Back to School Sale!

I am excited about back to {home} school time and I know many of you are too!  In honor of this time of year, I thought I would have a sale to help any of you who are on the fence about purchasing anything I have for sale. A majority of what I offer on my site is FREE, but there are a few things I do sell.

I created a brand new “store” webpage which outlines all of the different items and now has a shopping cart feature, so you can make one purchase, instead of one for each item. The shopping cart feature is new, as well as the store page, so please let me know if I made any mistakes!  I linked and typed for days to get it all on one page to make it easier.  I know I probably messed something up! 

1plus1plus1 Store Sale


From now through August 31, 2012, with the code backtoschool you will receive

30% off of your entire shopping cart! 

Click here to shop and enter code: backtoschool

I am also hosting the same discount in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop, where I have a few smaller items for sale.  The discount is already applied over there, you’ll see the sale prices for each item. Below is just a few of the items on sale and their sale price shown!  


Thanks to all of you who support our family and the work I do online through your purchases of my items! 

Please remember, if you have any trouble downloading or printing anything from my site {or others} I have a PDF troubleshooting post!

Troubleshooting Tips for PDF Printing