Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 19 months old~

Learning Toys

Her 3 “new” {rotated} learning toys {Pet Sounds Puzzle, Shape Sorter, Honey Bee Tree Game}, she loved her toys this week and played with them all every day! IMG_3067IMG_3068IMG_3074IMG_3095

There are also several toys she has access to all of the time {they aren’t rotated but are stored in labeled drawers in our schoolroom}, she continues to love her magnetic dollsIMG_3166

Tot-Trays6I finally organized her Tot Trays {mainly for myself and my mommy-brain} and labeled them all so I wouldn’t forget my own plan! I labeled her drawers to remind myself of the different things I wanted to have for her each week. I am not changing these out weekly, but when I notice she isn’t interested in a particular item, then I will add a new twist to engage her!IMG_3015 Since you can’t see them clearly…

  1. Tot Tray-Beading
  2. Tot Tray-Small Spaces
  3. Tot Tray-Small Muscles
  4. Tot Tray-Pouring
  5. Tot Tray-Transfer
  6. Tot School Toy

~edited to add…I got some ?s about the drawers we have! They are from Ikea, the Trofast system!

To see descriptions and ideas for each category, you can visit my Tot Trays webpage. I actually visit my own page often to refresh myself!!!

This week she poured styrofoam peanuts {this was a bit frustrating for her}…IMG_3155

She preferred to just put the peanuts into things!IMG_3159

Poked pick-up-sticks into a parmesan cheese container{she LOVED this}…IMG_3183

She dropped little plastic hearts and stars onto stirring sticks {from Target} that were stuck into a foam circle to make them stand up. She LOVED this too!IMG_3216

Her Tot School Toy this week was Learning Links. She loves these! IMG_3055

Life School

She still loves to read, here she was reading some of our Thanksgiving books.IMG_3203

I was so glad I caught this moment, of her climbing on Krash while he was playing my iPod.IMG_3208

We got out our old Shake & Go track, which she LOVES!!!IMG_3380

We had some fun family music time one evening and Ladybug was really into it!!!IMG_3295She loves our big drum {I used to teach a music class years ago and this drum was from those days}IMG_3313

Oh and yes, she reads from her Couples Devotional Bible quite often.IMG_3329

Moms Favorite

I got some great giggles one night and just happened to be holding my camera and snapped away while she displayed her cuteness!IMG_3282IMG_3280 IMG_3281


More Tot School Links…

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