New Essential Oil Starter Kits!

I don’t write about our essential oil journey much here on this blog, but we have now been using oils consistently for two years now {since February 2013}.  We have many success stories and I am totally happy. We love our oils, even my once skeptical husband!  I honestly can’t believe some of the changes we have experienced ~ the biggest one possibly being my husband’s love for our oils now!

Remember I have an Essential Oil newsletter ~ Our Oily Little World, and I am currently working on a separate blog to share more about our oily journey.

I am a part of an amazing Christ-centered Young Living group led by my friend Jodi McKenna. She is a wealth of knowledge about oils and leads us with a passionate, humble and servant’s heart. Our team works together and focuses to honor the Lord throughout our oily journeys.  You can read what we believe here to see if joining our team would be a good fit for you. I would be honored to have you join our team if you feel we are a good fit for you.

In fact, I just launched an awesome bonus to help you on your journey if you join my team! Here’s the details…

Promotional Offer 2015 with labels


When you sign up with me and order a Premium Starter Kit {the one shown below} I have some awesome free bonus items for you! I took a lot of time deciding what I wanted to offer new people, and decided on the reference book that has helped me the most and an app that I have recently discovered that is just amazing!

Having a reference guide right when you start is vital. It is definitely a learning process and you simply need an easy place to look when you have a question. The Essential Oils Pocket Reference is the book I have used the most over two years and is a $25 value! I also use another book {Reference Guide for Essential Oils}, which now has an app format! I am going to buy you that too {a $6.99 value} so you’ll have both!

In addition to the awesome reference tools I am also going to send you a set of colorful bottle top labels for your new oils! I love labels and figure many of you will too!

The visual version of the Premium Starter Kit is below, this kit is incredible and is priced the same {$150} as when I joined two years ago, BUT I didn’t get a diffuser with my kit! Lucky you! Everything you need to get started is in this kit, and with the added bonuses I am offering {see above} you will be armed with extensive knowledge at your fingertips!

Young Living Premium Starter Kit 2015

These are the nine 5 ml oils included in the  Everyday Oils kit, which is IN the Premium Starter Kit.  So you get all of these, plus Citrus Fresh, plus a diffuser, and more!

Everyday Oils Kit 2015

The Details in Simple Format ~

  • Buy a Premium Starter Kit for $150 {email me for instructions [email protected]}
  • Get a book, app, and labels for free from me as a gift!
  • Enjoy your new oily journey!

What should you do now if you want to sign up?

Essential Oils Sign Up


Not sure yet?

Here are some common questions {I had a LOT of these}

  • Do I have to order every month?  A certain amount? No! You can just order what you need each month.  If you are interested in the business side of Young Living there is a different answer but as a wholesale member who is interested in only purchasing oils for yourself, there is no monthly requirement.
  • Do I have to sell oils?  No! You can be a wholesale member just to get the wholesale prices and support offered to wholesale members!
  • Will they kick me out if I don’t order enough? You only have to order 50 PV {PV = personal volume and is approximately $50} once a year to remain active!  Trust me ~ that’s not hard to do!
  • Wait!  A friend wants to sign up under me, what do I do?  You will have your own distributor number and they just use that!  You’ll be surprised, even if you don’t want to build a business, it might just happen!  There are a few other logistical things regarding earning money with Young Living, so be sure to research that or email to ask if you are interested.
  • What is Essential Rewards?  It is the monthly shipment program that Young Living offers. I use it and place an order every month.  I have a set date and can change what I want to order at any time.  To maintain your Essential Rewards status {and get reduced shipping, credit for free oils, and access to monthly promotions} you have to place a minimum 50 PV order each month.
  • Why would I want to enroll in Essential Rewards? Honestly it is totally up to you! If you maintain 50 PV you are eligible for reduced shipping {9.99 regular is dropped to 6.99}, and you will earn points redeemable for product.  Being enrolled also helps you remember to keep using your oils and slowly you will gain knowledge and reply on them more and medications and other products less!  That’s what has happened to me!
  • I think I want to build a business! GREAT!  We have a private business builders Facebook group too, we all work together and help each other.  You can email me for more info if you decide you want to build a business!

Other questions? Feel free to leave a comment here so I {or Jodi} can answer for all to see in case you have a similar question to someone else.

Essential Oils Sign Up