HUGE Montessori Print Shop Giveaway!


As you have probably noticed, my blog has taken a turn in a more Montessori focused direction. “Why?” you ask…because my beliefs are largely based in the Montessori Method. I did an internship at a wonderful Montessori School while in college and fell in love. I read many of the books, studied the method. I wanted to go to school the extra year to become certified to teach Montessori but I needed to begin working so I stuck with the public school system. My heart never left Montessori though!

Although we do not have a full Montessori based homeschool, many of my ideas stem from Montessori. When I found Montessori Print Shop, I fell in love. When they signed on to be a blog sponsor and allow me to host this AMAZING giveaway I was thrilled! This is probably my all time favorite giveaway and I am still in shock that I get to be a part of blessing someone with this gift that Montessori Print Shop is giving one of you.

Here’s a small glimpse into the other files I now own, {and one of you will too}!

image_thumb16  image_thumb23  image_thumb9  image_thumb8

Now for the fun part, the HUGE giveaway!!!!

Montessori Print Shop is giving away a Deluxe Montessori CD Rom Collection – at this time it has 997 pdf files: 993 printable Montessori materials and 4 Primary Teaching Manuals. Most materials include beautiful photographic images that provide the children with real-life, concrete images, and information about the world around them.


Go here and read more and enter to win!

This Giveaway is open for anyone! Contest ends September 10, 2011.