Relevant 2011

imageAs many of you know, I was blessed again this year and attended The Relevant Conference.  I was able to go last year also and this year was even BETTER!  Why better you ask?  I was able to meet more of my “friends” in real life.  Women I have known online for years and finally got to hug!

Of course I went again with my long time friend {who I originally met years ago online…Jolanthe {Yo-Lawn-tha}.  6303984725_c4e2cfc2eb_b

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we are a mess, and an even bigger mess together.


This year I had a pretty big crew that I hung around with mostly.  I knew all of these ladies were coming, what I didn’t realize is how amazing they all are.  Seriously, amazing.  I cannot begin to put into words my gratefulness for these new and very REAL friendships.

The ladies you may not recognize {by face} are:


Ever wondered what the 2 Teaching Mommies are like in real life?  They ROCK!  I am so honored to call them friends.  Behind the scenes online and now in real life!6296816021_1e1ced921d_b


Current Totally Tots writers: me, Jolanthe, Jodi and Maureen6300654688_74a195fbef_b


I stole this photo from the Frugal Flamingo’s blog, 2 other ladies I was honored to meet and hang with a lot!  Stacie {Motherhood on a Dime, The Amazing Mess}, and  The Frugal Flamingo {here’s her Relevant 11 post}   image

I don’t have photos with everyone I was able to get to know and I am super bummed about that.  But I was able to spend some real fun quality time {even if just for one simple conversation that I wish would have been more ~ Joy} with these wonderful ladies too:

The conference itself was amazing, just like last year.  I describe it to my husband more like a Christian women’s retreat.  It is uplifting, encouraging, uniting, and full of Jesus!  The theme this year seemed to really scream unity, which is one of the most important things in my online life.  Developing unity, not division-especially amongst the mom bloggers online.  Being a light online is just so very important and I pray I can always live out what I believe in my heart.

Here is the Relevant 2011 Flickr photo stream in case you want to peek! Yes, I am planning to go again next year.  Last year the tickets went on sale on Black Friday and I had one of the first 10 tickets!  That’s my plan again this year, I hope many more of you make it so I can meet you in real life too!