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Tot School ~ 22 months

~Ladybug is currently 22 months old~


We had a great week, although she was mildly sick and whiney for most of it, we still played a LOT!  Our schedule is still way off, so we just took each day as it came.  I am praying for a completely well house filled with spring air soon!  😉


Blokus, fun for little fingers…IMG_7645


Stickers {the girls LOVES stickers}…IMG_7646


Sorting pegs by color {1st time she stacked AND sorted like this}…IMG_7648


LOVED this ABC puzzle {from $1 Target awhile ago}IMG_7665


Found K’s rocket tracing sheets and colored on the over, and over, and over again!IMG_7575



Stacking Pegs in a line…IMG_7682


LOVED this felt board my mom got the kids to go with our Outer Space theme {it is Creatology from Michaels}

IMG_7708 IMG_7711


More stickers…IMG_7766


Loving the singing Happy Birthday card {that is about 3 years old and all of the kids love it still}



Dress Up time {our exact outfit is from Toys R Us I think}!!

IMG_7805   IMG_7799

I can’t believe she let me put the whole outfit on her!!!!



Of course, lots of readingIMG_7854


& Puzzles…IMG_7867




Helping me do laundry…

IMG_7749   IMG_7753

During her exceptionally whiney sick moments, she was loaded into the bean bag chair with her blankee and hooked up with a lovely learning DVD.  Here she is signing more to ask me to watch Baby Signing Time again.IMG_7527


Moms Favorite

This shot cracks me up.  She insisted on wearing her black shoes with her jammies.  I had just taken her piggy tails down and put in a ponytail to keep her hair out of her face and the rest stuck out like wings.  She as not too thrilled with me for wanting to document her extreme sense of fashion.



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Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter Rr

Raising Rock Stars Preschool Letter R

This is the main section of our preschool posts-focusing on what we do for our Raising Rock Stars Preschool Curriculum. I am not sharing photos of each part every week, just what I happen to catch! We do the entire unit even if I don’t show it here in the photos!

Our letter this week ~ Rr, our verse: Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.Rr

Here he is coloring his verse page.  Even though this chair position drives me NUTS, I love this picture.  I certainly don’t laugh in the moment, but looking back it makes me giggle.  He is always doing this!!!


Tracing his Rr…IMG_6757

Putting his verse together…IMG_6819

Putting together his church craft.IMG_7191

Here’s the photo of his work from the week before I cleared it off {links to the non-RRSP sheets are below}!IMG_7242

{top middle: Rr sheet from ABC Twiggles, middle left: color by # sight word, middle right: Color by Number Bat, bottom middle: R grid coloring}

 The Power Point lessons are located in the Members Only section. You can see a video here showing a PowerPoint lesson. You can learn more about the Members Only section here. The entire printable unit {everything else you see pictured above} is available for FREE on the main RRSP page…

You can download the entire letter Rr unit here.

Rr Lesson Plan

RRSP Rr lesson plan is also on the same webpage!   Included is our exact plan {although I stray from my plan often}, with links to everything we used. Page 2 is blank in case you don’t do exactly what we do!

in the box

{A few things that were in his preschool workboxes for the week, not all activities are pictured}

He painted his sight word using water on construction paper…IMG_6727

R is for Rabbit color by numberIMG_6833

We used our mini pocket chart to do sound sorting with cards from Homeschool Creations


He really enjoyed the Rr search from COAH, even searching for words he can recognize after he searched for the letter R…IMG_6823

We played with our animal puzzles, after making the puzzles we flipped them over and he found the word I yelled out.IMG_6747

He was very proud of his towersIMG_6859

Getting buried in bean bags I much more fun than using them how Mommy had intended to use them.IMG_6878

I wrote a large Rr on our easel and all week we added things that start with the letter R. Pac Man is our big artistic contributor to this!  Krash enjoys when we add stickers!


Magneatos got a lot of play time…IMG_6696

The Valentines Day Sensory Bin continued to be enjoyed.  Krash made a contraption for his cars!!!IMG_6657We used different items to make the letter Rr…IMG_6679He lined and counted a lot!IMG_6685




His new FAVORITE…iPod School Time!!!  I found a few new apps for him now that he has advanced some.  He still loves TeachMe Kindergarten, but his new favorite is definitely our Bob Books app!!IMG_6916

He was sick recently and this was the moment it hit him.  After playing on the iPod for awhile, I found him passed out sound asleep in our big bean bag.  That’s when I knew he was really sick-he never does that!IMG_6920-2



Moms favKrash was pretty sick for about 4 days and was pretty pitiful.  On another evening, I found him like this after I had went upstairs to put L-bug to sleep. 😉IMG_7008



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How do I know if my younger child is ready to read?

Children show reading readiness skills at many various ages.

Reading Readiness Signs for Young Children

I do not believe in pushing a child to learn to read at an early age—however some kids will show these signs on their own and I know many parents wonder what to look for and if their child is ready to read.

This is not an exclusive list, but in general these readiness signs should help you know whether it’s time to dive into learning to read with a younger child.  If your child shows these signs but is still resisting the actual process of learning to read, I believe s/he is not ready.  The desire also has to be there for a younger child.  Just continue to do pre-reading activities and games {many ideas are featured in my Tot School and Preschool posts}.

Pac Man did not show any signs any earlier than normal and learned to read in Kindergarten, as I expected him to.  Krash is showing readiness signs a bit earlier so we are plowing ahead, following his lead.  I have seen many children be ready while still 3 and many not learn until age 6…they all turned out OK {as long as no other special needs were present}.  Teaching Kindergarten {in an ESL school with a combined student body of high and low income families} gave me many opportunities to teach different types of children from various backgrounds.  Teaching reading was and still is one of my favorite things to do!


Some Reading Readiness signs…

  • Your child pretends to read books
  • Your child knows the sounds letters make {not just the names of the letters but the sounds they make {think: Leapfrog Letter Factory}
  • Your child notices environmental print—signs, TV show names, street signs, store names, cereal boxes, etc.
  • Your child knows where the words are on a page in a book
  • Your child knows that we read from left to right and can imitate this action as you read.
  • Your child can retell a story you read in his/her own words {showing the ability to comprehend and retell}
  • Your child holds book the proper way {not upside down or sideways}
  • Your child recognizes his/her own name and other familiar names or words {mom, dad, siblings, etc.}
  • Your child shows an interest in writing and pretends to write {or is already writing letters}
  • Your child understands rhyming words
  • Your child understands beginning sounds {ask-what sound do you hear at the beginning of the word “cat”?}
  • Your child is interested in learning to read!

As I said, this is not an exclusive list, and there is no magic formula.  You have to know your own child and time things right for your child. Use this list as a basis to explore.  There are many other blogs sites with similar information if you search reading readiness.

You can read more about learning to read here in my Behind the Scenes: How Do I Teach My Child to Read? post.

CVC Words ~ PowerPoint Show

This is a PowerPoint show that breaks down simple 3 letter CVC words. Words included: cat, dog, bus, web, bed, hat, pig, fan, rat, pen. Target audience would be beginning readers who are just learning to segment sounds in words.

Simple CVC Words

Each letter appears individually to emphasize each sound. Then the word blends and with a click the image appears to self correct the student!

Here is a simple video of me walking you through part of the show as I do it with Krash. Forgive my very unprofessional video making skills.

See more about joining the Members Only PowerPoint section here.

1 members only2[4]

See specific details about what exactly is included and what is coming soon here.

Bob Books for Krash!

imageWe did not use Bob Books with Pac Man, simply because I had so many other early readers, I never bought them. I got a set of 5 boxes of Bob Books {they are the older box style but the books are the same} at a consignment sale last spring for $5 {I know, amazing deal} not really thinking much of them. I just put them on a shelf along with our other early readers…knowing Krash wasn’t ready yet.

He is ready now and has been showing the signs of wanting to learn to read. I believe in waiting for this instead of forcing instruction for my children and instead trying to instill a love of reading and a desire to learn to read. He recently began to show an interest and we have slowly been working on it more and more. I have added things gradually to his school routine, to foster this development. If you have seen my Behind the Scenes: How Do I Teach My Child to Read? post you know I don’t believe in pushing a child to read, just following along gently and encouraging the development!

I noticed the Bob Books up on my shelf and decided to grab the first set for Krash and boy am I glad I did, he LOVES them!!!!!


I had no idea something so simple would be the turning point for him. He went from showing some interest to actually reading and asking to be taught even more! He is even wanting to show off his new reading skills, of course lounging in our big bean bag!


Not only did we discover the books, we also discovered the Bob Books iPod App!!! It is awesome and he LOVES it!

IMG_6912 IMG_6910

So, in case you are looking for some great early readers, I say go for Bob Books! The other early readers we have are great too, but I am happy to add Bob Books to our collection! Bob Books certainly aren’t literary works of art 😉 but I do believe they are just right for some kids!

You all know me, some printables to accompany the words he is learning are bound to come in the future, so stay tuned! I have already started a simple PowerPoint show too!