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Moments to Remember

Moments to remember


Moments to Remember was developed as a simple way to look back on our week as homeschoolers and find photos that encompass the memories we want to remember.
The week may have been tough, there may have been more bumps than smiles, but in the end these are the moments that keep us going, the ones we need to remember.

It has been a much more enjoyable week around here!  Not perfect, but much better than last week!

PacMan is participating in the Summer Photo Camp for Kids {which is AWESOME, by the way, I highly recommend signing up for the July session, or entering to win on Jolanthe’s blog!}, and the camera has been out more and more!  The kids all love the camera and when Pac decides to be generous and share, they have a blast together!  Here is one of their recent photo sessions together!

IMG_0174 IMG_0176IMG_0184 IMG_0189

This shot cracks me up, the intensity on Pac’s face as he watches his brother use his spin art, and Ladybug’s awesome belly.IMG_7993


We have also spent a lot of time in our pool and outside!IMG_8133

Ladybug continues to collect bug friends, and it continues to be so enjoyable to listen to her “care” for her bug friend.IMG_8033


The boys got out their rollerblades one evening, and although the handholding was staged for a photo, it’s still cute!  They had fun!IMG_8151

Instagram continues to be a fabulous way to capture the smaller moments I want to remember, when the nice camera isn’t close by.  Here’s my collection of the week of the most memorable Instagram moments!

IMG_1600 IMG_1495 IMG_1516IMG_1520 IMG_1528 IMG_1542IMG_1545 IMG_1563 IMG_1608 IMG_1609IMG_1617 IMG_1669 IMG_1693 IMG_1696 IMG_1723

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Summer Olympics 2012 ~ Calendar Connections

For our July Calendar Connections cards, I made a simple special edition set in honor of the Summer Olympics.  Since these will only be used once by all of us, I decided to save time and make them front side only and only the standard size.

I used Wikipedia for most of my information, and will be using it to explore any special Olympics interests with my kiddos as we work through these and learn about the 26 sports of the 2012 games!!

The cards are a simple walk through of a few basic facts about the Olympic Games, and then each of the 26 sports in alphabetical order.  There is a special Opening Ceremonies card for July 27th, and a special Bible verse card for the 31st.

Calendar Connections Olympics 2012

The cards fit my particular pocket chart calendar, I ordered mine from Oriental Trading but they now have the same one on Amazon!


but you could use a poster foam board and velcro to easily create your own set up.

You can download these for FREE here!

You can use most of our Calendar Connections cards for any month! Calendar-Connections-Set-15

Summer Sight Word Work

Summer Sight Word Work

My boys are working on the Summer Challenge, and one of the ways they earn points is by doing extra schoolwork.  PacMan has the Summer Bridge 4th-5th workbook and it is perfect for solid review.  I may order Krash the K-1st edition if he completes what I already have for him, we’ll see!  Currently Krash is hard at work using printables!

Summer Learning Kindergarten (1 of 4)

I have two main goals for him during our review time, handwriting practice and sight word review.  Sure, there are other things we will review, but those are my two simple goals.  Simple helps keep me focused and not get too overwhelmed.

I made him packets, based on the You Can Read units.  Here is his Unit 1 Review Packet.  On top, I put the box handwriting practice…Summer Learning Kindergarten (3 of 4)

Under that, I added an extra printable set I am creating.  If you use YCR, you are familiar with the “Find the Words in the Sentence” printable, it looks like this:Slide19

I took those same sentences and made a handwriting practice sheet for each sentence, the first worksheet is shown below…Summer Learning Kindergarten (4 of 4)

This style helps with so many objectives; including handwriting, sight words, reading, sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, comprehension and more.Summer Learning Kindergarten (2 of 4)

I am in the process of creating sentence practice worksheets for all 18 units of You Can Read.  The bundled set will be added into the You Can Read Bundle.

For now, I am offering what I have for FREE, if any of you want to try them out as some extra summer work for your rising first grader!  I have completed the first 4 units and put them together with the box handwriting printables {also a YCR extra} for a free Summer Sight Word Work packet! 

~>~>~>~ Download Summer Sight Word Work Here <~<~<~<~

More Summer Work…

We are also using another freebie for our summer work, The Handwriting Book from Growing Kinders.


I LOVE these pages, for so many reasons, they touch on so many skills.  Summer Learning Kindergarten (2 of 7)


Finally, I have a notebook I put together for him, using some free samples from Creative Teaching Press.  I just browsed through their workbooks and printed a few that are at his review level.  Summer Learning Kindergarten (7 of 7)


Krash is motivated to do work like this in the summer thanks to our Summer Challenge.  Recently he got his first prize, a Beyblade!  Here he was moments before he earned it, working hard!

Handwriting Practice

Happy Summer Learning!

Shapes Printables & More

Shape Ideas

As my site grows, I realize it becomes more difficult to navigate.  I promise I do my best to keep it organized, but it is so hard!  In addition to my theme posts, I am putting together 5 basic posts: ABC Printables,123 Printables, Colors Printables, Shape Printables, and Bible Printables.  My goal is to link everything I can think of that is on my site under those categories.  I may even miss something of my own, let me know if I do!

Daily Calendar Notebook

There are shape printables included in the Daily Calendar Notebook set.  Slide14 Slide15


Shape of the Day Printable

Shapes Printable

Tot School Printables

Each Tot School Printable unit has a shape printable, with the theme object inside of shapes.Apples in Shapes

Tot Time Notebook

Numbers & Shapes Set

Tot Time Numbers and Shapes

Animal ABCs

Units can be purchased in bundle format, or individual letters can be downloaded for free when available. Each unit has a shape tracer printable.Alligator Shapes

Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten

Colors and shapes worksheets are located within each specific letter unit.Color the Shape

Shape Tracers

Shape Tracers

Shapes Around Me

Shapes Around Me

Shape Wheel

Shape Wheel

Shape Printables

from Preschool Packs and Tot Packs

You can find shape printables within many packs.  Download the entire pack and you will find these pages within!  Below are a few examples.

Example from Candy Preschool PackPreschool Pack Candy10

Example from Little Einsteins Tot PackLittle Einsteins Tot Book 2

Example from Mickey Mouse PackMickey Mouse Shapes

Example from Princess Preschool PackPrincess Preschool Pack 6

Example from Toy Story Preschool PackPreschool Pack Toy Story3

Example from Veggie Tales Tot Booksimple rectangle bookVEGGIE TALES shapes1

Example from Rainbow Tot Pack

Rainbow Shapes Rainbow Shapes

Clip & Learn Wheel

Cat Shapes

PowerPoint Shows

{available to members of this section-info here}

Shapes PowerPoint Show


A Few Favorite Shapes Products

Beginner Pattern Blocks  Shape Puzzle  Shape Bean Bags

Top Shape Apps We Have

{for our iPad}

image  image66  image  image

Shapes Ideas on Pinterest


A Few Favorite Shapes Books

Mouse Shapes A Circle Here A Square There Shapes Color Zoo Shapes Shapes Shapes

I will add more as I create, this post will be linked up top in my navigational menu under the “Printables by Theme” link.

Readeez Giveaway


First things first…

what is Readeez?

I wondered the same thing when they contacted me!  So, let me share some basic points first so you know what I am sharing about!

  • Readeez are fun, entertaining videos that teach reading, math and more with superb original songs and a clever technique called SyllableSync.
  • Available as downloads (ideal for iPad/Computer/iPhone) or on DVD.  We personally use our iPad.
  • You can watch/download free samples, learn more, and purchase Readeez at their site.
  • They also make Bible Readeez, with a new DVD coming soon! 

What Did We Think?

Now that you have the general idea I can share my thoughts as a mom, homeschooler and teacher!  At first, I wasn’t so sure, did I really need more songs and videos for my iPad?  I downloaded the samples sent to me for review and soon I was hooked.  I had Ladybug join me and she too was giggling and asking me to play them again!


After it was apparent how much we loved the samples, I emailed Michael from Readeez to let him know!  He sent me the rest of the videos to review and we are in love!

Ladybug’s absolute favorite is Isabel’s Alphabet, which you can watch here…


Her other favorite is probably The Duck Song, which is silly and funny…and very engaging for her!  She watches this one a lot!


Personally I LOVE the Nursery Rhyme Collection, which also includes a PDF file of printables for all of the songs included!

Nursery Rhyme Readeez


Want to Watch More Readeez?

Homeschooler Discount…

Get 20% off with the code: HOMESCHOOL, on all purchases!

      Enter to Win!

    I am grateful that Michael is also giving away the Readeez Mega Bundle: 3 DVDs and a CD, plus 5 downloadable products (including videos, MP3s and Ebooks) valued at $59.99 to one of my readers!


    Use Rafflecopter to enter to in below, if you don’t see the widget, be sure you are reading on the blog and not via RSS/email!

    Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on July 2, 2012.

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