The Beginnings of Essential Oils for Us!

Essential Oils

We are total beginners in this oily world.  Skeptics too.  If I didn’t trust Jodi so much I wouldn’t ever do this.  We got our box last week and have jumped in. I must be honest and tell you my husband is an even bigger skeptic than I am.  He supports my journey but isn’t willing to try them himself quite yet.  He is a proof kinda guy. I am using them and using them for the house and kids.  The little 2 kids love the idea, Pac is a bit like Daddy. 

Some of you who have signed up this month have asked me to share our journey with you, so here we go! 

Here’s how we have used them so far…

Ladybug has dry itchy skin on her lower back and sides.  I am mixing her Made On Bee Silk Junior lotion with Lavender, it is already so much better! By the way, this is our first season using the Bee Silk Jr. and it is perfect for her!

Young Living Essential Oils  Lavendar


PacMan has had a fever and we have been using Peppermint.

Young Living Essential Oils Peppermint for Fever


Overall germ protection! I put a few drops of Purification on cotton balls and stuck one in the vent in our school room and one in the vent of Ladybug’s bedroom air purifier. I love the smell of this oil!!!

Young Living Essential Oils Purification for Air Vents

Sickness prevention ~ we are using Thieves on the bottoms of our feet, mixed with a bit of coconut oil or Made On Lotion. I detest the smell of the Thieves, but the kids love it.  It has a strong cinnamon smell and although most love this, I don’t!  But, I am still using it!

Young Living Essential Oils Thieves for Sickness Prevention

Sleep ~ I have been putting Peace & Calming on my feet mixed with my Made On Lotion Bar before bed, and also inhaling it, and putting a drop on my wrists.  So far I have slept soundly 4 nights in a row without a sleeping aid, which I have been using for at least 4 months now. It has Patchouli in it so we both call it the hippie oil.  Reminds me of college.

For now I have our oil collection and a few other items in a small basket.  I also keep a jar of coconut oil nearby too, as we use it to blend with. My family thinks I am nuts, and I sorta do too.  That’s OK, I am all for being a bit nuts!

Young Living Essential Oils

Did you enroll this month as a new Young Living Distributor? If you did and your initial order was $100 or more, you get a $40 credit to your account in addition to the $40 diffuser coupon in your enrollment package!

I bet you might have the same question I did!  How to use your $40 Diffuser Coupon AND your $40 Feb New Distributor credit combined…CALL!  I called in and talked to a lovely YLEO rep who helped me manually fill out my coupon {the paper coupon comes in your first order as a new distributor}. Young Living Essential Oils

I told her I wanted to apply my $40 credit from joining up in February and my $40 coupon towards the $75 Home Diffuser.  She created a “mock order” and I sent in my coupon, since they have to have the paper coupon.  Once they receive my coupon, they will charge my order and ship the diffuser. My total out of pocket for the diffuser was $6.63, yours will vary depending on the state you live in for shipping and tax.  You can see the actual order form I filled out while talking to the rep, the line is pointing to a note reminding them to apply the $40 credit to the order and only charge my credit card $6.63!

Young Living Essential Oils I think that is pretty awesome for a $75 {plus shipping and tax it’s $97} diffuser!  I am psyched!

There is still time to sign up this month with a $100 or more order and get the February bonus of a $40 account credit!  A huge thanks {again} to Jodi for encouraging me on this journey and for answering my MANY emails this past week!