pretty cute, but my real life girl disagreed.

Home Preschool -5725

The “make a pie” lesson was a BIG hit and an awesome learning experience. We worked on patterns and symmetry while creating the pie itself…

Spielgaben -5679

Soring and fractions were also a part of our play time as we created different “kinds”of pie within the pieces.

Spielgaben -5680

Of course she wanted to eat the pie.

Spielgaben -5687


We did a few worksheets from this set, here she was finding the missing piece.

Spielgaben -5689


We have had LOTS of fun with our free play area I have set up now.  The Nature Guide is out a lot, as is the Inspiration Guide.

She loves making crocodiles now…

Home Preschool -5766

Home Preschool -5792


She also made the seagull…

Home Preschool -5855


This is her and her house.

Home Preschool -6373

See our Playful Learning with Spielgaben posts here, as well as a discount for my readers!

Messy Fun

This week we made Moon Sand again!  See our original moon sand post here!

Home Preschool -5828

We use our MessMatz for this, and an assortment of goodies always come along to play.

Home Preschool -5833

I dislike homemade moon sand for one reason, it gets moldy when closed after about a week.  Thankfully the huge bag of play sand we bought was cheap so it’s not a big deal.


All By Myself Preschool Boxes

She spends about an hour in the afternoon playing with her boxes. Usually this hour starts right after lunch, but if she wants to play messy stuff first, I let her.  I am basically requiring her to float between her boxes or the messy play table, or if she wants to be difficult, she can take a nap.  I sneak in to snap photos, but mostly she plays alone.  Sometimes she comes to get me to show me something too.

We haven’t been able to do school on the 5th day recently in the afternoon {when she has her box time} so I only make 4 boxes now.

In her mini sensory bins ~ rocks, lentils, beads, and colored wheat berries.


I actually remembered to take photos of her boxes this week!  Here she is posing with Monday {books, garden critters, geo boards, rocks}

Home Preschool -5695

Home Preschool -5703

She is always sorting by color, it’s a favorite of hers.

Home Preschool -5706

She loves the mini geo boards.

Home Preschool -5708


On Tuesday ~ {books, colored wheat berries, Large Tinkerbell puzzle, fishing ABCs, frogs on a log}. And a dog.

Home Preschool -5741

With each new day she is also allowed to go back to any of the previous day’s toys.  This week she played with the bugs every day.  They joined her in the wheat berries.

Home Preschool -5751

Home Preschool -5754


On Wednesday ~ books, lentils, beads and a string, pet puzzles, interlox

Home Preschool -5772

She made a house out of Interlox, for the critters of course.

Home Preschool -5778

Home Preschool -5783

She loves these puzzles.

Home Preschool -5782


Thursday ~ books, beads, stacking cups, old wooden sorting toy from my teaching days, number clip cards and a goofy girl sneaking in the picture!

Home Preschool -5841

Home Preschool -5842

Home Preschool -5844

Sorting, again!

Home Preschool -5846


See all items that rotate through our boxes here! 

See our Simplifying Sensory Play post here!

All-By-Myself-Preschool-Boxes622  Simple-Sensory-Bin-Collection52

All the Rest

We are currently reviewing the Bible based version of Integrity Time and went back to Letter C is for Cooperation!  I am absolutely in love with the Bible version {full review coming soon}!  The lesson was about the Tower of Babel, the kids loved the blocks we used as the object lesson.

Integrity Time Bible -6290

Integrity Time Bible -6294

We talked about cooperation and how when used for the right thing, great things can be achieved. 

Integrity Time Bible -6309


My girl builds animals and people out of everything now.  I am pretty sure this is thanks to Spielgaben. It has been so inspirational for her, sparking her creativity like this. These are magnetic pattern blocks.

Home Preschool -5763 Home Preschool -5852

This is a dinosaur {made from our foam blocks}…

Home Preschool -6311

A bird she made out of the cubes Krash had been using to learn area.

Home Preschool -6316

See our LETTER X work here, which was done during the same time as what you see above! Home Preschool Letter X

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Kindergarten Literature Based Unit Studies

I will be homeschooling my daughter for Kindergarten, and not using any formal curriculum.  With the boys we loosely followed Calvert, but with her I am doing my own thing and enjoying this final year of glorious early childhood freedom and fun. I am in NO rush to hurry her academically.

As I prayed about what to center our learning around I struggled a bit but then had a light bulb moment. When PacMan was in Kindergarten we did tons of unit studies based around his interests and made Lapbooks together.  I am not in a season of life where I really want to do Lapbooks again, but the unit study idea appealed to me. Literature based curriculum also appealed to me but I did not want to follow a purchased program. So I am inventing my own wheel again!

We will be using Literature based unit studies for the backbone of our Kindergarten. I am certainly not the first to do this, there are wonderful curriculums based around this idea and there are awesome free literature based unit study printables out there too {Homeschool Share is my favorite source}. I will be using many printables from Homeschool Share {thanks Ami!} but I also wanted to choose HER favorite books and develop our own unit studies around those.  Below you can see some of the books we have in our stack so far.

Kindergarten Literature Unit Printables

To prepare for this, I made my list of her favorites, and had her help me collect her favorite books.  Some on our list wouldn’t be my first choice for a unit study, but I am honoring her favorites and following her lead! Here are the books we have on our list so far…

{linked books are done and you can click to see printables}

See all books we have on our list here in our Amazon store!

In developing the unit studies, I am keeping our own personal Kindergarten math and literacy goals in mind. I will be sharing these in more detail in separate posts soon. I actually am working behind the scenes on the first book I chose for her, “Hi! Mr. Pizza Man!” and have had so much fun developing this.  I miss my Kindergarten teaching days and am so excited for this year with my last Kindergartner.

I will be sharing our unit study printables for free, as I develop them.  I am also open to book suggestions.  I have not finished compiling our list, and would love to introduce her to new favorites. She is very picky and I will be focusing my time developing units we will be using personally.

What book on our list is your favorite? 

Do you have a book suggestion for a Kindergarten literature unit study?