How About I Give Away an Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

Sure, I will! How about 2 bundles?


I know that many of you are in a situation that can’t even think about spending $29.97 on a bundle of eBooks right now.  I used to be in that position, and remember it well.  As valuable the resources would have been to me, and knowing what an incredible {and time sensitive} deal it was would have made me drool over the deal, but in the end I would have passed.

I have been perusing the resources this week and will be for a long while.  Just yesterday I signed up for the bonus deal from Fit2B and learned something new about myself, I have a diastasis!  What in the world is that? See more here! If you buy {or win} the bundle you too can have a free 2 month membership to the site and have access to workouts to help you heal! I already did the first workout to begin healing and was amazed with how different it is from what I had been doing.  Hoping this might be my answer!Earthpaste

I also took advantage of the bonus offer from Redmond Trading and am so excited!  I ordered the freebie package with the toothpaste {Earthpaste} and to get free shipping, I added in 2 extra tubes, which made my total out of pocket $16! I figured I would rather pay my money for extra stuff rather than shipping!

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As for the amazing eBooks in the bundle, I already shared a few of my favorite educational resources, but I have a many others I love too.   I know Jessica from the Allume conferences I have attended and was excited to read her story, she is a great writer with a humorous style, which I love. 100 Pound Loser was a great read and I was inspired by her success!  I am excited to dig into Pursuit of Proverbs 31, for obvious reasons, it is next on my list.  Finally, I cloth diapered Ladybug and WISH I would have had Erin’s eBook, Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert, back then!  If you are thinking of cloth, or already using cloth, this eBook is a goldmine itself!

100 Pound Loser  HDi6W_LCFfpSH-Ixth2F5toFlZOKrKv0yzlpNlpgj3s  G7VJo6SPMoLfxQMs553JS83X4Oka5Du1NXUtmpm7WlA

That’s just a few of my other favorites, there are many more!

I would like to bless 2 of you with the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for FREE! 

Just enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below {if you are viewing via RSS or email, click over to the blog to see the widget} and I will let Rafflecopter choose the winners early Saturday {5/4/13} morning, so if you don’t win and still want to purchase, you will have time left on Saturday before the deal ends.

I will post winners here on the blog and will email them on Saturday morning. Winners will give me their email address and then I will purchase the bundles for you and send you the information!

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