Weekly Wrap-Up x 2

I didn’t write a Weekly Wrap Up post last week, so this post will share some moments from the past 2 weeks. 


It has taken me years to accept that I am just not at my best in the mornings.  I spent years fighting this, thinking that in order to be a good homeschool mom I needed to rise and shine and get on with the day early.  I no longer believe this and have adjusted our day so that we all enjoy it more.  I began to let go of the need to rise and shine mentality last year and this year even more.  Often times our mornings look like this, with the kids playing together.

We do have a no electronics rule during school hours {unless I put them on the iPad for school use}, so they dig into toys together. I play with them, sometimes I have some extra quiet time, sometimes I clean a bit.  There’s no set routine, I just don’t force myself to begin school before I feel ready to tackle the day.

One particular morning I missed my personal quiet time since I woke up late and I was in a grumpy funk.  I sent the boys upstairs to play and set Ladybug up with a big pile of books so she could read while I wrote in my Journible {I am writing out James, 1/2 Peter, 1/2/3 John, and Jude right now}.  As I was writing and reading the Word, Krash came down to read too.  Then they began sharing books and reading together, then he started reading to her.  It was just so sweet and such a beautiful time of quiet I would have missed had I allowed myself to sit in my grumpy funk.

It is one of those mornings. Instead of fighting it, I put the day on hold. One is upstairs playing, one is resting and this one is snuggled up with a big pile of books. Me? I am gonna write the Word in my Journible until I snap outta this grumpy funk. Someone else came to join the quiet time...So this just keeps getting cuter. Now they are Reading together and sharing the books. Seriously? Now he is reading to her, went and got his easy reader box all on his own and started reading to her. Thank you God for these simple blessings I would have missed had I chosen to just stay grumpy. An hour later and I feel so much better!


We continue to use our morning board {see full board here}, Ladybug has become very interested in counting the days.  This is fabulous since she consistently skips 13 and 15, and during this daily practice she is finally learning to stick them in there!

We are using the Botany Calendar Connections set this month.

We worked on Arizona in our Sticker USA Activity Book

Homeschool-3397 Homeschool-3400

Afterwards, we reviewed using our USA Geography PowerPoint on the laptop this time. They prefer the projector on the wall.


We worked on the virtue GENTLE with We Choose Virtues, in honor of our new puppy.Homeschool-3405

Sweenie {“super weenie”} is super sweet and she has been a good lesson in being gentle, another reminder after the kitty addition, Stella.



The kids really enjoyed our Home Art Studio lesson, and Ladybug was thrilled that she could participate in making a rose window too! Full post coming soon!Home Art Studio Rose Windows-3344


Ladybug and Krash continue to love the color cubes and pattern cards.  One morning they sat together and worked on them for a long time!Homeschool-3376


Life school was at its best during our camping weekend!  This was our last weekend trip of the season and we all loved it.  The kids met new doggies they fell in love with, made crafts, went on a hayride, colored and drew tons of pictures together, and just enjoyed family time out in God’s beautiful world together!

Camping trick or treating! We dressed up as......campers!!!! Craft time!The best friends of the trip...Lacey, Patch, and little Chipper. I am so glad their owner was so sweet cuz my kids her doggies!!  Hayride with my babies! Early morning stick hunting, gathering wood for the


Krash completed his first reading textbook with Calvert, he was really excited to move onto the next book!. Listening to my favorite 1st grader read to me


Along with All About Spelling 1 we also do the spelling lists provided with Calvert, mostly as a review.  He was so thrilled to begin his own Calvert spelling book this past week.Homeschool-3389


We worked on the horse from Draw, Write, NowHomeschool-3390


Krash is in gymnastics, and is falling more and more in love.  He practices a lot at home and recently learned that boys can be on a team and that he can challenge himself further.  This is great, except that his gym only advances girls, they only have boys recreational classes. So, we are looking around and seeking God about what to do with his talent and desire. Adding sports into family life is not a decision we take lightly, both for the time and financial cost. Thankfully PacMan and Laydbug also LOVE gymnastics, at least we would be a one sport family for now, but it is still a big commitment to move beyond a once a week class.


PacMan has learned a LOT about responsibility with the addition of the new puppy that he has BEGGED for. The agreement was that during daylight hours, he is responsible for taking her outside, and making sure she gets her playtime.  He enjoys it, but it has been challenging.Chilly morning romping with the new best friend.

That’s certainly not everything we did, but a glimpse of what my camera captured! To see more weekly wrap-ups, visit…

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