Weekly Wrap-Up

The Weekly Wrap-up is a perfect way to throw some random things together each week! I don’t take photos of everything we do, but here is where I share what I do capture, either with the boys, or with all of the kids together during our group activities. It will look different each week, or every other week, depending on how much I keep my act together!


We continue to use our morning board  {see full board here} and Ladybug is really enjoying the Songs for Saplings verses.  We have completed 3 now and review each one during the day.  She loves holding the cards and singing along. {a few sung by us years ago are in a video on this page}.


We are doing Seeds Family Worship verses too {mainly for the boys} and are on our 3rd verse this year.  Krash loves to “read along.”


Ladybug’s favorite part is when we sing the Name-O song {scroll down for video} and she runs the length of the room with her name, and some days, my name!

Homeschool Tot School-1752 Homeschool Tot School-1751 Homeschool Tot School-1753

We have a few group time subjects that we focus on once a week together,  One is USA Geography.  We are using the Sticker USA Activity Book this year to go through the states in ABC order.  The book comes with one set of printables and provides a CD so you can print additional.  This year I have printed each child a page {even Ladybug} so they can work on their own.Homeschool-1758

We are using my USA Geography PowerPoint again this year.  We have used this since I created it and Pac has easily memorized all states, capitals, abbreviations, and locations.  This is just showing up in his actual school curriculum and is so easy for him!Homeschool-1760

Krash forgets capitals and abbreviations,  but can identify and locate almost all 50 states.Homeschool-1761


Krash is back to his All About Reading Level 1 lessons.  We are up to about lesson 28 {I think}.  Ladybug loves to sit close when we do things!All About Reading-1769

We did All About Spelling 1 ~ Lesson 2 and worked on segmenting words orally.  he did really well with this.  All About Spelling-1774

A simple visual science experiment to compare and explore mass and volume.Homeschool-1712


In math he is flying, as he already knows most of what is being covered.  He worked through is word problems with ease this week!

Homeschool-1719 Homeschool-1720

We got a new Learning Resources school toy and he enjoyed the challenge.Homeschool-1692


PacMan and I love when a topic comes up that we have made a lapbook about.  This past week we studied plants and flowers in depth and were able to utilize our flower labeling game from a lapbook he made in 1st grade!Homeschool-1677

His very favorite part of homeschool…Homeschool-1717

He especially loves it when she lays right on top of his book and he just has to take a break and love on her.Homeschool-1765

That’s certainly not everything we did, but a glimpse of what my camera captured! To see more weekly wrap-ups, visit…