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Let’s Explore Bugs eBook

I have a new Subscriber Freebie for you! 

Bugs eBook Cover

Our new Let’s Explore Bugs eBook will be available to blog subscribers for FREE through June 15, 2012!

Our Let’s Explore ebooks take the awesome Calendar Connections themes that Shannon has developed, and turns them into full size files to be used as eBooks.  You can read them on your computer, your iPad, or any device that supports PDF files.  Yes, you can even print them full size!  Remember, I have a tutorial for using these on your iPad here {the format is the same as the Easy Readers}. We both have iPads so that what we will be using them on.  Each eBook page has a number, which correlates with the order in the Bugs Calendar Connections cards.

Calendar Connections Bugs 300  Let's Explore Bugs1

BUT, you don’t have to use this eBook with the CC cards, it can stand alone as a simple way to learn about a particular topic.  The series is created with 3rd-6th graders in mind, but it isn’t limited to those grades.  It is a great way to explore a topic across grade levels within your homeschool!

The Let’s Explore Bugs eBook will only be offered for free with a special link at the bottom of the daily 1+1+1=1 email or RSS feed every day through June 15, 2012.  It won’t be anywhere else right now!  Eventually the set will be for sale, so get it for free now while you can!

If you don’t subscribe yet, just click here for email and then be sure to confirm your email address once you get the initial email from Feedburner {be sure to check your spam folders if you can’t find the email}.  If you’d rather read in an RSS reader like Google Reader, just click here!  If you have any questions, just leave me a comment!  I am grateful for all of you who follow here regularly and hope this freebie blesses you!

If you have any trouble downloading your subscriber freebie, I recommend first trying to right click and save to your computer and then open.  I also recommend trying to use a different internet browser, sometimes that’s the problem.  You can also see the troubleshooting tips in this post {these tips are also for any other PDF files you may have issues with!}.

Home Art Studio ~ Lesson 2


We are reviewing a fabulous home art curriculum, Home Art Studio! We are using the third grade level, so Pac and Krash can participate together.  I am blogging through our art projects to help keep me {the non-art lover} accountable!

For the 2nd project, we used pastels to make analagous pumpkins!  Here is a glimpse into our lesson book, which is printed from a PDF file.  I keep this out on the table as a reference after we watch the DVD together.IMG_6331

I was thrilled to NOT be using paint!IMG_6340

The boys were instructed to have their tertiary color wheels available for reference, as they worked on their project.IMG_6333

Both boys LOVED this project and made more than one pumpkin!IMG_6334




I made a pumpkin also, while working with the boys.  In the end we all decided to glue them together as a collage.  Mine is in the back, Pac’s is on the right and K’s on the left.IMG_6652

PacMan didn’t want to stop and also created another pumpkin, but this time with cool colors!  We all loved how this one turned out!IMG_6648

We all loved this lesson and are looking forward to lesson number 3!

Helpful Home Art Studio Links:

Mickey Mouse Printable Pack

Mickey Mouse Printables

Our Animal ABCs unit this week is M for Mouse, and there is one special mouse that Ladybug loves, so I made her a Mickey Mouse Printable Pack!  I created pages she would love, I hope many of your tots enjoy them too!  This pack would be good for tots, preschoolers, and even some kindergartners!

Mickey Mouse Preschool Pack[4]

You can download these for free on my website…

Mickey Mouse Printables

Looking for more Tot Packs, Preschool Packs, or Kindergarten Packs?

Totbookbutton15072   Preschool-Packs62   Kindergarten-Printables72 

You can also now use my navigational menu up at the top of the blog.  Find direct links to all Tot Packs, Preschool Packs, and Kindergarten Packs we have! Hover over the main group, then let the menu drop down, and then out to the right again!

Little Sisters are Great

This series I snapped today was too cute not to share!  Notice the unsuspecting big brother as his lil’ sis comes after his popsicle…




Suddenly he clues in and realizes what she is doing!IMG_7099

And, because he adores her, he lets her eat over half of it.IMG_7102


I am so blessed to have 2 boys who absolutely adore this little sister of theirs.

Tot School ~ Letter L

~Ladybug is currently 37 months old~


The items are all available here on the Animal ABCs webpage. {files are released for free when they are posted on the Totally Tots blog for the ABC feature, letter L is not free yet, but it will be once it is posted on Totally Tots!}.

Here are some Letter L and Llama ideas for you…


I brought finger paint out and she LOVED it…IMG_6877

Really, really loved it.IMG_6881

She spent some time tracing with a regular marker too,IMG_6952

Screaming at me to stop taking her picture {2 seconds later she was asking me to see her picture}IMG_6953


Here she is working on Letter Ll Dot Fun, first she colored in all of the dots.  This set is included in the Animal ABC Bundle, or you can purchase the set as a stand alone set for $1.25 on Teacher’s Notebook. Then she watched as I traced each letter with glue, then she glittered them!IMG_6962

More glitter…IMG_6965


We slipped our Play Dough Mat into our Dry Erase Center, and made the letters together.  After making the letters, she poked them! IMG_6882


She worked with me to make the letter craft, which is basically an open ended project that you can do whatever you want with!  This week I gave her letter L stickers to put on it and then she finger painted it.

IMG_6865  IMG_6871

Afterwards, we put the llamas on!IMG_6873


Our llama book for the week was Is Your Mama a Llama, I got out an old idea I had done with Krash years ago, she loved it!IMG_6858


Special Note: Please read my post about Following the Child’s Lead if you have a tot and need info about this.  All tots are different and what Ladybug is doing may not be appropriate for your child, even if s/he is the same age!


She asks for her big Animal ABCs often, she loves to lay them out on the floor.IMG_6846

I gave her our foam letters too and she matched them all up!IMG_6848


My dad enjoyed playing her version of Scrabble Alphabet SoupIMG_6852


I finally got new paper for our easel and she’s back to drawing again!IMG_6854


Play dough fun with marblesIMG_6885

I added in her building set pieces too…IMG_6894



Matching beginning sounds with me using our ABC felt setIMG_6913


She put most of the 3 letter word puzzles together herself and loved them.IMG_6914


We worked on reading family names and Stella was a big help!IMG_6928

She also drew herself…IMG_6932

We used our magnetic gems to make letters…IMG_6934


Block building…IMG_6939


We made ABAB patterns with Zoobs and this was her dramatic way of showing me what color came next…IMG_6942

She loved standing it up to measure…IMG_6944

Using it as a weight lifting bar was fun too…

IMG_6945 IMG_6948


Shaving cream & finger paint play…

IMG_6983 IMG_6980


Favorite toy of the week by far, our new Letter Construction set which we are reviewing for Learning Resources.  I figured she would like these, but she LOVES them.IMG_6986

We made shapes and jumped into the shape I called out…IMG_6995

We also made tons of letters and jumped to those too!IMG_7006


She looks angry in this picture but really she was reading to herself and being extremely dramatic!  It was so funny!IMG_7012

Hanging ith the big Kids

We made Origami animals along with our stop in Japan with Little Passports.  Ladybug chose to make a kitty with us, well ~ she chose for me to make a kitty for her!IMG_6919


We are currently reviewing Readeez and Ladybug is in love.  I will be sharing more soon, but here she is watching the counting song! IMG_6843

She loves the Nursery Rhymes bundle and here is watching London Bridge.IMG_6844

Of course, iPad time!  Favorite apps this week have been; Letter School, Little Writer, Pluto Piano {she is playing in the photo}IMG_7017

See all of our iPad app recommendations and other iPad info here!



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