What’s in the Bible? Discount!

We used What’s in the Bible DVDs last year for our main Bible focused part of homeschooling and my kids loved it!  We are still enjoying the DVDs and learning from them and I have a different plan for them right now during this season of life!  We drive about 40 minutes each way to K’s gymnastics team practice 3 times per week and these are the DVDs the kids watch!  We don’t normally allow any movies in the car except on long trips, but I really wanted to build in regular watching of these so we don’t forget everything we learned last year!  This is my VERY easy solution to that!  I simply love this DVD series and learn so much myself just listening from the front seat driving!

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If you need to build a collection, or add to yours, here’s a coupon code for you, SCHOOL10 to get 10% off any order over $25 through Sept 2, 12013!


Be sure to browse around their updated website too, there’s so much good stuff!

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