Clip and Learn

Clip and Learn Printables

A long time ago I shared what I called Learning Wheels.  I loved them and they have remained one of my most “popular” downloads over the years.  Not quite sure what it is about a circle and clothespins but we all seem to like them!


It was time for some updated circles and a new name…Clip & Learn!  I hope to add to the collection with various themes and skills.  Focus skills so far are counting and number ID 1-10, beginning sounds, and shapes.  I hope to include a Clip & Learn wheel in each new Preschool Pack also!  You can see sets I already have available on the website, just clicking on the title of each to download the PDF file for free!  Here are a few there already…

image image

I have a set of wooden clothespins…all drawn on with Sharpies.  I have an ABC set, a shape set, a colors set, and a numbers 1-10 set.  Once you have those done, you can just print and cut!  I print on cardstock, and laminate my circles before cutting them out.  I am hoping these can be used over and over again!

If your child isn’t into clothespins, you could always lay these on a cookie sheet and use magnets.  There are many way you can be creative in using these, but the clothespins are so good for those little hand muscles.  If you expect independence too early however, you just may end up frustrating your tot and yourself!  Ladybug  {28 mos} can’t quite do them independently yet but likes to show me where to put the clothespin and help me squeeze it.  Clothespin squeezing is definitely a skill your child grows into with practice!

Have fun clipping!