But I Want Toys!

Yesterday I shared about our new Christmas Gifts for Jesus idea. What I didn’t share is the behind the scenes show that occurred when my children were introduced to this new idea. I knew the little 2 were a gamble and honestly had NO clue what their reaction would be. My camera caught a piece of reality, I think it is important to share this side of giving gifts to Jesus too. The side that isn’t so sweet and lovely, but a bit more sinful and selfish.  The side that shows it isn’t always easy to give selfLESSly.

As I was asking my kids to come together so I could read the book, this is the look I got from Krash, my grumpster. He was busy playing army and didn’t want to be bothered. I didn’t even know I caught this shot, I was just testing my camera settings. This is unfortunately typical for him during this current season of life.  It takes all the prayers in the world for me to not lose it over his grumpy attitude.

The Sparkle Box

Thankfully, even after that beginning, all 3 kids ended up LOVING the book and were asking questions and pointing things out in the pictures. Reading time was fun and sweet. After the reading, when I explained what we were going to do, the reactions began. My oldest was thrilled and immediately began browsing and reading about different gifts-even remembering some we have given in the past.

The Sparkle Box

Krash was a bit confused but eagerly began wondering what this was all about. He didn’t remember from last year very well and he and Pac began discussing some of the items in the catalogs.

The Sparkle Box

The little one was sadly disappointed when she opened her catalog and saw chickens instead of toys.

But I Want a Toy!

The massive tears of disappointment soon began to fall. See the big ol’ tear on her cheek?

But I Want a Toy!

Yup, she was totally bummed, and even a bit angry it seemed. She ran over to find the Toys R Us catalog and proceeded to tell me she wanted toys, not a chicken. Then she told me she wanted toys and a chicken, for HERSELF.

Years ago this would have devastated me and made me feel like a failure of a parent. I would have even been ashamed to write about it or tell anyone! But, now that I am 3 kids and 10+ years into this parenting gig, I know that she is small and is learning and growing spiritually in her own way. I didn’t take her reaction personally, and instead focused on the boys, who were still browsing through the catalogs happily. I silently prayed and joined in the conversation my boys were having.

In just a few short minutes, suddenly Ladybug was up and asking me where her piggy bank was. She has a little bank that she plays with and it has a bunch of coins in it. It is her “play” money but she knows it is real money. She then went to her desk and began to put her money into the Sparkle Box.

The Sparkle Box

I didn’t say much, trying to enforce the lesson to the boys that this wasn’t about gaining praise from others. She sat there awhile, dropping her coins into the box and then announced that she was giving all of her money to God, “He’s gonna have a lot!” The pure joy on her face was priceless, and it did not come from my praise {since I had said nothing}. Maybe it came from the fun of dropping coins into something {probably} but my soft Mommy heart would like to believe that maybe deep in her little 3 year old heart something stirred.

The Sparkle Box

So, the Sparkle Box began with my baby girl, adding all of her coins to it, even possibly having absolutely no clue why. Each year we will continue to raise up our children in the way of the Lord, teaching them that when they give to others, they are indeed giving to Jesus himself.

Matthew 25 verse 40

My oldest son, who is ten,  is such a blessing to my heart. It wasn’t that long ago that he was crying over toys in our Operation Christmas Child box we put together because he wanted them. The spiritual growth we have seen in him is such an awesome reminder to me that we need to be patient, and just keep modeling.

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

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