Hiking, Birds and Tears!

This past week our family went on a homeschool group field trip which involved learning all about raptors, such as this little beauty…IMG_5871

Ladybug was NOT impressed and gave us trouble the entire hour long presentation.  Then when it was time to go hiking {hopeful bird watching}, this was her reaction…IMG_5894These 2 were in heaven!!!!

IMG_5965  IMG_5970

We live in the heart of the inner city so getting away like this is such a blessing to all of us.  This place was especially beautiful.  Even though we were hoping to spot a few birds, and did not, we still had a blast!


Ladybug calmed down and enjoyed herself a bit, once she was let loose to roam around.

IMG_6012  IMG_5995

This man could not climb enough, he was quite the explorer!IMG_6046

We didn’t see any raptors, but we did have a very close encounter with this little guy…IMG_6032


I left the field trip and parted ways with my family to head to The Relevant Conference, which is where I am at right now. I miss them all but am so thankful for the day we got together before leaving, and for the opportunity to be here at the conference.