1+1+1=1 Store Sale! Shop Early for BEST Savings!

Sale 1 1 1=1

I am having a fun sale, starting now! Those who see this early will get the best deal, but there will be discounts available throughout the week!

Discount codes will automatically change and expire at the times listed. Use the code shown beside each discount option depending on when you shop!


40% off through 12:00pm EST Sunday 3/19/17 CODE: 40off

30% off through 12:00pm EST Monday 3/20/17 CODE: 30off

10% off through 12:00pm EST Saturday 3/25/17 CODE: 10off


All of my 1+1+1=1 store products are included {including group options}.

Shop Here!


Note ~ This sale does NOT include my Teacher’s Notebook Shop, but I am discounting it 10% for a week also! That discount will stay the same from now until the end of the week

Happy saving and thanks for supporting our family through your purchases! We are thankful for you!