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The Mitten Printables

The Mitten Printables

Last year I created some printables based on the book, The Mitten.  You can download the files created last year by clicking the links below, which will take you to the webpage where the pdf file is hosted.

The Mitten Clip & Learn {beginning sounds}

The Mitten Read & Write the Room Cards

The Mitten Story Props


This year we are using the book for a week of preschool work for Ladybug and I am using Jolanthe’s The Mitten Printable Packs, my own printables {above} and a few new ones I made for her!

One of the activities Ladybug loves the most is Roll & Graph, so I made her a set to go along with the book. I included a graph for 5 or 10, and the printable die. She also really enjoys Dot Fun pages, so I made a mini set for her! Both are included in this new set…

~> Download The Mitten Printables here <~

The Mitten Printables


More Mitten Fun…

The Mitten Q-Tip Painting Printables  The Mitten Letter Mazes Preschool Work Trays

I Can Teach My Child to Read!


Jenae from I Can Teach My Child has a new eBook out that I think MANY of you will just love!  I Can Teach My Child to Read is a mom’s guide to the basics that I have written about for years.  Jenae and I tend to think alike in terms of early childhood education, I read through her eBook and agreed whole heartedly, I found myself nodding in agreement throughout the whole thing!

If you are looking for some guidance in teaching your child to read, I highly suggest grabbing Jenae’s eBook!  The eBook is priced at an unbelievable

$1.99 through January 12, 2013!

then it will raise to it’s regular price of 3.99 {still an amazing deal}.


Want the Kindle version?  You can grab that here for only 1.99 through Jan 12 also!

Tot School ~ Something New!


I know many of you have been wondering what will happen to Tot School now that my 3rd {and final} child is aging out of the Tot School age range.  When Krash was a tot I post about his Tot School journey {his Tot School finale is here} until he began Raising Rock Stars Preschool with me when he was almost 4.  Ladybug will be starting RRSP a bit earlier than Krash did, so I am going to begin posting her home preschool journey the same way I did with Krash. We have not officially begun yet, but you won’t see Ladybug over here on the Tot School posts again after this! I am almost finished preparing her RRSP lessons but am waiting to start until all of our January visitors are gone. We have one more set and then we will begin.
We have done no Tot School recently, due to a very busy time and a full house of rotating guests.  One of our recent events was the amazing wedding of two VERY great friends.  Ladybug was one of the flower girls and had a BLAST.  Seeing her dance with Daddy was definitely the highlight for me!
Wedding-6910 Wedding-6922 Wedding-6928

So, what is happening with the Tot School linky?  It is staying right here and I have a new plan! I want to feature YOU in my posts each week and use the linky to connect moms who are doing Tot School at home and sharing through their blog. 
Please read this carefully before linking up! This may no longer be the linky for you, so please glance through this list to be sure you want to stick around and link up with us!
By linking up you agree to the following:
  1. A photo and a link to your post may appear in a future Tot School post.  You give me permission to choose a photo from the post you link up, and give me permission to use your ideas in my post.  I will link back to you, mention your blog, and give you full credit for any ideas choose to share form your post. If you don’t want me sharing photos, your blog, or ideas, please don’t link up.
  2. Your post is a post written specifically for Tot School and not just an idea for tots. It features your own child{ren} in action. This is a community for moms to come together and share their journey with Tot School virtually.
  3. Provide a link back to Tot School {you can use this link: or a direct link to the weekly post you link up to} if you link up.  If you do not link back to Tot School, your link will be deleted.
  4. Link up your exact Tot School post {not your blog homepage} if you are unsure how to do that read this!
Each week I will feature photo{s} and ideas from blogs who link up.  Sometimes it may be one simple idea, sometimes it may be a collection based around a concept {such as fine motor skill ideas}.  I hope to begin next Sunday, stay tuned and thanks for linking up!

A Few Popular Tot Posts…


See the Tot School webpage here!Tot-School-early-learning-through-play

New to linking up here? Read this first! Basics: write a specific post about what you did with your tot, link up the permalink from your post, link back to Tot School within that post, put your tot’s age in months in ( ) like this: (43 months).

What We Gave Jesus for Christmas

The Sparkle Box became heavier and heavier as Christmas Day approached, although none of us knew how much money our family had collected to spend on gifts for Jesus.

After the morning festivities on Christmas Day, we sat together and opened the Sparkle Box!

Sparkle Box-5827

Daddy and I had put our family donation in the box, mixed in with the money the kids had donated.  As it all fell out on the floor, we heard screams of delight!  They all knew this money was for buying gifts for others, but you would have thought they were going to Disney World! It was cool!

Sparkle Box-5828

After the money was counted, down to the penny, we began finalizing our list.  Each child got to choose a couple of things they really liked.

Sparkle Box-5832

After Ladybug’s initial shock that we were buying chickens and not toys for her, I am happy to say she was on board for the project all the way through to the end!  She wanted to give the sick baby some medicine and buy the girl a fruit tree. Prior to this day I had spent some time reading the catalog with her and telling her what our money could do to help kids like those in the photographs. In her little mind, she understood to the best of her ability.

Sparkle Box-5835

This list was finalized, all during a beautiful discussion of why certain things were needs around the world. We totaled up each item and kept adding until we had the entire amount spent!  On our list; soccer balls, send a child to school, mosquito nets, a pond, small farm animals, fruit trees, medicines, school supplies, and more.

Sparkle Box-5836

Ladybug was tired and only participated in the counting money part, but the boys stuck with me until the end.  After writing down our selections, we went to the computer to order our items.  The website is set up really nicely so the boys could see the photographs and even read more about their gifts.

Sparkle Box-5842

It really was awesome, I am so glad God brought this idea to me and that we did this.  I pray it is a tradition we will continue to do year after year.  Such a nice break in the middle of Christmas Day to spend some time focusing on giving to others. As the kids get older I hope it becomes even more and more a part of our yearly celebration of God’s gift to us!

Christmas Gifts for Jesus

Just Color ~ Winter Fun

The idea behind Just Color! is simple ~ theme packs all focused around coloring. There are mostly coloring pages, and a few coloring activities. The coloring pages are all in one download to make it easier to download and print all at once, in case you have coloring monsters like I do!

I just added a new Winter Fun Coloring set!

Just Color Winter

Remember, if you want to make a mini coloring book, you can always scale down PDF files! If you have any problems downloading or printing these or other PDF files, see troubleshooting tips here.

Here’s a peek at the different pages in this free printable set! Pick the ones you like and enjoy some coloring time!

Snowman Coloring Slide7Slide2 Slide3Slide4 Slide6Slide8 Slide15Slide9 Slide10Slide11 Slide12Slide13 Snowman ColoringSnowman Coloring Snowman Coloring


Lots of fun winter coloring activity pages!

Snowman Coloring Color by Letter SnowmanColor by Shape Snowman Follow Directions to Color SnowmanFollow Directions to Color Snowman Find and Color Winter

To download these pages, go here and click on this graphic!

Just Color Winter

Looking for more Winter fun?

Winter Theme Collection