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Dora Tot Book ~ Free Printables!

Dora Tot Book

Ladybug won’t be working with this one quite yet, but I got it done and wanted to share for all of you who have little Dora fans!  When I mentioned this one on my Facebook page, it got a HUGE reaction!  I hope it blesses many of your Dora fans with fun school time!

Focus Skills

  • ABCs
  • Colors in Spanish and English
  • Shapes
  • Name ID

You can download the entire

Dora Tot Book here on my website for FREE!



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Tot School ~ Letter Ii

~Ladybug is currently 25 months old~



Tot School Printables I is for Igloo

Letter: Ii

Object: Igloo

Vocabulary Development Theme: Cold Weather

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

 I didn’t go all out with the theme this week, mostly because I am in wind-down mode with the boys and not feeling very motivate to plan school stuff.  I did have all of her printables prepared though and she was very happy about that!




Dot painting the shapes, you can download letter Ii here {past letters are in past blog posts}IMG_5299Gluing shapes…IMG_5304

She enjoyed putting her vocabulary cards and her color cards into the slot I cut out on top of the can…

IMG_5598  IMG_5602


Letter Ii printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter I



I am enjoying setting up her Tot Trays, I look forward to the fall when I am back in school-mode in my brain!  She is SO into things and I am winding down for a break, but am excited for fall when we do more and more!

I set up an empty container {it is from the Happy Baby frozen cube food} and some beads to sort from our pop bead set.IMG_5245



Finally got the tweezers out for her {this particular pair came from a science kit we have, but similar tweezers are here} and it was perfect timing, she LOVED it!!!!IMG_5256


I gave her 5 stacking cups and 5 matching pom poms to tweeze into the same colored cup.  I can’t even count how many times she did this throughout the week.  BIG HIT!IMG_5264


We got a new Guidecraft toy to review…IMG_5697

I love her face in this one as she was showing me her completed work!IMG_5704



This cookie game was a BIG HIT all week, we played it again and again!IMG_5275


Another popular toy-this # puzzle, which was a hand me down-no clue where it is from!IMG_5248IMG_5279


Stamping her name



Cutting!  Oh does she like cutting!  Krash loved it too, Pac hated it.  I really think these scissors are the BEST for young tots!  Krash used these too, Pac did not.IMG_5314


We enjoyed some block play with our rainbow blocks


and our colored bead blocksIMG_5386


Finally I remembered to let her play with our Automoblox.  They had gotten stored away and forgotten.  All 3 kids loved having them back out again!IMG_5710



Techy TotWe finally got our new iPad 2 after being on a 5 week waiting list.  I had several gift cards so had to wait to get it from BB.  Finally we got it and to say she likes it is a total understatement!  I got it mostly for school use, and already it has gotten a workout!  I have a whole post about our new favorite apps coming soon!!





We had a hot week and enjoyed our water table a lot!

IMG_5493   IMG_5412

I also set up our old baby bath tub as another water play area…

IMG_5440   IMG_5423

One day, she decided to get right in, tennis shoes and all.IMG_5625


Love her sense of fashion.IMG_5475Sweet cheeks.IMG_5637

Miss sweet cheeks has also decided to potty train herself this past week and is now in panties all day long.  Just a tad bit different than my experience with the boys!  I am SO thankful!!!


Kindergarten with Krash ~ You Can Read Unit 5, Knights Theme

Homeschool Kindergarten Week 4 Knights Theme



His first Calvert lessons have him reviewing basic skills he is solid in, so we aren’t spending much time there right now.  We are spending a majority of our time focusing on our You Can Read printables, which is challenging him at a perfect level.  We are doing many other additional activities also and having a blast!  Here’s a bit of the literacy fun we have had recently…


We worked with unit 5 from You Can Read, for about 2 weeks, he is actually still struggling with Down and here so we are taking some review time after this unit to solidify the words learned so far!  You Can Read Sight Words Set 5 s

This week he glued his words onto colored paper instead of making words in the pocket chart with these letters.  He really enjoyed this as he loves glue!  You can see I used our Education Cube to show him the word he was working on.IMG_3746


He colored his sight word color by # words…IMG_4947


Word shapes…IMG_3747

Play Dough Words…IMG_4847

Funny fonts, we used dot paint this time for a change…IMG_4773

Finding words in sentences…IMG_5241


I created the more add-ons to the You Can Read program {base printables are free once they are released on the blog, add-ons will only be in the ad-free/bonus section}, Assessments and Review BINGO!

I gave him the reading words assessment and it was nice to confirm which words he knows quickly and which he still struggles with. The full instructions of how I do my assessments is included in the PDF file, I explain it all there!


He LOVED the Review BINGO, and we took turns calling words-which was a great mix-up for the review.IMG_5229

Word Play rectangleWord Play is a BIG component to our Kindergarten learning, be sure to visit the main Word Play linky to see MANY ideas!

For a review, I pulled off all of his word wall words and put them in his workbox.  He has to read each one and then put it under the proper letter on his word wall. This week I had him runt he length of the schoolroom in between each word!  He had to run to get the word from me each time!IMG_3749

He continues to LOVE our easy readers, we are using First Little Readers, and Sight Word Readers.  We are using Guided Reading strategies during this time, which you can read about here.

We also do phonics work and still use Bob Books for this.  Calvert has an intense phonics portion to their Kindergarten, he is just not there yet in the lessons so we are supplementing.

This week we reviewed  one of the books, by writing all of the words on his BatMan board first and then reading together. IMG_5231

I noticed he was having a bit of trouble isolating sounds so I taught him to “peek-a-boo” the word.  He used a marble and slowly pulled it to the side to reveal 1 letter at a time to sound out the word.  This REALLY helped him. IMG_5239

I taught him to look at the whole word first to see if it was a sight word and if not-he needed to play peek-a-boo with the word and break the sounds down.IMG_5234




We continue to follow the Calvert workbook and have finally hit new territory-geometric solids!  The math workbook provided punch out shapes for me to make, so we used those.  I also printed these geometric solids 3-part cards for him.  I also found these awesome 3D shape printables after we were done!

IMG_3753IMG_3759 IMG_3767

We also reviewed patterns, which we will continue to explore further.  The Preschool Packs have given him a solid foundation with patterning, so this was pretty easy for him!




Hands on, learning toys, games, computer, themes, and more.  This is where I plan to share everything else he has been up to that I happen to capture! These are the “extra” things we do in addition to his direct instruction which you will see above.

We had LOADS of fun doing a combined Dragon-Castles-Vikings-Knights week.  I even made NEW printables for my How to Train Your Dragon Preschool Pack!!!


He enjoyed the 3 part cards.  He put the full cards in the mini pocket chart and then matched up the pictures and words to those…IMG_4827


The graphing game I added was  HUGE hit, we played many, MANY times!  I included a spinner too, but he preferred the cube-probably because he can throw it.IMG_4838


imageWe did a ton of work from the Knights Preschool Pack!

3-part cards…IMG_4889

Rebus story, finding words…IMG_4843

Counting knights-which was way too easy,IMG_4877

so we added in some basic addition…

IMG_4883  IMG_4885

Clipping the beginning sound…IMG_4925

Rhyming words…IMG_4938


We had lots of hands on fun too, mostly with our double set of knights in a tube.  Since we had 2 sets, we were able to play a matching game with them!IMG_5338


Coloring castles with LadybugIMG_4935

One of the highlights for him was looking at real castles online.  His new dream is to go to Germany {by chance most of the castles he really loved were in Germany} and tour REAL castles.  Anyone in Germany want to host us?IMG_5331


A crown made with ZoobsIMG_3793


It was a really fun theme week!  Although I don’t have a photo, he helped me set up a theme corner-including his new Trio Castle-which he got recently for his birthday!  Also in his corner were his many How to Train Your Dragon toys, also birthday gifts!



A few items we used…


 Visit Preschool Corner {& 5K too} for more fun learning ideas!


The Missional Mom

Most of you probably know I am a bit of a Missional Mom…being a missionary full time qualifies me I suppose!  If you are new to my blog, you can visit my Welcome Page to learn a bit more about our family and what we do.

Today I want to tell you about a very special book, read on to see exactly why it is SO special!


I received a call last year which turned into a 2 hour phone interview with an amazing woman who I felt such a connection to.  The woman was Helen Lee, the author of this book.  She was given my name as someone who might be good to feature in her book and we set up a phone date to see where God led.  I am honored to be featured in this book, both in chapter 5 focusing on our missionary family, and in chapter 9, focusing on my calling to the moms out there finding my homeschooling blog and websites online!

I knew I loved the topic of the book but obviously had no clue if I would actually like the entire book, but I have read the entire thing and I LOVE it!  It is a perfect book for so many moms I know, targeted mainly towards suburban moms who feel a calling to be focused on living a missional lifestyle.  In this day and time, it is so difficult. 

Even for me ~ as a full time missionary ~ I face many similar struggles. 

Living in America {or other similar country} presents a unique challenge for us as parents, no matter what our “job” is. 

Here is a small video clip about the book…

Enter video caption here


You can also visit Helen’s website for more info and could even use this book in a women’s group at church.  She provides study guides, videos and more on her site, all you have to do is register and the materials are free!

I am extremely honored to be a part of this book and highly recommend it to YOU.  Helen also has a homeschooling blog, as she homeschools her 3 boys!!!

Helen has NO clue that I am writing this post, I am doing it truly because I love the book, and the message she shares. 

Amazon sells the book in both paperback and Kindle, currently Kindle is less than $9!

Preschool Printables ~ Name Stamping

Name Stamping Printable

I made Krash and Ladybug a new name stamping worksheet, and decided to make a blank download for those of you who would like it!  I included blank lines at the top and bottom and stamping boxes to use like this…

Name Stamping Public

I included blank sheets for names containing 2-9 letters.  If your child’s name has 10 or more I am sorry-I couldn’t make it fit with this format!

Ladybug is just using the stamps to become familiar with her name.


Krash is using this to fine tune the handwriting of his name {I used a dot font for both his first and last names} and also to learn to write/spell his last name.  He actually has a custom sheet which includes his first and last name together.IMG_5509

If you want to try to make your own, I got the handwriting fonts from Fonts4Teachers, and I used the table tool {I used PowerPoint to make these} to make the boxes-it’s very simple!

We own these stamp sets…


So far we don’t really have a major preference.  The M&D comes with both upper and lower-and an ink pad. The see-through stamps are a bit more expensive but very cool.  I prefer the little storage box of the see through version, but love that the M&D come with both upper and lower and ink!

You can download the blank Name Stamping sheets here on my Preschool Printables webpage!