What Number Comes Next? {with video}

As I am sure anyone who frequents my blog can guess, Krash is an active child.  Active children usually love learning in an active way.  I have been doing more and more of this with Krash lately and he is loving it.

Our recent ACTIVE learning activity involved a mini blown up ball, old beach game paddles, and some energy.  First we just played “tennis” together before I even brought in any learning.  Then I added in a simple game to help him learn the process of counting on.  He can count to 30 successfully so now I am trying to teach him to start from any number and count on.  This concept is often very confusing at first but once kids get the hang of it, it’s quite simple.  Before he could get a “hit” I said a number and had him tell me the number that comes next.

You’ll see in the video he struggles a bit and sometimes goes backwards.  By the end of our playtime he was doing so much better.  We will continue to work until he gets it and this simple math skill will help so much!

Pac Man was my videographer, but when he wasn’t doing that I included him by calling out multiplication problems for him to answer before he got a hit!