Welcome Spring! Coloring Printables

The idea behind Just Color! is simple ~ theme packs all focused around coloring. There are mostly coloring pages, and a few coloring activities. The coloring pages are all in one download to make it easier to download and print all at once, in case you have coloring monsters like I do!

I just added a new Spring Fun Coloring set! This set features all of the things I am desperately longing for here in the northeast!  Sunshine, rainbows, flowers, kites, and warmth.Spring Fun Coloring Printables

Download the Welcome Spring coloring printables and more here!

Remember, if you want to make a mini coloring book, you can always scale down PDF files! If you have any problems downloading or printing these or other PDF files, see troubleshooting tips here

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Tot School Ideas for 12-18 Months

Tot School Ideas Ages 12-18 Months

Tot School is simply playing with your tot!  The name came from my son many years ago, but don’t let the term “school” fool you, it most certainly is not school in the traditional form.  It is simply exposing early learning skills through focused play with your tot, something parents have been doing for many, many years!  I am a firm believer in developmentally appropriate practice and letting kids grow and develop at their pace, not pushing education too soon.  However, it is usually the MOM who needs an actual plan, idea list, or even a program to follow. For those of you who love to gather ideas for playing with your tot, I am sharing several posts in a series, broken down by ages. Many have asked for this, and finally I am taking the time to do it!

See our first post in this series…

Tot School Ideas for 9-12 Months

Tiny Tot School Ideas for Ages 9-12 Months

All ideas are presented with the understanding that you are playing WITH your baby, these are not all independent activities as some of the items are choking hazards. Please only use ideas that you feel comfortable with and feel you can ensure your tot’s safety.

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1. Board Books on a Low Shelf

The shelf you see in this photo is actually a photo ledge from Ikea.  When she was this age, I rotated her board books on this shelf in her room.  She spent many hours reading in this spot and other in the house like this. See the Tot School post this photo was featured in, she was 14 months.

Tot School Board Books on a Low Shelf 12-18 Months


2. Exploring Bubble Wrap

One of the best free sensory experiences for kids is bubble wrap!  I gave it to Ladybug for the first time when she was about 13 months old and every time it came in a package I let her explore {always with me close by}.  See our Tot School post that featured this photo!

Tot School Bubble Wrap 12-18 Months


3. Stirring Sticks

A package of simple colored stirring sticks {we got ours at Target} is a great and inexpensive addition to your Tot School supply list.  Here you can see her trying to get them into an empty food container. We used these sticks all the time, for many fun and simple activities. Ladybug was 13 months in this photo, see the rest of the Tot School post here.

Tot School Stirring Sticks 12-18 Months


4. Spoons and Bowls

Ladybug played with all sorts of metal and plastic bowls from the kitchen.  She loved our kitchen spoons too.  One of her favorites at this age was to pretend to cook and stir our wooden food pieces.  See the Tot School post this photo was featured in, she was 14 months.

Tot School Spoons and Bowls 12-18 Months


5. Instruments

Our instrument collection was a big favorite when Ladybug was this age.  She would dig and play in this box a lot.  Her favorite was when we all explored together with our instruments.  See this Tot School post here, she was 13 months.

Tot School Instruments 12-18 Months


6. Stacking

This was about the time she got really into the stacking toys we had.  The one shown below was from Target, and is similar to this one. She loved all of our stacking toys. See this Tot School post here, she was 15 months.

Tot School Stacking 12-18 Months


7. Straws

Such a simple addition to your Tot School collection, straws!  We did all sorts of things with straws, but this was her favorite.  An empty container to put them in!  She was 17 months in this photo. See this post here.

Tot School Straws 12-18 Months


8. Recycled Containers & Trays

The tray below was an empty frozen baby food tray, she was putting large bumpy beads from this set into the openings.  We used all sorts of ice cube trays, egg cartons, and similar containers to allow her to move objects like this. She was 15 months in this photo, see the post here.

Tot School Recycled Containers 12-18 Months

9. Counting Bears

When she was younger all we had was the bears.  We now have various counters {family, ocean, and more}.  They are still a VERY favorite at age 4, and I even use them to teach certain math skills beyond this! She was 17 months in this photo, the Tot School post is here.

Tot School Counting Bears 12-18 Months

10. Magneatos

Magneatos have been a favorite toy of all of my children for years.  Ladybug began really enjoying them when she was this age.  She is sitting on top of a magnetic dry erase board which they stuck to also, she loved this! She was 17 months in this photo, the Tot School post is here.

Tot School Magneatos 12-18 Months


11. Stacking Cups

Stacking cups are a wonderful toy for tots.  So much you can do with a colorful set like this.  All of my kids loved their stacking cups and they still play with them! She was 17 months in this photo, the Tot School post is here.

Tot School Stacking Cups 12-18 Months

12. Easel

Coloring on an easel is a great activity for tots.  It requires them to stand and develop their fine motor skills vertically. This particular easel is from Ikea. She was 17 months in this photo. See this post here.

Tot School Easel 12-18 Months

13. Magnets

When Ladybug was this age I rotated different magnet sets {the one shown is our Leapfrog set} on our dishwasher often for her.  Since she was a slow stander/walker so this gave her motivation to try and stand and play.  You can see her holding a metal bowl also, she loved using this with our magnets also. She was 14 months in this photo, see the post here.

Tot School Magnets 12-18 Months

14. Push Through Activities

Shown below is an empty baby food container with a hole cut in the plastic lid.  She is pushing Zoobs through the opening.  She also used pom poms a lot for this.  Push through activities are great for tots this age! She was 15 months in this photo, see the post here.

Tot School Push Through 12-18 Months

15. Tubes

Doesn’t get much cheaper than empty paper towel and toilet paper tubes!  In this photo she is shoving spools into them but you can offer your tot all sorts of things to enjoy along with tubes.  Pom Poms, bouncy balls, ping pong balls, bells, straws, and so much more! See the Tot School post this photo was featured in, she was 14 months.

Tot School Tubes 12-18 Months

I created a simple PDF file featuring all of the images from this post on one page.  Back when we were Tot Schooling, I loved to have lists I could refer back to.

You can download the Tot School ideas for Ages 12-18 months here!


More ideas for this age group from around the web ~

Looking for more ideas, be sure to grab our Where to Begin with Tot School eBook for free here! In the eBook you will find pages with different ages and ideas for that age group!

Tot School Ideas By Ages_thumb[11]

~ Coming Soon ~

Tot School Ideas for 18-24 Months

Tot School Ideas for 24-30 Months

Tot School Ideas for 30-36 Months

Tot School Ideas for 3-4 Years

In the meantime, you can visit our Tot School Ideas by Ages!

Despicable Me Preschool Fun

Ladybug is 4 years, 10 months old

Despicable Me Preschool Fun

Despicable Me Preschool Printables & Activities We Used ~

Matching Despicable Me characters…

Despicable Me -4549

Despicable Me -4550


Roll and Graph

Despicable Me -5004

She loved this!

Despicable Me -5009


Painting Minions!

Despicable Me -5013

Yup, she instead on one being purple and making him have crazy hair!

Despicable Me -5092


We worked with beginning sounds using the characters from the printable pack.  I got out magnetic letters and a cookie sheet and we matched them together {we use these magnets on the back of our laminated characters}.  We did this several times, taking turns.  We would put the characters on and match the letters, and then the letters on and match the characters.

Despicable Me -5177


Matching 3 part cards in our mini pocket chart

Despicable Me -5167


Her favorite is still Find the Difference!  K was amazed, he couldn’t even find some she found quickly!

Despicable Me -5178 Despicable Me -5182


She LOVES to cut. LOVES to cut.  She cut her shapes out and made a collage.

Despicable Me -5191


Her finished Despicable Me work…

Despicable Me -5288

See more theme based printable packs here!


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Tot School Gathering Place ~ Week 60

Gather together here, gather ideas from other blogs, share your own ideas on your own blog. Browse around at the other posts linked up, leave a few comments if you have time, and be sure to check back to see if your blog was featured!


Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!!! Today would have been his 110th birthday! Take some time with your Tot to read a book by Seuss – maybe Hop on Pop, Fox in Socks or One Fish, Two Fish. The rhyme and rhythm of his books draws children in and you have fun reading them with your Tot! Enjoy! And don’t forget to look at all the different blogs linked up to the Gathering Place for some fresh ideas to share with your Tot.

Mama Amy over at Wildflower Ramblings shares with us a bounty of ideas for the letter U. Take a look at all the fun activities Tot John was involved with in exploring the letter U!Wildflower Ramblings


Over at The Kavanaugh Report, Tot Henry is exploring the letter D using dinosaurs, Duplos, and dogs! Check out the entertaining and educational ideas that Mama Nicole put together for her wonderful Tot!

The Kavanaugh Report


Head on over to Woodbine Drive and encourage Mama Jes in her beginning efforts of Tot School! All of us were “first timers” to this Tot School thing and had many questions! Take some time to see the fun activities Tot Scout participated in and reassure Mama Jes that she’s doing a great job!

Woodbine Drive



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Home Preschool ~ Letter V

Each week I share 2-3 posts sharing our home preschool learning.  This post is only sharing our letter focused work. If we have a theme of the week, it will be a separate post too.  All of our general play based learning will be in a final weekly wrap up post called, “Learning with Ladybug.”  I am separating out the posts to make them easier for people to find down the road when searching for specific letter/theme activities.  See our entire home preschool plan here!

Home Preschool Letter V

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Her Letter V ABC Basket

Home Preschool Letter V -4383

Home Preschool Letter V -4571


Animal ABC lowercase v is for vervet monkey! She dislikes monkeys so this wasn’t her favorite.  Funny thing, monkeys were my absolute favorite as a child!

Home Preschool Letter V -5016

We even looked up vervet monkeys on Youtube and she was still unimpressed.  She said they look funny.

Home Preschool Letter V -5097


ABC Find It!  We haven’t had the rice bin out in awhile and she was happy to see it!

Home Preschool Letter V -5002


This week with our Q-Tip printables, she colored in all of the dots and then added glitter glue dots to them!

Home Preschool Letter V -5159


Our All About Reading Pre lesson for lowercase v for vase was a hit since she loves to draw flowers.  She also loves to cut so she cut the entire thing out.

Home Preschool Letter V -5104


Our finished Letter V work…

Home Preschool Letter V -5283

There isn’t a ton of work for Letter V since we also did our Valentine’s Day fun the same week!

See more Letter V ideas on our V  is for Pinterest board, and even more ABC ideas on my ABC Ideas board!

image  ABC-Ideas-on-Pinterest43122222222


See more theme based printables to go with the Letter V here!


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